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Japanese name: Sakura

German name: Karina

On-line name: JUCHKO

Updated: 09/16/2018

Important thins to know / holiday greetings / other useful info for readers:

Chapter 81 of Kindred Spirits is out! I hope everyone likes it. I'm still alive, but because of things happening IRL, not finding much time to write, so the next chapter could take a while, but it will come.

Hello everyone, I have a SoundCloud account. On this account I have posted an audio preview for all of you who wished for me to write a Sakura/Sasori fic. The following link is the introduction chapter of "The Perfect Not-Couple": "https :// soundcloud.com/ju-chko/ the-perfect-not-coupleintroduction

I likely won't be posting any more of this story until after all of it is written so that I don't leave anyone hanging and so that I don't feel torn between writing for that fic and writing for Kindred Spirits. The summery is as follows.

"Sasori Akasuna: Student Council President, known as the master manipulator, voted ‘most likely to rule the world’ and ‘hottest guy in school’. Sakura Haruno: Student Council Vice-President, known as the unmanipulatable, voted ‘most likely to save lives’ and ‘best right hook’. Together they were voted ‘best couple’. Only problem: they weren’t an item. Ino wants to know why."

There are picture links below. Also, this is the link to my DeviantART page:

Date of birth: Sept. 2 (Virgo)

Hair color: Golden Blond

Eye color: Hazel Green

Hight: 5ft 5.5in.

Live in: Nebraska, U.S.A.

Friends (that have accounts):


Ak Star

SnowWolfSpirit (Sui-chan)

CrazyWolf-Chan (Wolf-Chan's separated from Sui-chan now)

Holy Frog Agent 001


Mickee A. Renn

Abbess Marie


Favorite pairings (not in any order):

Fruits Basket pairing:

Yuki/Tohru/Kyo (duh)

Kisa/Hiro (too CUTE)

Card Captor Sakura pairings:

Sakura/Syaoran Li (duh)

Tomoyo/Eriol (What? They both love playing matchmaker for their 'cousins', what do you expect to come from that)

Naruto Pairings:

Sakura/Sasuke (sometimes, sometimes not)

Sakura/Neji (both smart, both have sad pasts, both have great hair...-_-u)

Sakura/Gaara (too much alike to not go together, especially with younger versions of them)

Sakura/Itachi (only in time-travel fics or AU's or with plausible reasoning)

Sakura/Sai (he's enough like Sasuke that it could happen, but it's only ok if it end up with better results than Sakura's love of Sasuke)

Sakura/Shikamaru (smart people are the only people who understand other smart people...most of the time)

Sakura/Sasori (weird, considering she killed him, but it's cute...and in an odd way, if he wasn't dead, it'd be possible)

Naruto/Hinata (It's CUTE, and it's meant to be)

Ino/Shikamaru/Temari (I think it's just too likely)

Ino/Choji (only if Shikamaru's already taken)

Neji/Tenten (it's probable and I don't mind it as long as Sakura doesn't have a thing for him in the story)

Neji/Hinata (There are a couple reasons why this couple doesn’t bother me. For one, when you think about it, it would be common for people within the same clan to marry each other in order to keep the bloodline strong. And for another, in Japan (as well as other places) it is legal/common for cousins to marry)

Juvenile Orion:

Mana/Kaname (duh)

Harry Potter:

Hermione/Malfoy (don't know why)

Hermione/Tom Riddle (yet again, don't know why...time-travel fics only, otherwise he is way to old for her)

Case Closed/Detective Conan:

Shinichi/Ran (duh)

Conan/Ai (Yes, there is a difference, a big...er...small difference)


Mel/Fern (It's cute, and you can tell he liked her in the manga)

Ouran High School Host Club:

Haruhi/Tamaki (It's the obvious pairing, but not my fav)

Haruhi/Kyouya (This is the 'hidden' pairing, since his feelings are barely detectable)

Haruhi/Hikaru (My fave of OHHC pairing! They're just too cute together!)

Shugo Chara!:

Amu/Ikuto (duh)

Amu/Tadase (I don't like this as much as Ikuto, but it is another 'duh' pairing)

Amu/Kairi (I just think this is cute)

Utau/Kukai (duh)

La Corda d'Oro:

Kahoko/Kazuki (I've always liked the these two as a pair--they are both equally oblivious and innocent, and thus they make a great pair)

Kahoko/Ryotaro (I think I like him with her so much because he is always there for her--that, and the fact that they are both in the same 'gen-ed' boat)

Kahoko/Len (It's the stereotypical pairing, but it is cute)

Shimizu/Fuyuumi (The two quietest musicians--they fit each other perfectly!)


"Everyone says 'love conquers all,' but when you think about it, in order to conquer something, you must first destroy it. After all, a synonym for conquer is destroy." JUCHKO

"Such attitude Mr. Uchiha has...but the only good thing I could say is that he makes some good looking children." from a review (ACC) concerning Fugaku Uchiha, written by Sachiko1991

"I'm such a klutz. You could put me in a padded spherical room, and I'd still be hurt by the end of the day!" JUCHKO (and it's true too)

"Never say, 'It can't get worse than this.' because often times it can, and often times it does...just because you had to open you big mouth and say something about it." many people, including me

"Why is that bird following me? It must have a nest somewhere near by. Shoo, go away bird, I'm not bothering you!" bird continues following, "Great, now I'm talking to a bird." JUCHKO

"The major difference between the young and the old is that the young ask 'why something is', and the old ask 'why the young want to know why something is'." JUCHKO

"There's something that I've always wondered about. What would happen if the bad guy won. In most stories the good guy/girl either flat out wins, wins--but is killed, disappears without the end of the battle being given, or the bad guy and the good guy/girl tie. The few stories that have the bad guy win, just end it there. So I've always wondered, what if...? What is the story after the end? Or in the case of stories that end otherwise...what if the bad guy hadn't lost...what if...What if...?" JUCHKO after having read the third book in the Immortal series by Tamora Pierce (The one where Daine gets kidnapped by the bad guy so that he can start a war without looking like the bad guy...even though he was).

"Konohamaru: someone talk to me! Tsunade: Oh be quiet. Orochimaru: I'll talk to you. /...silence.../ Chouji: Get away from the kid you pedophile! Orochimaru: Would you guys stop calling me that?! Everyone: No!" from Halfbreed741's profile

JUCHKO talking to the computer as I play a game where the cities just keep growing, then complaining that it's too crowded "If you're overpopulated, then why don't you just stop it with the bunny-rabbit act!" The numbers continue going up. "Fine. If you want to be bunny-rabbits, then starve!" Cut's back food supply, they complain, "I'm just fixing your overpopulation complaint. I'll come to your hunger complaint once I'm done with that."

"JUCHKO: I heard you and Jo are going out, Wolf-chan! Wolf-chan: Who told you that? -cracks knuckles- JUCHKO: A little birdie told me! Wolf-chan:- twitching- Is this little birdie immune to shotgun shells? -evil glint in eyes- JUCHKO: I don't know...-oblivious to Wolf-chan's anger- I'll go ask! BYE! -signs off-" from a fake IM being made by Holy Frog Agent 001

"I look at you, and I see you. You look at me, and want to see you." JUCHKO

"Sticks and stones break your bones, but words can be a knife to the heart." JUCHKO and many others

"I'm not sure my heart can break, when it wasn't even whole to start with." from Reba and Kelly's Duet in Because of you

"I'm messing with peoples lives...and I'm finding it fun!" JUCHKO after having just finished witting a chapter.

“The dark side may have cookies, but I (and the light side) have gingerbread men!” JUCHKO...-_-u...don't ask.

"When I wanted Love, I got Hate. When I needed a Break, I got more Pain. In this world, everything's turned around. When you want to stay lost, you're gonna be found." from The Call to Freedom by SaNdEr-ThE-rUbBeR-bAnDeR

"Whoa! What is it with Deja 'vu lately?...Great...I'm talking to myself again...or is this the first time?...Curse Deja 'vu...I'm confused!" JUCHKO while typing a chapter. (it's happened at least twice now)

"I actually started giggling when Inuka and Hanako were being oh-so subtle to Itachi about choosing a bride. Sakura's cluelessness was just the icing to the cake." Chapter 21 (ACC) review written by Sachiko1991

"TV: He’s the insecure dominant one… JUCHKO: I didn’t even know those two things could go together. My Dad: They can't...that's the problem." JUCHKO and My Dad while watching TV (duh).

"JUCHKO: I never expect to fall in love. Random person: Why don't you want to fall in love? Love is great, love is-- JUCHKO: I didn't say I didn't want to fall in love (though now that I think about it, I don't), I said I didn't expect to fall in love. Random person: Why? JUCHKO: Because I don't think I could fall for anyone who wasn't perfect. Random person:No one's perfect. JUCHKO: I know. That's why I don't expect to ever fall in love." JUCHKO and random people...the quote says it all...

"Oh man it getting so good that I can't wait for tomorrow -stares at the clock- come on hurry up time...man where's a time machine when you need it." Chapter 32 (ACC) by Shadow Ninja

"ShippoTheCRAZYTREKKIE: If anything she's more ditsy than you...if that's even possible. JUCHKO: I'm not sure that's a compliment. ShippoTheCRAZYTREKKIE: Oh, don't worry, it is. JUCHKO:...ok..." ShippoTheCRAZYTREKKIE talking about me and a character from a book she was reading.

"JUCHKO: Hi, Anja!" Walks up to Anja who is sitting in a chair. Anja: You are walking towards the darkest point in the universe..." JUCHKO reaches out and pokes Anja. Anja: You just touched the darkest point in the universe." JUCHKO: That's funny...because I'm the lightest point in the universe..." We both pause, then quote Kingdom Hearts "The closer you are to the light, the larger your shadow." me and a friend at school during our lunch break...

"People say there is a thin line between love and hate, but I think that phrase should be rephrased. The way I see it, there's not a 'thin line' between love and hate, instead I'd say that they're mirror images of each other. Exactly the same except for the fact that when one reaches with their 'right hand' the other reaches with their 'left hand'...yet somehow they are able to touch without their 'hands' getting in the way of their own 'image' or the others 'image'. The reason hate and love clash so much is simply because they are too alike. They just don't realize that in the end, they are one in the same...love and hate, hate and love...they are just reflections of each other." JUCHKO

"It is said that light can not exist without darkness but that darkness can exist without light. It is also said that life can not exist without death, but that death can exist without life. But I say that both of those are wrong. Light and dark, life and death...neither can exist without the other, because they are both reflections of each other. If there was no light, then there could be no dark because darkness is the absence of light...so if there is no light, then there is no dark. Same with life and death, in order to be alive, you must one day die, but in order for there to be death, there must have once been something alive." JUCHKO

"The saying 'If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.' does not mean you should do the same exact thing over and over again and expect to get different results. For example: no matter how hard you try, using the math you learned in elementary school, 2 2 will never equal 5 no matter how many times you try it! I think the saying should be changed to: 'If at first you don't succeed, try another way' because 2 2 will never equal 5, but 2 3 and vis versa could." JUCHKO and Mr.AlwaysForgetsToReturnMyCCStoMe (he finally returned my CCS...three months later) at lunch

"Whoever thought that stealth only had to do with getting in and out quietly was dead wrong. A large part of stealth has to do with misleading your enemy; making them think that they are always a step ahead of you, when in reality it's you who are ahead of them. True stealth is leading your enemy blindly into a trap, and having them not figure out they’d been tricked ‘til long after the trap is sprung" JUCHKO, from ACC chapter 9

"An eye for an eye may make the world blind, but don't you think that once we're all blind, we won't be able to hurt each other as easily?" JUCHKO

"If you are looking for something...get lost...and you will eventually find what you were looking for." JUCHKO

“Have you ever noticed that it’s the ones who court death that always seem to survive, and the ones that run from death that always seem to meet their bitter end all too soon?” JUCHKO, after reading Delvin's Luck

"You don't have to worry about making mistakes, because everyone makes mistakes. What should make you worry is if you're not learning from your mistakes." JUCHKO to someone (who will remain unnamed) when they asked me to read and review something for them.

"You want to know the main difference between the smart and the dumb? Well, those who are dumb think they know everything while those who are smart know how little they truly know." JUCHKO (and Math Teacher)

JUCHKO and shadowblade-ookami (who's basically a female version of Sasuke) talking to each other at the hotel in Japan, "JUCHKO: Stop being emo all the time! shadowblade-ookami: ...hn -sulking- JUCHKO: So, let me guess, you're going to curl up in your Ino corner again... shadowblade-ookami: ...! -horrified stare- JUCHKO: Sorry! I meant emo corner, not Ino corner! shadowblade-ookami: ...hn... -returns to sulking- JUCHKO: Stop sulking already! -shadowblade-ookami pretends to be cutting herself with an invisible kunai- UGH! If you really want intense pain so badly, then go to the Ino corner! shadowblade-ookami: -back in somewhat of a good mood thanks to my joking around- ...AHH! NOOOO! ANYTHING BUT THE SCREAMING FANGIRLS!"

"You know my thoughts. you know what i think and it hasn't changed...well actually it has. now i feel totally helpless you've given me a hint...sort of and now none of it fits and i don't understand and i don't get it anymore and i'm not sure if anything i had guessed was right. it is wonderful to make hypothesis but with you it is absolutely hopeless so from now on i will refrain from making any guesses and just enjoy reading your work. Still CluelessSui-chan" Snowwolfspirit from a review of chapter 42 (CCR)

"And so my girlfriend became my arch enemy, my arch enemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend. But, hey, that's High School." Sky High

"-Lemming pulls out a pencil from his pocket and threatens to poke JUCHKO- JUCHKO: touch me with that and you die... -Lemming pulls out another pencil- JUCHKO: touch me with that, and you die! -Lemming begins to pull out another pencil- JUCHKO: If anything you touch touches me, you die!" a very sad occurrence before school.

"Fear me, because I succeed!" JUCHKO in Biology of Animals.

"What's the point of something if it doesn't HAVE a point!" JUCHKO and VVPres at lunch, discussing movies that are horrible and stupid because they lack plot-lines.

"The best liar is the liar who hardly lies." JUCHKO

"However, he didn’t get to think on it because, unlike earlier, he wasn’t alone, and when you’re not alone, the voices tend to expect an answer." Wonderful little line JUCHKO came up with while writing the twelfth chapter of Kindred Spirits but had to delete due to not fitting the character it was for.

"You will do it, because you’ve done it before…. It’s just that you haven’t done it yet." Just a nice little time-travel talk that JUCHKO came up with but has yet to find a place to insert into a story.

"Creative powers are magical powers, for with them you make something out of nothing." JUCHKO to Pulgarsita when she told me that a coworker of hers had called her a muggle and she hadn't been able to come up with a good retort.

"She was young...but she'd soon learn that the first denial didn't mean you had to stop asking." JUCHKO and Pulgarsita when talking about Sakura from Kindred Spirits wanting to learn the ninja arts from Temari.

"A dream is just a dream, even if it’s real." From Chapter 30 of Kindred Spirits.

"Never settle for a bandage when you can have antiseptic." From Chapter 30 of Kindred Spirits.

"Professional interrogators should study mothers." Opening quote from Chapter 67 of L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s "Imager"

(New quotes)

"If you can’t face the truth, don’t look for it." ~ JUCHKO

"Truth is like a branch to the face…it will either knock you out or wake you up…" From Chapter 79 of Kindred Spirits' disclaimer

Time for Links:

This is the link to my DeviantART page:

Not all the links may work. I don't know why. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a link to BriEva13's picture of Sakura from Kindred Spirits: Pencile: and Colored:

This is a link to Spirit Seer's picture of Sakura and Gaara from ACC:

This is a link to Spirit Seer's picture of Sakura and Itachi...kissing (CCR):

Here's mistressofmischeif's picture of Sakura (ACC):

This is a pic I found on deiviantart by Elva-Skye of Sakura in the future:

Reviews I give

When I review, you'll be able to tell how much I like your work depending on what words I use. These are in order of least to greatest.

It's ok = It has room for improvement. It's grammar and spelling are probably either typical, or slightly below typical of fanfic.

It's good = it has slightly more than typical (for fanfic) grammar and spelling, I like it and will try to continue to read it. This is the most common of what I say. If I add a 'very' in front of good, that means you're a step higher than just plain good.

It's great = You've done something that makes your story stand out to me, which doesn't happen too often. You probably have very few grammar and spelling errors.

It's wonderful/wonderfully done = You've really caught my attention! Your grammar and spelling must have very few errors.

I love it = Wow...your story must be unbelievably good. If you get this...you would be one of extreme few. Your grammar and spelling must be impeccable.

If I sign it JUCHKO, that means I am more likely to continue reading and that I like your story a lot and/or I know that you have read my story(s).

My common way of closing a review is: 'Keep up the good work and update as soon as you can.' If I liked it enough (either that or if I've had too much caffeine), I'll even add a: BYE! to the end of it.

You shouldn't be worried if I point out errors or things that could be fixed, that's just how I am, and no one is perfect (I've had people point out errors to me too).

I've finished Some Things Never Change. The first story I wrote on Fanfic.net is A Continuous Circle. The sequel is called: And the Circle Comes Round. I am now working on Kindred Spirits. Currently I am also writing a Sakura/Sasori fic, but I will not post it until it is entirely written so that I don't leave anyone hanging and so that I don't feel torn between writing for that fic and writing for Kindred Spirits.

Oh, and if you didn't notice above, I don't do those 'copy this if..." things, nor do I put all those over used quotes. It's not that I don't like them/agree with them, all it means is I know that I, at least, get tired of reading the same quotes over and over again on people's profiles.

In case anyone was wondering, I am in College and my worst subjects are PE, social studies, and spelling (OK, not really a subject, but I'm bad at it). My favorite classes are English (other than spelling) and Biology. Also, I'm Christian, so don't use His name in vain around me please, thank you.

I'll add more if I think of something, so, ah, THANK YOU FOR READING THIS...! that is if you did, if you didn't, well that's TOO BAD for you! (...and you wonder why some people think I'm schizophrenic...)...-_-u (heh...this last line here has been on my profile since I first made a profile. and it will probably remain there forever more no matter how much the rest of the profile changes)

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