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To all who read this, I am out raged over the fact that this Lord Kelvin thinks that he has the right to boss us all around and force us to remove our stories. In retaliation of his acts I shall be taking drastic measures. So, to Lord Kelvin, you want to clean up a site that was made for the people to express themselves, I only have this to say.


Here we are allowed to say what we want and when we want. Also there are people on this site who are just starting and, yes their grammar is horrible, but if you just take down their stories then how can they ever learn. They need the input of those who are more seasoned to help them become more. If all you do is discourage them and drag down their stories then they'll become discouraged and never want to write again.

Then there's this idea that only certain words can be used for certain situations. Well guess what a lemon is a fruit, a fag is a cigarette, a bitch is a female dog, an ass is a donkey, and a cock is a rooster. I can use any of those words and choose my meaning for it. It all matters where you grew up.

Finally to the administration, get off your lazy asses and do something about this conceited dictator who thinks he's Mikami going around deleting everyone.

I for one will not be silenced, from now on I pledge to write as much smut, gore, and bad grammar as my time allows. If this account is shut down I will make another.

For all those who wonder why I would do so much, well I was once a scared author, afraid of people making fun of my grammar, of people looking down on my spelling. I became stronger thanks to those who reviewed my stories and told me to keep going. It is because of these people that I am taking writing courses at my college and have professors that want me to become an author. It is thanks to this site and the other writers that post here that I have confidence in myself now.

So thank you to all who have ever given anyone some advice and told them to keep going, thank you to all who have read a piece of crap and seen its potential. One day that author may just be thanking you as well.

If anyone wants to contribute to my fight, then don't stop what you are doing. Instead make it worse.