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Hiya! I'm really happy you are seeing this. yay

name: Prisiclla

Nickname: Blue(long story)

age: turning seventeen on the 14th of july.

sign: cancer, so bring on the love, and I'm very creative in the arts, writing, singing and acting.

height: 5'3(yes I'm short)

I'm puerto Rican but people don't believe me because I'm white(as in skin, I got some tan)and I don't speak a word of spanish

Books: oh! I can name them, I like alot of books I have about now over a hundred in my room and I read little more than I believe 150. I'm a big reader but if I had to choose, a series of unfortunate events. and Tithe.

Fav authors: Holly black, v.c andrews, lemony snicket, Lizze(she's a writer at fan fiction) Johanna lidsey, Jude deverealx, Garth Nix, Richard laymen, stephen king, Naoko(she wrote the sailor moon comics.) etc)

Favorite moveis.(there's too many) sixteen candles, the breakfast club, pretty in pink, legend, labyrith, moulin rouge, all lotr,meet joe back,Garden state, closer,wethering heights, a walk to remember(shane west!) Cowboy bebop the movie,ella enchanted,the phatom of the opera, team america, star wars(all of them) everafter, american pie, not another teen movie, you drive me crazy.etc

Favorite guy actor: Josh hartnett,Ewen mcgreger!(did I spell his name right?) jude law, brad pitt, chad micheal murry, the dude that played the phatom of the opera, inu yasha,(it's anime but he's still a hot anime) spike(hot) and of course anakin from star wars(forgive his name doesn't come to me.

Acters I hate: lindsey lohan, Paris hilton, Demi moore(she took ashton)

I love , cheese puffs, orange soda, and long walks on the beach...naw, I like vans skate park, I love to go surfing, come on florida! beaches and sexy guys surfing need I say more. I love my boyfriend Chris, and I like going to church. I love my car, and I love shopping a hot topic!

I love writing, and drawing. if your interested in my drawings or seeing them here's my main page.

and I know I'll love being here

peace out!

peace sign

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