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Hello! I'm Alexis and I'm from America!

My favorite stories and Charmed and Harry Potter and Zoey 101 and Tru Calling! My pairings are:

HP: H/OC R/Hr D/G D/Hr- sometimes L/JR/OC S/OC

Charmed: Piper/Leo Paige/OC Phoebe/ any of her old boyfriends except Cole Phoebe/OC Chris/OC

Zoey 101: Z/C L/DN/M

I expecially like crossovers. I have a C2 that's Harry Potter Crossovers. Please read and review my stories.

Pet Peeves: Non-constructive constructive criticism. This is a place to grow as a writer, and writing WOW YOUR STORIES SUCK BECAUSE IT'S A MARY SUE AND THIS AND THAT andyada yada yada does not cut it with me, and I will tell you so.

Writing Guidelines. The reason we're on this site is so that we can post stories that the original writer wouldn't have normally written, or to write our own ideas. Saying that you can only post stories that follow the original book is retarded. Why should you? It's fine if you do, that's all in well and there's no reason you shouldn't do that, but you SHOULDN'T be discriminated against just because you've have a thought that this plotline would go good with this plotline.

Mary Sues: don't really understandthe concept. Every writer puts a little of themselves into a story, it's just how it is. So, if you've decided to write a story that's about you with this character, have fun with it! Some people may like it, some people may not. Whatever. It's shouldn't concern you, because as long as you think your story is good, that's all that matters.

Over-obsessed authors/resses that feel the need to criticize people and act like the world should go by their guidelines:there are a few out there. The world does not have to listen to you. The world is an open place. Why does a story with an exchange student suck? Just because there's an exchange student in it? That's a retarded-no. that's not even a real REASON.

Unknown family of Sirius/Remus/Voldemort/Dumbledore/Snape/any male character people are writing about now: thats fine.

To the people who have a problem with it: why do you have a problem with it? For all we know the seventh book could be the Return of Family and suddenly we've got Snape's niece and Dumbledore's granddaughter, and Sirius' and Remus' daughters and sons and Voldemort's cousin and Harry's long lost twin sister showing up. I bet you wouldn't hate it then.

Overly dramatic future 2nd Grade Language Arts teachers: the ones who flame and go 'YOU HAVE 3 ERRORS IN SPELLING ON HERE, AND 2 GRAMMATICAL ERRORS AND yada yada yada. We're all human. We all make mistakes. If it's incredibly insane and you can barely read through the chapter, then you could KINDLY point out that they DESPERATELY NEED A BETA! not, HEY F@#$ER YOU NEED A BETA SO THAT MEANS YOU'RE A TERRIBLE WRITER. no it doesnt. it just means that they don't have spell check. Or maybe they didn't pay attention is 2nd grade when the teacher was drilling puncuation or spelling into their heads.

RECENTLY ADDED- Canon Laws: things are not always from the book. people who want stories to ALWAYS go with the book and NEVER have any OCs or Harry's long lost aunt or something or other are going to have difficulty because people like to do those things. It's just a fact. Don't get up in their faces because they're story has a Mary Sue from America with a mysterious past etc etc. Whatever the writer has in mind for the plot is NOT in your control. If they ask for suggestions...well..then give them some. J.K. Rowling HERSELF is quoted on saying that she gets millions of requests and ideas for her books and she never takes any of them because if there's something you don't like about the books then dont read them. They're her books and she'll do what she wants with them. Just likean author on here and theirMary Sues, crossovers, exchange students, long lost daughters, etc. Don't like them, dont read them. Don't readit just to flame it!End of story.

Response to Flames: someone just flamed you. Wow, too bad for you! Dont respond to them with, "It doesn't matter what you think your a geek and the stories -(that I have never actually read but act like I am for the purpose of this ranting review response)- that you write suck and-and my great aunt margaret just died so my writing's off and I can write what I want and youre so mean and-and-and-and-...? Oh, you poor baby. I'll call Lifetime right now and tell them I have their next movie ready for them. GROW UP! No one in the real world is going to listen to your whining or complaining. They're going to hand your story back to, say either, it sucked, it was ok, or it was great or something to those affects, and then give you some suggestions. They won't listen to your whining. I wont listen to your whining, my mother wont listen to your whining (or mine:-P). Just hold your head high and say thanks for your imput, then walk away. What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger and let me tell you, if you get a flame, you wont die.

(Please take note that any flames on MY stories will be considered then used to toast marshmellows. :-D)

Honestly, that's all I have to say right now. I'll be back with more though, don't worry about that.

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