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I love sharing my stories with others, other writers and fans, inspirations and followers, readers and critics... but that experience isn't complete until I have some kind of feedback.



(See Ravens secret-keeper on AO3 for notes.)

Comics or Cartoon?

My canon policy regarding the Teen Titans stories: I define “canon” as anything from the Teen Titans animated series AND, simultaneously, the 80’s comic books, especially when Marv Wolfman and George Perez were working on them.
(Please visit this page for more information.)


April 11, 2017: And we've returned to home base! AFK life remains a series of hurdles and stumbling blocks, but [re]new[ed] life has been breathed into these stories by a certain pair of animated movies inspiring yet more fanfictions and parallel timelines. It's inevitable when this particular slice of the multiverse mashed up all the best of my favorite canon continuities... (Coming soon: even more Teen Titans fanfiction.)

June 17, 2015: *-frantic scribbles can be seen over suspiciously blue and green drawings-* Steven Universe has taken over my life. Malachite was more toxic to my well-being than any piece in any fishtank before. Green glow in the sky now excites me even when there's a perfectly explainable aurora borealis out there... and NOTHING bothered me so much as a certain character lacking a certain characteristic gold-related trait of a certain lifelong FAVORITE stone of mine...

...Expect a fanfiction soon. It's inevitable. ...that is, if RSK finds it in her heart to write something (gasp,) canon -divergent-...

April 14, 2015: Dove's Dark Discovery. Something's happening. Something BIG. And I hope you're all prepared... Great Azar, I hope I'M prepared! The climax is coming and I've written (and posted) more in two months than I've written in the previous three YEARS. Good things are coming to this author's AFK life. Things that are VERY good. Even if it means finally bringing the most detrimental and devastating moments of DDD to light...

February 12, 2013: Even with the climax of Dove's Dark Discovery growing ever closer to completion, I've taken up a new rewriting project: Dove's Memories. See my journal for the reasons, history, and motivations behind this (and why I've grown so slow with Unforeseen and Unforsaken).

Dec 28, 2012: Somehow my Pokemonic mood spontaneously regenerated itself. Yes, I'm publishing Pokemon! No, I haven't finished a new chapter of A Work of Magic. Excuse me as I flee in shame.

June 11, 2012: Unforeseen Surprises has officially been revamped! Visit the story entitled "Unforeseen and Unforsaken" to see the prologue/teaser, and thus see the first real glimpse of what this rewrite will become.

Feb 22, 2012: Since it's been five and a half long, eventful years since I started posting here, and my style has grown tremendously, I've decided to start rewriting my old works, especially the early Raven/Dove stories and character bios in desperate need of renovation. These "revamps" will be posted separately for the sake of maintaining the original's dignity, and just in case someone who really enjoyed the old one doesn't like the new writing, for whatever reason. I wouldn't want them to lose what they originally loved.

Current stories are still at the top of my priority list, don't worry! I'm putting nearly all of my attention towards Dove's Dark Discovery, especially since this next chapter has hit the climax, and moments I've been planning for since before I began this account have finally come to fruition! I'm polishing this chapter more lovingly and carefully than I've ever put towards any other character or event; I plan to make this posting worth the whole wait.

Check out the stories on my favorite list if you have the time. They're either very good or skillfully emotional. The Chronicler Saga (or what's written of it so far) is both of those, and probably the best fanfiction I've ever read; the story is highly intense, amazingly written, and the characterization is phenomenal. I recommend My Sweet Raven to Raven lovers or anyone who liked "Spellbound." Once Broken, Twice Shattered is a great story; I'd suggest it for anyone who can take romance so much as partly seriously. It's not 'fluff.' And Cowardice is refreshing. It's a take on things most fanfiction writers tend to slop up, and a beautiful taste of reality. Also, the story of the Lost Season of Teen Titans is amazing; it really is like watching an episode. ("Cursed" is my personal favorite episode in that series - absolutely beautiful characterization and such deep, resounding words... It was like the Teen Titans creators themselves wrote it...)

There's a story I've been desperately trying to find for four or five years now, and I'm starting to give up hope... It's a songfic - I think it's called New Azarath, but I can't find it on Google or the fanfiction.net search. Basically, Azarath is destroyed and Raven and a few childhood friends try to rebuild it. There's a description of the destruction scene and Raven's empathy going berserk, Robin is feeling empathetic discomfort for her but he isn't aware of it and thinks it's just indigestion, and the story opens with Raven listening to music and painting. There's a character named Sion and I can barely remember anything more. I do remember a scene where Raven has what I call 'an empathy attack' from the pain of the Azaratheans during her homeland's destruction... If you know anything about how to get to this story, please please PLEASE contact me. I'd really appreciate it. Immensely. ...please...?


Don'cha just love how this information about myself comes as an afterthought? After everything about the stories? ...yeah, welcome to my life. Writing is everything to me.


My gender/identity are a moot point, and was born on a Tuesday. (I did the calculations myself.) The date was March 30, by the way.

My DeviantArt account: RavensHiddenSoul Have a look around, check out my art, and maybe tell me what you think; I love feedback.

YouTube: Ravenshiddensoul there as well. I have AMVs and a handful of lyrics videos, plus a karaoke-style song...

Tumblr: One guess. It's RavensHiddenSoul. (I also have an RP blog for Dove: beyondthetemples )

TGN Memory (forums dedicated to TitansGo.Net, the now-deceased but ever-remembered best Titans fansite around) : RavensShadow

Thanks for visiting,
Raven's Secret-keeper

P.S.: Did anyone make it down to here? If so, I'm honored. You do care!

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Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 45 - Words: 77,915 - Reviews: 54 - Favs: 56 - Follows: 40 - Updated: 2/22/2017 - Published: 2/8/2009 - [Raven, OC] - Complete
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Misery's Company (UP FOR ADOPTION) reviews
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UPDATE: PLEASE SEE "Dove's Character Bio 2012" FOR ACTUAL CHARACTER QUALITY. This bio was downright irredeemable and was long due for an update. - Old: Dove, Raven's sister - long story, look inside - is a character I made up some time ago, and I thought a bio may be a good idea. New reviews would be great. I've added plenty of details to her over the years to polish her character.
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