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Well now… What can I say about myself? I guess I’m just your average teenage guy who…

… sucks at MATH.

… hates Mondays.

… puts off doing projects for a week (or two)

… can cram like there’s no tomorrow.

… thinks the color Black is COOL.

… lives and breathes music.

… bobs his head up and down to rock vids.

… strums an air guitar while watching said video.

… is a frustrated singer and musician.

… Leaves a shirt (or two) lying around my room.

… gets scolded by mother dearest for said shirt(s).

… dreams of owning a Ferrari someday

… drives dad’s car without a license.

… denies the mysterious dents on said car.

… Wishes he wouldn’t have to age another day. (Don’t we all?)

… Wants to stay a kid FOREVER.

… is all set for NEVERLAND.

… Discovered in 5th grade that girls were… pretty neat.

… Had his first schoolboy crush on the cute girl in the third row.

… Had more than his fair share of heartbreaks.

… Met the girl of his dreams five years later.

… Found true love for the very first time.

… Felt what it was like to lose himself in the sweetest embrace.

... knows how it feels like to have his heart b r o k e n in half.

… spends his days thinking about what could have been.

… spends his evenings listening to sappy love songs.

… takes lonely walks in the pouring rain.

… whispers his secrets into the dreary night sky.

… wishes that he could be with her just one last time


On this quiet rainy evening in May, I decided to revamp my profile :D Thanks for putting up with that random drabble I came up with. And yes, I have been heartbroken. Guess what? Time doesn't heal. That's bullcrap.

Oops. Haha. Well anyway, onto my info:

(X) NAME: Its MARCO. I don't mind giving out my real name, because its not like one of you people would suddenly start stalking me or anything XD My other name (in another language) is FANG. Use whichever one you like.

(X) AGE: 19 + 1 x 4 + 10 - 71 = my age. Do the math. (If you really want to know.)

(X) HEIGHT: I stand two inches short of six feet.

(X) RACE: Chinese

(X) LOCATION: Manila, Philippines. (Soon to change. We're migrating.)

(X) HOBBIES: Okay. I'll elaborate a bit more on this.

--> Eating: I eat FIVE square meals a day. XD Go figure.

--> Bodybuilding: I've been at it 5 times a week for 2 years now. I guess you could say that I'm "buffer" than the average guy. But definitely NOT the Schwarzenegger type. That guy is ripped.

--> Daydreaming: Yep, I daydream a LOT! This is when I usually think of ideas for my stories :D

--> Sleeping: Ahh, yes. The time of day when I'm not bound by reality (or the Laws of Physics for that matter). Then I can go to Konoha and be a shuriken-throwing, jutsu-using, toad-summoning, butt-whooping ninja, kill Sasuke, marry Ino, have lots of blonde, blue-eyed, mind-walking babies and live happily ever after. XD

--> Writing: One thing in common that I share with everyone at FF.net :D


--> Rain: It doesn't matter whether its a light drizzle or a strong downpour. I LOVE rain. I love it twice as much if there's a nice thunderstorm that comes along with it. I don't believe that staying out in the rain will make you sick. It has been like a dear friend to me over the years. It comes along every once in a while to wash away the prickly heat of the summer - and the pain of losing my first love. :c Funny how it always seems to rain whenever I think about her...

--> Sunsets: I love the hour when day turns to night. Watching the twilight can be so peaceful and inspiring... and romantic. Haha.

--> Fast cars: Driving at 120kph really sends your adrenaline pumping and makes you feel alive... But you won't be for long if you're not careful. :P Buckle up, people! May MMDA! XD

--> Music: I listen to all kinds of music. (Except oldies. I really can't stand them.) My favorite artists (by order) include Justin Timberlake, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ne-Yo, Linkin Park and Avril Lavigne. I also enjoy listening to Korean and Japanese pop.

--> Traveling: I consider this one of life's greatest joys. I love every minute of it - going through the airport, sitting giddily on the plane, waiting for 16 hours while tinkering with the in-flight entertainment, and the thrill of not knowing what to expect when you land. To date, I have been to five different countries outside of the Philippines. New Zealand is the best! :D

--> Animals: Especially DOGS. OMG. I have a cute little chihuahua who means the world to me :D Problem is, he can be too, uh, horny, at times... This poor guy still doesn't have a mate. Any takers out there? XP

~~~~Okay. 'Nuff said. :D If you managed read up to this point, then I thank you for your slight interest in li'l ol' me. :) I only see myself writing Naruto fics for the moment, as I can only obsess over one anime at a time. Now let us talk about story pairings:


Unlike a lot of people, I don't dislike or oppose any pairing. My reason for this is because all of the characters, like it or not, DO have a small chance of ending up with any other character of the opposite gender. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of making an unlikely couple end up together. (think ShikaHina, KakaIno, GaaSaku, even OrochiSaku. O_O)

HOWEVER. One thing I cannot stand is YAOI. I'm sorry, but it seems so... unnatural. Just the thought of two grown men glomping each other in bed is enough to make me hurl. @_@ (My McDonalds' double cheeseburger almost "came back from the abyss" halfway through Brokeback Mountain) Ugh. -_-;

I have nothing against Yaoi-loving people, though. If you happen to like Yaoi, we can still be friends. But please don't expect me to like it.

BUT! YURI is different. Haha. ~Grins sheepishly~ Honestly. What normal, healthy male wouldn't like to see two beauties going at each other like hellcats? :P

My favorite pairings include:

~NejiHina (I know, its incestuous. But you've got to admit, they do make a darn cute couple! :D I can relate somewhat too... teehee XD)

~SasuHina (She, the innocent, well-bred, painfully shy maiden. He, the lusty, cocky, hotblooded avenger. One word. HOTT! XD)

~NaruSaku (We all know that bastard doesn't deserve her. Sakura's clearly better off with Naruto.)

~SakuIno (This is so... WRONG. Sizzlin' hott though. XD)

--to be cont'd--


Who Cut the Cheese? Sillyfic, dated back during Naruto's Academy years. Someone has unleashed a killer fart inside the classroom, and it's up to the girls to find out who.

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