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New to fan fiction, and to getting it displayed on-line. What else do folks need to know?

My stuff so far is all Doctor Who or DW-related, since I grew up with the programme from the age of 3 (and that was 41 years ago!). I love it like an older brother, or a generous uncle.

I also have a passing weakness for anything Gerry Anderson related, Captain Scarlet especially. In my alter ego, Conrad, I post occasional film reviews on the Agony Booth website, and as mild-mannered Rob Connolly I occasionally contribute to the SOCTW Journal. Besetting sin is compulsive writing, I guess - been at it since age 10.

Addendum as of October 2008. Slightly stunned to see that the above is 3 years old by now. Due to a new job I have considerably less time to write than I used to, but I'm still plodding away.

Additional addendum as of late December 2008. The Doctor Who-related stuff is still being written, but with at least two other full-time writing diversions, it's being posted rather slooooowly. Especially as I only post once the whole thing is written.

And so to 2010! My other major hobby is wargaming, which eats up time in a most voracious manner and has been doing for the past year. Consequently there's less time for writing. I do still enjoy ringing the changes on the Doctor and - thanks to the kind feedback so far - may continue to do so.


Ah, nice to see that people still read what I've written in the past. I am (of course!) working on another Doctor Who story. Inevitably, a long one. I've written about 8 pages of longhand notes and plot, and need to keep bashing away at this to eventually get a chapter list and approximate word count. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011 to anyone reading this. Ta ta!

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12,000 human survivors aboard Arcology One are stuck in orbit: the Great Northern War destroyed all means of ever getting back to Earth. Their sphere is wearing out, time is short, and a hostile agency is loose on the planet below. Enter the 7th Doctor!
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