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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

Kay, so turns out I was right about the Naruto thing. No biggie though. Just mean I rock hard!...

I also have some new ideas for stories that I'm sure, as soon as I've finished up the others, that you all will enjoy. I'll let you pick which ones you want to read first and for now I'll put up a few fun facts about them:

The Tide: Some of you may have heard the song the tide, by the Spill Canvas. This story is roughly based on it. I haven't desided if anyone is going to die though. But anyhow, In this story, Harry has two sisters. They are favored over himself due to reasons only Lily and James understand. (They are alive) Later on though, James is killed in a battle against Voldemort and Harry is stuck with the three. A few surprises lie within James Potters' will however; one of which will forever change Harry's life forever. Pairings: Hp/Dm, Ss/Jp(implied and future) Lp/Jp, Rl/Sb, Tr/Lm, Ll/Gw, Rw/Hg, Nm/Rh, Bz/Pp, (okay that's all(I think)) Anyhow, not all of the pairings will be in there but they be implied or something...You'll know. (Dark Harry fic(eventually)

Elements: (that title isn't perm, btw) But in this story, Harry has defeated the Dark Lord and all is well, for the most part. Hermione and Ron want nothing to do with the boy who lived and don't do a very good job of hiding it. There is a small group of people however that are still willing to accept Harry, those few being, Neville, Ginny, Luna, Draco, Pansy, and later on a few others. Of course the story it's self is going to help relieve any confusion I have caused. Pairings :(The classic) Hp/Dm, Hg/Rw, Nl/Gw, Ll/Tn (i'm sure I'll think of more)

(untitled): (okay, my titles suck(and so do my summaries)) Harry Potter is framed for burning down his relatives house, by Dudley, who really started the fire. Of course the Durslys knew this but desided to blaime HArry anyhow. In the midist of watching their house burn to the ground, however, Snape appears and takes Harry back to Hogwarts with him, as is commanded by Dumbledore. What isn't expected in the arrival of Draco, who quickly learns to get along with the Potter child. There's a twist though. Something about Harry had changed sometime back and none had learned of it. Not even his true biological father. Pairings: NL/HP/DM... RL/SS, LL/GW, (too lazy to add more)

Life is pretty tough right now, so it may take me a while to do any of these. My apologies.

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