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Author has written 29 stories for CSI, Harry Potter, Diagnosis Murder, Supernatural, CSI: Miami, Dark Angel, Without a Trace, CSI: New York, Warriors, Glee, and Ghost Whisperer.

Call me Stasia (it's my nickname anyways)

*5/8/10*- This idea just came at me out of nowhere a few days ago maybe a few hours before Supernatural's thursday episode "Two Minutes to Midnight". It's a House of Night/Spn crossover and it came to me because I was looking at the Angelcest Meme at Livejournal and all of a sudden I got this idea for Kalona/Castiel Non-con. The basic plot of course is that Kalona has his Raven Mockers right (His creepy mutated bird like children from laying with the daughters of man) Angel's were created to breed just be warriors of God hence Kalona's fall and his ugly kids, but with Kalona released and all the weird weather happening in Tulsa it draws the Winchester boys and Castiel there. Kalona and Castiel run into each other and Kalona get's this idea that he can create another more powerful child with another angel of course Kalona is doing this while he's trying to get Zoey (his A-Ya)This happens before SPNs 5x21 but perferably after Luicfer is out of the box, the boys equating Tulsa's weather to the apocolpyse (can't spell). (I'm about to finish Hunted in HoN Series and wouldn't feel safe doing this story and trying to match it up, but it should be someone familiar with both book series and TV Show) Anyway what also I'd like to see is Cas adimentaly going on about getting rid of the baby "abomination" growing inside him (Mpreg alert; it's sustained by his grace hence why it takes place before 5x21) and everyone is a bit weary because they really don't know how'd they go about in the first place, but then there's the whole confrontation about "but it's just a baby", "but it's Kalona's", "we can keep it from Kalona" blah, blah, blah... it doesn't matter in the end because upon the birth and seeing the child Cas get's that bond that a normally a mother and child share and wants to keep it. (Bonus points if before Kalona rapes/violates Castiel he try's to equate Castiel and him as the same becuase of Cas' feeling for Dean (Yes in the end I want it to be Dean/Cas slash)) Okay if anyone reads this and wants to take go ahead and let me know if you do b/c I probably won't (MOST LIKELY) but I might muster up to writing it. (But I am a little preoccupied writing my own story right now)

*8/30/10*- Just got an idea yesterday for some story idea for NCIS. I was rewatching NCIS episdoes the other day and decided to look David McCallum bio, he's orignally from Glasgow, Scotland. *!!!! set off light bulb !!!!*. One of my favorite characters that is not main in the Harry Potter movies is Oliver Wood; played by Sean Biggerstaff, who is from *Glasgow, Scotland*. Now I really want a fanfic. where a character is based off him and he is related to Ducky and comes to vist. I have no idea what the scenario would be though.

I write my own stories in my free time that are not based of what other people write (as far as I know) as well a writing fanfic. I also enjoy reading.

My favorite T.V. shows are: CSI, Supernatural, CSI:Miami, CSI:NY, NCIS, Without A Trace, Numb3rs, Third Watch, Diagnosis Murder, Glee and Angel (Kinda; not as much as the others)

My Favorite CSI Character: Greg Sanders (my favorite support character for CSI is Tony Vartann)

My Favorite Supernatural Character(s): Dean Winchester & Castiel

My Favorite CSI:Miami Character: Ryan Wolfe

My Favorite CSI: New York Character: Donald "Don" Flack Jr.

My Favorite NCIS Character: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo

My Favorite Without A Trace Character: Martin Fitzgerald

My Favorite Numb3rs Character: Don Eppes

My Favorite Third Watch Character: Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

My Favorite Diagnosis Murder Character: Jesse Travis

My Favorite Glee Character: Blaine Anderson

My Favortie Angel Character: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

My Favorite Harry Potter Character: Oliver Wood

I have no idea what else to write except currently what I have done or am doing on fanfiction, I will also type the name of oc's b/c i have nothin' better to do.


Icy Danger (CS:NY/Third Watch):

Audrie Hansen, Jeff Broden, Diego Chavez, Nathaniel Wright, Joseph McKay, William Jones, Alexa James, Timothy Andrews, Dr.Larson, Eddie Wiles, Jason Cahill, Drake, Fran, Paul, Jes

Bonds ~ AU Story (CSI: NY):

Audrie Hansen, Robbie, Dr. Wineheart, Deanna

If Everything Hasn't Been Enough Already ~ Sequel to WIEBHA and FC (Without A Trace/CSI:NY)

Jessica Fitzgerald, Vaughn Fitzgerald, man one, man two, Audrie Hansen, Anya Wolfe

CSI: Disability

Double Duties ~Comes after SIV

Mystic Johnson, Debbie Kendalwall, Kenny Langstaff, John Ebert

Revenge Spree (CSI/CSI:Miami)

Eliz Craig

The Day In The Life Of High School ~CSI/CSI:Miami/CSI:NY)

Taylor Sanders, Olivia Wells, Phyllis Sanders, Jay Sanders, Janet Vartann, Andy Vartann. Margaret Wells, Thomas Wells, Landon Sanders, Bryce Wolfe, Caitlyn Wolfe, James Wolfe(Ryan's Dad), Julie Wolfe(Ryan's Mom), Derek Smith, Jennifer Smith, Jeffery Wolfe (Ryan's older brother), Eliz Craig, Erin Craig, Patrick Flack, Victoria Flack, Annette Oldridge, Jason Brady, Scott Fonda, Sabrina Handy, Oliver Limbaugh, Audrie Hansen, Mich Oliveira Characters Created by my readers/reviewers: Samantha Dawson, Emma Harman, Adrianne Brown, Alessandra Carter, Angelica Valentine, and Alyssa Cooper

Deadly Disease ~Harry Potter

Cedar Ames, Hector Damask

Could It Be Possible ~ Harry Potter

There's Always A Reason ~Diagnosis Murder

Meg Plummer

The One ~Supernatural

Unexpected Fate ~ CSI: Miami

Sanabeth Ross, Magentellia, Elpha, Jadeita, Herbatrude, Stayja Wiles, Roger, Victor, Flicker

Legend ~ CSI:NY

High School Days ~CSI:NY/3rd Watch/WAT

Audrie Hansen, Nathaniel Wright, Alexa James, Raina Page

One Regret ~ CSI:Miami/CSI:NY

Bailey Abbott

We Weren't the Only Ones ~ CSI: NY/Third Watch

Harm Done onto Those We Know ~ CSI:Miami

Conner Larson, Georgina Hickey, Tenant Man, Hector Wenforth, Mary Allen, Constance "Connie" Montgomery, Carl, Officer Gallagher, Joseph (assistant), Mamphry McHandelson("Scientist"), Officer Marvin Hemming, Officer Charles Moen, Marcus Skyett, Ben Argier, Dr. Patrick Langer

Heaven's Hybrid ~ Supernatural

One Mistake Changes Everything ~ Supernatural/Harry Potter

Family Secrets Series

Will I Ever Be Home Again (Complete)

Family Crisis (Complete)

If Everything Hasn't Been Enough Already (In-Progress)

Danger Series

Icy Danger (In Progress)

Spring Action

Summer Heat

Fall Line-up

Winter Comes Again

Danger Comes and Goes


Left-Handed Fascination - A new batch of serial killings have manifested. The perpetrator is moving across the states and no one knows which state will be hit next. Crime scene investigators across the country are finding people strangled, beaten, and starved. When found, they are always missing their left hand. It soon becomes a race against time when it gets personal and two law enforcement officials get involved. (CSI:NY/Miami) 3 Votes

Big Crimes in the Big Apple - Crimes have happened in the past, they'll happen in the future, but for now they're concerned with the crimes happening right now. (CSI: NY) Note: This Story will start in the year 1993, so not everyone from the cast will be in it right away. 1 Vote

Past Comes to Present - A teenage boy found raped and murdered brings back haunting memories for one CSI. (CSI: Miami) 2 Vote

Haunting Past - (Sequel to Ghostly Reveal) - Ryan Wolfe is settling into Grandview slowly but surely, temporarily living with his half-sister Melinda until he can find a place of his own. He’s applied for a position as Detective with Grandview’s police Department. Melinda gets worried when a unpleasant ghost attaches itself to Ryan. (Ghost Whisperer/CSI: Miami) 1 Vote

PBI: Paranormal Bureau of Investigation - We all know what lurks in the dark, but there is few who take action upon it. (Supernatural; Don't know if this is considered AU or AR (Still supernatural creatures, the world just knows about and there's a branch of law enforcement that deals with it.) Probable slash of the Destiel varity) 4 Votes

Okay so while normally/more often I read Het relationships I also do enjoy some slash relationships, b/c I don't find anything wrong with it. So like so many people do here's a list of my fave. relationships.


Sara Sidle/Greg Sanders - Sandle

Sara Sidle/Tony Vartann - (I have no idea what this is officially called because when I thought of it I hadn't seen it anywhere. I started calling Vara or Sony (when I discovered his first name was Tony) but then i saw people calling them Sartann.

-I don't have a slash preference for this show.


Calleigh Duquesne/Ryan Wolfe- CaRWash

Ryan Wolfe/Eric Delko - The Hardy Boys

Tim Speedle/Ryan Wolfe - ?

I'm okay with:

Ryan Wolfe/Natalia Boa Vista- Animal Crackers/WolVista


I Love:

Don Flack/Lindsay Monroe - FM Radio (There's just something about the height difference that's cute)

Mac Taylor/Don Flack - MacDonald (Or at least that's what I've seen them called)

I'm okay with, but not as fond of:

Danny Messer/Don Flack

Don Flack/Stella Bonasera - (On most occasions they seem more like brother and sister)

Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe - M&M


Samantha Spade/Martin Fitzgerald - Smarty is what they are generally called

Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald - I don't know if they have one of those special names and I don't now why I like this slash pairing, but it's my favorite of all my slash pairings.


Dean/Castiel - Destiel (Absoutly Love them)

I'm okay with:

Sam/Castiel - Sassy

No way absoultly not:

Dean/Sam - Wincest (I can do slash, but not incest, if someone did AU where they weren't brothers I'd be fine with it)


I Love:

Kurt/Blaine (if Blaine is the bottom)

I Like:

Blaine/any of the other glee students (as long as he's the bottom)


I Love:

Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood

I like:

Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood

Harry Potter/Oliver Wood

Note: I prefer Oliver to be bottom no matter what other male he is with, but with Percy and Harry he is mostly on top


I Love:

Horatio Caine/Catherine Willows -(What can I say they're both red heads, (well Catherine is for the most part))

Ryan Wolfe/Sara Sidle -(I've only seen one, but hey maybe it will get more popular, I don't think people have come up with a name for them, but I was just thinking maybe Ryra would work)

Don Flack/Calleigh Duquesne -(I have no idea why, i just like them.)

Don Flack/Samantha Spade -(the only explantion is that Eddie and Poppy use to be in a show together)

Martin Fitzgerald/Lindsay Monroe - (I could see them together and being really cute)

Ryan Wolfe/Don Flack -(I have only seen one fic, but i absolutely loved it, it got me hooked on them instantly. I realized the funny thing about these two is their both left handed. Maybe if a name for them ever comes it could correspond with that, like Lefties in Love or something. I mean not every ship consists of one word look at The Hardy Boys)

I'm okay w/ but don't like as much:

Nick Stokes/Don Flack - (I just read one that's actually quit good, but it wasn't on fanfic. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.)

Danny Messer/Martin Fitzgerald - (I've seen only one and it was amusing, i don't no why i like it)

The Weird One I have absoutly no idea what to think of:

Mac Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald - (My sister says that somtimes they look similar in looks, i don't think so much and then i asked her to guess what the only slash relationship was in one my pending stories and she said Mac/Martin and it just made the wheels start to turn.)

The ones i absolutely have a hard time getting around and DON'T LIKE at all:

Ryan Wolfe/Greg Sanders- (People are always saying how much they look alike, my dad even says it looks like they could be related, so that's why i have a hard time reading stuff with them in a relationship where their boyfriends.)

Danny Taylor/Danny Messer - (It's not b/c of looks or anything it would just get to damn confusing both their names are Danny and while people say I'm call this Danny "Dan" instead it just makes mind hurt)

My Pretty Major OC's (These OC's are able to be used by my readers upon getting permission):

Bailey Abbott (B.C. Abbott): Mousy brown hair, that she normaly wears up in a clip, but falls just below her shoulders, she has Blue/Green-Gray eyes, and stands at about 5'4". She was raised in Miami by her parents George and Krystal. She has two brothers one older (Jason) and one younger (Kamren). Her older brother moved to California to become an actor and her younger brother is a teacher at a local Miami high school. Bailey loves the city she was raised in and has no plans of leaving it anytime soon. Bailey is a mystery novelist, writing a series called The Brian Fox Investigations. She consults with Horatio and his team memembers to get accurate information for her books. She is however working on one book for teens based off high school. She's neighbors with Horatio, who will look after her house when she's on book tours. B.C. Abbott is her penname. Her full name is Bailey Cathleen Abbott.

Audrie Hansen: Short light brown hair with teal blue eyes. Is about 5'2''. The oldest of a family of three kids. A younger brother (Winston) and sister (Kayla). Her parents divorced when she was seven. She lived with her mother (June). Her parents shared custody, but when she was fifteen her father (Calvin) stopped paying child support which did a number on her mothers health. Her mom ended up working two jobs and she tried to help take care of her younger siblings. When she was sixteen she was bitten in the lip by a cat and had to get stitches, she now has a scar on the right side of her upper lip. After going to medical school and working two years as a paramedic in Seattle, she requested a transfer to New York. When she got it her mother blamed her for leaving the family and she turned out like her father. Her sister stopped talking to her. Her brother was the only one who seemed to understand the reason for her leaving. Audrie Marina Hansen is her full name. (She's a Major OC to most the CSI:NY stories mainly paired as Flack's girlfriend. You can also find her in Life's A Novel.'s As Our Lives Change (AOLC))

Taylor Sanders: Has Dirty blond hair down to her chin with blue eyes. she has an average body size. (weight, height) She has a brother that is 6 years older than her named Landon. When she was fifteen her parents died in a car accident and she went into the care of her aunt and uncle Sanders. She spent a lot of time hanging out with her cousin Greg Sanders even when she moved in and shared a lot of the same friends. Taylor and Greg were born in the same year therefore being the same age. Taylor is and avid reader and was often seen reading a book in between classes or at lunch while in school. She did well in school and was picked on because of it. Taylor and Greg felt it important that if they were ever to get hurt that they should write down the name of the person (if they knew them) or a description of the person encase they didn't make it. Later in life Taylor was killed by Greg's mother Phyllis. Taylor Isabelle Sanders is her full name. (Appeared in my stories TDITLOHS and TIRS, also appears in GregsLabrat's: When We Were Young (WWWY))

Elizabeth Craig: Elizabeth has dirty blond/ash brown hair and green eyes. She is 5'2" and is of average body weight. She has a twin sister by the name of Erin. When she was thirteen her father Sean was killed in a car accident. Her mother Megan went into severe depression and she and Erin had to take care of her. Her mother even before her father's death and put her down saying that Elizabeth could never follow her dreams because her disability prohibited her from doing so. While Erin was fortunate and could go to college right after High school. Elizabeth was forced to stay behind and take care of her depressed very ill mother. A year later her mother's illness was so bad she sent her to stay at a hospital and went of to college so as she could become a CSI. Elizabeth was inspired to do so by her cousin who had similar problem with their parents. her sister, cousin and herself all wished to have the same job some day. Elizabeth often goes by Eliz she feels that so many people go by Beth or Liz that she wanted her nickname to be unique. She grew up in Bellevue, Washington and when graduating from college was offered a job with the help of her sister who had graduated the year before as a CSI with the Seattle crime lab. Eliz soon wanted to be transfered to Las Vegas, but her sister was instead. Days after the transfer she received news her sister had been murdered and once her murder was solved she was soon transfered to Vegas instead. Erin and Eliz are fraternal twins. Elizabeth Wolfe Craig is her full name. (Appears in SIV and RS, she will continue to appear in other CSI stories; Erin ia also available to use)

Melanie Collins: Discription to be added at a later time. (She will be a character in PBI)

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Tsuyu Mikazuki, WeaselChick, Revenant666, darkflame1516, AirGirl Phantom, Agent of the Divine One, pointless people of Pluto, ZeratheNightDancer, Acegik13, Ryuu-Chiyo, Akemi-Chiyo, Archangel's Requiem, Animegirl92, CSIBeauty, Black Twisted Soul, StoryDreamer

92 percent of the teenage population would die if Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister said it wasn't cool to breathe anymore. Put this in your profile if you're part of the 8 percent who would be watching and laughing their butts off.

"I am who I am and if you can't accept that, that's your problem."

"I'm weird deal with it."

-Those are just a few things I say to people who decided that being me or weird isn't always a good thing b/c in my opinion they're wrong.

My family and friends avoid talking about CSI around me because I'll go into a CSI rampage and when some does mention they go nooooo!! why'd you do that now she'll talk about it forever.

~Thanks~ StoryDreamer

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Kurt wants to sing one last song to Blaine in the choir room.
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