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Betch Please, Megan is a Ninja.

"I love Megan more than Chuck Norris."-Holly.

wειcσmε tσ my ρrσfiιε.

Just as the text says, welcome to Miss Megantron's profile! A place of magic, wonder, and me making pointless rambles about myself!

Let's start with the basics about Megan. Yes, my name is Megan. As much as "Megantron" doesn't scream my true amazing-ness. So I'm having an inner dorky battle within myself. Besides that though, I'm sixteen and live in the wonderful state of Maryland. Your average girl who wishes something not so average would happen with her life, thus why she writes stories with that exact plot. There is not much interesting to put here besides I am a die hard music fan. I play guitar, with natural talent, and love to sing. Though I'm still debating on if I'm good or not. My favorite colors are lime green and pink and my favorite number is eleven.
Painfully simple, aren't I?

I suppose I could mention a few of my passions. I'm a hippie, no doubt about it. Apparently I'm the secretary in my school's Environmental Club, simply because they decided to assign offices at the one meeting I didn't go to. I love Japanese culture and little creations like Harakuju Girls, Hello Kitty, Chococat, Cinmamoroll, and my favorite: Pandapple. I want a career in art. I was considering tattoo artist, but I'm starting to think that t's not for me. So at the moment, I'm considering graphic design and creative directing. I hope some day I'll have a novel that's really published, but I can't count on that to support my life.

My heroes are mostly musicians. Those include ANNA TSUCHIYA, OLIVIA LUFKIN, CYNDI LAURPER, and P!NK. Honestly, I want to be those people. They have given me so much in life and I hope someday I can give something back to them, or to some poor sap like me with my own music. My heroes who aren't musicians include the comedian Kathy Griffin. She is hilarious.

I do not like Twilight anymore. Nope. The movie killed it for me. Though sadly, I'll probably see New Moon.

"I know what you are."

"Say it."


Now for the things you probably actually care about. My literary work. Or at least my work on this site. Right now I don't really have anything major that leaks off of my fanfiction. I'm just not to great with thinking of my own plots, though I have in mind that I'm saving for when my writing really improves. I've noticed, while reading my old stories, I get a lot better at writing over time. So I'd like to save those major stories for when I'll know what to do with them. As far as my writing here goes, here's what's happening:

• C U R R E N T P R O J E C T S •

τimε τσ κiιι »The third part of my Kim and Sesshomaru series. I'm not sure if this is the last phase of this story or not. It depends how I feel when the story is wrapping up. This one could be even longer than Adventures of Kim and Sesshomaru, so it won't be ending any time soon. I don't think you people realize how much I hate endings. If I had it my ways, things would last forever. But anyway, this is my main writing project. I have accidentally left it for dead a few times, but it really did break my heart whenever I thought of this series. So I came back to revive it. There's not much I can say about it without it being a bit of a spoiler.

• S I D E P R O J E C T S •

wε'rε iη αη αηimε »Ah yes, the story that started it all. While working on Time to Kill, I realized how horribly written this story is. Haha, even after my pathetic edit attempts a year ago, it's still an eye sore. I really don't know how people managed to enjoy reading it! Hehe. Though I am thankful that they did.
Though I would prefer not risking anyone reading that anymore. It's an embarrassment. So I have decided to go back and rewrite We're in an Anime with a much more literate tense. The events and plot will be exactly the same, only there will be more literature to it and it won't look like a five year old got bored while watching Inuyasha. I also found this will be useful when I have Time to Kill blocks. I can just got writing We're in an Anime, think of something I should of put in that story, and fit it into Time to Kill. So there's something that you who are super bored can look forward to.

drαgση bαℓℓ Z » That's right, my latest obsession lately is actually Dragon Ball Z. I've been thinking a lot about a fanfiction for it and though it clashes with how I had planned to really get back into Time To Kill, I haven't had much Inuyasha inspiration lately. So I've decided to at least allow myself to write and work on this Dragon Ball Z fanfiction. Now I'm not sure what it is going to be called and the over all plot, but I have quite a few ideas in mind. I'm going to wait till I have about five chapters made, then post it. What I do know is that it was a) be a TrunksxOC b) use a lot of that anime humor I so, so love and c) have a lot of art work along with it. Hehe.

Zεℓdα My first addiction and simply the best thing in the world. A lot of people may not know this, but the first story I actually published on fanfiction.net was a Zelda Fanfiction called "The Moon Behind the Clouds". It was funny, but quite crappy. Now I have new ideas that I just want to share with everyone! This is a sneak peak of my Zelda fanfiction, this scene happening probably sometime in the middle.

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