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Updated: 12:11 AM, Friday, September 15th, 2005

Hurrr. It's getting close to a month since I've updated. Don't I feel like scum.

Sorry guys, life's been pretty crazy. Between an onslaught of birthdays (including my own), getting ready to move to college, and putting down my cat of sixteen years, life has been pretty hectic. I've also had a bit of a block on the current chapter. However, watching Escaflowne and reading good fics do provide motivation. Which reminds me, e-props to Cev and sage/nahui for being amazing writers and really great reviewers. When it comes to me and reviewing... well, tragically, I actually don't. Not often. X_X I feel terrible about it, but it's like me an e-mails. But yeah, for a good time (read: fic) call 1-800-Read Cev & sage/nahui's stuff!

Also, definitely found Fullmetal Alchemist scanslations and got hooked, and before I knew it, I was typing up a storm. FMA=Jade's new addiction. Expect a couple of one-shots, but nothing epic. Thus far, just Ed-Winry stuff, though cruising through the fandom, I've found some preeetty crazy pairings. I'm tempted to create a livejournal community gently mocking the more out-there pairings by claiming that the OTP is obviously Ed and Garfiel. Yeah, I think it'd be cool.

I'm debating on buying the anime, because what little I've seen of it looks gorgeous, but I've heard that it deviates wildly from the manga halfway through the series, and after investigating rumors about the ending to both anime and movie, I know I'm going to hate both endings. Well, at least the movie. The anime was more like, "W (long pause) T (longer pause) F. (Overly long pause) Hooo-kay!" So I'm in conflict. To buy or not to buy?

Anyway, it's been a while since I had a decent profile, so here's some stats and numbers for you to chew on:

Age: Legal to vote but not to drink. Sigh.
Education: Soon to be a college freshman.
Gender: If the extremely effeminate 'jadewing' isn't enough of a clue, we need to have a talk, my friend.
Blogs: Yes! I have one on livejournal under the creative username, "jadewing". However, it's friends-only, so comment to be added. Also may be changing when I hie off to college.
Music: Hahahaha. ANYTHING but country, rap, and most pop.
Favorite Books/Authors: Recently developed a certain affinity for classical Victorian Literature. I loved Brave New World and enjoyed Lord of the Flies, but found it a little heavy-handed with the symbolism. For anyone interested in Philosophy, Sophie's World gets a good recommendation from me. And for fun, I like Harry Potter, anything by Tamora Pierce, Susan Fletcher, some Mercedes Lackey, and of course Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Movies: Spiderman is my real-life bishounen quota, plus I liked the movies. Hayao Miyazaki is an amazing director, and if you haven't seen anything from Studio Ghibli, you, my poor friend, are deprived. As far as eye-openers go, if you want your mind to be cracked open, dumped in a roller coster of enlightenment, tumble dried, and given a spritz of elation, see What the Bleep Do We Know? and pay attention. Also like Tim Burton films, current favorite being Edward Scissorhands.
Favorite Series (anime): Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha
Favorite Series (manga): Everything by Yuu Watase (Imadoki, Fushigi Yuugi, etc.), Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Naruto, Red River, Basara, Fruits Basket
Most Inconvenient Bad Habit: I have a rather mean and sarcastic streak that surfaces occasionally, to my utter mortification and regret.
Grievance of the Moment: We had to put my cat of sixteen years down. I miss my grouchy old man.
Joy of the Moment: Dude. Moving into a dorm. In LESS THAN A WEEK. This time next week, I'll be in my new room.


Current Fics I Intend To Continue Updating:

On Wings
Plot Status: I have notes for twelve chapters charted out right now, and it's looking to wrap up at around 14. Semi-vague notions for the end are in place. Wouldn't you love to see those notes? I rather like them myself.
Preview Summary: Chapter Five. Now that our heroine has nearly ripped reality a new one, will she finally get some answers? (No, probably not.) Will she and Van overcome their hangups and have a passionate makeout scene? (That's also a no.) And what the heck is Basram doing with all that stolen junk? Are they arming for war, or making a sinister attempt at Martha Stewart's title as Reigning Queen of Reusables?
Chapter Status: 10 percent? Page or two done. Unfortunately, I grew some convictions about finishing that contest story, so progress may be a little stunted.

Possible Fics I Just Might Consider Actually Posting Some Day In the Distant, Distant Future And Only If I'm Not Swamped With Class Work:

Sand In My Shoes (tentative title)
Series: Inuyasha (shoot me now.)
Vague Summary: AU. Kagome has a life plan, one that hinges on being followed to the letter and making good grades. Deviation from this plan is not tolerated. Unfortunately, she forgot to make leeway in the plan for anything unexpected, say, an encounter with an island boy--granted, a rather cranky one--once upon a summer vacation. Afraid, she drops anything to do with him and clings to her plan once more. Years later, the past catches up to her when a business deal takes her back to the island--and lands both her and her old flame on the wrong side of a business much more dangerous than any paperwork.

Oracle (tentative title as well)
Series: Escaflowne
Vague Summary: AU. Thrown from his kingdom, Van reluctantly turns to the help of an Oracle hidden in the forest and known always to be right. What he finds is a girl disguised as a boy and kept as the drugged prophet-slave of a monastary...who happens to have a powerful gift of the Second Sight. Now Van has a bunch of angry monks after him, a girl who was much easier to deal with when she was sedated, and a greater task than just reclaiming his kingdom--not to mention the mystery of the Oracle's past, as traces of the sedative block her memories. No rest for the bishounen, indeed.

Sonata (VERY tentative title, as in I just came up with it)
Series: Escaflowne
Vague Summary: AU. A high school fic? Not exactly. Most girls have a normal high school life. Hitomi's is anything but. After vanishing for months, then returning with no memory of the missing time, Hitomi's family puts her into therapy to try and unlock memories she may have blocked. As if that weren't bad enough, the therapist's son Van goes to her high school--and happens to be best friends with her crush. The unraveling mystery of her blocked memories may become the thread that ties them all together. Wow, that was cheesy.

Possible Fics I Might Consider Updating, Emphasis On The 'Might':

To Rebuild the Lost Past
Okay. Here's the deal. I left this one off at a place that could work as an ending, but had a bunch of plot threads left hanging. And it's been that way for, well, a couple years.

The thing is, my writing has evolved since then, as well as my standards for a plot. Also, my notes for that suckah are buried deep, deep in storage somewhere. I can dig them up, but I'd rather just go off of memory and replot the thing the way it should be.

So if I'm stuck in a tough spot in another story, and I need to switch gears for a while, maybe, just maybe, I'll take a stab. The story should be finished, but I've just never really felt driven to do so. So who knows? Maybe there'll be an update. Which would officially make the story a zombie for rising from the dead.

New Category!
Fics In Progress But Not Yet Posted, Mainly Because They're Work-In-Progress One-Shots:

Fix Me
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Vague Summary: Sometimes, by fixing someone else's problems, we end up fixing our own.
(Wow, that really WAS a vague summary for once.)

As Of Yet Unnamed
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Vague Summary: Maybe Winry should have taken Ed up on his offer to marry her when they were younger. Then he would have had to come back. But even after five years of no knowledge, she can't bring herself to leave Resembool, not even to find answers to the questions that burned inside. And then they came walking up the path to her house...

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns? E-mail me. I think most stuff makes it through the junk filter, but don't get discouraged if I don't reply. I'm ADD like that, I completely forget to answer things...but I try! And some of you e-mailers can testify that ever so often, I will write back! Even if you're a precious few, there's still hope!

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