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Author has written 9 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Kim Possible, and Final Fantasy VII.


[2/11/2015] Better not take me another two years this time.


Username: GigaBahamut (duh)

Info: I'm the type of the guy that seems to almost like nearly everything. From watching anime, to playing games, watching TV shows, and going out to watch movies. From playing on my Xbox 360, to the PS3, constantly on the internet and reading fanfictions now. Also cosplaying! Yup, life is good, except college work. Argh. Wish there was a world where you could never grow up, or I wish was young enough to continue to write fanfictions without the bothersome of college work and also trying to look for a job so I can earn money to survive in the world. Oh well, I'm sure things will turn out fine one way or another. Right? Right?

Favorite Books: Very picky when it comes to books. Harry Potter, Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Deception Point, Digital Fortress (Dan Brown is my favorite author of all time), and of course a few manga's. I'm not going to write down like 10 pages of all the manga I love reading. That's just crazy.

Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, Smallville, Simpsons, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Big O, Inuyasha, Cyborg 009, Kikaider, Gundam, Trigun, Metalocalypse, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Life After People, Ninja Warrior, the list goes on and on. Like I said, I'm pretty much a guy who likes nearly everything.

Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Transformers, TF: Revenge of the Fallen, Back to the Future, Matrix, Naruto, Gundam: Endless Waltz, Dragonball Z, Advent Children/Complete, again the list goes on and on.


Kim Possible Stories:

After the Cupid Effect - Takes place after the events 'The Cupid Effect' episode in Kim Possible.

Emotion Sickness: The Other Way Around - Takes place in the episode of 'Emotion Sickness' in Kim Possible, but instead of Kim and Shego having the mood swings, it is Ron's and Drakken's turn to experience it.

Emotion Sickness .5 (Point5) - Takes place near the end of episode of 'Emotion Sickness' in Kim Possible, everything else is kept the same except in the ending, where in the original, instead of Shego and Kim turning angry towards Ron and Drakken, they are stuck in their love frenzy mode instead.

The Cupid Effect: Revamp - Takes place in the episode of 'The Cupid Effect' in Kim Possible. Only difference instead of the Senior family stealing the Cupid Ray, it's Drakken and Camille. A few scenes rewritten and added, but overall nearly the same as the episode, except that Ron gets brainwashed instead of Kim near the end.

-- (Huh, maybe I should make more 'What If' and 'After' scenarios for Kim Possible) --

(I'm going to revise them in the future whenever I have time)

YuGiOh! Stories:

The Dark Pharaoh - A rewrite of 'Rise of the Gods and Dark Force'. A mysterious man is freed from his prison in Egypt from a forgotten temple and seeks revenge against the pharaoh. This man has also incredible dark powers and holds a black Millennium Puzzle and has created "Dark Opposites" of the other original Millennium Items. Not only that, but he seems to have a connection to the pharaoh's past as well, but who is he?

Final Fantasy Stories:

- Final Fantasy VII -

Final Fantasy VII: The Alter Project - Zack Fair survives from the Shinra army and the story of Final Fantasy VII is retold with Cloud and Zack together once more. Hoping this one will be success like the others that also have alternate stories of where Zack is alive. I wanted to name to something better instead of 'Alternative'.

Crossover Stories:

- Inuyasha x Final Fantasy VII -

The Swords of the Four Warriors - Rewrite of 'Inuyasha: Swords of the Warriors'. Fixing the errors from the original story, rewriting a few scenes, adding new ones, that sort of thing. Also, just to show everyone I haven't given up on this story. I will update if I get a lot of reviews and positive feedback from it, so think of it as a trailer/preview. But don't expect quick updates. I have other stories I'm working on and I also have this thing called a life and it's annoying. I also believed I could have done a lot better with it.


YuGiOh! Rise of the Gods and Dark Force (Now called, The Dark Pharaoh):

Aeru - Creator of the Dark Millennium Items, owner of the Dark Millennium Puzzle, and leader of the Dark Hands. He is also the older brother of pharaoh Atem and looks nearly identical to him, except his hair being entirely black compared to Atem's hair being tri-colored.

Professor Frederick Toros (original name was Kenta) - Old childhood friend of Pegasus J. Crawford. An archaeologist that went to Egypt to discover a lost temple buried under the desert sands. Although Pegasus was the creator of the game Duel Monsters, Frederick Toros was also to be the co-creator that had help Pegasus discover it. However, due to his disappearance, Pegasus was unable to give credit to him and had no choice, but to be the only founding father of the game to release it to the public.

Michaela Riddle (original name was Michelle and OC is based on the creativity of Setoglomper) - In the original story, Michaela (Michelle) was just a worker of the Kaiba Corp under Seto Kaiba. In 'The Dark Pharaoh' story, she is a CEO of the Riddler Inc. Riddler Inc. is also a gaming industry created by Michaela's father, before passing away and passing on the legacy towards her daughter. Although Riddler Inc. has been rival to the Kaiba Corp., Michaela Riddle has been negotiating with Seto Kaiba on working with a more improved dueling system known as 'Duel Arena' where instead of the traditional Duel Monsters game on taking turns and attacking each others life points, the game would be more 'advanced' as giving commands to the monsters as she had seen in 'Battle Monsters (similar to Pokemon),' when she was little.

Sigma Zaleous - First and highest rank of the four dark generals who serves under Aeru and owner of the Dark Millennium Eye. He is the most loyal of the four generals and also one of the strongest, acting as second-in-command. His deck is an Aeon Summoning deck (based on the Aeons from Final Fantasy X) and his signature card is "Odin - The North Knight of Death".

Revenant Pacis (original name was Roy) - Second rank of the four dark generals who serves under Aeru and owner of the Dark Millennium Rod. His dream is to obtain vast amounts of knowledge as he serves under Aeru, though his purpose on how he will use the knowledge remains unknown. He and his men launched an attack on Kaiba Corp. and Seto Kaiba has a strong grudge against him, willing to do whatever it takes to bring him down. His deck is a Colossus Deck (based on the Colossus's from Shadow of the Colossus) and his signature card is "Reaper - The West Knight of Famine".

Beatrice Valria (original name was Maya) - Third rank of the four dark generals that serve under Aeru and owner of the Dark Millennium Necklace. She is the only female general in Aeru's army and nothing is known much about her. Besides her attractive appearance, she is a very cold person and can be very ruthless when it is necessary. She is the type of the girl to go after she wants and she seems to be attracted to Mikey Strife, although he has no interest in her whatsoever. Her deck is a Beauty & Beast deck, based on the B&B Corps from Metal Gear Solid 4 and her signature card is "Ares - The East Knight of War".

Maverick Duo - Fourth rank of the four dark generals that serve under Aeru and owner of the Dark Millennium Ring. He was sent to attack and defeat Bakura by Aeru after he refused to join the Dark Hands. Not much is known about Maverick, other than being called 'careless' by Revenant. His deck is a Gundam Deck (mostly based on Gundam Wing) and his signature card is "Plague - The South Knight of Pestilence".

Mikey Strife & Vince Miles - Two new duelists that appeared in Domino City. Both always prefer dueling together in a tag-team-match as their strength comes from the two of them combined, though they are still powerful duelists even when fighting one-on-one. They both seem to share a similar motive on why they always duel so hard to win, but what could it be?

That is pretty much it. If you got questions or anything...OR you just feel like sending me a message for the heck of it and maybe have that small possibility of wanting to annoy me, send me a message and maybe I might reply to it...depends on how I feel. Comprede amigo?

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Dissidia Viginti Unus 021 Final Fantasy by Starlight AT reviews
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Inuyasha: Swords of the Warriors reviews
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 9 - Words: 17,282 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 4/15/2011 - Published: 1/15/2007 - Inuyasha
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Has been stopped. Read 'The Dark Pharaoh' as it is a rewrite to this story. This story will remain posted, but will be soon taken down. Sorry for everything folks.
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