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Hello. Rae here.

Not much to say about me besides with my friends its usually just me, Maddy (the love of my life), Michele (Bestiest), Claire (Gaurdian angel), Kevin (my heart strings), Nik (my pyro), Tyler (my new heart), Leah (Great friend), Geoffrey (Her Boyfriend and a older brother figure), Patric (Maddys boy, agent cobra haha), Nick (crasy weirdo), Ashleigh (my bestie), Yocum (My bubby) I have brown curly hair down cut to my shoulders. I am 5' 6". I wear contacts and my eyes are very green. My favorite colors are black, green, silver, and purple.

My faverite bands are Regina Spektor, Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend, Great Big Sea, John Butler Trio, Kaiser's Orchestra, Mindless Self Indulgence, Counting Crows, Tally Hall, Pink Floyd, Rammstein, CAKE, Robbers On High Street, Gomez, Blind Guardian, Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies, Queen, System Of A Down, And a whole ton of random stuff.

I love books. Anything you think I might like, or that you thought was a good book e-mail it to me I will thank you.

Now for famous quotes...

Claire: Common Robin!

Rachel: Why'd you call me Robin?

Claire: Cause I'm Batman!!

Michele: Robin, Rachel loves you!

Robin:Whoa Rachel! I'm straight!

Me: (Glares)

Chris: My love for you burns with the hot heat of 3 burning turtles.

Rachel: Are you insulting my butt? (glares)


Zack: I'm not a pervert, I am just sexually inhanced.

Rachel: Well I'm the strongest here.

Nikki: HEY! I'm strong, when I'm not weak!

Rachel: ...

(at the last 2 weeks of school)

Mary: Your going to have to take off that nail polish for school or your going to get in trouble.

Peggy: What are they going to do? Expell me for 2 weeks? Wooooah!

Rachel: Hello, old woman. You're looking rather old today.

Peggy: Nice Haircut old man! Where'd you get it? Haircuts for old men?

Mom: How many people do you have in your group of criminals?

Rachel: mean friends?

Yocum: I couldn't find your street! I mean I found everything but Court. I found Way, Road, Street, and Doctor.

Paul: Doctor?

Yocum: Yeah, Dr.

Paul: Thats drive you idiot!

Professor: Why do you still smoke cigarettes?

Kevin: Cause... Weeds to expensive?

Rachel: Rachel is feeling a little down and is trying to feel better but nothing is really working. (post online)

Yocum: Weed Helps. (reply)

Rachel: I'm bored. Want to start the stalking early?

Jules: Hell yeah! Eric Szmanda here we come!

(At the Zoo.)

Frankie to the monkeys: Stupid monkeys! You are so fuckin' stupid!

Chris: (glares at Frankie)

Frankie: What's your problem?

Chris (blowing up): Did you ever think the monkeys don't, you know, like that!?

(at a CAKE concert with my brother Paul and his friends)

Katie (jokingly): We were doing good until Rachel came.

Dwight: YEA! Rachel is giving us bad luck.(teasing)

Mike: (Fake Glares)

Paul: Yeah Rachel. Why don't you just go home?

(they all laugh as I look down in fake sadness)

Me: Danke. (means thank you in german)

Robin: What did you call me? (is mad)

Me:I said thank you in German, dimwad.

Me: (talking to Alex online) YOU ARE SUCH A JERK!

Alex: (sigh) what did Michele say about me now?

Me: (Talking on the phone with Nikki) Mmmmmmm I just got yogurt.

Nikki: Aw I want yogurt so bad!

Me: Mmmmmmm this yogurt is soooooo goooood!

Nikki: Shut up!

Me: Wow I have so much yogurt I just don't know what to do with all of it! I mean wow look at all those flavors of yogurt there are!

Nikki: (hangs up)

Mark: (talking about his girlfriend to Rachel and Frankie) She really is a doll.

Rachel: Oh I wouldn't say that if I were you! Frankie undresses dolls and brings them into the bath tub with him.

Frankie: I DO NOT!

Maddy: So you just have to pretend to have done what she did. (talking about Laura)

Me: ...will she be there?

Maddy: Yes, Laura will be there.

Me: ... so I'll meet the person I am impersonating?

Maddy: Well yea.

Me:...Won't the world, like, explode or something?

Maddy: Sorry, I forgot my STALLION!

Rachel: What really happened to the muffin man?

Nicole: Well I would tell you...

Rachel: What?

Nicole: (evil laugh) If only you knew! But knowing you, you would tell the police!

Rachel: ... You ate him didn't you?

Nicole: (Stops laughing)... If I said no, would you believe me?

Rachel: Nope.

Me: If your bellybutton comes undone, will your organs fall out?

Maddy: You moron! It can't come undone!

-This one was a dream-

Maddy: (licks face) thliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip (thats the noice it made)I LOVE YOU RACHEL! (runs off pretending to be an airplane)

Me: (looks at her in shock as she is getting chased by cop)


Me: ...(thinks) nope dont think I will.

Anthoni: Sillyness is sillyness, which, in the end, is sillyrific.

Maddy on the phone with me: weeeeeeeeeeeee (is rolling on the floor) (LOUD THUMP SOUND) owowowowowowow!

Me:...what was that?

Maddy: I ran into a chair. I hurt. Ow.

Me: Awwww. I feel horrible. I'm like really, really sick.

Maddy: Well, I feel WONDERFUL!

Paul: Wow, that's pretty funny. WHOHHH! Look over there! That guy's rubbing two sticks together. He is CRAZY!

Me: Paul...don't think I am stupid or anything, but could you explain the difference between A.M and P.M?

Dwight: Just...don't answer her.

Me: (leaving to go make popcorn.)

Dwight: Could you go make me some? trust me with your food?

Dwight: OH HELL NO! ( jumps up and puts his bass down and runs to stop me from blowing up the microwave)

Me: (tripping Maddy.) It was Tim!

Peggy: (Dropping Maddy's giant pickle jar and breaking it and juice going all over the floor)

Me: It was Tim!

Me: (throwing snowball at Paul) It was Tim!

Me: (yelling a bad name at Robin, he turns around and stares at me) It was Tim!

(As you can tell, I blame everything I do on Tim.)

(Maddy came and slept over in my basement. She woke up and is upstairs eating breakfast. I walk up rubbing my eyes because I just woke up.)

Tim: (points at me threatenly) YOU!

Me: (eyes widen) AH! Um...yes Tim?


Me: (nervous laugh)


Me: Congratulations, someone give the girl a cookie. (sarcasticly)


Me: (sigh)

Paul: Don't think for a second that I know what a "pimped out shrimp" looks like.

Me: (writing a note to Robin which says "vas?" which means "what?" in German)

Robin: What does that mean?

Me: (smiles evily)

Robin: (goes to Andrew who knows German) What does this mean? (shows the note to him)

Andrew: What.

Robin: What does it mean?

Andrew: What.


Andrew: WHAT! means "what" doesn't it? (finally getting it) (Andrew nods) (Robin looks over at me who is laughing)

Robin: You knew I would do that, didn't you?

Me: (smiling and nods)

Rachel: The only way to know if you did something really stupid is if someone comes up and punches you in the face.

Liz: (talking about Rachel) And she runs up to the a stranger and calls him a f-in slut!

Mark: What he do?

Rachel: Punched me in the face!

Rachel: Nikki, you have to stop confessing your love to people you don't know!

(Michele, Nikki, and I were making a lot of noise and fooling around alot)

Mr. Ross: What exactly is your problem?

Rachel:...which one of us?

Mr. Ross: ALL OF YA!

Rachel: Whatcha drawing?

Andrew: was Michele...But I messed up a little...and now its Satan.

Rachel: It tickles!

Andrew: High Five! (raises hand to Rachel.)

Rachel reluctently gives him a high five and Andrew holds her hand for a couple seconds and Rachel pulls away quickly.

Andrew: Man! Do you use moisturizer? Your hands are always so soft! no?

Michele: OH MAN! OH MY GOD! LOOK WHO IT IS! CAN YOU BELIEVE OUR LUCK? that who I think it is?

Michele: IT IS!

Both Michele and Rachel: WE LOVE YOU ROOFMAN!

Michele: (waves to roofman)

Roofman:(looks around awkwardly then waves back)

Michele: OH MY GOD! HE WAVED AT ME! Catch me Rachel; I feel faint!

(Just so you know, we were being sarcastic for all you confused people...cough NIKKI cough)

Rachel: Hey! What are you doing between my...trees?

Kelsey: Horny Catholic school girls. (to Rachel and Corrine)

Rachel: What?

Kelsey: You guys are horny Catholic school girls.

Rachel: we aren't.

Kelsey: All Catholic school girls are horny.

Rachel: All boys are horny, Catholic or not!

Kelsey: Well, at least you admitted you're horny.

Rachel: DID NOT!

Corinne: Rachel...just let it go.

Frankie: I know. I'm a bitch.

Corinne: Oh, you haven't met me! I'm the bitchiest bitch of ALL!

Frankie: YES! We're bitch partners!

Corinne: Ok?

Frankie: SEXY bitch partners!

Chris: (to Corinne on threeway) Awww thanks sumuhumpkin!

Corinne: ...Sumuhumpkin?

Chris: Yeah! It's a mix between sugar, muffin, honey, and pumpkin!

Corinne: Chris, you're smexie.

Chris: Yeah, I know...but sometimes I have to rub the cream on really hard!

Corinne and Rachel: ...what?

Rachel: Where is the boy?

Corinne: Up.

Rachel looks up at the ceiling.

Corinne: Upstairs!

Rachel: The sad thing is, I looked up.

Angie: HEY! 4 eyed, volcano face, SHUT THE HELL UP!

Rachel: Here. I will make you happy! Just think. You are on a beach and ...a bomb falls and kills everyone but you! the hell is that supposed to make me feel better!? live!

Chris: What the hell do babies eat!?


Rachel: Um...what are you doing?

Chris: We are babysitting Krystalynn's baby! He was hungry so we are feeding him sausages.


Chris and Mark:...shit!

Craig F: Hey Rachel, guess what?

Rachel: What?

Craig F: I'm so horny. I'm, I'm so horny. I'm so horny. We love you long time.

Rachel: Shut up, are so weird!

Craig F(accusingly): But you're in love with me anyway!'m not.

Craige F: Mmmhmmm...sure. Then why do you give me hugs?

Rachel: Craig?

Craig F: Yes?

Rachel: Cause I'm your friend, asshole!

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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 299 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/8/2006 - Draco M., Hermione G. - Complete