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Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, then weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Tsuyu Mikazuki, WeaselChick, Revenant666

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.

Real Name: Stephen (everyone calls me Ste).

Height: 5' 10".

Weight: around and I still wont tell you.

Nickname: Sflong. (Friend was being lazy and compressed first 2 initials with last 4 letters of surname).

Species: Disqualified from the human race for shoving.

Gender: Yes I am a female named Stephen!

Age: Older than I'd like to be.

Hair Color: Short and red. (Wish it was blood red).

Eye Color: Not sure. Somedays they seem blue, somedays green and other days grey.

Siblings: They don't last long. (None in reality).

Pets: One dog called Lucy and two imaginary Raven's called Edgar and Allen.

Occupation: Skull collector and Sunglasses model. (Apprentice engineer really).

Location: Liverpool, England (Yes The Beatles came from here).

Grade: Don't have grades in England so nyah!

Places I want to visit badly: Japan, Sanity (if only for a short while).

Type of Friends I Have: Mental Patients, Rock Fans, Manga Fans and Cartoon Lovers (we really are a bunch of immature people).

Personality: King of Weirdness, (I put sunglasses on skull's for Pete's sake). The Quiet One, (I was officially voted the person to be feared most by my friends).

Status: Young, Free and Single. (That's my ideal age, mental age and how I'm destined to live, respectively).

If interested here’s a bit about me:

Get the most important bit of info out of the way first off. My annoying habit is saying ‘snap’ when I agree with a previous comment. If you see in any reviews I make, I apologise now for being lazy.

I do not like people who slam stories mercilessly (We’re all civil). If you want to tell me that you think my stories are no good, say just that. Also give some feedback on how you think I can improve them in the future, (after all I enjoy writing and want you to enjoy reading).

Okay after being converted I am no longer against Raven and Beast Boy pairings (happy now you BB/R shippers, you finally messed with my head). Also most of my Teen Titan stories will have reference to a guy called Sweep. He’s a character I introduced in my very first story (“A Clean Sweep”-Title says it all really). I introduced him for three reasons. First: as a way to explain how Titan Tower seems to stay clean despite the Titans attitude to neatness (coughBeast Boycough). Second: I thought it’d be neat if they had their own version of Alfred (Batman always needed a bit of help in some situations), and finally… you’re gonna have to read the story to find out why? (Sneaky aren’t I?). I've decided (after reading various fics) that I don't like Robin and Raven pairings(don't hate me if you do) but I find the coupling unlikely. Although they seem to have a connection I feel they are more likely to be very good friends and although they may have an inkling of romance on occasion, it will pass. If you've seen Buffy the series imagine Willow and Xander's interaction, they are extremely close (practically brother and sister) and although they kissed at one point they ended up with different people. (Granted Raven isn't a lesbian and Robin isn't a misfit when comparing).

Fav. Anime/TV shows: Dragonball Z (not GT shudders), Ghostbusters (without whom I would have never taken an interest in the paranormal), Ghost in the Shell (for inspiring The Matrix I thank you), Teen Titans (ever since you came my creative side has flourished-thanx), X-Men: Evolution (for making Nightcrawler ULTIMATE FAVOURITE CHARACTER EVER! fun again) and The Simpsons (who can argue?). Update. Kim Possible (you have finally reeled me in like a 5'10" fish).

Fav. Anime/TV show characters: ‘Betty’ from Kung Pow (you were the funny villain I so wanted to see), Krillin (a noseless wonder who died so many times yet kept on fighting), Nightcrawler (how COOL are his powers?), Raven (worries me that some cartoon characters can look so damn hot), Shego (who cares about being good when you can have flaming hands?) and Spike from BTVS (you made being a bad guy cool). Update. Roronoa Zolo (Santoryu santorules) and Sanji (I always like characters that can cook).

I LOVE drawing of any kind (could have gone further but decided on engineering). Writing (excessively; I’ve got about 20 stories in the pipeline and have only finished about 3). Reading (I find it helps your creative side). Finally I like RPG’s (call me a nerd and I’ll pelt you with virtual tomatoes. Truthfully it helps me get in the frame of mind of another person which can aid me in writing).

Music: Rock mainly. Evanescence (inspiration for song fics comes so easy from you), Green Day (I'll walk the Boulevard if you want), Gorillaz (come on people how can you not like a cartoon band), Linkin Park (what a voice), Papa Roach (Last Resort-simple as), The Rasmus (you grew on me) and Sum 41 (those wigs were cool). Also an honorary mention to Darren Hayes (it was like you were writing the song ‘To the Moon and Back’ intentionally for Raven).

Other Things: Candles (you can always rely on a candle to light the darkness). Coins older than me (I feel so young in your presence). Japan (engineering capital of the world). Paper and Pencils (without you this world wouldn’t be worth living in). Paranormal Stuff (thank you again Ghostbusters). Ravens (for giving my favourite Titan your namesake; plus you’re cool creatures anyway). Skulls (never has such a collection of paraphernalia been started so unintentionally). Sunglasses (even my ugly mug looks cool in you).The number 8 (cannot think for the life of me why I like this number so much, it's just crazy) and my magic 8-Ball (guide me o prophetic one).

My Own Character Creations

Show: Teen Titans

Name: Stephen William Earl Eric Peters (long winded isn’t it?)

Alias: Sweep (much better)

Age: Same as Raven (don’t have to worry about guessing this way)

Weight: 500lbs (he has no idea how)

Height: 5'0" (small guys kick ass)

Alignment: Good, (he’s the Titans retainer)

Powers: Uncharacteristically strong (you do chores day in day out and see how strong you get), Natural fighting ability (painting fences worked well in The Karate Kid), Regeneration (visiting a different dimension can sometimes be beneficial), Sense any mess within a building (“Someone’s just left 12 crumbs on the sofa”), Cleanliness rubs off on others (“Use a coaster Beast Boy”), Large knowledge of Home Economics (Club soda will get that right…oh dear god what am I saying), Cooks nice tasting food (“These cookies are made with soy milk”. –Cyborg keeps on eating-), Perfect Memory (“There were exactly 124 chips in this bowl before”-Beast Boy feigns an innocent look-), In the Know (“Just because people don’t pay attention to me doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to them”).

Show: Kim Possible

Name: Justin Credible (know it's a wrestlers name but I think it's great and ties in with the show)

Alias: The Judge (prefers Judge)

Age: 23 (2 days older than Shego)

Weight: 175lbs (bulked up muscles of an acrobat)

Height: 5'6" (small guys still kick ass)

Alignment: Neutral/Evil (he want's to rule the world so he can improve it)

Powers: Acrobatic (being part of the cheerleading team helped Kim), Knows nearly every law on the planet (so he can twist them to his advantage), Blind master (even though he's blind he can still live a day to day life), Combat expert (perk of having worked for Global Justice), 2 advanced technology belts (compensation for his blindness), Only person Shego can get annoyed at and not blast to bits (not really a power but deserves a mention).

Current Projects (will be finished in this order)

Origins (Kim Possible) - Prequel to Shades of Grey which chronicles Shego and her brother's lives during the time they got their powers. (Posted with varying updates).

The Will Trilogy (Danny Phantom) - An idea that popped into my head. Will be submitted in wrong order so the plot wont be given away. (Part 2, then Part 3 followed by Part 1). (As of yet, unstarted).

New Age Outlaws (Outlaw Star/One Piece/Cowboy Bebop/Trigun crossover) - An experiment that I wanted to try out. (Posted with varying updates).

Monsters Unleashed (Teen Titans) - Will be a one off AU. After having a dream (strangely enough) of a story I thought I'd write it. Shock horror, me doing a BB/Rae story. (Part done; will begin posting upon completion of The Will Trilogy).

Teeny Titans (Teen Titans duh) - Mad Mod has perfected his youth technology with magic and is using it as a weapon against the Titans. (Half done; will begin posting upon completion of Monsters Unleashed).

My Favourite Quotes in the World

“It’s better to have and not need than need and not have.”

“We can adjust to the darkness but are always blinded by the light.”

“How many surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb?” – “Fish.”

“At a certain age things just start to click.” – “Your neck, your back…”

“The only thing that’s the same about us is that we’re different.”

“When you’re young anything goes, when you’re old everything goes.”

"Without the darkness how can we tell what is light?"

“You’re drunk.” – “In the morning I’ll be sober. You’ll always be ugly.”

“If you come to a muddy puddle when on the path of life, is it better to leave your path or go ahead and get your feet dirty?”

"There's no 'I' in team." - "Yes, but there's also no 'you' in the team, so if I'm not in the team and you're not in the team then there is no stinkin team."

"I love cats..." - "...they taste just like chicken."

"You should always be yourself. You'll never be someone else and if your not yourself that can only mean you're nobody."

"How do you keep an idiot in suspense?"

"Ghostbusters!" - Me on karaoke night

"Weird and proud of it" - WeaselChick

"Everybody was Kung Fu..." - Friend on karaoke night before I was forced to kill him with a Karate chop because he was so damn awful

"Take a left" -Goes right - "No your other left" (I myself have at least sixteen lefts)

"Doesn't that hurt" - "I'll walk it off" - Me to my friend who was eating chips covered in salt after the skin on his fingers had peeled off.

Doctor pokes my friend in his broken rib - "Did that hurt?" - Friend headbutts doctor - "Did that?"

"Please don't touch me, I have a mortal wound." - "Really? Where?" - "Oh pretty much around the big bloody area." - 'Kung Pow'

Chosen one is doing push ups using only his breath. Narrator:- "Geez, I'll have some of what he's smoking." Also 'Kung Pow'

"I am no longer 'Master Pain'. From now on you shall refer to me by the name 'Betty'." Final 'Kung Pow' quote.

"If we can see the past but not the future does that mean we're going along the timeline backwards?"

"If good people do nothing then that is evil enough."

"I don't have anger management problems, I manage to get angry just fine."

"I'm smiling because you've all finally managed to drive me insane."

"Please don't upset me, (I'm running out of places to hide the bodies)."

"Blood is thicker than water, (tastes better too)."

"If you were my husband I'd poison your food." - "If you were my wife I'd eat it." - Can't remember who said this but I still laugh at it.

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy it." - One of WeaselChick's funny quotes

"Absotively Posilutely." - Dr. Teeth, lead singer of Electric Mayhem (band from The Muppets).

"I don't need to go the gym; I get enough exercise jumping to conclusions, dodging responsibility, flying of the handle, running around in circles and swimming in debt." - My old physics teacher's response when I suggested (kindly) that he needed to lose some weight.

"5 out of 3 people can't do math properly."

"Let's split up and if one of us doesn't come back we definitely know there's a serial killer about." - Line I'm waiting for in a horror movie.

"I've never hit a man in anger. For me it's pure pleasure."

"I used up all my sick days so I called in dead."

"Go FAQ yourself." - Logo I saw on a shirt.

"Heaven doesn't want me and Hell's afraid I'll take over."

"Rehab is for quitters." - Insane friends life motto.

"I look like Brad Pitt's brother Cess."

"Damn you crossword you have opposed me for the last time." - Me after solving all but 9 down.

"Why is abbreviate such a long word?" - A question I'd like answered.

"Why is it that by time you get the opportunity to say something that you thought of at the time, you've already forgotten it?" - Me.

"Who's the master now?" - Me taunting the crossword after getting the aforementioned 9 down.

"Ah sissy style." - Chosen One in Kung Pow when he faces two effeminate warriors (on the DVD).

"If you melt dry ice, can you swim without getting wet?" - Stupid question I heard once.

Giles:- "How are you going to defeat her?" Buffy:- "I thought I'd put a stake through her heart." Giles:- "She's not a vampire." Buffy:- "You'd be surprised how many things that'll kill." - Buffy The Vampire Slayer conversation.

"Keep your unibrow smileys to yourself...they're mad scary." - WeaselChick

"I am in such a weird mood." - More WeaselChick

"She thinks you're cute." - Friend who told me what the girl I've got a crush on said to him, (which put me in a REALLY! good mood).

"I am a font of useless factoids." - Me speaking to friend from above when I right royally whupped everyone at a quiz.

"Get back here, I'll tongue you to death." - Clown's Head in the film Spawn.

"Kick your ass, so I will." - A custom made poster of Yoda.

"That's all we want, to be civilised." - Shoots kid Gremlin with gun. - "Now was that civilised? Obviously not." - Brain from Gremlins 2.

Squeek, squeek, squeek. - "Uhh, again with the squeeky shoes Wimp Lo." - Yet another Kung Pow line.

"I will kill you until you die from it." - Someone please tell me where this is from.

"I used to care but now I'm taking a pill for that." - Shirt logo.

"Take me drunk, I'm home."

"If you laugh at me because I'm different I'll shoot you." - Another shirt logo.

"I ran into my ex the other day, (then I reversed just to be sure)." - Read this on a coaster

"Hey Mr. Hawk will you please stop eating my leg. Oh geez somebody get me a stick."

"Chosen One, you must beware of Betty and his song about big butts. He beats you up while he plays it."

Henchman:- (bird sound). 'Betty' :- "Mmm I'm just a birdie too."- All 3 of these were from Kung Pow (I seem to be obsessed).

"Never underestimate the power of a sick mind."

"So many kittens, so few recipes."

"To be is to do." - Nietsche

"To do is to be." - Kant

"Do Be Do Be Do." - Sinatra

"I like you, (I'll kill you last)."

"Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most."

"I sighed as I sat there with my elbows on the table, my head in my hands and thought 'Oh crap the superglue's spilled out again'."

"I got out of work due to illness and fatigue, (I was sick and tired of it all)."

"I heard the voices in my head before it became a trend."

"I can resist anything but temptation."

"I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel but it was just some b£$!£&> with a flashlight bringing me more work." - My dad

Raven (after opening her door on which Beast Boy has just knocked):- "What are you doing here?" Beast Boy:- "I just realised that I’m too mature for silly computer games and I thought I’d come and have a serious and intellectual conversation with a fellow mature person. "Raven:- "Cyborg was wiping the floor with you wasn’t he?" Beast Boy:- "Pretty much." - My favourite line from a song fic of mine.

"Is purple your usual colour?" - Smart ass friend asked me this while I was choking.

1st Elder:- "It is written in this 2000 year old sacred text that the child's mother shall be compassionate and caring and his father shall be courageous and wise." Earl giggles idiotically. 1st Elder:- "Pass me the white out." Whites out line. 1st Elder (writing):- "Father shall be a blithering idiot." Earl (asking 2nd Elder):- "Can he do that?" - Dinosaurs (Jim Henson show from years ago).

"Words mixing is often insanity a sign of." - Me

Me:- "Does this magic 8-ball work?" Dad:- "I dunno. Oh magic 8-ball will I ever become rich?" Shakes 8-ball. 'NO' Me:-"I'd say it works pretty well."

"Alcoholism isn't a disease, it's a way of life." - Mad friend once again.

…and finally:

Big it up for WeaselChick. You were my first reviewer and your kind words meant a lot to me. Even if you’re the only one who likes my stories then that’s good enough for me.


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