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Realized this was hella' outdated. Updated Jan 3, 2013.

Who Am I?

TUMBLR: ellipsisobsessed

Name: Still not giving out my real one. I've gone by a lot of things though. In fandom most often ..., "My PenName is ...", My PenName is, Ellipsis, and EllipsisObsessed. Most of those are a bit of a mouthful so I also go by Eli.

Age: Old enough that I've spent half my life reading fic.

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, playing video games, watching BBC TV shows, drooling over MCU, chilin on Tumblr, etc

Personality: INFJ though very close to INTJ. Don't know what that means? Go look it up you might learn something :). I'm most comfortable in small group settings but I generally love talking to people, especially about fandom stuff.

Fandoms: My main one is and always will be Harry Potter. Also a huge fan of BBC Sherlock and Avengers (MCU) fics. Other then that tough I dabble in all sorts of things. My gateway drug is usually a well written HP/? Crossover where Harry is transplanted into some other world. After reading one of those I will tend to go on a short kick in whatever fandom I landed in. Or I may end up in a different fandom through an authors page etc.

Favorite Plot Device/Prompt/Challenge:

"Onwards to the Next": If anyone wants to have a (near) guaranteed reader write me a HP/? Crossover where Harry (accompanied by no one other then possibly Hedwig) leaves his home-verse and enters a different one. They are my drug. Bonus pointers for MoD!Harry (Master of Death) and slash. Dimension hopping isn't required if you utilize MoD immortality so he can live into a different fandom (Firefly, Star Trek, Avatar). Writing one? Know one? I'm not a reviewer yet? Don't be shy! Send me a PM, I will check it out. Though you may want to checkout the next section first.

Run Away! Run Away!:

Aka things that will probably send me packing. Now these aren't necessarily bad things, they are just what I don't read (baring extraordinary circumstances). Lot's-o-Opinion.

Pregnancy: I don't care if its MPreg or normal, pregnancy squicks me. I don't mind if it was in the past or whatnot. I just don't want to read about your character of choice getting hormonal and miserable because of the parasite growing in their gut. It makes me feel ill. Kid fics can be good, just skip the pregnancy.

"Rape? What Rape?": Okay let me make something clear, I like a good dubcon now and then. However one thing I can't do is fics with a very dubcon/rape-ish style that don't acknowledge it and try to pass it off as good. Tony Stark mindcontroled by Loki as they have deliciously dubcon sex? Great, seriously give me more. "You're my soulmate so I'm going to have sex with you because it's destiny even though you don't want to. Isn't this romantic?" Excuse me as I vomit. "I will die if we don't have sex so even though you hate my guts lets have sex. Don't worry its destiny so it will be wonderful." Hear that noise? Thats me scrambling to hit the X. Essentially if you are going to do dubcon make it dubcon, let it be dark and gritty and a bit not good, don't wrap an abusive unhealthy relationship up in sparkles and "destiny" and call it great and romantic. Someone is going to come along and not know the difference. I can't say I don't understand why people read it. I admit I went through a phase in middle school that was all Harry/Draco mate creature fics, where one of them is going to die if the other doesn't man up and fuck them. I thought it was the best stuff ever, but thats behind me now.

Alpha/Omega Dynamic Fics: See Pregnancy and "Rape? What Rape." Show me one without either of those and I might be interested, but I've generally found Alpha/Omega to be largely those two categories.

Meaningless Genderswap: As a general rule I don't read genderswap, why? Most fics I've read that are a genderswap fall into one of three categories 1. "You know how I said genderswap? I really mean I replaced the main character with a Mary-Sue/Authorial Insertion OC named Raven Isabella." 2. "Slash fixing" aka the author doesn't want to write Slash so Harry is now Harriet so she can have sex with Draco without it being gay. 3. Temporary genderswap crack (which I will occasionally read). I've so far found maybe one Genderswap that didn't fall into any of the categories so I read some of it... then it started waltzing its way towards Pregnancy and "Rape? What Rape?" and I abandoned ship.

I/You: I haven't been able to read 2nd person for ages (aka "You walk into the room"), because I spend my whole time thinking "no I don't... I wouldn't do that." I've recently started becoming significantly less tolerant of first person (aka "I smile sheepishly") in stories. I much prefer 3rd person (aka "Sherlock sighed extravagantly") ideally with some degree of subjectivity (character thought/feelings) and anywhere from limited to omniscient view.

Central OCs: I generally don't read stories centered around an OC, because they are overwhelmingly Mary-Sues or there is no logical reason for the character to be there. The main exception is X-men. The universe style of X-Men lends itself gorgeously to OCs, especially movie-verse where there are a lot of students at the mansion, and the self discovery and new power arch is wonderful.

Note to Writers:

If I haven't reviewed for a while it is probably due to the fact that I regularly end up with 100 chapter updates in my email so things get lost in the flood. I will catch up eventually. I also regularly cycle through fandoms so I may be out of that fandom/genre for a while but I will probably be back eventually. If has been significantly over a year... you may be out luck. My tastes have changed a bit, so I'm not touching some of the stuff I used to read with a 10 foot pole. The oldest update in my pile at the moment (with the exception of one outlier) is June 2012.

Also I don't tend to follow authors for exactly the above reason, I get swamped with updates already.

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