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I'm a hardcore Royai fan as you can see from my story list. This lovely couple will never have enough stories. FMA rocks!

Work in progress:


Fullmetal Alchemist

Days Till The Sun Rises - I always wanted to write Roy and Riza as married couple. In my view, their marriage will never be smooth sail. Else, it will just be too easy, don't you think? A/N: Thank you so much for the guest reviews. They mean a lot! I just found out that I have put so much angst into the fic that it is depriving Roy and Riza from interacting with each other. It's going to be that way for some time. But, things are about to get changed soon. :)

To thank my guest reviewer, I managed to write another chapter in 3 days. And, there you go! Chapter 8! More good things are about to come.

Chapter 9 after the 8th! Surprise, surprise. The reviews have been a essential fuel to my ideas. I can tell you this chapter is the pivot point. All chapters before this paved the path so I could write this. I really had lots of fun writing it. More angst and fluff will be pouring in like a broken damp. Stay tuned!

Chapter 10 to 14: You may be wondering why I put Roy and Riza through so much. I agree to the way Arakawa Sensei not making them a couple at the end of the story. Roy and Riza have always been on the mission to rectify their mistakes. It is natural for them to keep their feelings for each other checked. Unless they are willing to put down their burdens, I don't think they will enter into the relationship that we had hoped. It is also not convenient for them to get involved with each other, needless to say marriage.

What if circumstances change and force Roy and Riza to face their buried feelings? This fanfic is there to explore the challenges they may face if they do get married. We know Roy will never give up his ambition even if he reaches the top. As long as he has decided, Riza will definitely follow. And since they are married, I really don't think Riza can continue to be Roy's assistant, but a woman has many ways to help her husband. Moreover, Riza is not Riza if she quits getting involved in Roy's career. Besides, as the leader of his country, Roy will be more likely to gain more enemies than friends. So how do they juggle between family and saving the world, especially when they are going to start a family?

Chapter 15: I really did not expect to bump this fic to M rating. I guess I have read too many Shoujo mangas. Those ideas kept coming to me and I had to incorporate it into this fic. Hope you will like this chapter!

Chapter 16: Roy and Riza's relationship has always been a complicated one. Here, I hope to bring out their conflicting emotions in their marriage.

Chapter 17: Finally done, waiting for your reviews.

Envoy of Love: The True Prince - Lots of ideas in my mind. A prince from Aerugo will spice up Royai, a lot. The challenge is to gauge all three main characters' well enough so as they will lean more towards what were being portrayed in Brotherhood.

I have to say that I'm really surprised that there are still people following this story.

To my guest reviewer, COOLER:

Thanks for the support. The reason this fic is on hiatus is because I have not had time to sit down and plan the plots, as there are comments that the story is confusing. I do have a few ideas, but I need to bridge them together, and if possible, hoping to get the Wow effect.

So, the next update will not be up any time soon.

If you like this fic, please also support Days Till the Sun Rises - my current priority. I'll probably come back to work on Envoy when Days is complete.

Before we met - this story takes place after Retrospect. I'm having major writer-block here. I think I'll continue this story after Right person, wrong place, wrong time is done. Notice: This work is under suspension until further notification

Work completed:

Missing Pieces - Sequel to 'Right person, wrong place, wrong time' or a stand-alone story. I know what you think. Huh! Another death fic! No Royai fan wants Mustang or Hawkeye being dead. I am certainly one of them, mark my word. So please trust a fellow Royai fan on this. No doubt that it is a very agonizing story but it is really worthwhile. For those who are bold enough to read through it, I salute you and thank you for your support!

Right person, wrong place, wrong time - It's time to put an end to this story! Go check out 'Missing Pieces' for future development.

- It is recommended to read 'Right person, wrong place, wrong time' before they read 'Retrospect'.

I'm back - one shot.

Eastern Headquarters' Attraction - Something fun to read.

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