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Author has written 22 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy I-VI, Naruto, and Metal Gear.

Age: I dunno, maybe you can tell me?

Gender: F

Residence: North Carolina, USA! Woooh! I'm not a hillbilly either, so shut up!

Height: Anywhere from Ed height toRoy height!

Favorite character: Roy Mustang

Favorite Pairings: I have 2! Roy and Riza, and Al and Winry! EdXOC is always nice too.

Favorite vid-game:My favorite is RC3as of now.

Favorite color: Hm... that's tough, I'm torn between Red and Blue... (It's like between Ed and Roy!)

Favorite food: Uh... um... can I answer this later?

Most hated character: I haaaaate Envy, for killing Maes Hughes( in the manga it was Envy, but they might have changed it to Sloth in the anime, which to me is kind of messed up. I keep missing episode 25, and it's come on 3 times already! Grrr...Envy is the only one who can transform, I'm pretty sure) and Archer for the loss of Roy's eye (whether or not he did it is still under speculation. There have been rumors that it was actually Riza who did it on accident, and you never know.)

Story Stats:

1st Place: Heir to the Flame, which has482 reviews as of December 17th. Man, I'm popular. This things is NOTHING but ROYAI. Okay, it's got some adventure too...

2nd Place: Halfmetal Alchemist is finished, woohoo! Finished, with a grand total of 132 reviews!

3rd Place: Love Through Flame and Gunfire, which bags itself 59 reviews, booting down The Only One for him to 4th place. BIG Royai fic, may contain lemons in later chapters, depends on my mood. In the first chapter, Roy gets a little frisky with Riza after coming to her for help and her DAD catches him. Uh oh. Not to mention Homunculi and the military are after Roy as well; it's AU, by the way. 59 reviews

4th Place: The Only One for Him, which got booted down to 4th plac by Love Through Flame and Gunfire for the simple reason that 'L' come before 'O'. 59 reviews

5th Place: Vacation with the Mustangs, which I haven't updated in forever, has 21 reviews.

6th Place: Loaded Gun Complex, a royai sonfic, 12 reviews

7th place: Wrecking Havoc, This isn't actually about royai, though it does contain some. This one is about Havoc, because I like Havoc and I think it's about time he stopped getting beaten up by Roy all the time in my other stories. The guy needs a break. 11 reviews

8th Place: All Eras Must End, other wise titled Halfmetal Alchemist 3. It still shouldn't be posted, since HMA 2: Halfmetal Guardian, just started. Oh well. 10 revies.

9th Place: Climbing the Military Ladder; Roy and his struggles to become Fuhrer, which contain some rough meetings with Basque Gran and some rather sparkly ones with Alex Louis Armstrong, the Strong Arm Alchemist. 8 reviews

10th Place: Aftermath of Sin, another Royai that beat down Never a Mother to Me by two places. It's a bit futuresque. About Roy andRiza when they attempt human transmutation, doesn't work, get their souls kicked over to New York City in 3020, and the only person they can count on is a kid named Matteas who looks exactly like Maes. Matteas, however, has a lot of things to hide... 7 reviews

11th Place: Halfmetal Guardian: War of Broken Memories Hooray for HMA2: HMG! 6 reviews

12th Place: Never a Mother to Me- Another Roy fic, slight Royai, hardly any. About the tortures that Roy's mother puts him through when he's young and how he reacts when she tries to suck-up to him after he's Fuhrer. I got great personal satisfaction writing this story, for some odd reason. I don't know if I'll continue this or not. 6 reviews

13th Place: School's a Nightmare, which beats out Beach Party with Maes. This is the chaos that ensues when you pick on Roy, Maes, and Riza when they're in school. 5 reviews

14th Place: The Revenge of Mr.Bean, which got beaten by School's a Nightmare because 'S' comes before 'T'. 5 reviews

15th Place: I Can't Do This, a fic that struck me viciously about the face one midsummer morning... or something like that. 4 reviews.

16th Place: Beach Party with Maes What my mind comes up with when it's very bored. You have been forewarned. 2 reviews

17th Place: The Return of Galahad. FF6 fic, which, by all rights, shouldn't be in this running, but since it's the only one, what the heck? 1 review.


-Maes Hughes ranting about his family in the background-

Roy: -sigh- Maes is like an Energizer battery. He keeps goin on and on and on and on...

Maes on the phone: Roy, I have good news!

Roy on the other end: What? Any news on Scar?

Maes: No, you obsessed idiot, how would that be good news?Did you honestlyforget? It's Elysia's birthday tomorrow!

Maes in pink ducky pajamas on the phone: Do you know what time it is? What is it?

Roy at HQ in uniform: Something's been bothering me lately...

Maes: What? About the Scar case?

Roy: No...

Camera zooms out to show all of Roy's subordinates

Roy: I haven't made an appearance lately!

From The Only One for Him, which happens to be my FMA fanfic...

Maes: First of all, where do you want it to be?

Roy in Central Park with Maes on a park bench: I dunno... my house I guess...

Maes: Your mansion?

Roy: No Maes, my shack.

Maes: I wasn't aware that you are skilled in sarcasm.

A little bit later...

Maes: Our wedding was all day long... ah the marital bliss...

Roy: I know, Maes, I was there, remember?

Maes: Yeah, you drank all the wine. Said you were bored to death, then got hit by a car on the way home. Serves you right, you self-centered bastard.


Roy: I'm not getting drunk again at this one, okay? Really!

Maes: Right. Maybe we should replace it with punch just in case... knowing you, you could probably get drunk off that too...

Roy: Who gets drunk off punch?

Maes: You could.

Roy: Only alcohol for me, and I don't think I want any for a while...

Maes: Ahhh... still reliving flashbacks of that car?

Roy: No, I'm still reliving flashbacks of what Dad did to me once I staggered back home.

Maes: Wish I was there to see it.

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