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Now That It's 2014 I Think It's Time I Bothered Updating My Profile A Bit With Some More Information On Myself And My Stories.

Real Name: Diana Son.
Age: 28
Real World Location: Long Island, New York.
Job: Retail Worker At Home Depo
Likes: The Internet, Reading, Writing, Thinking, Hanging Out With Friends.
Dislikes: Dealing With Annoying Customers At Work, Being Nagged, Car Insurance, Laziness (Though I am quite full of it).
Personal Quote: "I'd have one if I repeated myself often which I try not to do. Though try is quite a key word in some situations."

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons (Mainly the Earlier seasons), Family Guy (Ditto), South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Brothers, Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour (the others after that I stopped watching), Arrested Development, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls.
Favorite Shows That Ended: Avatar The Last Airbender, Legend Of Korra Death Note, Teen Titans, Duck Dodgers (Seasons 1-2), Duel Masters, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Durarara, Bleach, Lost various others.
Favorite Video Game Series: Mario, Sonic, Smash Brothers, uh... if I played more video games I'd have a longer list.
Favorite Internet Videos: Homestar Runner, Bonus Stage, Nostaglia Critic/Channel Awesome, Youtube Poops, Super Mario Brothers Z.


Jinx's Decision: I had another story up called "Shobu's Bad Hair Day" that was taken down due to using scripting format which isn't allowed on this site (even though some other stories get away with it anyway) so this is my earliest story. One of my friends asked me to write a story that took place between The Teen Titans episode "Lightspeed" and "Calling All Titans" feeling that the show didn't do a good enough job explaining Jinx becoming a hero. So I worked on it. It ended up being good enough for me to send it here. Though there are some grammatical flaws and plotline errors that bug me it's a fairly good dramatic story. I tried to be strictly serious with this one and I think the results speak for themselves pretty well.

Smashing Something New Every Day: Back in August of 2007 I was addicted like most people to going to Smash Dojo every morning and looking at the updates for Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which at the time hadn't come out. I sometimes made jokes about what the characters would say to themselves if they saw the updates, and decided to actually do something about it. Which resulted in a two chapter story that like 3 people read. Laziness struck and I didn't do anything else until four months later when I finally started re updating and making it the second biggest story on this website. The chapters can be incredibley long and there are more grammatical errors then there should be for such a thing but it's still a good series. It even has some nice character moments between all the oddball weird jokes.

Night Of The Werehog: Brawl Edition: Seeing a site talk about the "Night Of The Werehog" short, a special 11 minute animated feature made to help promote Sonic Unleashed, I wondered about the silliness of such an idea and thought it'd be funny to make a story spoofing Night of the Werehog using the Smash Brothers. I had come into a roadblock on Smashing Something New Every Day and this seemed like a fun little diversion. The fun little diversion ended up being an action packed tale mixed with my usual zany humor, some decently well scripted fight scenes, an actual fully thought out plot (kind of) and even more attempts at character moments with them actually (gasp) evolving and becoming more sympathetic. It's over halfway finished and may end up being my best work so far. It takes place after Smashing Something New Every Day so I'd read that first if you want to get all the refrences of this one.

Another Generic Smash Brothers Christmas Story: Seeing everyone else having made Christmas stories to get loads of holiday reviews, I tried the same thing by forcing people to review this if they wanted to see more stuff from me. In truth this was just my excuse to be more silly and ridicolous then I could in my other stories, even breaking the 4th wall several times over. That was part of the joke in a sense: this was just a Smash Brothers Christmas story where everyone knew it was a Christmas story and most really didn't want to be in. This one has actually short chapters focusing on specific characters looking for items from the 12th day of Christmas. There's about only one chapter that even bothers capturing the spirit of Christmas but if you're looking for something just plain out there that actually has the gall to bash the writer of the story... several dozen times, then give this one a look.

Smash Brothers 2008 New Years Special: This was just a last minute idea I had to make a quick New years story to recap some random moments I felt were funny to include in a top 10 best countdown. Only worth it for some of the banter between Master Hand and Crazy Hand, though I only say that because I love their banter.

The Smash Men: I had seen Watchmen and it had gotten stuck in my head so bad I needed to do something with it. Actually when I first saw the trailer of Watchmen I noticed Dr. Manhattan looked a lot like Tabuu (as did a friend of mine) which was only highlighted when I saw the actual film. I then thought of good character choices and scenes to spoof using the Smash Brothers characters. Time with other projects made me decide not to do it until it was April Fools and in need of a good "prank" I decided to at least get the first chapter up. Presently it will probably end up being a one chapter story but hey that's something right? I may end up doing a few other small chapters (spoofs of the Watchmen trailer and Saturday Morning Cartoon Video) and maybe if I really get the inkling for it (though I doubt it) a full watchmen spoof of the movie. Though that would only end up being months and months/years away at this point (April 1st, 2009).

The Easter Yoshi: I think I have this special urge to occasionally just make holiday stories just for the heck of it. I had heard WiiboyChris talk about doing some story for Easter (I don't know if it has anything to do here) which made me think of a good easter story. Originally I was just going to go with a trilogy of short easter related tales and one of them I believe was about Yoshi being chased by everyone in Smash Mansion for having a special set of eggs. I decided to develop that into it's own tale and give it a bit higher stakes with him being the prize the other smashers are going after. This story is interesting not only because it is a non 4th wall kind of tale out of my regular canon, but it's also has a slightly different style to it. Kind of like how I'm taking more direct control of the narration instead of just having things play out like movie scenes or something. It's a more typical writer's style that I decided to indulge in some since it is kind of easier to do especially the parts of the story that revolve more around description and not dialogue.

The Smasher Kids: After creating "The Easter Yoshi" I pestered Alex Warlorn to do a super long review for it, since he had only given me on this site that was a sentance long. In the review (done over email) he also took what I said about Crazy Hand going to Discovery Zone and involved a short little scenario where the Smashers got turned into kids by Crazy Hand and played in the zone. I did a response back to it which he followed with a longer email back which I followed with an even longer email back. After about a week of this it became obvious that we were actually making some sort of story with this so I decided to focus my attention to finishing this story and forgoe any work on others. Due to laziness this ended up taking about four months but the story was completed... alebit the first half was a very loose transcript that was mainly just email exchanges between me and Alex. As a result though the overall story is complete, it will take some time for a re-editted version of it to be fully up. It is weird though that this is the first multi-part story I ever wrote that was fully finished (rough cut anyway) by the time the first chapter came up here. This was also a unique expierence since I got to work with Alex Warlorn writing the story and though he can sometimes be a bit picky to detail and go off tangent even more then I do, is a generally good guy who had a lot of funny/unique ideas to bring here. This is an alternate universe take on my original Smasher world and actually will give some characters whose personaltiies I haven't fleshed out enough in my other stories a chance to shine. There's also a lot more what I would call "fluff" here then in my ususal material due to the subject of Smashers being turned into little kids and all. It's still pretty enjoyable material though but I'd say it's defintley different then my usual fare. And not just because someone helped me write this either.

Bowser's Inside Story; Brawl Edition: Me and author AuraChannlerChris IM each other a lot and during one of those IMs he talked about how exctied he was to get Bowser's Inside Story. Which as of this point in time is the latest Nintendo DS Mario RPG. Hearing his excitement I decided to do a "short" birthday story for him which delved into the plot of the game. As per usual a short idea from me ends up actually being a rather long drawn out process. Since this was a birthday non canon story I realized I didn't need to make it take place in my main canon, and instead made it a sort of mocking 4th wall story. And since it was for AuraChannlerChris put in a lot of injokes from his actual story while searching up info on Super Mario Wiki about Bowser's Inside Story to get info on the plot. This birthday story is defintley a mixed bag. It's essistantly the same basic plot being formatted throughout about several thousand words. And defintley created a lot of backlash. Backlash I will delve into when talking about...

Bowser's Inside Story; Brawl Edition; Version Two: Why is there a version two of this story you ask? Because BIS: BE was a story I made for AuraChannlerChris's birthday. However I found out he didn't end up reading the whole thing and left a sort of hate review for it. Why? He had problem with the refrences I put in that mocked him as well as the plot having too many spoilers from Bowser's Inside Story. He inisisted I take down the original story and edit to remove those things. I decided to instead just make another version of this story for him to enjoy. I removed the refrences to his story as well as made the general plot just more about Bowser eating people then it was before. I also decided to approach the story in a different way: The Actual story wasn't 4th wall aware but it was narrated by someone who disliked my storytelling (a refrence to Chris hating the first version) wanting to tell it different. And then to make things even more confusing/have someone else to mock, I added in Alex Warlorn (inspiration for various parts of a lot of my stories) as a second narrator. Once again this one was rather mixed. Truthfully I'm not sure it works even as well as part one. And people defintley disliked the whole arguing narrators premise. Still this is an interesting little experiment. Also it's probably the only time I will ever do over another one of my story ideas, as in go all George Lucas and remake it. From now on if you people don't like my story ideas, well tough for you.

Smash Filler: On this board I joined several years ago I made a lot of stories. Mostly comedy but there was a rather long running story I made on there called "The Super Epic". During the time of making stories I always tried to make one story a day. There were days though I realized I couldn't make a long story or a story connecting the plot of "The Super Epic" so instead opted to make a "filler" story. These were shorter and took a lot less effort then making a long story but were just fun little tidbits to tide over the masses. Realizing I've been taking massive breaks with a lot of my stories I decieded to implement that partice here. As a result, Smash Filler. Basically these are random ideas I think of and then write down all within the span of either 10 minutes to a couple of hours all finished (on the most part) in one day that don't really have a placement in any of my unviereses and are just there to be quick entertainment. As well as a remidner that I'm still alive and still writing down stories. Of course sometimes the stories would up getting longer, having arcs, taking ideas from others and then eventually stopped me from writing down stories entirley but I still like most of the fillers, except for the obvious time wasters just put there to get something updated per day, back when I could update per day even on something as tiny as a littler two paragraph "filler" tale.

Ganondorf's Secret Santa: While peaking around the Smash Brother's section, I saw an advertisement for SmashKing24's Christmas Contest. Curosity got the better of me and I saw it and decided something: That I would make a filler story on Smash Filler spoofing the chapter. Why? Well I had been a big fan of when LittleKuriboh spoofed a contest for the Naruto Abridged movie (and well his stuff in general) by making a video parodying their ad, and decided to do the same thing, for a Smash Filler chapter. However after doing the parody I thought to myself "should I actually make a story for this?" and decided that yeah, I should. I always did love Christmas, and making Christmas stories. So it seemed like a natural fit. Besides it was a chance to actually compete with the other people here on the board and see how my writing compared to theirs. Of course picking the idea wasn't easy. There were a few ideas that sprang to my head, but most of them ended up resolving around Peach. Why? Not only is she one of my favorite characters, but she always embodied the Christmas spirit in some of my other Smash Brothers Christmas related stories. Like Chapter 30 of Smashing Something New Every Day, Or Chapter 10 Of Another Generic Smash Brothers Christmas Story. So I thought she'd be perfect to actually star in a Christmas story. And when thinking of what I could do with her, an interesting idea sprang to my mind: What if Peach, the happiest and most sunny smasher had to spend time with the darkest, nastiest and most vicious of the smashers? And when you get right down to it compared to everyone else in the mansion, that fits Ganon to a tee. And thus the story was born.

Now this story was actually pretty interesting on a few levels. First of all I was competing under the rules of the contest. As a result had to alter my normal more "OOC" style writing and stay true to the characters personalities, and tone down some of my dirtier jokes. Also though the actual idea of this story came about rather quickly, it took awhile before I found a good ending. Probably because I wanted something decently uplifting but not terribly cliched (those who saw the story would know what I mean by that). Also this story was suppose to get a full 100 percent edit to make sure it was cleaned up properly and wasn't semi-muddled like some of my other stories. I didn't have time for that though but I submitted the story anyway and well...


That's right: It's the First Place top story of SmashKing24's 2009 Christmas Contest. Who'd have though an idea based on me just wanting to parody a contest would end up with me writing something to win it? I would like to thank everyone who competed and everyone who judged the story for this honor. And it's an example that if you have a good enough idea and apply just the right amount of polish to it, you wind up with something truly wonderful. So long as your me anyway... uh only joking about that last one.

R.O.B's Secret Santa: One of the images I always had in my head since Smashing Something New Every Day Chapter 49 was that of Ganondorf attacking Peach, and actually hitting her. Why? I just really liked the contrast of the lord of all evil going up against the purest pure flower, which was part of the inspriaton for Ganondorf's Secret Santa. However an idea just sprang to mind of Ganondorf smacking Peach hard in the face with a Warlock Punch one day, and I always came back to it. Really it was just that idea and nothing else so when working at my job at Target one day, tried thinking what else that could be. Is it just a joke, or does it have a deeper meaning to it? Then I thought what if he was winding up actually saving everyone else by taking out Peach. But why would Ganondorf do it? Then I thought of the Ganondorf from my last Christmas story, and Christmas was coming up again, and very soon ideas started piling into my head which eventually became the next holiday special.

Unlike a lot of ideas where I just have the base plotline or a twist in mind, this was the first time I actually thought of a full on outline for a story first. An outline that detailed how the story would start, what the scene structure would be, what the key plot points would entail, and how it would end. And I thought it was all quite epic actually. I was inspired by a lot of sources really: I was working on something with my pal Alex Warlron that involved people turning into angels, of wanting to do something with R.O.B since I recalled other Christmas stories that used him and AuraChannelerChris wanting to delve into his backstory as the Ancient Minister some, and of that Peach and Ganondorf idea. All peppered in with some good character bits, some faux religious verse and the idea of doing a Christmas story that instead of just exploring Peach's love for the season, also explored a bit of her "dark side" since I liked the contrast of Ganon having something decent about him, but Peach having something awful within her. I don't think this really clicked for people like the last story did. It was a lot longer and stranger, and there wasn't a Chrsitmas Contest to let people know about my story. Still I had the idea for weeks and when I wound up getting some time off from work got the gumption to actually finish this story. It may not be the best Christmas story ever but I think it has a good message and good character interactions and if you want something original yet still fitting with the season, it should be worth some sort of look.

Michael's Secret Santa: Last year back when I was thinking of "R.O.B's Secret Santa" I started thinking of ideas for a possible sequel story, of that sequel story. Since I knew I wanted to do something for a Christmas story next year and thought "hey why not get a jump on it now?" The only idea I could really think of though involved Snake and Samus... going around the world with Samus trying to prove to Snake that Santa Claus was real. I don't know why I went with that idea: I think I wanted something lighter then "R.O.B's Secret Santa" and there were going to be other ideas as well (like Sonic trying to prove he's as fast as the Reindeer who pull the sleigh by delivering gifts around the world or something to that extent) but ultimately it just seemed like a really goofy concept. I think the only reason I wanted to do it was because I liked the slight little bit of teasing I had Snake and Samus do in the last Christmas story. And though I do really love the Samus/Meta Knight pairing I have in Smashing Something New Every Day/Night Of The Werehog: Brawl Edition, I also like teasing Samus with others. Obviously I have a version of Samus (Zero Suit Samus) with Zelda, but I also thought of story ideas of her with Peach, of her with Captain Falcon, and of course of her and Snake. And how the two would bicker a lot, and spar a lot to try and get an edge on the other, but share a connection due to both being more cold and distant then the other smashers but learning to get along better the more time they spent in the mansion. But ultimately nothing really ever came of that idea... until I saw a certain commercial a couple of months ago.

In case you haven't seen it, there's a commercial advertising the Playstation 3 by having various Sony (or related) characters in a bar talking about how this one guy named "Michael" fought for them and how much they respected him. It was a weird enough ad but when I saw that Snake was there (in his MGS4 look) I realized I just had to make some sort of story about it. I had some ideas to make several Christmas stories this year (I only wound up making one due to massive computer problems I was suffering through that made me only feel like even getting one tale out) and thought of a quick one that Snake would have to shop to get a gift for Michael. And that Samus would wind up joining up with him because Snake can't shop (as shown in last year's Chrsitmas story) and it would give me a chance to see the two together. And though I liked the idea and thought of some jokes, it didn't really have any emotion or a core to it. And nowadays, especially with a Christmas story I need more then just "this is funny so let's do that" as a way of making me motivated to do a story. Then I thought what about instead of the Michael from the commercials, a different Michael? Someone who was going through something Snake could relate to. And yeah the idea of him being a sick little kid orphan is pretty cliched, especially for Christmas. But what I liked wasn't the condition of the character, but how it related to Snake: in terms of how one deals with the possibility of death looming over their shadows due to something they can't control. Something that most average people wouldn't have to go through, and something that would show a softer yet still reasonable side for Snake. That's what I really enjoyed and allowed me to not only play around with Snake and Samus but deliver a different kind of story then I had before with the other secret Santas. Something more realistic (though still improbable but hey this is the smashers universe so I figure that everything that happens here would make sense to them) and smaller (with just two smashers in the story and only a handful of supporting characters) that though had some humor and good observations, also had the kind of heart you really need for a good Christmas story. Where the development is more subtle but still works. And though I do see flaws with this story (honestly the title isn't as captivating as it should be, and it does start off pretty slow) I still really enjoy it on that level. And even if I don't wind up doing some of the other story ideas I had in mind, I'm happy at the very least I was able to do this one.

Kirby's Flashback Collection AKA 20 Years Of Dreamland: A Still ongoing story I do want to finish... at some point soon, this is for the first time since 2009, another attempt at a birthday story. Specifically for AuraChannelerChris who thankfully liked it a lot more then my last birthday story(s) for him. So what was this one inspired by? Well ACC did on his youtube channel a sort of walk through of some of the levels in Kirby's Dream Collection, a Kirby game that is a collection of some of the Puffball titles to celebrate his original game's 20th anniversary. So I thought it'd be fun to do a story about looking at all the various Kirby games through the various Kirby characters perspecitives. Admittingly Kirby games aren't really my forte but I do enjoy the characters and wanted to give them a focus. Though I should note that these aren't the variation of the Kirby characters found in other stories but I may actually use these variation again for future stories. For now though this is going to be a much more comedic character based tale. One whose humor is just found in the dialogue exchanges and remembering various events from Kirby's own mythology. Most likely this is also going to be my most "kid friendly" story as well who wants to show something that harsh or mean spirited when focusing on Kirby? Also this is a sort of "love letter" to the webcomic strip "Brawl In The Family", if only in tone and sort of ideals at least.

Of Spirits And Costumes: This was a story that me and one of my friends through IM crafted as a commission he had on deviantart (where you can also view the story as well). It's pretty much a tale of two ghost Pokemon having fun by using their "magic" in a costume party Ash and various other characters are going to. In truth I usually don't publish these kind of stories made through IMs as I know they are only for people with certain tastes. However I decided to post this one for one reason: this is the story I feel that I finally achieved a sort of "professional" level of editting. Now obviously it's not one you'd find in a real book and there are still mistakes but it's one I actually feel proud and say I 100 percent completed on with nothing more I could of done. Where I actually checked all throughout the story with a fine tooth comb to weed out any mistakes I found. And thus felt that at the very least was worth sharing with you: my confidence growing as an editor which I hope will become apparent in other stories I do from this point forward. I still think the story on it's own though is pretty good but most likely if transformation tales aren't your things, then you may not really care for this one.

Sonic's Christmas Last: Now I mentioned in "Michael's Secret Santa" (aka Secret Santa Snake) that I had several ideas for Smash Brother Christmas stories for 2011. Others involved Captain Olimar and the Kirby cast having a Christmas together in relation to the events of "Kirby: Return To Dreamland", another I believe involved the cast of Fire Emblem and Pit that related to Kid Icarus: Uprising, and even one where Peach actually taught Ganondorf how to ride a kart so he could pursue his foes better, based around the 3DS Mario Kart game. So yeah a lot of stories that were based around games based around smash brothers related characters in addition to the actual Christmas story that came out this year. Now some of them will never see the light of day, others may have ideals for them used in later tales (there is something in that Ganon and Peach story I've been wanting to do for so long but haven't found the right way to go about it) and one I may wind up doing soon that is going through a serious revision. However the only other main one I really had more of a story for besides "Michael's Secret Santa" was actually a story based on Sonic Generations. Where Sonic teams up with Classic Sonic and a future Sonic to defeat three versions of Doctor Eggman. This was going to be the final story of that group of 2011 fanfics as it would be hinted at over in those stories of an element that would be key in what was then called "A Sonic Christmas Carol." Since really the idea was just an interesting sort of twist on the whole idea of A Christmas Story of instead of ghosts, what if the future, past and present version of someone got together to fight for Christmas of some kind? I had a plot and some jokes in mind but again didn't really have a heart of emotional core in mind for the story. Thus why it didn't wind up getting made and for awhile just seemed like a "it was an idea but I never had room for it"sort of stories.

But then, I found my inspiration.

Without giving too much away, looking again at cinematics of Sonic Generations as well as what I've heard from various sources, and even chatting with other people made me realize something about the Sonic characters. Something that in the games and with people's attitudes annoyed me and something I actually wanted to change, so I made THAT not only the lesson and morale of the story, but also it's center and found a way to give it a lot of heart and charm. Which I think works even better then R.O.B's Secret Santa (which this story is actually sort of a sequel to though like all other holiday Christmas stories starting with "Ganondorf's Secret Santa" all take place within the same world and universe). Maybe it's because I actually spaced it out and made it 6 chapters instead of one big one. Maybe because of finding ways to shorten and yet expand the cast or maybe because to me, Sonic is probably my overall favorite game series and I feel it deserves a lot more respect then it's garnered in recent times. As yeah even if it still makes bad games from time to time doesn't mean we should forget the mythos or even the potential involved within the franchise. Which is what I wanted to explore, as well as give some good focus for R.O.B, as well as an interesting plot with some good jokes. BTW since no one caught on the joke about the Dumpus is that it's suppose to be a variation of the Krampus, the Anti Santa Claus. You know something to make the story more festive as... IMHO it's biggest failing is maybe it isn't as "Christmasy" as some of the other Christmas stories but the moral and heart are still there and it does still work as a holiday story. Even if due to laziness and lack of focus it took a month and a half longer to get out then it should of. Still I'm glad to have finished it and for people or at least... two of my friends to really enjoy it and hope that if you read this, you'll go and read that story. And enjoy it. And review it while you're at it as I'd appreciate that.

Little Mac Punches In: Now I use to have "Smash Filler" as an excuse to make fluffy little random what if Smash Brothers related stories based on ideas I came up with in like a day. However I hadn't updated that in forever and when I found out about Little Mac getting in Smash Brothers... I don't know something inspired me to make a story about unlike all the other newcomers. Maybe it was just me feeling extra creatve, maybe it was because I had used Little Mac before in other Smash Brothers related stories so including him as now a main cast mate felt right, maybe the jokes I had at the time just inspired me to keep writing I don't know. What I do know is that it was originally suppose to be just a story for one of my friends I liked so much I editted and made it's own thing. Now if I do make more with this world... which knowing me I likely won't but if I do I want to go into the backstory of certain various characters. Specifically the Wii Fit Trainer I name Tabitha since I came up with like this big epic story for her based on seeing her intro video and wanting to know why someone like a Wii Fit Trainer would fit in within the Smash Brothers Universe and came up with something I hinted at here. There are also little bits of interaction here and there that will factor into possibly other stories but for now more of a flighty funny but still enjoyable story introducing one of the new smashers... kind of wish I made more like this but what are you going to do.

Hearth's Warming Eve Happenings: Yeah surprise surprise: I'm actually a big My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic Fan. Now I didn't use to be but some of my friends have been into it for years and on an urge several months back in April (2014) I decided to start checking out the series and became hook and well now have seen all of it. And honestly like a lot of fans had thought of my own little stories for the characters. One story I thought of I always wanted to do something with was a story about Rainbow Dash's mother. Who I imagine to be a variation of the G3 Rainbow Dash and in fact she was the reason that Rainbow Dash left Cloudsdale and moved to Ponyville as mentioned in "Pinkie Pride". It was also something I wanted to connect to Rarity but honestly was just an idea that for the longest time stayed in my head. However for Christmas I wanted to make something for my friends so thought up this poem involving that idea that I figured was a cute little tale to tell to them. And liked it so much that like other stories decided to share with all of you. I've done poem stories before and though sometimes it's hard to think of good rhymes and to keep the rhythm of the story I like the challenge as well as the artistry of trying to tell something all throughout the narrative and having it flow and honestly this is probably like the best straight on poem I've ever done really. It took awhile to get right and I had to take a couple of breaks when I started getting stuck with rhymes but got over it and came up with this story which hopefully won't be the only Christmas related tale from me though will be the only MLP:FIM related tale. Will I venture into Equestria again for more stories? Guess if people want it as I do have other ideas for them honestly.


MARIO: Mario is hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and one of the most well known video gaming icons to ever exisit. Of course if you ask Mario he is the only video gaming Icon to ever exist or at least the most important one. Mario has a pretty swelled ego feeling he is the savior of Nintendo and should be payed and have the most attention devoted to him and not to everyone else. This is further problematic since Nintendo usually gives into these ideas. This makes Mario sort of disliked amongst some of the other smashers but despite his sometimes rude attidue towards them about being more proftiable he is generally a good guy, always trying to lead the group and is one of the ones to point out all of Master Hand's flaws. Mario has good relations with all of his Nintendo crew, except for villians like Bowser and Wario. His biggest rival in the mansion is Sonic who he is always trying to prove is wrong and feels he shouldn't even be in the tournament in the first place.

Relations: Luigi (Brother) Peach (Girlfriend), Yoshi (somewhat loyal pet dinosaur), Donkey Kong (Old rival turned foe) Bowser (arch enemy), Wario (somewhat less arch enemy), Sonic (Rival), Paulena (Old Girlfriend), Shigeryu Miyamato (Game director Mario thinks is somewhat crazy)

Powers: Fireballs, super jumping skills, a cape, the ability to absorb mushrooms to gain unique abilities (like flight, turning into a raccoon, turning into a statue, turning into a spring, turning into a bee, etc), an annoying backpack named F.LU.D.D that randomly appears on his back sometimes, and can pretty much play any sport and game (so long as it's an E rated related activity so not stuff like say sexball) better then most. Final Smash is the Mario Finale, a giant Fireball that can destroy enemies and even take out bosses in one hit.

Diana's Commentary: "I've parodied Mario in various other stories I've done. The most consistent thing has been the fact I add the actually "a" to a word to give him an Italian accent. So he might say "I'm a talking to you-a" instead of just "I'm talking to you." Besides some random italian words it's the biggest extent of my knowledge of the Italian accent. For this story though I wanted Mario to have a more distinct personality. And since he is the most well known I thought I'd give him an ego to go along with his fame. An original idea I had with Mario (for another sort of Smash Brothers related story) was that he'd be so famous that he'd be pretty much unphased by anything that happened concerning Bowser and such due to him having been through it so many times which sort of still comes through. Here though he also thinks of himself to be the best thing around. I do like Mario but I just think it's a nice contrast really: That Nintendo's mascot would of developed such an ego that it'd rub the wrong way against people. There's a fine line of how much ego I feel Mario should have and after the whole Werehog ordeal in the "Night Of The Werehog: Brawl Edition" story he will try and not be so showboating, realzing more that he isn't the only thing in his universe. I also like the idea that while Mario may act gruff and egosticial he does have a really good heart that he just dosen't like showing in the tournament but really is tight with his brother and of course Peach who would probably be the one who'd best bring out that quality in him."

LUIGI: Luigi Mario is the second Mario brother. Despite his height he is the younger brother and defintley the less famous one as people constantly remind him how much more famous Mario is. And how much they hate any games Luigi stared in (like Mario is Missing and Luigi's Mansion). Luigi tries defending himself and his action but though he has a lot of pride in his work he isn't nearly as egotistical as Mario is. Luigi is actually fairly friendly and tries to sooth over tensions when his brother does something even though he still tries helping Mario out due to family loyality. Though not stupid, Luigi can be desperatley guliable sometimes when he desperatley longs for something (like a spot in the tournament before finding out he was in Brawl) and sometimes lets his cowardicy get the best of him. Luigi isn't a total fraidycat though as he seems to be quite able to handle ghost and any ecto related creatures. Not so much monsters, werewolves, or even the Devil's constant booting shaking. Though this does annoy people sometimes Luigi has a better time getting along with everyone more in the mansion then Mario does even if he's still hated by all the villians (especially assist Trophy Waluigi, Luigi's evil doppleganger).

Relations: Mario (Brother) Peach (Friend) Yoshi (Friend), Bowser (Arch Foe), Wario (Foe), Waluigi (Other arch foe), Daisy (Girlfriend). Actually became friends Latiku And Hammer Brother in werehog story.

Powers: Fireballs, Jumping skills (higher then Marios), mushrooms (though can't use them as well as Mario), Super Coin Punch, Luigi Tornado, Ghost Vaccum which allows him to suck up and blow away spirits, Green Missle, and a damaging taunt. Luigi's Final Smash is the Negative Zone. In the Negative Zone people expierence random effects that range from them either sleeping, getting dizzy, causing damage to themselves, dancing randomly or just acting increidbley out of character.

Diana's Commentary: "I've parodied Luigi as well in other stories. Besides the accent (I try to sometimes pepper in some more italian statements with Luigi in his exclimations due to his more fraedycat nature) I also sometimes had him acting jealous and generally annoyed with Mario's behavoir. Feeling that there were a few too many "jerks" in the mansion I wanted Luigi to be a gentler smasher. So while he still gets annoyed and irritated he generally tries to end trouble and not start it making him different then his brother. I also think it balances out they're interaction if Mario's more ego prone and Luigi is more rational and tries to point out what Mario's doing even if Mario ignores him. I think that came across decent though I think I could of done the cowardicy thing better. Besides just his general personality from various games, a lot of the cowardness angle (at least initally) came from the Super Mario Z Newgrounds flash toon where Luigi is the comedic cowardly fighter of the group. It's hard to use here since part of the gag would also include not only hearing Luigi but seeing his reaction as well which is why it only sometimes gets mentioned. Besides cowardicy Luigi is also a ghost expert and though I like making fun of Luigi's Mansion, I've never played it so don't know if it's really that bad. But since people have made fun of it a lot I'd assume the smashers and various others in the mansion would as well. Though not my favorite I do like Luigi a bit (don't know if it's more then Mario) and think he deserves more respect then he's given. Even in the stories where I determine how much respect he gets heh heh.

PEACH: Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and one of the few female Smashers around the mansion. Peach isn't what you'd call one of the brighest bulbs in the pack. She is actually fairly dim and usually dosen't see the big picture or even some of the smaller pictures like mostly everyone else in the mansion. She isn't dumb, she's just more naieve in a sense. She sort of lives in her own world where everything is rainbows and happiness and stickers (Peach is one of the few who actually loved stickers before they became a power up item) and she tends to think more in that world then in the real world. Thus why she has a habit of going on long speeches or rants on doing things that have very little relation to what is currently going on. Though Peach isn't mentally to bright she is one of the most emotional members in the mansion. Always willing to help out however she can Peach is perhaps one of the kindest people in the cast. The one whose always willing to give anything she can to help out anyone, even Master Hand. She actually dosen't even hate anyone (even the villians) and seems to pretty much at least like everyone and especially loves those from her kingdom and those she takes care of around the mansion. Peach can make friends and help those you wouldn't think could be helped and actually can make someone feel better with just a few kind words since she actually takes the time to care and respect those around her. There is more then just dullness and love in Peach's heart. There are some deep down secrets that are there as well, from a past Peach would rather not talk about but one that still in a way haunts her to this day. Still that won't stop her from smiling and hanging out with her friends and loved ones who deep down she'd give her all to protect even if it means giving up the person that defined her. Like Mario and Luigi. Peach speaks in an accent though more of a valleygirl accent then an italian one. She also has a love for weird Yaoi (guy/guy pairings) that pretty much no one else in the mansion understands.

Relations: Mario (Boyfriend) Luigi (Friend) Yoshi (Friend), Toad (Protector/Friend) Lucas (Friend), Daisy (Friend), Diana (Friend), Cobby (Aka The Nintendog, the Assist Trophy Pet She Trained), The Blue Alloys ("Girlfriends" who Peach helped out and spent time with that she cares for), The Waddles (Dedede's Minions who have left Dedede for Peach and consider her they're mother since she gave them a place to stay and live at) various young Pokemon like Bonsly and Igglybuff (also live at her house that she takes care of) and various other people around that she nutures, loves and looks after. She actually considers everyone at the mansion her friend even if they might not give the same feelings back

Powers: Amazing floating abilities (can pretty much in this unvierse float for hours at a time even if she moves rather slowly), can throw and pull vegetables out of the ground, uses a parasol to help her fly into the air, Peach Bomber and heart based power moves, the ability to pull out frying pans and golf clubs from out of her dress, the ability to summon Toad to block attacks and the can use heart panels to acces Vibe (aka emotional) abilties. When absoltuley necessary can access the power of the Determination Vibe for an incredible boost of power, speed and strength where she glows with energy and becomes more aware of her surroundings. Her final smash is Peach Blossom which puts everyone to sleep around, something Jigglypuff claims is a copy of her abilities.

Diana's Commentary: "I have made mention of Peach in other stories but I think Smashing Something New Every Day is the first time I really actually used her. And though I don't try and play favorites, Peach is by far one of my favorite characters in this story. Actually Peach is one of my favorite smashers. I got really good using her in Melee and that continued into Brawl, sometimes replacing Pikachu (my fav since the original game) as character I would most often use in solo modes. There are a few reasons I love writing for Peach. First off she's easy to write for: She was one of the first whose personalities I got as being a sort of naieve sterotypicial blond who wasn't quite aware of her surroundings and was always intended to be one of the kinder members of the smashers. I liked the twist that she didn't really consider it hurting people if they were just fighting for sport in a tournament which explains why she has no problems being in Melee or Brawl. When writing for her more though it became more obvious in addition to all the cute moments she would make out of ignorance, I just loved her big ever giving heart. The one that would spend so much time giving people gifts or taking care of things because it made them happy which made her happy. I really love that about Peach: She cares more about people and having fun then about anything else. It's what makes her such an endearing character to me. So much so that I thought of a great scene for her in "Night Of The Werehog: Brawl Edition" that will open the door to another story I'm thinking of that happens after that one that she'll have a big role in. I won't say much but it will explore the other side of her character: unlike other people who may of had they're personalities manipulated by Master hand there's another reason she's so dim here compared to other continuities that revolves around her tragic childhood. Really I think it shows just how strong she is being able to get over that and still be so kind and loving which again is why I think she's so great. I also just love the relationships she has with people: How Mario is sometimes annoyed but generally really cares about her, how she just shrugs off all of Bowser's comments relating to her, how she takes care of the Alloys and the Waddles (I also really love that motherly side of her that came as sort of an added joke in Dedede's introduction that became a big part of her character: Wanting to be a good mother due to what happened to her own parents) and how she is actually grateful and considerate to Master Hand when others aren't. She's also the only smasher who get get along with my self insert. In truth I've thought of some... (blushes) Naughty things involving that but don't worry I'm not putting those in any stories. Peach is too pure and nice a character to do that too. Besides if I did that then how would I ever be taken seriously as a writer and not be thought of as a sick freak?

BOWSER: Bowser (aka King Bowser Koopa) is ruler of the Koopa, a race of turtle esque creature who Bowser uses in ploys to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. And he still plots it even after a quarter of a decade of failures. Despite the fact that Bowser has talked about ruling the Mushroom Kingdom and finally killing off Mario and Luigi he hasn't really come any closer in his years of conquest. Be it due to his fairly weak henchmen, his ridicolous plan or for all his great strength, he just isn't really any match for Mario. He seems espicallyh hateful of the plumbers in the tournament here vowing to kill them at any chance he gets. He hasn't but he also has actually scored a few hits on Mario and crushed him without getting severly pummeled back which actually puts him ahead of where he is in the regular games. Bowser typically hangs out with the other villians and mainly plots his goals (kill the plumbers, Marry Peach, rule the mushroom kingdom). Bowser is sort of the leader of the villians as he seems to be the one who lets ego get the least in his way of trying to figure out things even though Bowser is pretty self absorbed and very rarley sees the flaws in his plans. Bowser also wants to become a great film maker as well as a powerful evil ruler and also spends time thinking for ideas of his script where he finally takes out Mario and Luigi for all. It's said his study of film and his interaction with those in the mansion have given Bowser a twinge of compassion, though Bowser will obviously deny this up and down as ever being true.

Relations: Mario (Sworn enemy) Luigi (slightly less sworn enemy) Peach (Sees her as potential bride to be) Wario (Ally in Axis of Smash evil) Ganondorf (ally in axis of Smash Evil), King Dedede (Ally in Axis of smash evil), Koopas and Goombas (servants to Bowser who obey all of his bidding), Bowser Jr (son), Ludwig Von Koopa, Larry Koopa, Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Wendy Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr (Original children Bowser sent to another dimension or at least somewhere thosuands of miles away from the Mansion).

Powers: Super Strength, Spiked Shell, the ability to spin his spiked shell to slam into opponents, Bowser Slam, Whirling Fortress (the air version of the spike shell slam), Fire Breath, the Flying slam which crushes opponents, powerful claws and horns, supposedly incredible screenwriting and directing abilities (according to Bowser). Final Smash allows him to transform into the terrifying Giga Bowser, a supposedly immortal, gigantic and even stronger variation of Bowser who is like a rampaging Giant Monster that can crush anything he sees... for the limited amount of time he is Giga Bowser anyway.

Diana's Commentary: "I don't think I wrote for Bowser before but he's not too hard a guy to figure out: Essitantly I just see him as one of those guys who keeps trying and failing and just dosen't get it. Afterall he's been trying to kill Mario for like 25 years and still hasn't even come close and still goes for it. So obviously this isn't a guy who can actually grasp the big picture. Still I don't think he should potrayed as too dim. I like to think that he's just so focus and concieted in his efforts he can't even realize just how little they've worked out so far and just keeps forging ahead. Essitantly he's one of those who is a lot like his original counterpart really: same contempt for Mario but will get along with him and work with him to suit his own needs or for some sportmanship reason (I mean why else was he invited to all those Mario Karts and Mario Tennis and Mario Golf matches if he couldn't be civil when playing sports?) and same general big evil schemes. The whole director angle was something I thought up around Chapter 29 of Smashing Something New Every Day joking about the Super Mario Brothers movie and rolled with it since I think it fits his character as well: someone who thinks he can direct is someone who usually has larger then life dreams like Bowser. I also like the fact that Bowser actually tries to somewhat get along with the other villians sometimes even though that usually dosen't work out due to what happens when all huge egos like that clash. Still of the four villians (Wolf not included) he probably has the most going for him. Including... a twinge of compassion. One mainly directed for Peach. Afterall with how long he's chased and kidnapped her and how he's started lusting for her I think that something other then just physical attraction and power draws him to the princess. This was seen a bit in Night Of The Werehog 19 and will be explored in future stories as well. It won't result in Bowser being a good guy but I think even villians like him can still have a soft spot. One they'll deny but you know it's there even if it only shows up very very rarley.

DONKEY KONG: Some consider him to be the "King" of the Kongo Jungle and others consider him to be Mario's earliest rival from his Jumpman days. However you call him DK was able to, like most of the characters in the Brawl Tournament, star in a series of succesful Nintendo related games and like some have had complaints about the quality having gone down in recent years. DK cares little for those criticisms though since he dosen't really know what many of them actually mean. Yes the so called king of the Jungle is pretty dim. Like Peach he isn't neceassirly stupid, but just more simple without the understanding of how some technogloy works (Besides Jungle technology) or how to actually speak english properly. Thus his ineffectual use of pronouns (like for example saying "me Donkey Kong" or "me no know better. Me raised in Jungle"). Donkey Kong has problems remembering some of the name of the characters but in general dislikes people who pick on him, on his pal Diddy, or try to steal his bananas. That's right Donkey Kong is really obsessed with bananas: to him stealing bananas is a crime punishable by death. And not just if you're a Koopa either: He'll do it to anyone. While staying in the mansion DK has made his share of enemies as well as friends but besides some people being annoyed by his simplicity and incorrect grammar is generally a decently liked guy. And though he may seem brutish sometimes deep down he really does care especially about his own kin. Just don't take his bananas or insult Diddy and you'll probably be okay in DK's book (can he even read? Yeah a bit, but probably nothing too complicated).

Relations: Cranky Kong (Distant Father. Some say he was the original Donkey Kong but that is a theory that does not translate to the SSNED universe), Wrinkly Kong (Distant Mother), Diddy Kong (Nephew and Best Friend), Candy Kong (Girlfriend), and is pretty much related or friendly with every other member of the Kong family include Dixie Kong, Lanky Kong and Chunky Kong. His main enemy is King K. Rool (an Alligator who has made a scant couple of appearneces in the story verse but will be an important part of an upcoming arc), with his old Rival being Mario. And his new Mansion rival is the Ancient Donkey Kong found on the 75m stage. Donkey Kong also dosen't get along well with Snake and Zelda and has had tiffs with them in various chapters.

Powers: Donkey Kong is incredibley strong and is actually pretty fast for someone his size. He also has great agility when running through trees and like all Kong Monkeys great climbing and swinging abiltiies. Donkey Kong is defintley one of the more short ranged fighters around with most of his powerful moves being Giant Punches, Headbutts, downward hand slaps and the Flying Kong which swirls him around enough to recover off of ledges. It is known that he does have his DK 64 accessories lying around (like his Kongo drums and coconut guns and the crystal coconut powers that would allow him to turn invisible for short periods of time) but rarley uses him. Well he does use his Kongo Drums as his final smash to deliever a powerful set of musical pummeling knocking his foe around for awhile and uh sometimes being lucky enough to knock them off the stage.

Diana's Commentary: "You may notice that I didn't always design Donkey to be as "simple" as he is nowadays. Go back to the first chapter and you see him having a sort of sensical conversation about his show. I do have a reason for that which will be shown in a flashback SSNED chapter so don't think it's a plothole or anything. Still that does bring up an interesting question: Why did I design Donkey Kong to be so... dim? Well that actually probably comes from playing with him in Smash Brothers. I always use to love him in the original game where he could grab foes and preform suicide KOs with them (which they kind of nerfed in later tournaments) and have been a fan of his from the various Donkey Kong Country games and DK64. It was my love of DK64 that made me excited to hear that there was a cartoon that was sort of based off it (or it was based off the cartoon) but upon watching it found it kind of... well lacking and not too entertaining. I did notice how stupid they made Donkey Kong in it, which is something I kind of parodized when I played as him in the Melee game, coming up with the phrase "Me Donkey Kong, me no know no better. Me raised in jungle" which my friends really liked. So when developing him in the series decided to go with that more simpler naieve mindset because I found it funny. There should be a balance of the characters who are smug jerks and the ones who are dumbly naieve and in case you didn't notice there are more jerks then simple naieve people in this smash universe. Though not a particualar favorite nowadays I do really like writing some of DK's more naieve moments and do admire him for his relationship with Diddy. And just generally like anytime he goes off on bananas like when he saw the video footage of him smashing around the Goombas and saying that anyone who steals bananas gets death. I also don't try to make him terribly, terribly stupid even if he was one of the dumber members of the Smashers around. Though hey I think being dumb fits his character. Or at least it is if you follow the logic of the Donkey Kong Country TV Show.

DIDDY KONG: If Donkey Kong is "King" of the Kongo Jungle Diddy would consider himself to be the prince or at least one of the Kongo royalities. Diddy came from the time when Donkey Kong actually formed his own series and has been one of the characters people have been wishing to see in Smash Brothers for years. Finally coming into the tournament for Brawl, Diddy represents a far smarter side of the Kongo relatives then Donkey did. That's not to say that he dosen't have his occasional flubs (like how he tries to prove himself to be a strong smasher even if some people consider him to be a joke) but he's much more compotent smasher then Donkey is. Still he really cares for his uncle Donkey and always will defend and protect him if people are picking for him and vice versa. Like most monkeys diddy shares a love for bananas (though not as much as Donkey) and going around and being active. Like Luigi, Diddy is also one of those people most of the smashers underestimate especially smart mouth Snake. Diddy has proven himself on many occasions like being the one to find out Wolf's plan and tell everyone else the details of the werehog invasion without being caught. Diddy isn't the big picture guy but defintley has moments of craftiness and like most everyone else complaints about the tournament. (Though his are mainly centered around his final smash and how he isn't allowed to use his guitar in attacks). Contrary to what happened before the Rayquaza fight Diddy is usually pretty brave (besides on things bigger/far more powerful then he is) and always tries to fight for what's right.

Relations: Donkey Kong (Uncle and Best friend) Cranky and Wrinkly (Grand Uncle and aunt respecitlvey), Dixie Kong (Girlfriend), and is either related or at least friends with all other members of the Kong family, especially Tiny Kong, Funky Kong, and Kiddie Kong. His arch enemy is also King K. Rool and he also has dislike for Snake. He also is somewhat friendly with Fox (though Falco dosen't really like him too much) who are both hated by Rayquaza, the Legendary Pokemon Subspace Emissary boss who will be further developed in later chapters/stories.

Powers: Diddy Kong is pretty strong but not nearly as strong as Donkey Kong. He is a lot faster then his ape friend though and can dart and jump around with a whole incredible ease, being a whiz at swinging, climbing and running through the trees. In addition to banana peel throwing abiltiies (mostly used for comedic affect), he also uses a lot of "Monkey Karate". This is mainly centered around the Monkey Flip (a move which latches on and smacks into opponents which if you pause inapproatively looks like he's humping they're face even though he isn't) and using his tail to latch on and throw opponents. Not to mention the always reliable cartwheel kick. Diddy also uses his 64 Weapons a lot more then Donkey Kong: the Peanut popguns, the Rockbetbarrel blaster which can fly him all around the area (especially when empowered with Crystal coconuts) and orange grenades which he can pull out and throw and blow up foes pretty well. Though not used in combat in the tournament Diddy can use his Guitar Gwohmp as a powerful finishing move. His actual finishing move is the Final Smash known as Rocketbarrel Barrage. This essitantly is just a combo of his peanut popgun and his rocketbarrel shooting. Besides the somewhat inviniciblity and exploding peanuts this is essitantly just a slightly stronger version of the peanut popgun shooting and rocketbarrel shooting he can already do, except without being able to control it nearly as well. Diddy considers this to be one of the weakest of the final smashes and really he has a point.

DIANA'S COMMENTARY: "Ironically I played as Diddy before I even played as Donkey as one of the first games I ever played was Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong quest on the Game Boy Pocket. I really did love that game and playing as Diddy (even though I liked playing as Dixie more since she could twirl her ponytails to fly over opponents which you have to admit is pretty cool) and the same feeling crept up when playing Donkey Kong 64. So when it came time to introduce him to the story I planned on making him out to be a pretty cool character even though it seemed that from the Dojo notes on him he'd be pretty weird to play as. In truth Diddy also is a weird character for me to try and write for: He's not one of the constant complainers of the group but also dosen't have any specific personality quirks either. I think I wanted to give him a bit of an overeager drive to try and show off himself more then he should but I never exactly played with that all too much. I did like how he, Donkey and Yoshi were always at odds with Snake but that dosen't show off anything about his specific character. Eventually Diddy was more of just a straightman to Donkey Kong's statements and plans and just a guy always trying to help out his ape pal. I do like giving Diddy his moments to shine like telling everyone about the plot in the Werehog story though even if he's not really one of my favorites. My apprecation of DK 64 though is the reason why he always uses weaposn from that game (like the orange grenades that aren't even used in Brawl) when fighting foes but to me Diddy is just one of those inbetween characters. One of the ones who don't have the respect or attidue of most others in the mansion, but isn't one of those more offbeat and quirky characters either. Which makes him a monkey in the middle... okay that was a pretty bad monkey pun so I'm moving on.

YOSHI: Some may think that Yoshi is a Dragonesque creature. However it has been proven (at least in the SSNED universe) That Yoshi is a dinosaur like most Yoshis hailing from Dinosaur World/Yoshi's Island. Liket he pokemon Yoshi has been given a vocal machine by Master Hand in order to speak english when he came to the tournament instead of just yoshi yoshi for every sentance. Like Luigi, Yoshi is also trying to cast of the shackles of automatically being attached to the Mario label and prove himself. And most people generally accept him for who he is. Accept Snake who claims that he's racist due to some of the comments Yoshi has made about the nature of Yoshis and they're pigment differences making them split up into groups. Yoshi finally revealed in Night Of The Werehog that he was in fact a little bit racist (as his evil side was completley racist and wanted to plung the world into darkness and misery) but dosen't plan to make speeches about gaiing equality for dinosaurs or anything of that nature. Yoshi is actually a pretty quiet character though he is known for his love of eggs (and turning people into eggs and making bad egg puns) and tricking people to get his way (like Pikachu in a couple of examples). Still Yoshi is pretty well liked around the mansion grounds and dosen't really seem to be too hated.

Relations: Mario (Friend), Luigi (mama... oh wait that's the Super Mario World toon. Here it's just friend), Peach (Friend), various other different skin colored Yoshi (Friends), Bowser (Enemy), Kamek (Enemy) Snake (Rival around mansion who may of turned friend in latest werehog chapter), Pikachu (sort of friend)

Powers: Like Kirby Yoshi can absorb matter into his system most others cannot and like Kirby he can store the energy within and use it to preform unique abiltiies (though not nearly on the scale that Kirby can). In addition to being able to pretty much eat anything and process it through his digestive track he can also turn foes into eggs just by swallowing them with his tounge and laying them, paraylzing them for a moment. Most of Yoshi's moves come from eggs: being able to lay eggs and throw them, being able to transform into an egg and roll around or use it as a shield to avoid attacks. Yoshi can even throw and transform into eggs at the same time though it is not something he can oridinarly do. Yoshi is the only character in the tournament without a significantly powerful third jump so relies on his fluttering jump abilities to guide him to stage. He can also use morph bubbles to transform into various shapes like the Yoshi Helicpoter, Yoshi car and even Yoshi tree (an ability he couldn't do in the game series that he can do here with the right bubble). Yoshi's final smash transforms him into Winged Yoshi also known as Super Dragon (even though Yoshi claims he is not a dragon) which makes him invincible, gain flight abilities and shoot powerful fireballs at foes.

Diana's Commentary: "Yoshi is also kind of weird like Diddy Kong: not one of the more verbal arguers with Master Hand, but not one of the more quirky characters. Sort of a middleground in that regard. Unlike Diddy I don't have as many fond memories of Yoshi: I never grew up playing any of the Mario games featuring him and may of first actually heard about him in the first smash brothers tournament believe it or not. I never really was that good with Yoshi either so he never became a favorite character of mine. Still he's alright. I do like the constant debate of him being either a dinosaur or a dragon (iI'm more for him being a dinosaur which is why I offically listed it as that in the series). I also like how he's able to get along well with most of the rest of Mario's group despite they're various flaws. Probably the most interesting thing about Yoshi though in my series (besides the whole egg puns thing which just comes from hey he has eggs in a lot of his attacks so why not use them for comedy sometimes) is the whole racist angle. I think this was a gag I used back in Chapter 15 where the explanation I gave about one of Yoshi's actions seemed racist so I had Snake mention it. Seemed like a funny enough gag but I only brought it back around Chapter 31 or so readign the older chapters and thinking that was a funny think to do with Yoshi. I don't really see Yoshi as terribly racist just thinking that Yoshis have some superior quirks then other races do. And really if you were a dinosaur that could eat anything you'd think that too. I didn't want to go to overboard with that idea either (though I did in Night Of Werehog to show the extreme evil side of Yoshi's personality) since I didn't want it to be a rip on Zelda's personality. Also someone being called racist when he's just accidently making these comments seems funnier to me. It also helped build on the Snake rivarly which as mentioned may of cooled down after the latest chapter with them being more friends and stuff now."

WARIO: Wario was originally one of Mario's greatest arch enemy who tried taking over his kingdom while Mario was away. Eventually Wario became more of an anti-hero starring in his own series of adventures going around and trying to ransack treasure. He then became head of his own game company and owner of the succesful Warioware Franchise which led to him coming to Smash Brothers in time for the third tournament. As part of the villian's alliance Wario is still a bad guy through and through. Except unlike the others who are more obessessed with power, revenge and conquest, Wario is much more obessed with money. Oh yeah Wario is a greedy fat man who will desperatley go running anytime he sees so much as a coin drop. In fact he's actually spend a lot of time away from updates just to play through Classic Mode in order to obtain more coins. What does he do with the money he acquires? Mostly just hordes it to himself and goes off to collect more. Wario can actually get quite psychotic with money and when he found out there was a coin mode where you can beat coins out of your enemy he nearly tried ripping the smashers apart. Besides his love of money though Wario also loves being an annoying nuisance. Whether that includes being a jerk or just being smelly and disgusting. Wario's smell is said to be so bad that at it's heigh it can make paint peel off. He's actually had to be given a flautence belt just to make sure his toxic farts didn't wind up killing anyone. That and his general dislike of those who are poorer or generous makes him one of the hardest people to get along with in the entire house. Even some of the nicer characters have a problem with him. Still Wario isn't all bad: He's mostly just self centered and greedy but isn't as directly "evil" as some of the other villians even if they are some of the few people who will tolerate him.

RELATIONS: Bowser (Part of Villian Alliance) Ganondorf (Villian Alliance) King Dedede (Villian Alliance) Mario (Arch Rival) Luigi (slightly less arch rival), Sonic (Only non villian who might sort of tolerate Wario at the mansion) Waluigi (Partner in crime who'd sell him out for money), Captain Syrup (Old Rival of Wario he'd like to "hit"), Mona (Only person in the world who actually finds Wario somewhat desirable, helps him with WarioWare), 9-Volt, Mike, Jimmy P, Thang Family and various others (Other Wario Ware Employees).

POWERS: Wario isn't terribly fast but he is one of the stronger smashers with the ability to rush and charge things to make them break. Like Mario Wario has various upgrades to his abilities like horns that give him more charging power, dragon breath, or jet flight. Wario's most dangerous weapons are his teeth which can gnaw through and chew through things almost to the degree Kirby or Yoshi can. He can also use his powerful jumps to corkscrew in the air and drill into opponents, call his bike to drive around and plow into everyone, and of course has the ability to use his farts as dangerous gasous attacks that can kill people who breath in the smell enough. The more he holds it in the more dangerous it is. Wario's biggest danger is his final smash power: He takes a piece of garlic and eats it becoming Wario man who is invincible and has greater strength and speed then regular Wario using moves like shoulder charge and power slam that regularly Wario can't do nearly as well. He can also ride up to speeds even greater then Sonic when on his Wario Bike though it is easy for him to loose control and smash into stuff or go on for miles without stopping.

DIANA'S COMMENTARY: "Acutally Wario is one of the first characters I ever used. Way back playing Super Mario Land 3: Super Wario Land. I actually played him in a game before Mario believe it or not so I have a lot of nostaglic feelings for Wario Thus why ever since the beginning I've always tried to keep Wario's character pretty much the same as it is in the games: Jerky, rude, easily annoying and of course greedy. Personally Wario easily leads himself more to a story like Smashing Something New Every Day then other more "straight edge" characters do, thus why it was easy nailing down how to write for him as early as chapter 4. So I usually don't try and stray from the beaten path with him: Yeah I've said that he would get obessed with money to the point of savagley beating on them and would spend days upon days collectiing coins but really you look at Wario and try and tell me that's out of character. I do admitt I could of of done a better job with the whole "gas belt" running gag I had on him continuity wise but I don't play with his gasous humor as much since to me fart jokes are very only seldom funny. (I didn't even really like the one he did in the first Brawl trailer honestly). I like potraying up Wario's love of money and just being a pest more. I also think that Wario is a bit more focused and not as prone to idioticy as some of the other villians when he isn't blathering on about money. And probably is one of the few villians who wouldn't try and be leader of the crew and is just happier being in a position where he can acquire as much money as he wants fairly easily. In truth he's not one of my favorites when it comes for writing stuff for but he is easy so that's good enough isn't it?"

LINK: There are said to be many Links born over a specific period of time in Hyrule's history. All of these Links would grow to be young men who wearing a green tunic and white tights, would weild the Master Sword and defeat the beast ganon and free Hyrule from his Tyranny. This Link is sort of a combination of all the adult Links actually whose spirit has went through all of the main legend of Zelda journies starring him. This combination Link has been one of Nintendo's biggest stars for years but until the original Smash Brothers tournament wasn't even really being paid for his efforts not having an idea how currency works. Thanks to spending time with others in the tournament Link has gotten use to the wonders of technology and has become a fairly normal person within the tournament. Perhaps his most obvious quirk is his habit of asking question more then any other character in the mansion, usually to Master Hand or anyone who says something confusing. MH called him on that, giving him the nickname Quebbie which some people (mostly the villians) tease him as. Still Link is a nice, hard working and powerful fighter. The epitomy of self sacrifice Link will give everything he has to vanquish evil (mostly Ganondorf) wherever it may rise and try to resotre peace and harmony. Though Link actually prefers peace he knows fighting is necessary so trains a lot to be as strong as he can be. Link also once had a relationship with Princess Zelda. He devoted himself to her and even went along with most of her more "ridicolous" ideas. However before the start of brawl it was revealed Zelda started fancying Zero Suit Samus, something that confused and hurt Link who thought they had a special relationship. Eventually he confessed his feelings to loving the clone of Zelda Sheik for her strength and kindness and now (as of Night Of The Werehog: Brawl Edition Chapter 27) devotes his time protecting and caring for her. Despite being a steadfast hero there are times when Link will doubt himself and his own abilities. Whether that's due to his inquestive nature or sometimes overthinking when he gets in over his head is unclear. What does remain sure is that Link is one of the most well known and well liked of the Smashers in the mansion having made friends with most, except the villians obviously.

RELATIONS: Sheik (Girlfriend), Zelda (Former Girlfriend, Good Friend), Toon Link (Friend and reincarnation of Link at a younger age), Ganondorf (Arch Foe. Link also dislikes all of the other villians including Bowser, Dedede, Wario and Wolf). Mario (Friend), Pikachu (Friend, and former rival back when the tournament first started), Fox (Friend) and is pretty much on Friendly Terms with all the other heroic smashers though has had problems with Ike (due to a misunderstanding from Halloween 2007) Sonic (who is annoyed with how many ideas Sonic has supposedly stolen from him. Like the whole werehog plot found in "Sonic Unleashed" being a ripoff of his game "The Twilight Princess") and Game and Watch (then again most people can't really get along with Game and Watch). Link dislikes the obnoxousily gay Assist Trophy Tingle, feeling he is a hindrance due to his obvious flameboyant tendancies and random abilities. In Hyrule Link is friends with fairy Navi (even if she can be annoying sometimes) his horse Epona, Malon (a girl who liked Link in the past), Saria (another girl who liked Link in the past), Marin (another girl who liked Link... yeah he knows a lot of girls like that), Midna (A Twilight Realm girl who helped Link in the past) and others. Link also has various other Hyrulian foes besides Ganondorf like Vaati and Skull Kid that haven't been seen around the tournament.

POWERS: The Hero of Time has the abilities of the Triforce of Courage which gives him a high level of strength and skill. He can also tap into these forces to occassionally use some forms of magic but mainly sticks to fighting with his weapons. Though Link is a good melee fighter he is most skilled using a set of weapons. The Master Sword (the ultimate light weapon) is able to pretty much cut through anything made of darkness and is Link's primary weapon, being able to pierce many a foe at once. Link also carries around a shield (used for defense) a hookshot (used for grappling), an unlimited supply of arrows for his bow (used for more long range attack), a set of bombs (also used for long range attack), Gale Boomerang (a Boomerang with Wind Abilities) and a rarley seen wooden hammer. In addition to all of these weapons Link was also said to have Wolf Power which were nullified by master Hand until Link was bitten by Sonic in the Night Of The Werehog: Brawl addition. In this form Link can use earsplitting howls to deafen opponents and summon animal allies, dig through the ground to find hearts or escape roots, use powerful claws and teeth to rip opponents apart and sniff anything's scent through they're spirit no matter where they are. By either absorbing a smash ball or using the full power of his Triforce of courage, Link can use his ultimate move the Triforce Slash. This can entrap an opponent within two energy triangles represneting the Triforce of courage as he slices at them several times. It is said he can preform more powerful variations of this move absorbing two or all three pieces of the Triforce.

DIANA'S COMMENTARY: "This may be a bit embarassing but I never really played any of the legend of Zelda video games. Thus I had no idea until I played the first smash brothers about Link or anything about Hyrule. So obviously I was confused as to why he was in the game and not this Zelda person. This cleared up though as I learned about Link and his world some seeing my friends play some of his game and even just reading info online. Thus unlike some of the Mario characters I never really wrote anything for the Zelda world before him. My friends had (one of my friendly acquitances actually wrote a Link werewolf story long before the idea of Twilight Princess even came around) but not me. Still I gave it a shot. Though I was fairly good with Link in the tournament he always remained the hardest Zelda character to write for. I was able to define characteristics more easily for the others (especially Zelda and Ganondorf, but even Sheik and Toon/Young Link) but not so much for Link. Probably because I imagined him as a more straight ledged hero and there's not much personality you can put into a straight ledge hero. On a whim I came up with the idea that since I always seemed to have him always answer questions, he'd be the guy who always asked everything. And evenutally pointed that out as a joke. Still that's not really a personality. I mean he is one of those people whose more annoyed at Master Hand being one of the smarter players in the tournament but not to the degree of others. I did like his devotion to Zelda (even when she was being ridicolous) to the point of wanting to go along with her plans and even defending her from others. Still it was only until Sheik came around that I nailed down more of a personality for Link: In my mind he's more of the solitary hero, one more use to fighting alone even within the tournament. Thus some stuff may go over his head more then those who fight in groups. However I nailed down that he was one of the more selfless people who always cared about trying to save others. Thus why I came up with the idea of the Hyurlian Policy off opponents: this was hinted at in Smashing Something New Every Day but really expanded on in Night Of The Werehog: Brawl Edition and Link is one of the biggest followers of it. I also was able to nail down his passion and devotion and actually hint at more of his weaknesses in that story and actually make him a more Three dimensional character: Link is good due to wishing to protect others but has his faults and despite his efforts can't always save everyone. But he can save those that are close to him which is something he learns in time. I also like his relationship with Sheik: Link is the more average staright edged compared to her more witty and outgoing personality but actually is still able to have fun with her. I feel that besides some of the more occasional questioning he does of himself and the fact that he's not in love with Zelda he's pretty much his regular character. Which is fine by me: In a house so big with so many personalties there is room for those who are more normal. And even those who are more normal can still be written well if you know how."

(Will finish Other characters bios later).

Meta Knight/Samus (The Mask Warriors From Beyond The Stars)
Lyn/Gray Fox (The Fire Emblem Female Warrior Meets A Cyborg Metal Gear Ninja)
Ike/Palutena (The Mercenary Captain And A Goddess. Will Become A Full On Story Sometime Hopefully At Some Point)
Rayquaza/Ridley (First Used in SSNED Chapter 46. Probably The Weirdest Smash Brothers pairing ever. Then again, that's the point).

Zelda/Zero Suit Samus (Inspired by G3rain1's "Attached" as well as always liking some kind of lesbian pairing)
Link/Shiek (The Hero Of Time And Zelda's alterego. Since Link needs loving too right?)
Mario/Peach (The Plumber and the Princess... what it's a classic that I'm not going to mess with).


Night Of The Werehog: Brawl Edition (My main focus for now. I have it all mapped out but don't know how long it will take to complete).

Smashing Something New Every Day (Need To Finish A month Work Of Updates as well as some past updates. Chapter 50 Would of been up in 2009 but my computer had problems and as a result it didn't end up getting made. Sorry, my bad on that everyone.).

Untitled Ike/Palutena story (inspired by "Another Generic Smash Brothers Christmas" Chapter 5. This one will be an actual full on romance/drama story with little jokes in it focusing on the Angel World Goddess relationship with Ike. Will end up being rated M most likley).

Untitled Smashing Something New Every Day Sequal Story (Something That Will Involve The Emissary Bosses, The Symbols From Smashing Something New Every Day and Tabuu going up against all the smashers. Takes place between Smashing Something And Night Of The Werehog).


Brawl Tier List Reactions (Master Hand tells everyone they're spot on the Offical Tier list of Smash Brothers Brawl. Would be a full on one chapter comedy story that seems like it'd be a quick idea but knowing me would probably end up being one really super long chapter).

The Assist Trophy Room (A Story about what the assists trophy do all the day while the smashers are updating. Would include a story I hinted at before involving a Soccer match between Mario and Sonic using all the assist trophies).

Smash Brothers Total Drama Island (Essistantly taking Total Drama Island and putting Smash Brother characters in the place of it. Essitantly trying to parody TDI and Smash Brothers at the same time while somehow keeping the spirit of each. For more info on this story check out Smash Filler Chapter 12).


And That's Pretty Much It For Now. Remember to look at my stories if you want more of me and review them. You know every good author needs reviews and I'd like to think I'm at least good enough to get more then a couple of people per chapter.

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