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Hi, it's Moon. I'm always ready to talk about whatever, so shoot me a PM. I am currently in school, so updating is slow, but I promise I will update eventually! In my free time I row, paint, read, row, write, ski(nordic), and did I mention row?

Light Carries On


Late King William Henry Charles Schreave, 50: King William was a stern and demanding man, but he was also an incredibly kind and caring father and King. He loved his kingdom and its people almost more than anything, only coming second to his children. He was a progressive, forward thinking king, but also very good at speaking to everyone’s beliefs. He was generally very popular with the people and often attended town galas and other public events. Despite the fact that he and his wife married solely in the name of international relations, they always worked together well. Their marriage was more of a business agreement than a relationship, and they lived mostly separate lives for the majority of the time. They could always put aside their differences for the sake of their country though.

FC: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Late Queen Sonja Ingrid Louise Schreave neé Ström, 48: Queen Sonja was an incredibly compassionate woman. She dedicated most of her life to ensuring every child in Illea has access to a good education. She was often traveling, she made a point of visiting schools as often as possible. She was never exactly a loving woman, her children liked to joke that she cared more about “the children of Illéa” more than her own, but she cared in her own way. She did much more behind the scenes parenting, always ensuring they had the best tutors, nannies, food, and general care. She was quite close to Nils though, something her other children had always found strange. She was always so insistent on perfection, they all expected her to favor Sigrid.

Sonja was a very stubborn woman as well, she would never give up on something until it happened exactly as she wanted. The one time she failed was with Ian. She never had a problem with William sleeping with other women, they agreed to live separate lives from the beginning, but she was not at all happy when a child came of one of these affairs, especially when William made the boy an Earl and gave him a place at court. Because of this, she and Ian have never gotten along.

FC: Robin Wright

Late Crown Princess Sigrid Sonja Elizabeth Schreave, 23: Crown Princess Sigrid Sonja Elisabeth Schreave (23): Sigrid was the perfect princess and sister. Loved by her country, she was extremely devoted to becoming the best leader she possibly could. She spent hours every single day pouring over paperwork and reports, talking with advisors, and meeting with her people. She was an incredibly loving and caring woman. When she wasn’t working she could be found sitting with her twin in his studio, talking foreign policy with Gunnar, playing soccer with Kat, or reading with Charlotte. Her siblings and niece were the only thing she ever put above her country. She loved them more than anything else and took every opportunity to show it. She was seemingly perfect in every way.

FC: Saoirse Ronan

King Nils William Thomas Schreave, 23: Nils is friendly and outgoing, but has never been well known by the public. He always preferred to stay out of the spotlight, keeping as low a profile as possible. He has always been good natured and friendly, loving to get to know people and share stories. He is an amazing listener, always ready to hear stories or listen to someone’s troubles. He is great at knowing when to give advice and when to just listen, when someone needs a hug or when someone needs the sense knocked into them.

Nils has never exactly been comfortable with being royal, always preferring to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

FC: Benjamin Eidem

Prince Gunnar Gustav Christopher Schreave, 21: Gunnar is the diplomat of the family. He has never been an overly outgoing or extroverted person, but he loves foreign policy, discussions, and critical thinking. He loves debating things with people and is always ready for a deep or controversial discussion. He has never been very good at small talk or meeting new people. He is a bit awkward and uncomfortable around new people and usually avoids them, but once he gets going about something he is passionate about he can’t be stopped. He loves talking with any foreign visitors the palace has and is constantly begging to go on diplomatic missions with his father and sister. He loves discussing solutions to world issues, climate issues usually being his favorite. He is also the peace keeper of the family, loved by all and having no favorites himself. He was always the best at calming the storm when Kat exploded and dousing the flames when Sonja went off on Ian. He was the glue that held the family together.

FC: Toby Regbo

Princess Katarina “Kat” Isabel Marie Schreave, 17: Kat, tiny and hot tempered, is the charismatic, extroverted, and free spirited little sister. She always knows what to say, has always had a way with words. She is charming and funny and everything else that instantly puts people at ease. She is endlessly confidant and extroverted, never faltering or second-guessing herself. She and Ian have always been super close, something her mother was never happy about. She and her mother were never very close, Sonja always disapproving of her passion for soccer.

Kat has loved soccer her entire life and has dedicated most of it to playing. She practices for hours on end and makes a point of going to play with children’s teams as often as possible. She has started a foundation to ensure all children have access to sports and physical activity, both in and out of school.

She is extremely temperamental, though, her siblings sometimes joked that her temper was shorter than she was.

FC: Maya Hawke

Lord Ian Leroux, 27: Ian is the bastard son of King William. He was born from one of many affairs the King had over the course of his marriage. Shortly after his birth, the king recognized him as his son and granted him a title and a place at court. Because of this, the queen has never liked him. She has always made life difficult for him.

Ian is quiet and serious man, but he is also an extremely caring one. He has always been favored by the king, something that never bothered any of his half siblings. He has been fascinated by politics his whole life. As a child, he would spend hours sitting outside the privy council chamber, straining his ears to hear even the slightest bit of what was going on. Once he was old enough, his father let him sit in on the meetings, so long as he remained silent.

Ian has always been extremely close to Nils and Kat. He was the one who taught Kat to play soccer and has been her playing buddy every since she could walk. He is the person Nils is closest to, excluding Sigrid, of course. He was also the one who taught Gunnar how to sail, though the two of them have never been quite as close.

FC: Sam Claflin

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