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Hey to whoever is reading this, to clear some things up, I am Random Reno Fangirls 05, I am Blue Kitsune's little sister, I have been gone for a long time because life got in the way and such, but I'm back, although I'm very different now.

For those of you who were interested in my absence, these are the main reasons:

1. School: Self-explainitory

2. I enrolled in Modeling School and classes were on Saturdays rendering Sunday my only open day.

3. My laptop broke and it contained all my work and so all that work is gone.

4. I went through The All-American Rejects phase and it caused me to lose interest in reading and writing fanfiction.

5. I'm lazy, and when lazy people lose interest in something, they tend to forget it for a long time.

6. I became a Survivor and The Amazing Race fanatic, but by being one it caused my spark to go off again in liking writing & reading fanfiction, only there was the problem that there is no Survivor/The Amazing Race section so I wrote for my own satisfaction.

Anyways, the important thing I'm back and ready to type stories, now to move on to the unimportant, worthless info:

Name: I'd really tell you that...just call me Pretzel, everyone at school does.

Location: On a chair in my house

Height: 5'0...hurray for midgets.

Hair: Blonde (naturally), Red (Currently dyed) hence my new name 'Red is the new Blonde'

Age: 14

Interests: Movies, reading, writing, listening to music, hanging out, eating, drawing, you know, the normal stuff teenagers do (with the exception of readiong and writing, they avoid that like it's the plauge.)


Bands/Artists: The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Angels and Airwaves, Yellowcard, The Like, Hellogoodbye, Sugarcult, Bowling for Soup, Hawthorne Hights, Pussycat Dolls, Blink 182, Simple Plan, Panda, Belanova, Shakira, Daniel Powter, Martina McBride, Kelly Clarkson, and Diego Gonzalez.

Movies: House of Wax (2005), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Cheaper by the Dozen, War of the Worlds (2005), Wedding Crashers, Adam Sandler movies, The Hot Chick, The Animal, Meet The Parents/Fockers, Just Married, Just Friends, Dude, Where's My Car? It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Rat Race, The Ring, Duplex, Child's Play, Mean Girls, K-Pax, Date Movie, Scary Movie 1-4, Totally Blonde, Monster-in-Law, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Books: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Friend, Practical Demon Keeping, Island of the Sequined Love Nun, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and...hmm, I can't think of many more.

Mangas/Animes: Naruto, Fruits Basket, Vampire Games, Pet Shop of Horrors, Trigun, Ayisha no Ceres, Dragonball Z, and Sensual Phase.

Shows: Drake & Josh, Supernatural, Survivor, The Amazing Race, CSI, CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, CSI: Las Vegas (the funny thing is, I don't know any of the characters names, I just watch it for the case), Close to Home, Ghost Whisperer, and The Nanny.

Type of fanfiction: Humor, Drama, and Romance.

Games: Final Fantasy series, Mario Party series, Mario series, Star Fox series, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash like that.

Favorite pairings:


Reno/Aeris - Love this couple, my favorite actually, it's just so freaking cute! Too bad it's rare, I mean I could see it working, pre-death of course, I mean Reno wasn't trying very hard to catch her so maybe he purposly let Aeris escape.And imagine Aeris trying to tame Reno, so cute.

Cloud/Aeris - Meh, chemistry was there.

Tifa/Aeris - They're best friends, maybe they could've become more, plus since Cloud ignored the both of them and they didn't seem to mind, why not get with each other?

Reno/Tifa - Smexiest thing since sliced more needs to be said.

Vincent/Tifa - Read ReTi, plus I think they compliment each other well since they both are kind of rejected by their lovers.

Elena/Tifa - It could work! Seriously, it's just a female version of VinTi if you think about it: Tseng pays no attention to Elena; Cloud pays no attention to Tifa, plus I think they would have more understanding about each others feelings because, I know it sounds a bit sexist (trust me I'm not) but girls are usually more sensative and touchy feely.

Rufus/Tifa - Second favorite pairing...I don't even remember why I like it, but I know it's great when written well, and it's HOT, what other reason do you need?

Rude/Tifa - Aww, he's kinda shy and so is she, but I can see it working and maybe Tifa can get him out of his shell a little bit.

Rude/Elena - No idea why, but I think their adorable.

Tseng/Elena - Canonish

Scarlet/Elena - Why do all the ShinRa boys get paired up with each other but there is no love for Elena? Or Scarlet for that matter? They'd be a pretty comedic couple if you think about it.

Reeve/Scarlet - I never thought this would work till I read 'I Tried' and it was a side couple and then I dug up a bunch of cute doujinshis, Scarlet definatly wears the pants in this relationship.

Reeve/Tseng - Both similar personalities, cool, calm, collected, and intellingent, could definatly see them getting along well

Rufus/Reno - Rufus is sophisticated, Reno's casual. Reno is wild and spontaneous, Rufus is strict and to the book. Rufus is calm and collected, Reno is laid-back and unorganized. I think Rufus could tame Reno and Reno could loosen Rufus up.

Vincent/Yuffie - Vinnie needs a ball of sunshine in his life and that sunshine is Yuffie!

Cid/Vincent - You can't tell me you didn't find their interraction in the game hilarious, even Vincent cracked jokes at Cid, VINCENT! He's just the opposite of Lucrecia and I think thier great for each other.

Cid/Elena - Didn't think this would work till I wrote 'The Abused and The Abuser' and realized how similar Elena was to Shera and thought it could work.

Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud - Pre-FFVII, I mean, Cloud/Zack/Seph must've been tight, and who knows how tight they were...or maybe that's my inner yaoi fangirl talking...yeah, it's definatly the latter.


Squall/Rinoa - Canon! I think their my favorite FF pairing ever, she helped him out of his shell, something that no one else could do and Rinoa finally grew up around him, and he risked his friggin life for sweet and cute.

Seifer/Quistis - Quistis could tame Seifer in a minute with that whip of hers, I thought they had quite a bit of chemistry actually.

Seifer/Fujin - Read a fanfic, liked it, plus Fujin's words at the end were rather...err...deep and far from what I expected her to say considering you know she'd only yell two word or so.

Seifer/Selphie - Lol, opposites attract, reminds me of Yuffentine in a strange way.

Irvine/Selphie - Canon...

Zell/Library Girl - I wish she had a name, canon.

Laguna/Raine - Canon.

Caraway/Juilia - Canon


Zidane/Garnet - Canon

Steiner/Beatrix - the love letter was the most hilarious thing ever, I literally died of laughter reading the whole thing.


Tidus/Yuna - Tuna! Sorry, just wanted to say that cause it's funny, canon.

Auron/Rikku - Canonish if you own the international/japanese version.

Gippal/Rikku - Canon!

Wakka/Lulu - Canon!

Chappu/Lulu - Canon! (Holy crap, I like all the canon pairings of FFX)

Auron/Lulu - Compliment each other really well.

(Mario series)

Luigi/Daisy - No comment

Mario/Peach - No comment


Sora/Kairi - Canon

Riku/Kari - Eh, I'll read it but won't write it.

Riku/Sora - I dunno, Sora was pretty desprate to find Riku as much as Kari if not maybe more because he asked for Riku alot more often.

Squall(Leon)/Aerith - Reminds me of Squinoa, plus Aerith is understanding and patient and I think they get along nicely.

Cloud/Aerith - Obviously if I listed it in FFVII it's going to be here.

Sephiroth/Cloud - Read Clorith.

Squall(Leon)/Rinoa - When people actually manage to pull this off nicely and write Rinoa in well, I think she actually might be in KHIII judging from the letter he recieved, also Rinoa's Nomura's favorite lead girl, so I'm sure she'll wander in eventually.

Usual canon Disney couples.

(Harry Potter)

Harry/Cho - Dammit, she's the only girl I like with Harry and I am a Cho fan, I just like to think Cho was overwhelmed and a bit traumatized and messed up and Harry should give her a second chance when she's over it.

Ron/Hermione - Their love is so obvious it's painful.

(House of Wax)

Wade/Carly - Canon, and Wade rocked, he was hot with Carly. I personally think he should've lived and got on with his life with Carly, just from the way they talked in the museum you could tell Wade really cared for Carly and she really wanted him with her in New York, and if Nick let Carly stay when she saw Wade in wax she probably would've broke down.

Dalton/Carly - Dalton did admit to crushing on Carly and she did like him.

Blake/Paige - Alright, I admit, Blake and Paige probably had the worst back story and character devlopment out of all eight characters, hell, we learned more about Vincent than them.

Nick/Paige - They could work in some way, not sure how, but I could see it happening, they are opposites.


Sam/Sarah - God, I lurve this couple so much. Sarah is perfect for Sam! She's sophisticated, intelligent, and she calls Sam on his angsty "You could get hurt by being around me" shtick, by saying setting him straight with her "And tomorrow I could get hit by a bus, that's what life is." arguement that he can't control life and death situations aka 'Whatever happens, happens.' They had a lot of chemistry too, and I liked her character, she doesn't try acting like she's not afraid, she admitted she was scared as hell, but she also didn't run and hide. I really think Sarah could straighten Sam out with his habit of making bad desicsions when it came to relationships.

Dean/Layla - Am I the only one who noticed that Dean hesitated when the Reaper came after him? Obviously Dean liked Layla, and he didn't put up an effort to run away from the Reaper, part of me tells me he didn't move because he liked Layla alot and figured she deserved to live more than him, damn, he was willing to die for her! They also had wonderful chemistry and Dean talking about praying for her when he's not much of a prayer was sweet. Plus he was so damn guilty about stealing three of Layla's chances at life.

Dean/Cassie - I bet she kicked Dean to the curb a few times, (she really hit the nail on the head with her rant about him pushing her away when they got close.) and I see where she's coming from, if my boyfriend told me he hunted ghosts for a living and needed to go on a hunting trip with his dad, I'd think he was crazy and trying to make up a strange excuse to break up with me, so I don't blame her.

(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Charlie/Veruca - I dunno why I like it, it's really a true example of opposites attract; Veruca was never mean to Charlie either, she just ignored him (which isn't nice, but it's a step above from being rude to him.) Too bad there is no fic that has this as the main pairing, it's usually just a side couple in Mike/Violet stories.

Mike/Violet - Lol, I think it's Mike's 'I'm smarter than you' attitude and Violet's 'I'm better than you' atittiude that makes these two mesh so well, and it's quite popular.

(Drake & Josh)

Josh/Mindy - Eh, I'll just read it never really write it.

(Fruits Basket)

Yuki/Tohru - Like Yuki way better with Tohru than Kyo, Tohru's got some self-esteem issues and Yuki usually lifts her spirts and Tohru makes Yuki feel secure, unlike Kyo who accidentally downs her.

Kyo/Kagura - Face fact, Kagura is never going to let Kyo go, maybe if he gave her a second chance he'd like her, I mean apparently they got along well as children and all Kagura is trying to do is protect him (although she is insanly over protective and a control freak)

Haru/Rin - Stupid, stupid Rin to suddenly dump Haru for Shigura, Haru went freaking black for her, he must've really cared.

Hiro/Kisa - As much as I loath Hiro I adore Kisa way more and yes, they suffer from puppy love, Hiro makes mistakes when it comes to his mouth/attitude, but his heart's in the right place and his intentions mean well.

Kureno/Uo - Canon, I haven't read much more on them but I found their relationship comical and I like fics about them.


Naruto/Sakura - I used to despise Sakura, but after the three years, I like her, and I love her with Naruto, they just look adorable together and has quite a good chance of becoming canon.

Sasuke/Ino - It won't happen in a million years I know, but it's so unique, unlike all those SasuSaku stories, yes, Ino's a bit concieted/shallow, but she really changed since being with Choji and Shikamaru, besides I think SasuIno is adorable. And haven't you noticed when Ino glomps Sasuke (twice in the anime, once in the manga) he doesn't say anything? Yes he gives her a look, but he never complains, says 'Get off,' or call her annoying, yet when Sakura just tries to talk to him, he immediatly calls her annoying. And Ino calls Sasuke "Hers" while her arm is around him and he doesn't say a word, we're never given any indication that Sasuke likes Ino, but nothing is suggested that he doesn't like Ino either. Ino can also keep Sasuke in line because she's very dominate and brutally honest, she doesn't take crap from anyone, so she can call Sasuke on his.

Sasuke/Hinata - I blame a Hinata/Neji fanart I found, Neji looked like Sasuke and my mind literally went 'WTF? Sasuke/Hinata?' The more I thought about it, the more I thought they compliment each other, both are quiet and like their alone time and I can see them respecting each other like that. I know opposites attract, but people who are alike attract each other too (I know Hinata likes Naruto, but he's too overwhelming I think, I mean, she nearly faints when he talks to her and he's completely oblivious to her crush on him). And I imagine Sasuke would want to strengthen his blood-line, so going with Hinata would creat quite a nice combo.

Shikamaru/Temari - So obvious it's painful.

Neji/Tenten - Read above.


Trunks/Marron - SQUEE! So cute and loveable, much better than Trunks/Pan (Pan = Most annoying girl in GT). Plus imagine the strain they'd put on Vegeta and 18 if they became in-laws, it'd be hilarious!

Goten/Marron - Pretty much same as above, they are just way too cute. Hah, maybe they should just fuse into Gotenks and give her a kiss.

Krillin/18 - Canon (And Juuhachi is my fave female)

Goku/Chi Chi - Canon

Gohan/Videl - Canon

Vegeta/Bulma - Someone who puts the guy in his place, woo! (PS - Has anyone noticed all the woman are very dominate over their husbands? I find it odd considering they're the strongest men on Earth and yet their mates overrun them.)

Crossover DBZ-Sailor Moon:

Juunanagou(Android 17)/Minako - God, they are adorable, they belong together, complete opposites and I can see it work; the gorgeous Minako with all the love she has to give... And poor in dire need of happiness Juunana, needing all the love she has to offer. Aw! Of course she COULD get intimidating, especially to a guy that barley interacts with humans...but hey, he needs some love and who better than Minako? Venus, Miss Love and Beauty herself! Or they can have a love hate thing going on, he pokes fun at Minako (calls her a ditz or something) and she points out his flaws just as well (Juu-chan's very odd addiction to driving, Juu to a car is like a pyro to fire, just can't keep 'em seperated for long).

Yamcha/Makoto - CUUUUTTTTEEEEEE! For some reason I can totally see it happening!

Juunana/Rei - O.o, imagine their overbarring personalities, Rei would constantly nag at him till he snaps and when 17 does, Rei will fight back and Juunana's ego would be dented by a human, a teenage girl at that! Plus they're very asthetically pleasing.

Gohan/Rei - Also very adorable, it's actually a bit like Gohan/Videl because Rei's pretty tough herself and that's what attracted Goohan to her.

Trunks/Usagi - This pairing has been literally been done too death (Usagi's paired with everyone, and so is Trunks, I mean I love Usagi and Trunks, but I wanna read about the other scouts and other guys og DBZ) it's cute. Plus there's so much fanart of it you can't help but think it's adorable.

Mamoru/Marron - When she's older peeps, older, like in GT, I can just see it happening you know? Marron's your typical girl that looks like she'd go off to college and meet someone like Mamoru there and become friends...then more, plus Mamo-chan can make fun of her pigtails, and maybe 18 can beat some fashion sense into him to ditch the ugly puke-green colored jacket.

(Vampire Games)

Darres/Ishtar - They've got a love hate relationship (well, at least in Darres' case) but Ishtar's so into him, and she just gets in trouble to see him which makes me squee at how cute (yet incredibly desprate/stupid) it is.

Duzzel/Ishtar - Duzzel got some feelings for her, it's more one-sided, but it's pretty cute.

Kari/Jill - They are hilarious together, reminds me of Cid/Vinnie (I still don't know if Jill is a boy or a girl though, because sometimes Jill's refered to as she, but sometimes he.)

Pairings I don't like:


Reno/Elena - God I can't stand this pairing, makes no sense to me. All Elena did was annoy him and drive him crazy (and vice-versa), she's too into Tseng and Reno's too into 'living the moment'.

Reno/Yuffie - Another pairing that drives me crazy, they never even interracted for god's sake! And Yuffie's like Elena (if not worse) and Reno would end up baby-sitting her rather than dating her...Reffies leave bad tastes in my mouth, but I have stumbled across a few very well written one's that actually manage to make me forget I hate it.

Cloud/Tifa - No idea why, but CloTi just doesn't appeal to me, she sort of sounded like she was black mailing Cloud with their 'promise' and she ignored him until after he leaves and by then it's too late.

Sephiroth/Aeris - Well, I think this one's a bit obvious, he impaled her and killed her, I don't see how this could possibly lead to love, yes, Aeris is forgiving and understanding, but c'mon, the guy killed her! Hoe this pairing became popular is beyond me.

Red XIII/Anything - Beastiality isn't nice O.O

Cait Sith/Anthing - Doing it with a robot I think is worse 0_-


Squall/Quistis - "Go talk to a wall." Yup, I can feel the love...not.

Seifer/Squall - Rivals, they have a grudging respect for each other but that's it.


Squall(Leon)/Yuffie - Ahh, I hate this blasted pairing that floods the KH section, Yuffie's too young and immature for him, I don't think she understands him that well, I mean yes, they both went through the terror of losing their world, but I think Squall/Leon might've lost more (possibly Rinoa his love, but I dunno) so she can't even begin to understand his pain..


17 (Juunanagou)/Anyone - (This is limited to the DBZ world, I can see him with people in crossovers) Seriously, he's too full of pride, egotistic, and he's a loner to like anyone but his sis (and only brother-sister love). I just can't see him with anyone. Bra? Vegeta would beat the crap out of him, and 17 hates Vegeta anyways, plus he's nearly three times Bra's age or so, I know 'love knows no boundries' but Juunana is 46 in GT, you have to draw the line somewhere. Marron? My lord, Juunana is her uncle, I think 18 would set him straght if she saw that her brother was psycho enough to date his niece, I mean, he's crazy but not pedophiler incest crazy. Pan? Once more, I can't see it happening, 17 is three times and one year Pan's age (again, he's 46, she's 15, by the time she's 21, he's 52), and her being the grandaughter of Goku only makes it worse. The only possibility I can possibly see is Videl, but it's slim to none.

Pan/Trunks - AHHHHH! PAN! MOST WHINEY CHARACTER IN GT WITH GAY!COWBOY!TRUNKS! -Ahem- Sorry, just can't stand Pan, I liked her in DBZ but after watching GT, regardless of the fact that it isn't canon, her character is forever tainted and Pan/Trunks is just too...weird and akward, it'd be like dating your uncle/niece. Goten should of gone with Goku and Raid-17's-wardrobe!Trunks.

Goten/Bra - Ermm, again, it gives me that wrong dating your uncle/niece vibe...

Goten/Paresu - -twitch- Paresu rubs me the wrong way...she doesn't even know how to eat a burger and ice cream. She's too naive.

Yaoi/Yuri pairings - Yaoi and Yuri's good...just not in least to me it's sort of weird.


Sasuke/Sakura - MY GOD! I loathe this pairing with a firey passion, with the burning intensity of a million suns. It is completely unoriginal and redundent, and not only that, it's ONE-SIDED! (Well, so is SasuIno, but I don't go around calling it canon) Everyone claimes it's canon, maybe I'm blind, but the only thing I noticed is that Sakura has an undying love for Sasuke, and it's not even the real's her freaking image of perfection Sasuke! Yes, I will not deny that Sasuke admits Sakura and Naruto are precious to him, but everyone immediatly goes WOMFG! SASUKE SAID SAKURA IS PRECIOUS TO HIM, HE MUST LURVE HER! Uh, hello, he said Naruto is precious to him too and I'm pretty sure Sasuke doesn't want to jump in the sack with him and confess that he's loved him since he kissed him. Sasuke in my opinion sees Sakura as a sister and protects her like one, he called her annoying, granted, after the time jump she isn't anymore, but Sasuke doesn't know that, plus I think after being around Orochimaru for so long, I think Sasuke's turned asexual, and before you bring up that he wants to restore the Uchiha clan, he can do that with ANY WOMAN, all he'd have to do is screw the woman, you do not need to love someone to have a baby last I checked, besides, to restore the Uchiha clan, Sasuke would need alot of woman, not just one...actually, I'd also find it quite ironic/funny if Sasuke only hooks up with Sakura to reproduce only to find out he's sterile or Sakura's barren. Sorry for the etereamly wrong rant but I just hate SasuSaku, all the plots are the same, and I also think Sasuke's 'Thank You' means for your friendship, nothing more, I'm sure he'd say the same to Naruto.

(Harry Potter)

Harry/Ginny - I wouldn't mind this pairing so much if it didn't come out of the blue, I seriously think JKR did a terrible job of developing this relationship, out of nowhere Harry just suddenly likes Ginny, the-shy-starstrucked-girl-turned-into-the-gal-everyone-lusts-after-out-of-nowhere! I mean, Ginny is like a sister to Harry, he suddenly likes her and no explaination is given, and it'd complicate things when it came to Ron, if they had an arguement, Ron was going to take Ginny's side. I just don't like it, it was rushed, and JKR made it so she could have a James-Lily redux. So glad they broke up though.

Ron/Lavander - Another OMFG WTF? pairing, completely out of nowhere, so Lavander just runs up to Ron and snogs him and thats it? JKR should just avoide romance all together.

Crabbe/anyone - Seriously, I don't think this needs any explaination O.O

Goyle/anyone - See above O.O;

(House of Wax)

Nick/Carly - Ewww, incest, and their twins too, I thought Elisha and Jared looked cute together...or maybe I just hate Chad. I mean, I understand there was some chemistry on-screen (and it was only on screen too, if you watch the commentary B-roll thingy, Chad just sits there brooding with Paris and Jared and Elisha have a good time trying to get into it and have some chemistry off-screen), but c'mon, I don't think any naughty thoughts were running through either of their heads about undressing each other, besides, Carly was too busy freaking out about Wade every five minutes, she kept randomly bringing him up at the most unexpected times.


Sam/Jess - I have no idea why, but I hate Jessica, she annoys me for some reason and my first impression of her from Pilot was that she was a bit slutty (her nurse costume), and she seemed kind of ditzy. Not only that, but because Jess had no develpoment, I didn't feel bad at all when she died, I was actually happy with her dying, no chemistry between Jessica and Sam either.

Dean/Sam - O.O; They're brothers and they don't even have chemistry unlike Carly and Nick. Eh, but what can you do, slash is going to be everywhere.

(Drake & Josh)

Drake/Josh - Incest...sorta, maybe not by blood, but they are related via marriage.

(All pairings)

insert any character/OC - the OC is usually an annoying Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu, I don't mind OC/OC cause hey, it ain't chapping my ass cause they're not canon.

My writing is not the best but I am working on it, type of work people used to expect from me was humor, but now I'm trying really hard to transition to romance and drama with bits of humor. Anyways, I always appreciate constructive criticism.
Fiction summaries, status on updation, next chapter summary, and pairings:

Trapped! (FFVII) - Summary: Big time random insane fanfic. I never expected it to become "Laugh Out Loud" funny, but according to my reviewers they all laugh at the randomness and stupidity. Anyways, almost all of the FFVII cast (even Scarlet, Palmer, Reeve, and Hedigger) go live in amansion cause they lost their homes for some reason. When they arrive they all get locked in with Vincent. Loads of random things happen due to my muse/OC Sandy Mikage who happens to be one of the characters of the fic. It's all chaos, randomness, and insanity, need I say more? Status: Do not fear my fellow reviewers and fans of this fic, I have not abandoned it! I've just been busy and haven't updated for a long ass time, so I'm still alive! Chapter 7.5 is in the process, and after I update it I think this fic will go on hold. Upcoming Chapter Summary: The video tape as to why Rude is afraid of snakes, Sandy makes a bet with Elena of a million gil that they can't cross the swamp, Elena gains nothing from the million dollars she wins because dollars isn't their currency, Scarlet falls down a going up escalator virtually having a never ending fall, Tseng crossdresses and Reeve falls in love with him, everyone is cheating on each other, Sandy and Rude play the silent game, and Elena gets drunk and attempts to take over the world with an army of rabid geese. Pairings: None, unless you count one of my future chapters where Sandy, Reno, and Rufus get locked in a room and they say things that sound wrong to people on the other side of the door...actually there's a tad bit of random pairings but thay ain't even romantic.

Reborn (FFVII) - Summary: My newest project, humor/romance fic that is sane. All of the previous main characters people who died, with the exception of Vincent (who I personally think died when Hojo shot him cosidering Nomura said Vincent doesn't age) have been reborn, as chibis eith a few animal like features! Now they end up living with the people who accidentally stumbled upon them, and they wish to remain a secret. During the chibis' stay their roommate has learned they have two forms, but why they are alive remains a mystery to them, and why they wish to remain secret. What is the connection as to why they are alive again, and why do they want to be kept a secret? Status: Not started yet on chapter four, going to wait for a few more weeks. Upcoming Chapter Summary: Don't know what I'm going to type about yet, so far Aeris going shopping has the most votes. Pairings: Loads, we've got Shoujo-Ai, Shounen-Ai, and hetro pairings, they are; Cid/Vincent, Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack, Aeris/Reno, Rufus/Tifa, Elena/Tifa, Scarlet/Elena, and Reeve/Tseng.

Missing You (FFVII) - Summary: Which has got to be the worst and most cliched title XD My first one shot that I did for Halloween, it's rather bittersweet actually and I think it's the best thing I've ever written. Anyways, the ShinRa company has it's Halloween celebration and this time AVALANCHE is invited. Reno goes because he sees it as an opportunity to see her one last time. Pairings: Reno/Aeris

The Abused and The Abuser (FFVII) - Summary: This was a challange requested from Cueball. Anyways, Elena looks back on the way she's treated and fed up with and decides to grow a back bone, while Cid reflects on the way he's abused people with his harsh words and when he meets Elena he's truely amazed at how much she reminds him of Shera, and how she wants to escape it all. I'm thinking about writing a follow-up but I'm not sure. Pairings:Cid/Elena

Kissed By A Rose (VII) - Summary: This fic was inspired by SlowGraffiti's Stained Halo, It's an AU story of what I think might 've happened if Aeris wasn't taken in by Elmyra. She ends up getting taken in by the Shinra family (who is broken apart so technically she lives with Rufus and Mrs. Shinra) and lives under their roof for her saftey, the only thing that keeps her safe from Hojo's and President Shinra's clutches is Mrs. Shinra (who I named Sirenia, she needed a name) and Rufus. It's basically a drama/romance of what her life is like living and working for ShinRa, it's Aeris centric mainly. Staus: Chapter one is up .Upcoming Chapter Summary: I'm thinking about it having Aeris think about the few things that happened to her over the years, she's been with the Shinras for approximately 3 years or so. Pairings: Reno/Aeris, Rufus/Tifa. and hints of Tseng/Elena, now you all are probably wondering what the hell do Reno, Tseng, Elena, and Tifa have to do with the story right? Well, you'll just have to find out now won't you?

Capital Vices (Supernatural) - Summary: This idea has been running around in my head for a while, it's a Mystery/Supernatural genre story, also, I'm fully aware that my title sucks, but I needed something so I googled it, anyways, basic story is this: A string of random deaths have occured in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, but there's no prints, proof, or evidence that they are murder, so the police dubbed the deaths accidental or suicidal. Sam and Dean on the other hand think differently and decide to check it out for themselves to find out who or what is killing these people while they're there. Staus: I just put chapter one up, the death of one citizen, like it's a prologue or something. Upcoming Chapter Summary: Sam and Dean head over to Gettysburg and do some research and attempt to find connections between any of the victims and ask around to get some background info on the victims. Pairings: NONE! Totally against Sam and Dean with anyone unless it's canon.

If Love's a Word That You Say, Say It, I'll Listen (House of Wax) - Summary: Total lame title, but I was listening to Angels and Airwaves so that line kept going off in my head. Anyways, basically an AU story that's college-verse. Carly meets Wade in her second year and she falls pretty damn hard for him, except she thinks Wade sees her as a friend or does he? And he too begins to question his feelings towards Carly. Staus: Fourth chapter; Suppose to be fun? Not a Punishment? now up. Upcoming Chapter Summary: Carly wakes up in what appears to be a strangers bed and panics at first. Pairings: Wade/Carly and teeny-tiny bits of Blake/Paige, might even incooperate one way Dalton/Carly.

One Moment (House of Wax) - Summary: Sometimes reality is just one big hallucination and your so wrapped up and trapped in your nightmares that you don't know what to believe. Sometimes, reality isn't really real. Pairings: Wade/Carly

Fics in the process of writing:

Not Your Average Fairy-Tale: (FFVII) - Summary: This is some fic I've been dying to write, an AU FFVII where Aeris is a princess and has an arranged marriage to marry Cloud so they can have a treaty between the two kingdoms and work together to defeat the enemy kingdom. Except just before the cerimony the enemy attacks and Aeris is kidnapped, yaddy yaddy ya, she wakes up in the other castle, tries to escape, but she's caught by a knight which just so happens to be Tifa. Tifa makes an agreement to travel with Aeris to her home, and along the way they might some pretty interesting friends. Status: Written in a notebook, no ide when I'll start typing, I probably will soon once I start some other fics. Pairings: This is NOT a Cloris story, this is Yuri/Shoujo-Ai that's Tifa/Aeris and maybe some hints of prior Tifa/Elena.

Eat At Your Own Risk: (FFVIII) - Summary: An FFVIII Humor/General one-shot. Rinoa has no cooking skills and would like to learn so she could cook for Squall even though he says it's okay if she doesn't know how. Laguna decides to teach Rinoa but when she makes Squall dinner he ends up getting food poisening from her cooking. Status: Something I type in my spare time so I have no clue when it'll be finished. Pairings: Squall/Rinoa light fluff.

50 First Dates: (Drake & Josh) -Summary: Just to be clear, despite the titles name, there is absolutely NO ROMANCE. Got it? Good. Anyways, Josh makes a bet with Drake that he can't have 50 dates with a different girl each date, Drake says otherwise and that he can, thus the bet is started, with a catch, Josh picks the girls Drake has to date, and Josh just so happens to pick girls that drive Drake up the wall. WIll Drake crack and quit, or endure the insanity? If it all goes well I might make a sequel to this. Status: It's written on a notebook, so I dunno when I wanna type it up.Pairings: None, like I said, it's just humor, than Drake/random girls, which I don't count as an actual pairing

Phew, lotta fics I gotta get done, and those who are interested in the one's coming soon, look out for them cause they'll be up sometime.
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

ExSOLDIER Tifa by Bara Aozora reviews
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Final Fantasy VII - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 107,561 - Reviews: 105 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 33 - Updated: 12/21/2016 - Published: 12/25/2005 - Tifa L., Elena
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Final Fantasy Naruto by Blue Kitsune reviews
During the battle with Sasuke and Naruto, Naruto gets killed and before he dies, Kyuubi teleports him and Naruto to a different Dimension, another time where Naruto is reborn into Spira!Only thing is Naruto is born as a girl and called Naruya.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 61,337 - Reviews: 305 - Favs: 203 - Follows: 199 - Updated: 3/28/2007 - Published: 3/26/2005 - Naruto U.
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If Love's a Word That You Say, Say it, I'll Listen reviews
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