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Hello, I'm just a simple woman, who loves to play video games. I'm also a graduate student, who likes to write to get her frustrations out...

Interests: Video Games (duh), Christianity,reading, writing, dolphins, wildlife in general, fencing (the sport), history, Europe, classical music, jazz, knitting, crocheting, among a ton of things.

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Signs, Minority Report, The Incredibles, Schindler's List, Groundhog Day, Bend it Like Beckham, The Bourne Identity, Harry Potter series, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Favorite Books: Basically anything, except graphic horror and trashy romance novels (Okay I lied, any romance novels in general, they're so sappy and fake.) Oh also I despisethe Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, which twists the true meaning of Christianity, into some corporate money making scheme...

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy VII, Xenogears, Star Ocean 2, Guardian's Crusade, Wild Arms, Suikoden 2

Favorite Video Game Characters: Vincent Valentine, Sophia Fatima, Ashton Anchors, Dias Flac, Krelian, Nash Latkje, Clive(Suikoden)

Favorite Quotes:

"Truth is never autheticated by the number of people who adhere to it."

"I don't care for what you're doing, so much as the idiotic way you're doing it.."

~Vincent Valentine

Thoughts on Stories I've written:

Freedom for the Lost Soul: I'm currently writing the epilogue to it right now...I just thought that Clive and Georg would make a great pair (friendship wise) because their personalities are totally opposite from one another and I found it hilarious to write dialogue for the two of them. And yes, the cheesecake scene is one of my personal favorites, along with Clive and Georg's first reunion in the bar. Lena, I felt, was a character that hadn't been developed enough in Suikogaiden and since well she has enough personality for three bit players, I thought that she should be a main character as well.As for her relationshipwith Clive, well I'll let the reader decide... Sasarai, my favorite clergyman in Suikoden, is always so calm, so under control, but you know that underneath it all, he's just a calculating person who always knows what's best for Harmonia, even if it's not popular opinon.Sneaky as all...heh heh.And finally, Nash...well let's just say, who could forget everybody's favorite spy? I just had to include him.

Awakening of the Dawn: This story is going to be a one shot about Franz and Iku, from Suikoden III. I hope to complete it sometime over winter break...

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