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I like words. I found these in Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words.

hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian: adj. pertaining to a very, very long word. see sesquipedalian .

olamic: adj. infinite, eternal

cymotrichous: adj. having wavy hair

ananym: n. a name written backward.

stratocracy: n. military government

labefy: v.t. to weaken

gynarachy: n. 1. government by women 2. an insect society where only the female parent takes part in establishing the colony

otosis: n. a hearing malfunction; not hearing correctly

recusant: adj. dissenting; disestablishmentarian.

hydromancy: n. fortunetelling by observing the tide

philophobia: n. fear of falling in love or of being loved

kerdomeletia: n. excessive attention to material wealth

whally: adj. having light-colored eyes

otolaryngologist: n. an ear, nose, and throat specialist

beray: v. t. to make foul; to soil

snafu: adj. & n. Situation Normal: All Fucked-Up fubar, Fucked-Up Beyond All Recognition, fubb, Fucked-Up Beyond Belief, fumtu, Fucked-Up More Than Usual, janfu, Joint Army and Navy Fuck-Up, sapfu, Surpassing All Previous Fuck-Ups, susfu, Situation Unchanged: Still Fucked-Up, tarfu, Things Are Really Fucked-Up (all army slang)

entwicklungsroman: n. a novel dealing with the protagonist's character development from childhood to maturity. See

bildungsroman: n. a novel dealing with the protagonist's early development or education

vastation: n. purification by fire

chirospasm: n. writer's cramp

paronomasia: n. punning; a pun

leiotrichous: adj. smooth-haired

chevy: n. a hunting cry; the hunt v.t.& i. 1. to hunt 2. to tease or torment

Here are some from dictionary.com

vituperation \vy-too-puh-RAY-shuhn, -tyoo-\, noun:

1. The act or an instance of speaking abusively to or about.
2. Sustained and severely abusive language.

sempiternal \sem-pih-TUR-nuhl\, adjective:

Of never ending duration; having beginning but no end; everlasting; endless.

extol \ik-STOHL\, transitive verb:
To praise highly; to glorify; to exalt.

egress \EE-gress\, noun:
1. The act of going out or leaving, or the right or freedom to leave; departure.
2. A means of going out or leaving; an exit; an outlet.

\ee-GRESS\, intransitive verb:
1. To go out; to depart; to leave.

pusillanimous \pyoo-suh-LAN-uh-muhs\, adjective:

Lacking in courage and resolution; contemptibly fearful; cowardly.

gamine \gam-EEN; GAM-een\, noun:

1. A girl who wanders about the streets; an urchin.
2. A playfully mischievous girl or young woman.

anodyne \AN-uh-dyn\, adjective:
1. Serving to relieve pain; soothing.
2. Not likely to offend; bland; innocuous.

1. A medicine that relieves pain.
2. Anything that calms, comforts, or soothes disturbed feelings.

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Oneshot poem. Told from a dragon's point of view during Threadfall. Everything is going as planned, as disaster strikes. Will Caranth's rider, Alinna, learn to let go? Written in freeform.
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