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ATTENTION FANS OF " UPON A SHOOTING STAR"!!! It is back online and with a Mature rating!

I also have a deviantart account under the name Itachinoonna, posted several pieces that are for Upon a Shooting Star, go check them out!

2-4-15: Sorry about not posting on USS as much as I said I would, life is keeping me away, unfortunately. I'll work on another chapter later tonight once I figure out some things for the plot. Other than that...I may have to slow down my updates to twice, maybe, if i can manage, three times a week. Sorry to keep you all waiting that long, but there's quite a few plots going on in the background that I need to weave together: the Draco keys, Lucy's lineage, the whole wish premise and the Trinity Books...there's a lot going on even before the main FT-plot, let alone what I have planned for the Edolas arc. Tartarus Arc is going to be majorly fucked up from the, please just give me a bit of time to hash out the details.

2-14-2015: Sorry guys, I really wanted to write the Valentine one shots and other omake for USS, unfortunately work is keeping me away from the computer today and tomorrow is a friend's birthday on top of me working a double. Maybe I can do them next year if the story is still moving forward next year, or I'll just say "Fuck it!" And do them anyway.

Name: Jennifer Tarvin

Age: nearly 27

Death in Previous life: I died protecting some one. My friend, animearlinefreak committed suicide in hers

Hair color: dark blond

eyes: change frequently, don't bother looking or you may become dizzy

Also, be warned that I have two other voices in my head. The one is Tenshi, the other is Ryoko, a kage kitsune (shadow fox demon). Ryoko is a pervert to the extreme and forces images of me and the guys on my "Hottest guys" list into...compromising positions. (Shut up Ryoko, I don't need your input) Tenshi is the innocent type and loathes Ryoko. They also fight constantly. That is the reason why I have so many headaches, including the one I have now.

I regretfully inform you that Ryoko has killed Tenshi. I am now the last line of defense to defend my being from Ryoko's-OW! No, need to pound my skull from the inside, Ryoko! No, you don't get to say anything here. NOW SHUT UP! Ahem, excuse that digression, Ryoko is pissed at me for bringing up Tenshi. We shall all mourn for her. Well, except Ryoko.

Fav color: black (translation: Oh my God, I can't see!)

Fav Anime: Fairy Tail

DNAngel, Inuyasha, Pretear, Full Metal Alchemist, Hellsing, Last Hope, Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Panic, Ranma 1/2, Fruits Basket, Ai Yori Aoshi, X (awesome!),

Yu Yu Hakusho (It's an alright series, if you guys can't tell, I like the mystic crap), Tenchi Muyo, Candidate for Goddess, Mars, Naruto, Magic Knight Rayearth,

Fushigi Yugi: the Mysterious Play, Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Ah! My Goddess, School Rumble, Slayers, Origin: Spirits of the Past,

Princess Tutu, Flame of Recca, Black Cat, Bleach, Tactics, Wallflower, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Kaze no Stigma,


I also make AMVs, I have eleven now and am working on the twelfth. You can find them at

AMVs I've made:

By a Moment: NejiSaku to Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse. So far it's been rated at 4 1/2 stars out of 5 with over 1,000 hits

Poisoned Love: Eh, not my greatest. Various pairings to the song Poison by Groove Coverage(ignore the credits, those were the intended pairings but it didn't come out like I had hoped). 3 1/2 stars

Headstrong Lovers: NaruSasu to Headstrong by Trapt. It could be a seen as a look into their friendship, or yaoi, depends on how you want to see it. 3 1/2 stars

Shadowed Love: ItaSakuSasu to Moonlight Shadow by Groove Coverage. Almost to 1000 hits. One of my better ones but it could be better now that I have new scenes. 4 1/2 stars

Shinobi Wasteland: No pairings, just a tribute to some of the ninja from Naruto. Song is Wasteland by Ten Years. 4 1/2 stars

In the End: NaruSaku: One of my crappiest and I'm ashamed of myself to have even put it up. 3 1/2 stars, remarkably enough

Classic Fairytale: GaaSaku to the remix version of Beauty and the Beast by Jump 5. Ratings put it at 4 1/2 stars

Oblivious Wants: NejiSaku to Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon. Not much else to say on this one. 4 1/2 stars

Itachi's Vampire Heart: My personal fave of all the AMVs I've made so far. I think it's been highly underrated so far at 4 1/2 stars.

Neji's Butterfly, Sakura's Samurai: Another NejiSaku to Where's My Samurai by Smile.d.k. another 4 1/2 star rater.

Razorblade Kiss: The ONLY KabutoXSakura AMV in EXISTANCE! I worked so hard on it considering it is a hard couple to find a song for. Rated at 3 1/2 stars. SakuKabu fans, I beg you to please please watch it, comment and rate! I'M BEGGING!!

A Place to Rest: My first Bleach AMV focusing on Ichigo, with a bit of Rukia, and other shinigami tossed in.

Scare You Away: Crack coupling AMV of Hitsugaya Toushirou and Sakura based off a fanfic I'm writing. I'm also writing one that's Sakura/Byakuya

Byakuya's Everyday: Half-hearted attempt at a Byakuya Tribute that I made just because I liked the song.

Yukie Everybody's Fool: Tribute to Yukie Fujikaze from the first Naruto movie. It has very minor Yukie/Naruto in it.

Drunk on Shadows: SasuSaku AMV just because I wanted to use the song and I thought the couple fit.

Lonely Blossom: 'Nother SasuSaku, but this one is just terrible. Ashamed to call myself an AMV maker due to it

So Far From You: Ichigo/Rukia AMV that takes place during the Soul Society Arc.

Youkai I Have Become: Inuyasha tribute. Has a little bit of InuKag. Though I'm indifferent to the couple, I put it in 'cause it seemed to fit.

Two Souls, Two Worlds: A preview of my fic of the same title. The story is still on the drawing board, however.

Save Me: My BEST ItaSaku Amv as of yet. It's loosely based off of a plotbunny rampaging in my head.

I Never Deserved You: I've fallen back in love with GaaSaku and made this AMV. Read the video summary for it.

Favorite Quotes:

“Get out or I’ll make you into fucking sushi!" - (Sakura to Kisame in "Fragility of the Sakura")

“What…What are you doing?” she asked confused.

“You make it seem like it’s so bad. It’s like you threw everything on my shoulders.”

She stared blankly at him. Then she smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Also…Tsunade is following us. A meter away. I can see it with my Byakuugan.”

“…Kill joy. I thought you were actually being nice.” - (Sakura and Neji in "What's Your Problem?")

“NEJI! M-move faster! You’re going too slow!” yelled Sakura struggling.

“Haruno! You’re the one making me s-slow! Move around a bit!” spat Neji almost out of breath.

“Urgh….! HELP! It hurts!” shrieked Sakura.

“A little longer…! Move your ass Haruno!”

“Shut it Neji!” she argued.

“You want a fight?” he responded tiredly.

“B-bring it!” said Sakura.

“Are you done fighting yet? How long does it take two ninja’s to get an old lady’s couch up the stairs?” - (Neji and Sakura in "What's Your Problem?")

“Hey shut up, Mr. thinks he better than everyone!”

“I don’t think I’m better than everyone…just you.”-(Naruto and Sasuke)

“Next time he does that to you, nail him in the groin. There is no need to hold back here. I always thought you have a temper.”- (Neji to Sakura in "Why Not Me?")

“Hey, baka-Kitsune, why are you banging your head into the wall?”

“I’m trying to make myself stupider so you can understand me,” said Kyuubi just dripping with sarcasm.

“Can I help?” -(Naruto and Kyuubi in "Collision Course")

Tsunade scowled. “I want Ranma-kun!”

Jiraiya scowled right back. “Well tough! That’s two guys too many! So I want Ranma-chan!”

“No! Ranma-kun!”




Ranma blinked at his two friends, then gave Orochimaru a small nudge. “Pss… They know we can hear them, right?”

Orochimaru shook his head, the curtain of raven hair parting slightly with the movement, revealing a steadily ticking vein on his forehead, marring his otherwise calm complexion.

Ranma sweatdropped as the argument reached to a high pitch. “So… What are they arguing about, Orochimaru?”

Serpentine gold shot him a venomous glare in reply, a pale hand clamped on to his arm, and before Ranma knew, he was dragged out of the room by the pale shinobi, the argument of ‘Ranma-kun’ ‘Ranma-chan’ still ringing faintly against his ears.

“Orochimaru?” Ranma inquired tentatively after a long bout of silence, in which the two have sufficiently distanced themselves from the motel room Tsunade had rented earlier.

“… Hmm?”

Ranma hesitated, before shrugging slightly. “Why was Jiraiya wearing only leather straps?”

“And Tsunade, why did she kept stroking that bullwhip?”

“Oh, and what’s an orgy?”

“…” Orochimaru emitted a growl of frustration, which Ranma ignored, blithely, and opened his mouth again.

“And I was wondering…”

“Shut. Up.” The shinobi snarled, and stalked away.

Ranma blinked in confusion. “… Was it something I said?” (Omake from "Of Dreams and Memories)

“Hey, Mousse, do ya got any wards or anything like that?”

“Sorry Saotome, I’m fresh out at the moment, but I do have my port-a-potty if you feel the need to piss your pants.” (Ranma and Mousse from "Chains of the Past", chapter 7)

Naruto didn’t notice a thing, since he’d recently become hooked on a new anime. It was about a guy whose hair turned blond and wore orange. Naruto instantly loved it, regardless of story, characters, development, or plot.

Harry and Sasuke instantly hated it. It had almost no story, two-dimensional characters, nearly absolutely no development, paper-thin plots, no one really died, and everything eventually boiled down to who could get their pecks to grow bigger as they made man-screams.

The editor in Harry was appalled. The writer in Sasuke wanted divine retribution on the monstrosity.

Naturally, Naruto had to watch Dragonball Z every night. ("Uzumaki Harry" chapter 9)

Ok Hyuuga Neji…THIS MEANS WAR!

“What’s wrong with Gaara?”

“Who know…”

“Probably on his man-period again”

They all agreed…it was Gaara’s time of the month. ("Insomnia Equals Love" chapter 3)

Completed Fics:

My Will: My first Naruto fic and it's a one-shot. I just had to do something for Valentine's Day and this thought was stuck in my head all day. I wrote in about an hour and half once I got home. The pairing is Sasuke/Sakura, I don't care what their canon personalities are like, I think they make a cute couple. I hope if you are reading this profile that you check it and RotE out, I really would like some reviews to those stories.

Too Sexy, Too Silver: Just a little humor fic. Sesshoumaru walks into a bar and meets Sasame of Pretear. They get to drinking and talking when Sasame (very drunk at the time) drags an equally drunk Sesshoumaru to the Karaoke stage. They start singing "I'm too sexy." Hence the title. I hope you read it!

In the works:

Upon a Shooting Star: Fairy Tail fanfic that will NOT leave me alone. Just to let everyone know, I do try to do Daily updates, sometimes even more than one chapter a day due to my work schedule. I have a set 6-2 schedule Saturday and Sunday, but the rest of the week isn't as certain, so...if I don't post that day, chances are I'm at work. Don't lose faith! I have TONS planned for this story, I may have to split it into two parts,, no! Bad plot bunny...anyway, keep watching as Lucy ends up uncovering a lot of mysteries that surround the Fairy Tail gang...and makes huge ripples by changing time...

Pretear in the Feudal Era (Sengoku Jidai):Currently working on the tenth chapter. C'mon guys, review it already!

Warming Ice: Just started this fic. It is a Mannen/Rin pairing because I have yet to see one of these out there. This is another Inuyasha/Pretear crossover, just to let you know. It is in the Inuyasha section, please check it out and review. Third chapter is in the works. This is the first in the "Knights' Maidens" series.

Shock Wave: It's a Ranma 1/2 and Pretear crossover that has been bouncing around in my mind for quite some time now. I hope all of you get the chance to read it. It's going to be a Ranko/Sasame, Ranma/Nabiki, Akane/OC, Mawata/Mousse, Ukyo/Ryouga, posible Nodoka/manga-Kei. Anyway, the summary is this: Akane mallets Ranma-chan (Ranko) all the way to Awayuki Town. There, Ranko meets the Leafe Knights and finds out she is a Pretear on accident. The story will be chock full of inner turmoil as Ranko and Ranma try to sort out their feelings for the people in their lives and Sasame tries to come to terms with his fading devotion to Takako. Will love blossom between the new Pretear and the Knight of Sound?Will Ranma admit his feelings to the one girl who seems to treat him like a person or go through with his engagement to one of the Tendo girls? Hope all of you will Read and review this story! I'm trying to write the seventh chapter now, don't worry, it should be up sometime this week.

Harry Potter and the Rose of the Evan: I'm thinking I should put this into the crossovers section because I'm not getting any reviews for it. Basically it's about Rose, one of the original dragoons from the Dragon Campaign in the Legend of Dragoon video game, who is Lily's fraternal twin sister and explores her relationships with the other HP characters.It is also a crossover with Pretear seeing how Shin, the Knight of Plants, is Rose's and Remus's son. No, he is not a werewolf. Basically, Rose promises Lily that she will look after Harry, but she can't do that very well because Dumbledore interferes and sends Harry off to Petunia. I didn't like how the sixth book ended, so I'm finally writing this as a response to that tragic book. Horcruxes will still be involved, but not to the great importance that the sixth book let on to. It's mostly centered about dragoons and dragons and death eaters, OH MY! Draco is going to be a GOOD GUY in my story because he has an attitude that he has yet to show to the world, and a forgotten magic. If you reached this part in my bio, I ask that you read this story and PLEASE send me a review of what you think.

Ookami One Half: This idea popped into my head while I was playing my FF8 game and renamed Diablos as Naraku. Then I started thinking about Ranma 1/2 and thought what if Ranma landed in the Spring of Drowned Female Wolf Demon? And then while chasing Genma-baka started to fall into the adjacent Spring of Drowned Male Wolf Demon, but his battle aura heated the water as (s)he fell in. Now Ranma is a wolf demon 24/7, but changes into a girl with cold water. How would this affect the series when Ranma not only has the memories of Ayame, but Kouga as well? I'm thinking of evolving it into either a Ranma/Nabiki pairing, or Ranma/Kikyo. Don't ask me where I get my ideas, even I fear to go into my own mind.

Naruto/Bleach: Sakura is Ichigo's twin sister! But why is she in Konoha and not with her family? And what is this about Hollows, Shinigami, and Hollow Scars? Something is attacking Konoha, but Sakura seems to be the only one able to see it? Wait, how are Naruto and Sasuke involved in all of this? And why is it that Sakura can't seem to move during the attack? Who is 'Shinigami-san'? But most of all, who will win her heart and survive Ichigo's wrath? Sakura's heart is torn three ways with no idea on how to proceed forward. With her zanpaktou, Hanookami, refusing aid until Sakura can move beyond relying her teammates, a hollow remnant residing dormant within her, and the Chuunin Exams coming up, Sakura is at a complete loss of what to do. First installment of the "Warring Souls" Trilogy. "Two Souls, Two Worlds" follows the first half of Naruto with a decidedly Bleach twist. Third chapter is currently in the works and about halfway done. Sorry, but I got sidetracked by college life. The two stories I have planned as sequels to this are "Two Sides of One Soul" and "Heart within One Hollow". I know how I kept alluding to how this would be a HitsuSakuSasu, but the story evolved away from me when I hit the Arrancar Arc and a plethora of ideas came to me. I refuse to reveal what the final pairing of the series will be until the last installment. Trust me, it's something you least expect.

Ideas: Mainly crossovers just to warn ya

Ranma/DNAngel: The title will be "The Thief and the Martial Artist." If you can't guess, it's a Dark/Ranma-chan pairing. I came up with the idea just now while I'm on the Ranma-chan pairing kick. Daisuke and Satoshi try to rid themselves of their curses, but instead it backfires. Dark and Krad are constantly fighting each other and Ranma happens to come across them during one of his LEO trips courtesy of Akane(bitch). Unfortunately, he is in his female form at the time and Dark-being the flirt he is-is stricken by our Ranma-chan's pretty face. Dark abandons his fight with Krad to catch Ranma-chan (if she continued falling, she would have gone SPLAT, then no story). However, Ranma-chan is still in pretty bad condition due to her previous fight with her rivals and fiances and Akane getting into a bitchy mood (when isn't she). Dark and Krad agree to put off their fight for another day if only to help the mystery girl. I'm thinking of maybe getting Krad to fall for Ranma-chan also. I'm up to book 6 of DNAngel and book 5 of the Ranma manga. I'm basically using an episode summary guide to do this one. (shrugs) whatever works.

Ranma/Inuyasha: Ranma gets fed up with his life in Nerima so he steals the Nanban Mirror from Cologne and asks it to take him to where he can be himself, but he gets turned into a girl during the theft process. The mirror does what he-at the time she-asks and takes her to the Sengoku Jidai. She first meets Sesshoumaru after trying to take Tetsusaiga from his father's grave. However, there is a side-effect when the Mirror brings her back in time: Ranma's stuck as a ghost bound to Sesshoumaru! And Sesshy's none too pleased with that. I am starting to write this one. Will be titled "Somewhere I Belong." I am about halfway through the first chapter, I hope to get it up soon.

Ranma/Fruits Basket: After the Neko Ken, Ranma didn't end up with a fear of cats, instead he is cursed to turn into a cat when hugged by the opposite sex. After his true curse is discovered by Nodoka, she and Ranma leave Nerima behind so as to help him cope. Ranma will also learn of his distant relatives from his mother's side of the family. Pairing is still undecided. Please vote for pairings when I finally get this up (no Ranma x Canon couples! Ranma x Any Sohma or Ranma x Tohru is allowed)I AM STARTING TO WORK ON THIS ONE! I have a little bit of chapter one written down. Actually, it's a prologue that tells why Ranma survived the Neko-Ken training without going insane or having a psychotic fear of cats. (edit) Actually, I've decided to make it into a KyoXRanma-chanXHaru triangle.

Inuyasha/Pretear: Kagome/Sasame pairing that also ties in with "Warming Ice" and will be called "Sonic Arrows." Side pairing will be Inuyasha/Mawata (what? I can't leave Inu hanging like that) Kagome is 20, Sasame 24

Inuyasha/Pretear: Go/Kikyo pairing that ties in with "Warming Ice" will be called "Burning the Emptiness." Kikyo is "20" and Go is 23.

Ranma/Pretear: Shin/Akane centric that is the fourth part of the "Knights' Maiden" series, will be called "Taming Anger." The only reason I'm pairing Akane with Shin is that I believe she wouldn't hurt him because he is an innocent. Also it is my belief that when a Leafe Knight dies, he is remade after a time to an age where he can harness his power. After that, his age is accelerated to sixteen and then he grows normally. Shin doesn't have a weapon like the others, instead he is a martial artist. Another reason why Akane wouldn't be mean to Shin, he understands that a girl can be just as good a martial artist as a guy.

Ranma/Pretear: Yet another Ranma/Pretear crossover, I know. This one will tie in to "Warming Ice" also. If you can't tell, it is basically the same story, but through different view points. Will be titled "Aqua Serenade", Hajime/Ranma-chan centric. Hajime is 17 in this and will teach Ranma how to accept his girl side while the two slowly fall in love.

Ranma/Pretear: Kei/Nabiki centric, yes I know he is 7 years older than her. "Computer Games" will be their tale of how they fight the main bad guy of the series.

Pretear: This one will basically be a prequel of the Knights' Maidens series. Will be called "Blizzard" and be Himeno/Hayate centric. No, they do not get stuck in a blizzard. Think very carefully about the people involved, plus Himeno Awayuki's name translation. HayateKnight of Wind=Wind Himeno Awayuki= Princess of White Snow WindSnow=Blizzard Get it?

X/Pretear: Shin is Kakyo's and Hokuto's son. Hokuto was pregnant when Seishirou killed her and Kakyo knew this which is why he went into a coma from the tradgedy. Seishirou, in a rare act of kindness, assisted Hokuto when she went into labor in an attempt to save her and Kakyo's son. Subaru does not know that his nephew is still alive, thus making his grief for Hokuto's death deeper. After the fight with Takako, Shin (who is now at the physical age of seven) learns that his father and uncle are still alive. With permission from his guardian, Sasame, Shin goes in search of his last remaining family. This is going to be tricky seeing how I have seen every episode of both series.

X/Ranma: Ranma is tired of fighting day-in-day-out and wants to escape the honor trap known as his life. Kamui is still grieving for Kotori, but is slowly getting over her death. Ranma is given a second chance to live free under the name Ranko Ryuujoshin. Both Shinkens have been awakened, but Fuma cannot access his power as "Kamui's twin star" for some reason. Ranma has abandoned his lifestyle as a fighter and is the new docile girl at school. Kamui and "Ranko" cross paths during school and "Ranko's" destiny as the Dragon Goddess of Earth is revealed as is Kamui's destiny as the Dragon God of Heaven. Will the two grow closer and stop the end of the world? Or will they fight and destroy the Earth in the process? And what is the connection between the Seven Seals of Heaven and the Seven Angels of earth? Or was that eight of each?

X: Would things be different in the series if Kamui had one other living relative? What if Subaru had something else to live for after Seishirou died? What if Kamui and Subaru were related?

Pretear: What if Sasame never had feelings for Takako, that it was someone else among the knights? What if it wasn't Mannen, Hajime and Shin who gave their lives but Sasame, Hayate, and Go? Who would Himeno fall for then and who would take Sasame's place as Takako's lover? What do you guys think of this idea? I know it sounds strange, but I was just curious as to how would the series be if the "heavy hitters" were just kids. I'll get to work on this one as soon as I can finish some of the other ideas I have rampaging in my head like a Hippogriff stampede.

Ranma/Legend of Dragoon: Lavitz stopped his dragoon spirit from being passed on to Albert. Instead, he asks the spirit to take him someone else who is worthy of the Jade Dragon. He is lead to 7 year old Ranma about to be thrown into the cat pit during the Neko-ken. Lavitz takes it upon himself to train Ranma even as he tries to intervene in Genma's stupid actions. After the failed wedding, Ranma can't take anymore and Lavitz finally decides that he is ready for the destiny of a Dragoon. I'm not sure what pairing I'm gonna do, Ranma/Miranda, Ranma/Meru, maybe Ranma/Rose. Not too sure yet.

Harry Potter/Ranma/SM: Harry is the reincarnation of one of the Founders. I am not saying who. Title shall remain secret until the story is put up. Ranma 1/2 is included because when he was just born, James Potter took him to Jusenkyo where Harry was dunked into one of the springs. Writing the Prologue right now.

Ranma: Title is "Gone With the Wind" I got the idea from watching the movie in my film studies class and it keeps playing in my head. Casting will be as follows: Ranma as Ashley Wilkes, Akane as Melanie Wilkes, Shampoo as Scarlet O'Hara, Mousse as Rhett Butler, Ryoga as Frank Kennedy, Ukyo as Shampoo's yougest sister, Kodachi as Shampoo's other sister, Cologne and Happosai as Shampoo's parents (younger versions of them, of course), and Kuno as Charles Wilkes. Kami-sama help me with this casting. And may I burn in hell for writing a Ranma/Akane fic, a pairing that I loathe with a passion. E-mail if you like the idea and want me to get to writing it ASAP.

Ranma/Naruto: Ever wonder why Ranma had the uncanny ability to learn any martial art? Here's the answer: Ranma is the long lost middle sister of Sasuke and Itachi! Huh? Did I say that right? He-or rather she-has the Sharingan, but (s)he doesn't know that. After the fight with Herb, he wasn't able to get the kettle back to unlock the curse. Ashamed, Genma let's it slip that Ranma is adopted and that he is really a girl. She leaves to find Nodoka and find out where her real parents are. She somehow ends up in the Naruto dimension in the middle of the final confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke. Ranma intervenes and stops Sasuke from leaving for good. Hmm, I wonder what Itachi is going to think when he finds out his little sister is back and not dead like he thought? Let the chaos forces of Ranma work their magic in her new home. Will be Ranma-chan/Kakashi.

Ranma/Naruto: During the Mushroom incident, something went wrong. The magic of the mushroom wasn't strong enough to de-age both Ranma and his female form. Instead, the curse is destroyed and Reiko, Ranma's girl half, is set free. The magical backlash throws a six year old Ranma and seventeen year old Reiko into the world of Naruto. Reiko works as a shiatsu therapist trying to support herself and her amnesiac brother in a world not their own. Ranma later befriends Naruto and Sasuke and the two are brought under Reiko's wing as well. Will be Reiko/Kakashi, or maybe Reiko/Itachi. Also, Reiko remembers everything that happened to Ranma so she is literally Ranma as if he had been born a girl. No, it's not a "spirit of the spring" fic, either.

Legend of Dragoon/Final Fantasy 8: Seifer is the one to get the Jade Dragoon spirit after Lavitz dies. How is the FF crew going to handle a suped up Seifer? After the time compression, Seifer vanishes. He appears in the world of L.o.D and teams up with his fellow dragoons. Hmm, maybe I'll pair him with Miranda? Yes, Miranda seems to be his type of woman. Mwahahaha

Naruto: Sakura is thrown into the past due to a misperformed jutsu, and Sasuke knew beforehand! When our favorite pinkhaired kunoichi awakens, she is in a guest room at the Uchiha Estate, 10 years in the past. As she tries to find a way home-and avoid bumping into her younger self-she starts to grow closer to a certain teenage Uchiha. Sakura also begins to uncover the inner workings of the Uchiha clan and begins to understand Itachi's reasoning for killing his clan. But is what she finds out really all there is to it? After returning to the present, Sakura is determined to find Itachi and bring him back to Konoha, no matter what. It will be Itachi/Sakura.

Ranma/Naruto: Saotome Ranma is really an amnesiatic Haruno Sakura. Spirited away from her home when she was eight, Sakura woke up in a new world with no memories and in a boy's body. She begins to remember after the fight with Saffron and discovers the truth about Akane's feelings. Remembering lessons in chakra control from her youth, Sakura abandons her life as Ranma to return home to Konoha. Only to find herself in a younger body when she returns. Now she's trying to keep the act up that she's a weak kunoichi to misdirect any attention. During the Chuunin exams, Sakura is left with no choice but to reveal her true strength and ingenuity and catches the attention of a few people who then seek to win her. But what happens if the NWC shows up to ruin her hard work? Possible Sakura/Neji, Sakura/Itachi, or Sakura/Gaara

Naruto/SM/Ranma/Pretear/Inuyasha/X: Sakura has always been misunderstood when it comes to her feelings for Sasuke. She has never seen him as more than a friend, but rather a brother.She tries to tell this to Sasuke when he leaves Konoha, but he knocks her out before she can tell him. After waking up, it's Neji who walks by as she screams out for Sasuke. In her shaken state, Sakura confesses a shocking secret to Neji of all people. Sakura has been under a curse seal since her birth, a seal placed by her own parents. Neji is intrigued by this information and offers to help Sakura work past it while trying to find out why the Harunos placed it in the first place. Sakura accepts his offer but also goes to the new Godaime Hokage to seek apprenticeship. I hope to evolve this slowly into a Sakura/Neji romance. I may kick the rating up to M if Ryoko has anything to add to this story. (And she most likely will, the pervert kitsune) Also, Itachi is a good guy despite what the manga and anime say. He didn't kill ALL of his clan, just the adults. The Uchiha clan includes (from oldest to youngest) Subaru (X), Itachi, Ranma, Sasuke, Rei (SM), Kagome (Inuyasha), Mannen (Pretear), and a secret relative that I won't reveal until later. Side Pairings are: Subaru/Kurenai, Itachi/OC, Ranma/Tenten, Sasuke/Naruto, Rei/Gaara, Kagome/Kiba, Hinata/Shikamaru, Ino/Shino and a cute crush relationship with Mannen and Hanabi.

Naruto/Harry Potter: Lily is not originally an Evans. Harry finds out before first year that his mother originally named him from her old clan, Haruno, and he is actually Haruno Raikou. Not only that, but Lily is only an Evans through adoption! Discovering an old diary of hers, Harry learns that his mother's real name is Haruno Sumire, and that he has a twin sister named Sakura who is living with their maternal grandparents. Using the diary, Harry/Raikou quickly learns Sumire's native language and begins rudimentary training in ninjutsu, as well as uncovering the Haruno Kekkei Genkai. After second year, and still carrying guilt for Ginny's near-death, Raikou runs away to Isle of Secrets, a.k.a the Shinobi Continent to the rest of society. He meets Team 7 just after the Chuunin exams and is met with great suspiscion, mostly from Naruto and Sasuke. Raikou delves deep into ninja training as the summer wears on, eventually becoming a Genin. A week before term starts, Raikou convinces team seven--and his new team,Gai's team-- to come with him back to Hogwarts to "learn another method of battle." Definite Neji/Sakura, Raikou/Tenten, Naruto(girl)/Sasuke, Ron/Hermione, and Ginny/Neville, maybe Lee/Pansy? (snicker). This will also be a slight crossover with YuYu Hakusho due to Kurama's significance in the story. He's one of the ancestors of one of the main character's. I'm planning another version of this idea where Harry is still Raikou, but is Sasuke's twin. I also plan to have him turn into a girl permanently due to a misperformed jutsu. Raikou will be the link between Itachi and Sasuke, so Itachi isn't going to be all evil-y, though he is hot that way.

FY:GK/Ranma/FY: Takiko and her father never fought so she never became the priestess of Genbu. Einosuke only managed to write another translation that told the tale of the Suzaku and Seiryuu priestess before he died of a sudden illness. Over 70 years later, the Universe of the Four Gods falls into Ranma's hands while he's in girl form after the failed wedding. Cologne passes it on to him thinking that by bribing him with "secret techniques", he will go with them to China. She got her wish in a different way, Ranma is sent to Bei Jia, an ancient part of China. Will Ranma accept the duty of being the Priestess of Genbu in the hope to get rid of his curse by using one of the wishes? Or will he fall for one of his Seishi who shares so much in common with him?

FY/Naruto: Takes place in Canon Naruto-verse. Sakura, with Ino's help, is looking up info on medical jutsus. Ino discovers the Universe of the Four Gods and the two are sucked into it. Sakura and Ino take the places of Miaka and Yui in the original Fushigi Yuugi. The people of the UotFG resemble people from the Naruto-world in this. In fact, each seishi resembles a character from the other world. Suzaku Seishi: Tamahome-Neji, Hotohori-Itachi, Nuriko-Naruto, Chichiri-Kakashi, Mitsukake-Shikamaru, Tasuki-Sasuke (I couldn't resist! The similarities between them are just SO hard to ignore!), and Chiriko-Konohamaru. Seiryuu Seishi: Nakago-Kabuto, Amiboshi-Haku, Suboshi-Zabusa, Soi-Tayuya, Tomo-Kankuro, Ashitare-Gaara, Miboshi-Kisame (I can't help but humiliate him some! Plus he gets a cool power #grumble# stupid fish face.) Oh well, I really want to write this, I even have cover art! If only I could get a scanner and had photoshop. OH! And Orochimaru is the emporer of Qu-Dong, just thought that it would fit him. I think this will be the first ever Naruto/Fushigi Yuugi crossover, YAY!

IY/Naruto: Naraku creates a new "incarnation" that's not really his incarnation using Sesshoumaru's blood and Kagura's womb. Using a Shikon no Kakera, he creates a new life inside Kagura, much to her displeasure. The new pup is a little girl that Kagura escapes with and gives to Sesshoumaru to protect her. Before leaving, the wind witch names her Sakura. Sesshoumaru decides to sends his child to the Exile where his son still resides and suppress her youki. Wait, SESSHOUMARU HAS A SON!? Who could it be? I won't tell, read the story. After her youki is suppressed, Sakura's hair turns pink and her eyes green to become the kunoichi we all recognize. During a fight with Ino, Inner Sakura takes control and announces that she only wants Sasuke as friend and sets Sakura on the path to true strength. After that, little by little, Sakura starts to become aware of her heritage as a kazeinu youkai. Not only that, but now Inner Sakura's trying to get Sakura to mate a stranger that they don't even know what he looks like all because of his scent and strange visions! Who is this guy and will Sakura be able to restrain her youkai's instincts to mate? And will she be reunited with her father or find her half-brother? Her only clue to her family is a picture with no names on it but the photographer, an Uzumaki Kushina. Is she in some way connected to Naruto? Sakura is determined to find the answers to all her question in "Youkai no Sakura, Legacy of Kagura".

Multi-Anime: It's basically going to be a collection of one-shots where anime characters find their long lost siblings...Or are they?! Will feature Haruno Sakura, Kusajishi Yachiru, Hitsugaya Toushirou, Mannen, Sabaku no Gaara, Minamino Kurama, and others.

Naruto/Kingdom Hearts: Brought on by the revelation of Birth By Sleep. Maleficent has a vision of her iimminent demise long before Sora is ever the Keyblade Master and plots a back up plan to ensure she obtains Kingdom Hearts. Using te seed of an imprisoned young warrior (who shall remain nameless at this point), Maleficient artificially creates a child to use as her pawn. The warrior escapes not long after the child, appearing to be three or for years old, and takes her with him. He leaves her in a new world full of fighters calling themselves ninja and places her in the care of a young couple he saves from Unverses before leaving, only to be captured again and his fate undecided. The girl, with strangly pink and black hair and dichromatic eyes of emerald green and glittering gold, unnerves the couple, before they find their resolve and name her Sakura. Over time of not being in the presence of darkness, the black hair fades to pink and the gold eye turns the color of its twin. Sakura lives her life happily, keeping only a small keychain left to her by her biological father around her neck. Her life starts taking drastic turns upon crossing paths, and fates, with the second child of the Uchiha, Sasuke. Darknes begins to enter her life once more at the start of the Chuunin Exams when Sakura's "mother" comes for her after ten long years. Sakura is forced back into the darkness she had been stolen from and is faced by two choices: Be consumed by the darkness, or find her own light to guide her out of despair.


DBZ/Ranma: Ranma dies at Jusendo in his cursed form. The Jusenkyo springswere not destroyed and Ranma-chan drowned in an uncursed spring thus creating the Spring of Drowned Female Martial Artist. Fast foreward a few hundred years... Goku comes across Jusenkyo and lands in Ranma's spring. Feeling a compatible spirit, Ranma's soul decides to go with Goku and thus makes the spring uncursed once more. How will Goku's curse affect his adventures to come, especially with Ranma there to guide him? How will the dragonballs affect the curse when Goku keeps dieng and coming back?

Ranma/DBZ: Will be Ranma-chan/Vegeta, no ifs ands or buts. It takes place before the Ranma series starts, at Jusenkyo. Genma doesn't realize that his son has been turned into a girl and throws her into a another, forbidden, spring. The curses mix and badda-bing badda-boom, instant female saiyajin. Don't worry, Ranma will still have the ability to turn back into a guy. Ranma will gain a huge endurance boost though so his rivals will have to be toughened up or they will be creamed first try. Anyway, after the second failed wedding, Ranma finally decides that he's had enough and that being a guy isn't worth all the trouble caused by his idiot father. He decides to stay a she. Now I'm asking whoever accepts this challenge to alter the timeline of what we know for DBZ. Vegeta comes with Radditz instead of after. Searching for a strong opponent, he comes across Ranma-chan on Furinkan High's roof wallowing in misery because the Tendos kicked her out for her decision. If anyone wants to take up this challenge, be my guest, just make sure to inform me first; I'll try to offer as much help as I can.

Ranma: Akane didn't survive Jusendo (ding dong the bitch is dead celebrates) Ranma comes to terms with his "failure" and still intends to carry out the Tendo/Saotome engagement if only to satisfy Genma(no baka). His new fiance is none other than Nabiki. But that's not the end of the changes. History is starting to repeat itself, though Nabiki isn't going around whacking Ranma into LEO. All his rivals start to come out of the woodwork. But this time Ranma's not gonna take it laying down. You guessed it, Ranma starts to gain an analytical mind and Nabiki even helps it mature! Will history repeat itself? Or will the new Ranma be able to overcome the trends of time? (Thinking of titling it "Time Trend" or something along those lines) Another challenge. Be free to take the idea, but I hope you inform me first.

If you like any of these ideas and want me to write them or you want to write them yourself, e-mail me please. Arigato gozaimasu for the waste of time you spent reading this long-winded profile. Enjoying the summer everyone? I know I'm not with my father's stupid insistance that I get a job. #grumble# Baka konoyarou.

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