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Mostly like to draw, read, writing is another favorite passtime (duh), so what the hell? Like to: kill things, cats, Labyrinth, kill more things, Cats the movie ^_^ Rum-Tum-Tugger rules!, I love to make bad and sick jokes, I say "Neif!" all the time, hate dogs- but I got a good reason: almost got me eye ripped out by one when I was four. Like to hit things with a hammer. I can't think of anything else to put on here, uh...oh yeah! HI, Sophia Mooney, Jemairel, littlestkitten, and whoever else that knows me face to face- unless they are someone I don't like! I HATE TRANSFORMERS!! I have TONS of stories on my laptop and I'll post some as soon as I am able to get my computer to listen to me. ^_^;; I am also a very talkitive little demon as you might of guessed.

My muses now have their own account, they went and did it while I was asleep. (They got the idea from 'Kill the Cannibal Clowns' muses). They are now laughing evilly as I type. They are now called: "The Muses of Demonica" I would talk some more about them to boost their already overly-large egos, but I have to piss.

Another thing I have to add to this and I have no idea why I have to do this and I'm guessing that it's just my nature to do un-explainable things and write stupid, pointless crap like this and go on and on and on before I actually get to the point of this whole thing, but anyways: "BEEP!!" :grins:


I apologize to everyone that have read this and have been metally wounded by the pointless nonsense that has been written here. I was very hyper and I had nothing to eat but a small apple. Once again, I apologize for the pointless crap on here. :sits silently for a few moments: NAH!! :starts to laugh evilly, then stops for a few moments before laughing some more because of the mental image I got of the look on Jemariel's face when she reads this:

:evil grin:

There has been some questions on what the kitty treats are that I've been giving people while reviewing. They're kitty treats. They are edible for humans, demons, and other diferent kinds of life forms. They are whatever flavor you would like, and there is veggie kitty treats for those who can't have meat. There's also sugar kitty treats for those who can only have sugar.I do not advise you to eat them with Jolt though. The kitty treats are my way of a scoring system for reviewing. The more kitty treats you have, the better I liked it. Unless the rest of my review tells otherwise. The amount of kitty treats one can get is un-countable. Thus, persons can get more than they possibly eat if i think they're worth stuffing to the point of blimp sized. (even though my kitty treats won't acctually make you fat). I must be going now before I keep on ranting. Again.

UPDATE!! I have finally, FINALLY posted something!! I have lots more to post but I'll do that later. Neif!

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