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Once upon a time,

...I played World of Warcraft. I'm proud to say I quit and have been free of it for a long time. My bad experience with the game was so consistent with many other people's tragic play-experiences I've observed--on both sides of the screen--that for a long time, it felt morally wrong to continue writing fan-stories for such an addicting game. But then, the same thing that helped me to recover, gave me hope through those long terrible years, and which has saved my life many times in the past--my writing, gave me hope once again. This time, it wasn't just that being able to imagine a better way to live and have fun beyond the computer, or that the power of a fiction writer's introspection helped me to investigate what was missing, by feel, and then try to resolve it (which you may find, since you like reading fantasy or sci-fi stuff so much and wrapping your mind around complex characters and layers over layers of exotic worlds, that you are good at doing too--self-reflection). More than that, I possessed strong memories of writing stories and really being able to reach people with them, helping people to smile, helping people to get some relief. I wanted to keep doing that, but in a more honest, authentic way. Well, then, I waited and wondered for a long time, and at last decided it wasn't too late, after all. If I was going to write online, then I could still use what I have to keep helping others, to care about how other people are doing!

Therefore, I chose to keep it real before moving on permanently: It would have been wrong to lie, to have kept on writing any of these stories and not tell anyone that I don't play the game anymore and that I presently hate the game: its structure, the false sense of community it promotes, the way people go in thinking they'll just have a good time and--through that same trust in the innocence of games--end up being deceived as to how really addicting Warcraft is. I don't look back except to remember how I got out and how good it is to be free of it. I almost did not come back to this website, because that freedom is so precious to me. But, I kept writing here because the final chapters of MLFMP on my computer were too fun to just abandon. I also realized that the greatest theme of the fic itself, addiction, is more than relevant. And so, I chose to resolve the story--for the sake of the story--in a way that was honest and healthy.

So, in the end, my real goal was never to share good WOW game memories with you. Turns out, that--though there was some joy, my memories are all colored. My ultimate point was to begin a long narrative of recovery, at which every turn, I have been able to remind myself and hopefully many other people, of why life outside of WOW is so rich and wonderful: mainly, because, regardless of ups and downs, life persists at being wild, beautiful, and silly. Exactly like what I've been trying to capture in writing, time and again.

The Ultimate F A N G I R L A L E R T:

Nelson Mandela once said, and I'm paraphrasing, that one of our greatest fears is that we will BE great, once we set out to do something. I agree. But, let's take this a little further: What is greatness? Is it finally getting that job you want? Is it finishing college? Is it deciding that college is not for you, but being determined to find some other wholesome way to earn a living? Is it choosing to get up the next morning, when you were suicidal on the previous night? Is it learning how to cook, because you need something more positive to do? Is it shutting off your computer and taking a chance befriending your neighbors down the street? Is it going to church for the first time in a long time? Is it deciding that you just can't do organized religion anymore, and that you are going to go be spiritual in some other organic way? Is it deciding that, yes you can find deeper connection in life, by re-dedicating yourself to your friends and family, even while being a confident atheist? Is it listening to your annoying brother about his bad day at school, your first time not tuning him out, when you've been having terrible days, every day, for the last three years? Is being great reaching through your pain, to love someone else? Is it having the courage to go to your high school reunion even though seeing campus again makes you cry? Is it deciding not to tolerate any more emotional, verbal, or physical abuse in your life? Is being great about finally seeing a counselor for the things you're really frightened about, but everyone else keeps saying you should just toughen up and get over? Is being great daring to ask a stranger 'are you okay?' Is being great holding the door open for an old woman who doesn't even speak your language? Is being great having the courage to say No? Is being great having the courage to tell yourself Yes? Is being great taking a step back, looking at how unhappy and angry you are, and deciding to finally make a change? And so then, when you consider all that greatness can be, and that you have the ability to embrace greatness in your own life, when you see that fear can be conquered in a small way, each and every day, regardless of your income or situation... because this is the healing itself: people, one to another, can reach out and make lives so much better, by caring... well then, I hope that I just helped you.

In order to feel better, you must do better for yourself. In order to feel good about life, you must do good things for yourself. That is how you bring goodness into your life. So, you go be the biggest fangirl (or boy), for yourself, than you ever were before! Pass it on. Let's keep lifting each other up.

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