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Author has written 11 stories for Juvenile Orion, Saiyuki, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts.

Before we get started, lets answer one question; how dumb are you?_

Hi! Okay, I have decided to change my pen name. I was formally known as pointless people of Pluto and YokoTheLovelessWarrior and The Not So Lonely On ValentineOkay? Good. Sorry if there was anyone getting confused with the changes. To get her off of my back, I changed it. Sorry again!

~ A Little About Me ~

name- Sara

hobbies- hanging out with my friends, playing video games, listening to music, talking on the phone, writing stories off of fanfiction, when i'm not writing i'm drawing, read stephen king books, writing on fanfiction, watching movies with friends, being with the kids in my neighborhood, and going out with my boyfriend.

my fav video games- GEARS OF WAR!!!, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts II, final fantasy VII, dance dance revolution, dance dance revolution 2, dance dance revolution extreme, .hack//infection, star ocean: till the end of time, rachet and clank: going commando, chaos legion

my fav manga books- fruits basket, juvenile orion, saiyuki, saiyuki reloaded, bobobo-bo-bobo, eyeshield 21, cantarella, broken angels, loveless, absolute boyfriend, godchild, dazzle, princess ai, kingdom hearts, and ceres: celestial legend

may fav tv shows- who's line is it anyway, drew carries's green screen show, the surreal life, i love toys, i love the 70's, i love the 80's, i love the 90's, mad tv, wild boyz, where my dogs at, chico and guapo, family guy, american dad

my fav movies- sleepy hollow(johnny deep!), titanic, the mummy, i robot, charlie and the chocolate factory, crouching tiger/hidden dragon, harry potter (1-4), chocolat (it is spelled correctly), pirates of the caribbean, happy gilmore, wedding crashers, borat, monty python, ferris bueler's day off, dragon heart, and final fantasy VII; advent children

my fav bands- my chemical romance, eminem, nickelback, panic! at the disco, pink, afi, hawthorne heights, the killers, utada, Coheed and Cambria, Mudvayne, Disturbed, Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica, Anthrax, Iron Maiden (they are okay), and a bunch of other people.

some more about me!- I love Claudio! What is this? You don't know who Claudio is? gasp You must know now! He is the lead singer of my favorite band, Coheed and Cambria! He is amazing and I love his hair XP Right now, I am bent on going to their upcoming concert in Columbia, Maryland! Am I going with my friend? We don't know yet...damn...

~ Why Did I Change My Name AGAIN? ~

Things have changed and now I changed my penname. Period.

Some People Aren't Stupid...They're Advanced.

~ What's Up In My Life Right Now? ~

((this is updated under a regular basis and will be continued throughout the year))

notes- hello again. anyway, here is what is happening in my life. you probably don't care, but oh well. i just got a cell phone (yay!), my parents are getting mad at me for no reason, my sister hates me (what else is new?), i don't have the guts to ask this one guy to the dinner dance at school, my friends are insane, the pssa's are over, i started to wear a little bit of make-up, my neighbor wyatt (3 yrs old) likes me and doesn't care for my sister (muwahahaha!), i took a lot of quizzes on quizilla for no reason, i hate latin class, i'm going to florida in a few weeks, my aunt came down to visit, my dad's sister's friend got married, my friends dog died, kids at my school have gone insane, the school play is going to suck, my friends are making me go to the suckish play, in the future my friends are going to make me sit through 'the producers' again, i listened to the radio a lot lately, i had a few sleepovers, i went rollar blading, i went ice skating, i updated a few stories, it will take me forever to update my yu-gi-oh gx story, i am trying to update some other stories, my birthday is soon (yay!), my sisters birthday has passed (finally!), i watched some amv's on, i listened to music on media player,i watched random stuff on for no reason, my friend maddie made me watch some dumb stuff on google, i have been typing a few stories that are not on fanfiction, i am waiting for kingdom hearts II to come out (i now have it!), i beat my neighbor in kickball, i'm going to a wedding, i just finished a story on fanfiction, my cousin is coming to visit, i miss a lot of my friendswho are on vacation, maddie andi started our own story which is really funny, i've drawn a total of fouty pictures so far this summer, i have been bored out of my mind for the past four hours. school has just began, my friend got a boyfriend, my other best friend has a crush on someone, my other friend had her first kiss, my other friend had a boyfriend for three hours, i now have a boyfriend (i love him so much!), we went to the first football game together and had a blast, we went to the movies which was fun, my friend Emily and I had a sleep over, we worked on our stories, i complete two other stories not on fanfiction, eric (emilys b/f) starts to have a strange feeling to say the word skittles every ten seconds, vest is feeling the need to mess with everyones hair, eric now has an accasional afro cause of vesta, kayal needs surgery on her knee, chelsea won't stop hitting a lemonade bottle against our lunch table, jason (my b/f) best friend has a girlfriend who is really weird and likes me a lot for some weird reason, study hall is kinda cool cause we can talk the whole time, gym sucks, spanish is cool but out teacher acts a little gay, western heritage is so freaking boring, english is pointless, algebra is cool cause the teacher is cool to a limit, i hate my second algebra teacher cause she is a bitch, vesta wants me to see the movie 'rent', i told her i would only see it if jason saw it with me, vesta made a funny joke about a co-ed sleep over, emily got her first kiss, vesta had her 15th birthday at the country club, i got my first kiss, i signed up for key club at school, we went to the second football game without chelsea, vesta, vivian, and kayla (double date!), we met up with the shortest, funniest, and coolest 8th grader you will ever meet named antonio, i reported a guy at my lunch periof three times for harassment, i ran the mile in gym, i made a few new friends in algebra, made two new friends in western heritage and one of them is kayla's cousin (weird isn't it?), kaylas cousin thinks he is a pirate, kayla told us we were gonna help her on trick or treat night by scarring little kids by dressing up as pirates, i am not fond of my basic computer literacy class at all, vivian wont stop singing the song 'do your chain hang low', i've had disney songs stuck in my head for the past three weeks, emily is now playing on a soccer team even thought she isn't on the team at all, i walked 5 miles around city island for breat cancer as well as for key club, emily and vivian left me to walk the 5 miles with the other key club members who were softmores, i met up with some old friends of mine which was lot's o' fun, my parents met jason and they like him, my mom met eric and thinks he funny and a little to oblivious (she met him cuase he needed a ride to the first football game), i babysat for a while, went to a wedding, a friend in our family just died, the third football game sucked because we were asked questions by sercurity after we saw a fist fight, chelsea was hyperventolating, vesta was freaking out, i couldnt stop shaking, jason was trying to calm chelsea down, kayla was at home for that, a little kid at the football game kept saying i was hot, i had just found out that a guy i have known since seventh grade still has a crush on me and is waiting for me to be single again, i also found out that one of the shortest, most weird guys had a crush on me in 8th grade and that is why he kept hitting me with paper wasps, my sister broke up with her boyfriend after six hours and they remain as friends, my neighbors are despirit to meet jason, i learned that eric lives within walking distance of my house, i also learned emily lives within walking distance of jason's house (weird, no?), my sister was immitating babe watch the other night which was freaking hilarious, my mom and dad were going insane trying to get jepordy questions right, my sister and mother are now in love with the show 'ugly betty', my sister and i can't stop watching 'flavor of love' even though it is the dumbest show ever (delishius won! yay!), my dad has been working a lot, my mom and i got into a few fights, but all is good now, i borrowed my sisters 'pink' cd and forgot to give it back for three weeks, erics nickname is rice krispies; emily's is cocoa puffs (which she thinks sounds like a hooker name); mine is lucky charms; and jasons is cheerios, we had a pep rally which was way to peppy, i had to sit nex to to the most lovey/dovey couple at the pep rally (ugh...), vesta wrote a bunch of stuff on my binder, my algebra teacher is teaching us how to play chess (don't ask. long story), my friend nikki and i hid under a car during a game of nighttime hide and seek, then we hid in the trunk of a car (nikki was actually in a trash can), my friend joanna got a boyfriend; brise, the freshman were kicked out of homecoming cause there were to many of us (dammit!), i did another key club thing at country market with emily, lauren, and vivian, i painted kids faces; vivian helped them paint pumpkins; and emily and lauren got to build scarecrows, we then went over to emily's to watch 'beauty and the beast' the high school play, jason wanted to come over but had a soccer game (T_T), lauren didn't come to see it cause she was going to a party, emily vivian and i went a little crazy with the hot chocolate, we also ate a lot of goldfish cause it's good (the snack that smiles back!), the guys in my neighborhood are now all about skateboarding and are pretty good at it (except ben, ha), ryan; ian; justin; ben; emma; nickolas; hannah; and cole wouldn't leave me alone when jason and i were talking on the phone, my 3 year old neighbor wyatt ade me some cookies (he is so cute XD), i was shocked with half a million volts of electricity in science class, people keep letting stink bombs off in the hallways, AND we are all planning to go either bowling or see a movie this friday cause we dont want to go to the football game after last weeks little innsodent. we went to emily's party of friday, lauren went crazy with the halloween cookies, chelsea wouldn't get off of or leave the beanbag alone, i kicked eric in the ass so hard he couldn't sit for five minutes, vivian was jumping around because she got a cell phone (go viv!), kayla and vesta were acting weird like usual, chelsea attacked people as she was on the floor acting like a pissed off cat, lauren asked jason and me a few questions that put us in an awkward possision, chelsea shoved eric; emily; me; and jason into a closet; closed it; and shouted in that we could start making out, we forced ourselves out of the closet, i chased chelsea around the basement to get the beanbag off of her back, lauren turned on the radio and we all started to dance (except the guys), chelsea and i did 'the worm', vesta did 'spawning salmon' (her version of the worm which involves a mattress), we went to a house in emily's neighborhood for this hanuted garage thing, chelsea and kayla screamed their heads off, this one guy got the jump on me, eric scared chelsea half to death, we went back to emily's for pizza, we ate, then played DDR, emily and i played, then vivan and chelsea played, then kayla and vesta played (heres the thing kayla hurt her leg and isn't supposed to do anything, but sit and walk a little but she played with her hands and sat on the dance mat!), kayla beat vesta (vesta, thats pathetic), jason and eric arm wrestled, jason and i arm wrestled (he beat me T_T), eric and chelsea arm wrestled, we watched 'monster house', jason and i cuddled (-_-), we said that a few of the characters in the movie look like people we know from school, we all went home, the next morning emily had a soccer game and then met up with vivian and i at the YMCA for a keyclub thing, we watched over little kids, emily was pulled away by this hyper little girl who was a little scary, vivian was hall monitor for a while, i played with the cutest little two year old, vivian eventually got off of hall monitor duty and we had to welcome people by the door, then vivian got to the the registration table, emily and i got to lead the dances (cha cha slide, macaranna (sp?), and the chicken dance), vivan laughed at us for most of the time, then we got to clean up the gym area by picking up the toys and equipment, stood by the door and told people to have a nice day as they left for their cars, jason called me and told me that our trip to the haunted mill was canceled and asked me if i wanted to see a movie instead, i said yeah, he looked at times for 'the prestige', emily and vivian asked if they could come, jason said sure, we hung up, emily's mom dropped us off at red robin for lunch, we paid the check and left, i went home and my dad gave me his iPod, i instantly loaded it up with songs, jason called me again and told me that we could make the seven o'clock show, i called emily and she had chosen not to go, i told eric and he said he still wanted to go, jason picked us up, we got to the theater, eric went crazy with the skittles, we got our seats, jason and i cuddled again XD, eric sat there eatting his skittles with a big grin (that was actually kinda funny), i jumped a few times because people came outta nowhere, jason's father then took eric home and then took me home after the movie, jason walked me up to my door, good-bye kiss, i went inside, and then (about half an hour later that night) jason called me on my cell phone and we talked for 153 minutes, AND i wished him the best of luck in his three soccer games on sunday. i went to the championship soccer game, he lost the game but won the tournament, my was half way to being an icecube, my friend got surgery, vesta is trying to get a part in a play, we went bowling, jason tought me a few things to try and help me bowl, i broke 100, emily broke 100, eric broke 100, jason didn't break 100 (sorry, jason...), vivian tried to break 100 (she came close...i think..), eric ate two bags of skittles (one regular, one sour), emily and i started to sing along with the music that was playing, vivian was going crazy with pictures for her cell phone, and i did some babysitting which was hell because the baby wouldn't stop crying (poor lina!). i went to west palm beach which was as boring as hell, spent most of my time in the computer lab, hung out on the beach for a while, swam in the pool that was really really really cold, tortured my sister, got jason his x-mas present at the west palm beach gardens mall, went into a new store that i can't remember the name to, got two new shirts, went to american eagle and got stuff, went back to the condo, had dinner, left after thanksgiving dinner at the grand marriot resort, came home and went to emily's house the next day, jason came over, we had a pillow fight Oo, listened to music, talked about...stuff..., went home, talked to jason again that night, played pool as i talked to him over the phone, lots of drama had been going on in school, jason got mad at chelsea, chelsea got mad at jason, they sorted it out and didn't tell me, i got mad at kayla cause i thought she was mad at me and vis versa, we sorted that out, chelsea got mad at me, i got mad at her, i let her alone for a while, got over that, chelsea got a boyfriend, emily is with someone new as well, went to jason's house and then to the movies, we saw Night At The Museum, came home, got jason's gift, gave him his, i had to babysit again, my aunt, uncle, and cousins came over, AND now it is a boring christmas eve day. okay, i haven't updated this in a while, but you will have to deal with it, but over the time i have not a lot of things have happened such as; jason and go on a ton of dates, emily is just as crazy as ever, chelsea is worried about her boyfriend, vesta still thinks she will die alone, jason took me to winter gala, we went to dinner with friend's before gala which was fun, kayla has been just fine, my friend tea and her new boyfriend anthony have gotten together, my classes are just as fun as they are ever going to get, chelsea vesta and myself got into an argument, we are now friends again, emily is oblivious as to what goes on in the group most of the time (lucky), eric has had three girlfriends and is still with his third who is in seventh grade ( go eric!), my entire group is now planning on going to the dance-o-thon in marhc which is going to be fffuuunnn!, AND today is Valentines Day which makes me a very happy person. okay okay, i went to go see TMNT with jason the other day and it was really weird and funny, but a good movie nonetheless, after that he took me to taco bell since i have never been there before (weird, right?) and it was actually very good, then i went back to his house for a little, they took me home, updated my stories, the next day went out with my mom to the store and got Metallica "...And Justice For All" (they rock!), sadly i couldn't find any Anthrax T_T, went home, typed some more, and today i went over to my friends house for a pre-easter dinner and to play kickball in 30 fuckin' degree weather, AND tomorrow i am having an actual dinner at jasons. that is what happened and/or will happen in my life.

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Since you read my profile I feel specical, I am happy, I feel like I'm gonna heave, but welcome to my happy world now get your shit and leave!

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