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Author has written 4 stories for Code Geass, Fire Emblem, and Gundam Seed.

Hello. Blazing Firefox here. Although I'd prefer simply Firefox (the latter of the two names being in use =) ). If anyone needs it, for reasons I can't bring to mind, my email is freelance_soul064@ (if you email or message me, make sure you let me know that you're from here or I am likely to ignore and/or block you on a whim _). Recently, this email address killed itself for reasons unknown, and my new email is the exact same, with the small difference of being @ (freelance_soul064@). My account is still running under the former, so review and alert notices, as well as replies to my reviews, are going there and are thus inaccessible to me.

Okay, so I randomly decided that I needed a profile makeover. Not that I actually think anyone reads this, because I seldom read those of other's, but that's not the point. Leaving this blank would just bug me, and leaving it as incomplete as it was would bug me just as much. Nobody likes to read something so incomplete, after all, and checking on this randomly I realized just how incomplete it truly was. So here I am.

I am here for just about everything this site has to offer. I read avidly (I don't think I've gone more than three days without having a fanfic to read since I came back to this site), I write as much as I can, and I offer beta services, although I am not actually a beta by trade or anything of the sort; I'm just here to play that role if anybody wants me to. It is, after all, much easier to revise somebody else's work than it is to revise your own. I find that to be the case, at any rate.

Now instead of simply stating where my muses and desires to write stand, I'll include a relative breakdown of where every story stands. Basically so that you have something to work with when you're glaring at my profile thinking, "Why the hell hasn't this ass updated -Insert Applicable Story Here- in three months?" you can see where it is. This, because I am anal about keeping records up to date (which is, despite what you may be thinking, different than keeping my profile updated), will almost always be accurate, and you will probably be able to tell if it isn't.

- Code Geass: Timeless Imprisonment - Chapter 31 complete, in pseudo-abandoned status

- A Distant Dawn - Chapter 8 completed; 9 in semi-progress (read: trying to pick up the pieces)

- Gundam Seed: Redemption - Chapter 5 completed, Chapter 6 in rough progress (Been on unofficial hiatus for some time)

- Like Father, Like Son - Chapter 5 completed, Chapter 6 being plotted out (is the only thing I've had a muse for of late)

Notice: With Timeless all but abandoned, my Gundam Seed fic virtually trashed and my other CG fic stuck at a brick wall, my work will mostly be on my Fire Emblem works. My CG fic fans will be hopefully pleased to know that a new one is going through planning stages, but because I am anal and don't want to make the same careless mistakes I realize I made with my older works, it will likely be some time before that gets off the ground.

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