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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read my profile.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful reviews:) I enjoy reading them and I am thrilled at the responce that I have recieved for my fanfic. I can't wait to start another one.

To introduce myself, I am an English teacher and I am a huge anime fan. My favorites are GITs, Fantastic Children, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Peacemaker Kurogane, Full Metal Alchemist, Parania Agent, Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo, all of Miyazaki's works, and I love all of Oiishi's works including Jin-Roh, Blood, and Kai-Do-Maru. I just saw A Tree of Palme by one of Miyazaki's main men and I must say it was good. I also have an identical twin sister who is also my own personal editor:)

I have recently seen Fantastic Children--Awesome!!

Escaflowne stinks, sorry.

Currently and always listening to GITS First and 2ND GIG OS. Also listening to Fantastic Children CD--lovely:)

Looking for A Tree of Palme soundtrack. If anyone can tell me where to look for that I would be grateful.

You must read the book After the Long Goodbye, the prequel to Innocence. Its great:) The philosophy concerning the existance of the soul in both cyborgs and animals was fancinating and there was plenty of action. I loved the ending and I intend on reading it again sometime. You should all read it.I promise you will love it:)

I just started another book called The Lost Memory. This book is one of a series of books that takes place during the SAC series. So far, it is pretty good but I just started it so I have not formed an opinion yet:) Sadly, I had to stop reading anything fun because of college:(

I am on volume 4 of Qwan. Waiting for the next volume . . . still waiting.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter vacation. Mine is going good. Much needed R&R.

NEW STORY POSTED!! I posted a short one-shot fic about the night Togusa spent watching Batou's dog during the second GITS film. It's called Just for Tonight. I hope you all enjoy it:)

I have also posted a few things on my account so if anyone is interested in reading some of my original works you can find them under the same name, Kitomi. So far, most of the stuff I have posted is short fiction from my creative writing class, some of my older works, and some poems that I wrote. I am also considering posting a novel lenght fiction that I was going to publish but decided not too.

Again, thanks to everyone for your comments, interests, and especially for your support. I could not have completed my story without all of your help:)

False Memory Syndrome





"False Memory Syndrome" (FMS) is described as a condition in which a person recalls a memory, often of a traumatic experience such as child abuse, which is evidently false, but in which the person strongly believes is true.

"False memory syndrome" is not a scientific term based on years of scientific research, nor is it an actual syndrome. "False Memory Syndrome" is not characterized by false memories, in fact, the "syndrome" may be diagnosed only after the memory becomes so deeply inbedded in the person's mind that it effects the individual's entire personality and lifestyle. "False Memory Syndrome" is terribly destructive because the individual avoids confrontation with the accused family member and avoids any evidence that might challenge the memory. The consequences of "False Memory Syndrome" may result in controversial court cases, bad publicity, and shattered families.

False Memories are created when therapists working with patients with fears often discover evidence of sexual or violent abuse when they attempt regression therapy. It has been discovered that clients who claimed to have relived sexual abuse by a parent when they were very young remembered something that did not happen. Now, if the therapist knows what he is doing, he can project the symptoms of, for example, sexual abuse in a repressed area of childhood. This is how false memories are born.

True memories can be forgotten in cases such as traumatic amnesia, where a real event is forgotten, however regression therapy often leads to the development of fantasies. Many advocates of FMS argue against methods of memory recovery such as regression therapy and hypnotherapy, claiming that therapists and psychiatrists accidentally implant false memories.When therapists attempt regression and hypnotherapy, they often misguide their paiteints and manipulate their fantasies into something that seems real. In the end, their patients beleave that these false memories are actually real.


True Stories of False Memories
by Eleanor Goldstein, Kevin Farmer (July 1993)

Making Monsters : False Memories, Psychotherapy, And Sexual Hysteria
by Richard Ofshe, Ethan Watters (September 24, 1996)

Again, have a great winter everyone:)

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas relating to my stories, please do not hesitate to post a review or send me a message via e-mail. Thank you and happy reading:)

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Togusa thinks that his cyborg partner, Batou, doesn’t understand his responsibility as a family man, but when Batou is mysteriously ghost-hacked; Togusa is left with the burden of caring for Batou's high-maintenance basset hound, but just for one night.
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