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Holy crap, I have a profile!

Okay, okay, settle down.

There's not much to me. I'm a hopeless romantic and idealist in a very nonidealist world. Basically forcing me to be very much the cynic. I come from a big family that I talk about incessantly. In my private fantasies, I would have bazillions of dollars and they'd all come live with me and pursue their own arts and various crafts from the big family compound. Very middle ages. There would be swords, too. Lots of swords. And damsels. Lots of damsels. Mostly to counteract the lack of one in my life at the moment. Got married.

If you're curious, the vital details are: Male, German/Polish family, twenty-five, single, blonde and blue eyed. My interests lie in mostly nerdy subjects. Science Fantasy in the video format, rather than written get me through the day. I've read and love LotR, Wheel of Time, among others. My primary field of study was Star Wars. I've rarely been trumped in the 'in universe' kind of trivia. I never really cared to know ninety percent of the actors that played Ewoks. Star Trek was a passing interest that ran deep, but only thanks to encyclopedias and other secondary and tertiary sources that summarize. I can't quote Kirk or Spock or Janeway or Sisko or Mr. Quantum Leap.

Nonfictional interests lie in computing technology for the masses, history, Religion, military history, history of general warfare, did I say history? I play an RPG weekly to make sure that I'll never be completely accepted into mainstream society, and I find growing up pretty much sucks. I swear I was the only kid NOT trying to be older than my age. I didn't care if you'd lost your virginity at 13, cause dammit, there were cartoons to be watched! They weren't gonna watch themselves! I know you agree.

I can be a pompous ass, but generally only when praising others rather than myself. Having had my growth spurts late, I really don't like embarrassment in any form, whether its me or someone else. In fact, I have a hard time watching it on the TV and in film. When I am offending, the quickest way to a solution is generally a friendly smack upside the head and an explanation: "That's for being an ass." So don't take it personal, I didn't mean it. Odds are I like you, and if you're female, I probably have a crush (see hopeless romantic). That actually goes away after awhile. Weird.

Oh! We're on a fiction site, not a blog. Right.

My writing all began WAY back in the 20th century. Some may not remember it. I do. After getting to college, I roomed with another gamer who started a gaming clan for a classic space fighter sim called X-Wing: Alliance. It was called Strike Force Justice. Thus, I had to join and I started writing. It was awesome. Soon there was a story board for round robin story telling. Which I basically took over. Because I posted everyday rather than every week. So then I wrote 'features' which got posted to the clan website to rave reviews of my squadronmates. The stories were all really wierd, as I incorporated so many things not invented by me into them. I swear, after that, writing for a TV series would be easy. This is all true. - Eddie Izzard

More stories always popped into my head and I tried at one time to edit down all the stuff off of that message board (it was 90 pages in a Word file!). But I left writing behind awhile back, keeping my creative energies for Gamemastering a Star Wars RPG which was not very well written. At all. Horrible. Crashed and burned. Second one was baller.

My current projects include: Return of Strike Force Justice, currently posted on this site. An as yet unnamed Stargate SG-1 story set after the last aired episode. This is in its inception and not ready for anything yet. I don't even have a full chapter done. Else, I have a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I'm writing for the purpose of running it this summer. We played the first part and it was awesome. Too bad I didn't tape record it for writing it down as a story. Ah well. Also baller.

Well, thanks for listening. -Joe


Well, been gone a long time. I joined the Navy. That tends to soak up those extra hours you waste in college studying, drinking, eating, playing games, writing, sleeping. Its been a ride, but now I'm on shore duty, so I have a little time back. I have changed considerably. And hopefully my writing will benefit, rather than suffer.

So, if you keep reading, I'll try to keep writing. I've been reading your stuff basically the whole time. Especially those of you in Crossovers... you know who you are. So I'll keep reading if you keep writing.

-Still Joe

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