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Name: Is that really your business?

Age: Teen

Origin: Earth (somewhere in the western hemisphere)

Likes: Naruto anime and manga (Neji, Gaara, Lee, Temari, Itachi and Jiraiya especially), Negima (Negi + Asuna supporter), Fire Emblem (Lyn... meheheh...), FF7 (In general... that game rocked, despite the graphics), okonomiyaki, sleep, food, explosives, bloody mur- ahem sorry, alter egos keep attacking my consciousness... So, yeah.

Dislikes: Acting stupid on purpose when you know it's not even funny, jerks, annoying people, Neji before he fought Naruto, pedophiles (Orochimaru... (shiver) the Michael Jackson of the Naruto world...), anyone with tentacles, getting mentally attacked, and a few other things which I may remember later...

Other stuff: Alter egos. They exist, and I have too many of them. I would ask someone to adopt one of them, but it might strangle my brain in revolt... so that's out, obviously. If I get really bored, I may end up writing a one shot thingy about the likes and dislikes of certain characters... What I REALLY want to do is write a fic that includes the yuume no Akuma, and my Masters of the Nine, but I'm going to wait until I've gotten at least ten to fifteen chapters of my first fanfic out before I write anything involving them. Starting and trying to update two fics at the same time is not something I (an utter n00b at the fanfic WRITING scene) am prepared to handle. Besides that, there are still some holes in my Naruducation. Most of my Naruto knowledge comes from the Anime itself, Fan Fics, and my best friend, who is a walking talking Naruto encyclopedia with a Naruto Otaku level of 73 (meaning he knows crazy much about it without being down-right obsessed). Kyuume no Akuma and the Masters of the Nine are ABSOLUTELY MINE, even if I HAVEN'T put a thing out about them yet! Rawr, if they show up, they shall be in a Naruto fanfic, since they use chakra... meheheheheh... ahem.

And now for something COMPLETELY unrelated. My friends and I created a horde of bogus mathematical equations that make absolutely perfect nonsense. Here are a few of them.

2 + 2 = FISH (this one is ABSOLUTELY MINE, because I copyrited it in seventh grade)

ninja + elephant = ninjelephant

Japanese + Italian = Jatalian

blah + blah = Ooplah!

(Umpa + Loompa) + blender = Chocolate Rigoo

Everything = can be killed by ninja

Snowman + bed + fish = igloo

ice fishing + flamethrower = extreme indoor water sports

power + authority + troublemaker = the death of us all

the death of us all + Minja = the death of the death of us all... for the time being

yes + no = maybe = possible = Chocolate Rigoo

Regea + really fast rapper = can't understand what you are saying

moshpit + kangaroo = bad idea

There are a few more... but I won't add them to the wall... yet... heheh... cough.

Super-warning preview obligatory notice: The following obligatory notice is not suitable for all ages. You should probably be about 16 before you even start reading it. Therefore, anyone curently under the age of 16, bugger off. You aren't wanted here.

Obligatory warning notice: Before reading the following text, I must warn you that reading it may or may not be hazardous to your mental health. The following text should not be read while under the influence of mind altering substances... although it may or may not make it more interesting. This theory is (as of yet) untested. Don't do it anyway. I'm quite serious. I am NOT smilling. Do you SEE the "I'm not smilling" look on my face? I thought so. And now Dairrokan is throwing money at me for my accomplishments. That guy loves me so much. It's a bit freaky, really... back to business. The following text should not cause sezures in anyone under the age of 39, cause stroke, any type of cancer, tumer, or genetic abnormalities, epillepsy, colora, mange, anal seepage, rotting flesh, burned-out tear ducts, bladder infections, nasal inflamation, sinus clogging, inability to count, belief that 9 is greater than 10, red eye, hay fever, gangrene, AIDS, SIDS, or cuticle fungus. The following text should not cause athlete's foot, aesthma, or any form of lung disease. The following text does NOT cause ANY STDs... as far as I know. However, it should be physically impossible to get any STDs from reading the folloing text. Now then, let's get down to business.

The bellow is a donation of randomness from the former Dairokkan, whose name is now "Ardonius Servant of Zeta":

I have some illegal items (they are made out of fairy products! I mean dairy!), and you want them. So...Nevermind, lets cut to the chase!

I want to play a game. You've made a living out of watching people...you critic. So, now I shall criticize you! After a game of monopoly. I get to be banker, and start with an extra eight five hundreds. Thats the only way we shall play, you critic! You know your judging me! I don't like being judged! I just want to play a game! AAAH! Now I'll change it to something that will no matter what end badly for you. You either die, or end up permanetly scarred, like losing a foot. Or having lots of painful lines all over your body from razor wire. Or butter permantely grafted to your ear lobe.

Yes, I'm so evil! But lets cut to the chase.

I'm all out of ideas, and really want to have some ice cream. But we have none. It sucks, we NEVER have ice cream when you want it. Then it all disappears the next day (because my sister, who is supposedly attempting to lose weight, eats it all...)...Oh, and my money mysteriosuly disappears from my wallet. When only my sisters home. I suppose my dogs took it, hmm? And she blames me on "leaving your wallet out". Hmn...thats just plain...stupid to me. Thats like saying "Hey! I didn't steal the missle! It's just your fault for leaving out in the open in the missle silo!" Or maybe "I didn't steal your cookie, or your lunch. It's your fault for leaving it on the table while you went to get some water. Entirely your fault. Let me clean these crumbs off my jacket..."

Yes... yes it is, so dumb, that I, have to, use commas, to split, my, infinitives, from, now, on. The, and everything I'm talking about is correct even though most of it is proven to be right and I came up with it even though multiple steal the creddit and tell me to go eat a pie or something but then I argue with them about the logicalness of cheese in the standard Roman colliseum and no one believes me because they're all crazy but I'm not because I know everything, person stood up and left. And then threw, yes I know you think I'm crazy but I'm really the sane-est person here yes I am yes I am I am the boss of you who is the boss of you me I am the boss of you I am the boss of you, something at me. Making no am I sense? Mine is not the problem. Your's problem be it now. Foo. And there, the rant ends. Thank you. This has been an educational experience that may or may not be potentially fatal... but if it is, it isn't my fault.

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