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this is bluehyperpixie. I've been on fanfiction for ages know. I started in yr7 than dissappeared to boarding school in yr8 and came back in yr 9 to depressed to do anything except mooch and listen to music. (I'm big on music. It's half of the reason I live). And somehow, I'm still here at the age of 17! Wow.

Reasons for me to live:

1/2: MUSIC and MAKING UP STORIES and MANGA (I'd say writing them except half of my stories don't even end up on paper)

1/4: Internet

1/4: My family and friends- Baby cousins, MzDarkstar, JololaAlso want to give a shout out to X-Elz-X, luvin'drewfuller. And I LOVE YOU SAMI!!

Anyways, I got back into it when I found out that MzDarkstar and Jolola had joined. And yh I'm still into it!!And that's my whole boring lifestory in regards to fanfiction.


Name: Bluehyperpixie/Annie


Gender: Female


Birthplace: London

Friends: I'm either a loner or a freak with too many friends. I have yet to figure out... Shout out to MzDarkstar and Princess Jolola and Sami! Lav ya loadz!!

Hair Colour: Dark brown ( I wish it was something more intersesting. Brown just seems so... constant. I was debating with platinum blonde and reddy pink streaks)

Eye Colour: Brown (Ditto Hazel would be kinda cool. I'm really addicted to guys with green or blue eyes. Long story...)

Weight: I'm borderline anorexic. My mother's always worrying about me becoming fat. And yes I try to put on weight but with a kidney infection it doesn't really work

Height: I'm content. Though i wouldn't mind being as tall as Darkstar. She's gorgeus. Actually I'm not content, I'm 17 and a midget.


When I first started fanfiction I started an Alex Rider fanfiction called Gemini. It's set two years after scorpia were MI5 fianlly decide to leave Alex Rider with a new identity as Ben Riderand his mother Eileen Rider in charge of a safe house for government officials worried that their family could be takes as hostages against them. Into this safe house enters Madison Summers whose father is working on a top secret government project that anyone would do anything to get hold of.

This story is soo embarressing, I wrote it in yr 7 so don't hate me because it's so lame. I'm continueing it now though so if you like Alex Rider fics. Check it out!

Then I wrote Witch Granger a Harry Potter fic and Sally tagged along with me but me and her sort of stopped talking while I was at boarding school, I mean we see each other every day and say hi and stuff but it’s just become weird... So Witch Granger is your typical cheesy lost lonely orphan pretending to be all big bad while trying to sort out that she likes two boys at the same time and they totally hate each other. It’s very cliché but it’s good for those times that I’m in the mood. I am gradually updating. Slowly but surely...

This story finally has a plot so please check it out and let me know what you think. Annie is now a ticking bomb!!. Also, I KNOW SHE'S A MARY SUE I'm working on it!!

Once I got back into fanfiction, I tried to write Bewitched, another Harry Potter fic which is mostly about my obsession with music and being in a band and what songs mean to me etc. It was set about two years after sixth book based on the idea that in the seventh year Harry defeated Voldemort but Ginny became depressed and disappeared and Hermione and Ron are sort of going out and that Draco Malfoy had been forgiven and accepted into the gang. The main character is Chessabelle and her friends Bree and Kendra who set up a pop/rock/r&b/everything girl band that becomes huge. A lot of the music were songs I really liked that I changed slightly to suit the chapter. (In the story I say that they sell their songs to muggles). The Ministry decide that the magical world is still too depressed after the war and arrange for the heroes of the war to tour and sing with the band, for a hefty fee of course. Except the new group already has bad history and it’s coming back to them very awkwardly.

But it sort of flopped because no one really reviewed but if you read and decide that you really want me to carry on than just leave me a review and I’ll see what I can do…

To be honest I wasn’t the most vocal of fans when High School Musical came out but MzDarkstar and Jolola were girls possessed! Actually all the singing and dancing round the room sort of put me off. Put then the fad died out only the people who liked it remained. Also the constant singing and dancing died down and I realised that even though it was really cheesy it was a good cheesy. And that it was one of those stories that you can really work with. Just so you know I’m not a major fan of Gabriella, mostly I’m into Sharpay, Taylor and Chad. They’re just more interesting. I don’t do a lot of romance when I write my HSM; I prefer short stories that just… I don’t know … I write what I write.

Set in Stone is definately my favourite Harry Potter fanfic so far. The Arch (a.k.a the Viel from book 5) has been around for years just feeding off the evil in the world. However, it's become too powerful and so a human with the power to stop the barrier breaking is born. And naturally, the gods who protect the Arch come and possess the human's personal hate club. Featuring, the next generation of Potters, Weasleys and Malfoys. I'm not getting any reviews for this, what's gone wrong poeple?

I'm working on two CHERUB fics at the moment. The first is called The Dark Side of East London. James get selected as part of one of CHERUB's most secretive missions. So bad that it bypassed the usual security checks and any record of it's existance completely destroyed. Because this time James isn't the spy. He's just the bodyguard, this time CHERUB's thrown out all ethics and used an outsider.

A lot of this story is just me venting about my life. And it probably won't continue because no one really really likes it. But maybe I'll get round to the second chapter some time next year.

My second CHERUB fic is called Comprimised. The name says it all, CHERUB has been comprimised and James must plug the leak before it floods his life. But how was he to know exactly what kind of leak it was?

This story did get a good response and I'm glad you guys all liked it but please join my forum and help me shoot around idea because i am totally Stuck!!

Books (and mangas etc.)I Like and would Love to Read Fanfics of:

If you guys know any good fanfics of these let me know:

-Harry Potter



-Alex Rider

-Tamora Pierce

-Meg Cabot (not inc. the Princess Diaries)

-Vampire Knight!!

-My Sister's Keeper and a few others by Jodi Picoult

-Percy Jackson and the Olympians

-Maximum Ride



-Dexter Morgan

-The House on Night (not the actual story, the back story)

-Beautiful Creatures

-Jane Austen!

-Jane Eyre

-Ouran High School Host Club

-if you know any other good fanfics you want me to read let me know.

T.V Programs I Like and would love to read Fanfics of:



-Robin Hood BBC



-Buffy & Angel

-Dark Angel

-I think it's called GraveDiggers but I'll have to check

-Pushing Daises

-Gossip Girl


-Pretty Little Liars


-Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang



-The Big Bang Theory

-I can't think of anything else right now

Thought for today: 12/07/2010

I'm making a clique. Hell yes bitches I'm becoming a Queen Bee!

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