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You know, a wise man once said: If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. As I obviously haven’t succeeded in writing a decent profile as of yet, I am going to give it another shot. Here’s hoping this one is better than the last.

Age: Way to old for my writing to be this bad.
Gender: Female
Height: Very, very short.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Greenish-Hazel
Weight: If you’re male and want to know this, leave your name so I can hunt you down and kill you. If you’re female, then I’m sure you know why I’d rather not tell.
Location: A place far, far away from civilization and any form of sanity.
I Love: My family, my pets, my friends, computers, fanfiction, and anime.

I Hate: People who are cruel just for the hell of it, bashers, and people who are just genuinely stupid, arrogant and mean.

So far as my personality goes, it differs from who I seem to be on the computer when I actually muster up the courage to talk to someone. On the computer, I seem to be a loud and confident person. The truth is actually the complete opposite: I’m really a very quiet person who has extremely low self-esteem and is constantly second guessing their words. Because of this, I very rarely leave reviews, and even less rarely strike up conversations even if I may want to- simply because I don’t know what to say. Everything I want to say seems to be so stupid, and everything I actually write and send seems to be even more so. I’m not saying this to be unfriendly, and in fact, would be more than happy to be your friend. I’m just the sort of person that has to be approached first as they don’t have the courage to approach you themselves.

My email (if you do want to talk, as it doesn’t seem to show up for unregistered members):


Okay, now that I’ve thoroughly depressed myself (and probably anyone reading this) onto more neutral territory:

Fandoms I Like:



X-Men (Comic, Evo, and Movie)

Ouran High School Host Club (just got into this one… and like pretty much every other fan of it, have the goddess Krys Yuy to thank for introducing me to it)

The list will be updated later (as I tend to pick up and drop fandoms quite often). So check back then. Also, when I say ‘Character/Everyone’ I’m referring to every male. If I do like a female with that character, I’ll add her separately.

Pairings I love and hate…

…For Naruto:

I love:

Sakura/Naruto (I can’t believe I forgot to add Naruto as my favorite sort of Sakura pairing. How the HELL did I forget Naruto?! What sort of crack was I on?!)

Sakura/Everyone (This time with Neji, Kakashi, Itachi and Gaara as the top four (excluding Naruto, of course))

Hinata/Naruto, Lee, and Shino (I have this weird thing with Hinata… I love her, and then I hate her, and then I love her again, so if she shows up in my fics, she’ll either be painted in a really good light, or a really bad one. (What makes this incredibly ironic is that she’s probably more like me than any other character in any anime series you could come across.))

Lee/Neji (Sorry, but Lee can only have Neji now. I’ve decided that Gaara is exclusively Sakura’s.)

I like:

Hinata/Sakura (It just has a sort of semi-sweet ironic edge that makes it irresistible to me in a weird way.)

I hate:

Hinata/Neji… (My opinion on this pairing has not changed one bit. I still find it just as disgusting as I did before.)

Sasuke/Itachi… (Read above… twice.)

Kakashi/Iruka… (I could really use some mental dental floss right about now…)

Any other incestual or yaoi pairings I’ve missed.

…For FFX – FFX-2

I love:

Rikku/Auron (I DARE you to try to convince me there’s a pairing cuter than this.)

I like:

Rikku/Everyone else

Rikku/Paine (probably a carry over from Aurikku, as she’s the closest thing you can get to a female Auron)

I hate:

Anyone but Rikku/Auron. (If Auron’s to be alive he’s to be Rikku’s, Dammnit!)

Any yaoi or incestual parings.

…For X-Men (Comic, Evo, and Movie):

I love:

Rogue/Everyone (…and that’s all)

I hate:

Kitty/Bobby (both the characters and the pairing)

Kitty/Pyro (…have I mentioned that I hate her?)

Kitty/Anyone (……do you blame me?)

OC/Remy (Okay girls, I know he’s hot, but that’s not an excuse to insert yourself as an ‘original character’ and make Rogue sound like a total bitch in the process)

Storm/Anyone (Yet again, Rogue bashing (… and Halley Berry) has ruined this character for me)

Jubilee/Remy, Wolverine (Rogue already has Kitty stealing her guys in the movies. She doesn’t need Jubilee moving in on them, too.)

…For Ouran High School Host Club:

I love:

Haruhi/Everyone (though Haruhi/Hikaru, Haruhi/Kyouya, and Haruhi/Kaoru are the top three for this one)

I hate:

Hikaru/Kaoru (The fact that they’re guys does not make them being both siblings AND in a relationship together okay. It only makes it more disgusting.)

As always, any yaoi or incestual parings I’ve missed.

…And that’s it- for now at least. Like I said before, I’ll probably pick up a new or old fandom soon, and then list them here. Until then, I’m just gonna wait. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Oh yeah, as far as fics go, I’m about a third of the way done of a Naruto/Sakura 50 sentence fic. You should probably be seeing the end result of it sometime this month.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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