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I decided it's about time to update my info. I've been on fanfiction for over three years, working on an epicly long fanfiction that probably ought to be put in the "crossovers" section, but I feel it goes best in The Legend of Zelda. I'm currently enrolled in my last semester in college and will be graduating in December 2008. I'm a bit older than many others in the fanfic crowd, but I still like to read a wide variety of things from authors young and old to better my writing and help people improve theirs too, if I can.

The reason for this extraordinarily long fan fic with so many characters from so many different games and animes is because I always thought that many characters (Mega Man X, Sonic the Hedgehog, even the Zelda characters sometimes) didn't get the story they deserved. We all know that Mega Man X lacks in the story department in general, and anyone who's even a casual gamer knows that the recent Sonic games have typcially sucked the hardest in that realm (aside from the voice acting for Tails, Big, Cream, Charmy and Vector).

My extremely long fan fic is also a way to teach myself how to write. If you look at the beginning of my story, you'll see that my writing is much different and not nearly as good as many of the later chapters in terms of quality. I've tried out all kinds of genres to find my niche, as well see what I'm good at and what I suck at. It's a long fan fic, but I'd be happy with any compliments or constructive criticisms you may want to give.

As for other info:

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7''

Eye color: Hell, I don't know anymore. They change color more than mood rings.

Hair: Dark Blonde

Hometown: Knox, Maine. USA.

Hobbies other than writing this current fan fic: I like to play the piano, but where I'm student teaching AND tutoring at the same time for a bit of extra , I'm finding little time to do it recently. I do enjoy video games with good stories, many of the crime dramas like CSI and NCIS, and I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend. I wish I had some more time to do other things too, like ride horses, read a bit, and get some more exercise, but student teaching is one really busy time of the year.

Recently I passed the 300,000 word mark on my story: The Legend of Zelda: Rise of the Reploids, which I'm really proud of. I just want more reviews and criticism so I can get better. If you review mine, I'll review yours!!

Coldplay also rules. Seen two of their concerts.

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