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Hiya! DigitalPunkmonkey here!

I like to ramble, alot, and talk, alot. I'm a Gemini you see xD Which also means that I havea billion ideas in my head at all times, so writing them out seems to be a good idea haha. Most of my energy goes towards drawing though:

Check out my art H'nah!

I seem to not be able to think of real ideas for fanfics, but once I DO have an idea, I have a billion ways to go about it! I have a way with words (or so my english teachers say) and I've always had a high level of vocabulary and grammer and such things to do with english, so I love to write (and I hate it when people make stupid mistakes. Spelling I can understand (for example, if you see me write "Teh" or "Indeef" they're on purpose actually), unless it's horrible.) Netspeak drives me NUTS:

"lYkE oMg i aM sO cOol wHen i rItE lyKe dIs lYke omG!11!11!"

URG I HATE THAT! T_T if you write like that I'm liable to shoot you. Take two seconds and write it PROPERLY geez!

Anyways, I registered to this site in July 2005, but I've been reading fics from it for over a year before that. I've been wanting to write my own fics for a long time but I never got around to it, and now I finally have some things going for once. I love anime, especially Digimon; as well as my newfound love Naruto (no, I don't like the CHARACTER but I like the show xD) I grew up playing Zelda, started when I was 5 and have loved it ever since. And Digimon Tamers helped me through a really hard time in my life, so maybe that's why I love it so much.

I guess the music I like stays the same too, I love rock, and most of its sub-genres. I like the heavier punk stuff, although I hate labeling things. I love pretty much anything with awesome electric guitar -heart- and I couldn't care less about the lyrics. To me, music is MUSIC, not the lyrics. Which is probably a huge reason I hate rap, because all it is is words to a beat -.- And don't try to tell me rap has music! I'm not saying it sucks, I'm saying I don't like it -.-

Bands I like:

Billy Talent (Favorite band of all time!)
Alexisonfire (Close second fave band of all time, I LOVE guitar distortion, and Dallas' voice -heart-)
Death from Above 1979 (Took me awhile to warm up to them but I luff them now!)
The Rolling Stones (My socials teacher introducedus to them in class one day, and I've been in love ever since! (with the Stones, not my teacher o-o;;))
System of a Down (I don't normally like really hard stuff but it's just so catchy xD And bouncy! Andthey have theirguitar moments too lol)
Queens of the Stone Age (Awesome awesome good ol' rock & roll)
Metric (Strange but good. Pretty much the only female lead singer I like)
The Tragically Hip (Grew up listening to them, my whole family loves them. Don't listen to their stuff as much anymore)
Dallas Green (Yes he counts because his solo stuff is diff than his AoF stuff)
Linkin Park (Their stuff gets repetative after awhile though)
Three Days Grace (Also gets repetative but I like it)

Anime I like (TV and Movies):

Digimon (Season three in particular, I wish it was still going ._.)
Naruto (I hate the main character but loved the episodes with Zabuza and I also love Kakashi xD)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (I wish it wasn't on so late, and I wish it wasn't so hard to understand when you first start watching it LOL I still don't know alot about it but I'm slowly learning x.x)
The Slayers (Watched a bunch of episodes on DVD that my friend had, it's bloody hilarious xD)
Akira (Yay for random explosions, monster teddy bears and tumours o_O)

I also watch any show I can catch on Anime Day (Fridays where they show a bunch of anime on YTV) so that includes One Piece, Zatch Bell, I don't mind Inuyasha but it's not a favorite, I occasionally watch Dragonball (Z, GT, whatever's on)...

Video Games that I love:

Zelda: (In order of fave to least fave, these are only ones I have played. I don't NOT like any of them though!) Ocarina of Time; Majora's Mask; WindWaker; Oracle of Ages; Four Swords. I remember loving the original but I can't remember much of it since I was 5 when I first played it! (Which means I've been playing Zelda for 10 years cause I'm 15 now! w00tness!)

Mario: Paper Mario (1 & 2); Super Mario 64; Super Mario Sunshine; Mario Party (all that I've played) Mario & Luigi... yeah like all the Mario games I've played (which is like 89732476 billion)

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Yay! Egyptian stuff rules!)
Starfox: Adventures (Wayyy underrated game. The musical score is teh sht!)
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (Took me awhile but I eventually warmed up to teh prince )
F-Zero GX (This game brought out the neeeeeeed for speed in me o-o A very violent one xD)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (NOTHING is more fun than beating the crap out of Pikachu with Ganondorf =D)

Hmm.. there are probably alot more I just can't think right now >_>;;;

So yeah that's me, I'll probably add stuff as time goes on and stuff. Email me if you want to chat about stuff, or even do a fic with me. Just because you want towrite one with me doesn't mean I'll do it,but I always love hearing other writer's ideas and such :3I'm already working on a main Digimon fic so I don't think I'd be open to starting another one at the moment, but I might be ok with doing a Naruto one (even though I'm working on one for that too XD).

Bah I'm back to rambling! Just drop me a line if you're interested XD

GAHHHH! They banned Digimon Surreal Life because it was in script form (which it said nothing about being wrong when I read the rules >_>) And so I had to put it on my site for our other fanfiction (which we'll be submitting here in a few months) which had parts cut out and we needed to have a place to put those, so ja click here! And PLEASE tell other people about it if you liked it, since they can't read it on here anymore.

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