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Okay, look, guys... I started a lot of things that I never finished, and I apologize for that. I cannot promise to finish them all. I got so distracted by life and college that I'm just not the same girl anymore. But I will do what I can, when I can. It may take only a little while, it may take weeks or months or years, but I will try. There are some stories here worth salvaging, and I am grateful to remember that I have finished several (I am still most proud of FEtF:TLY). But not all will be finished. "A New Boy At Shiz" is probably out of the question. "Romance At Shiz" is probably not happening, either. "Truth or Dare" and "Forced Love" are, at the moment, the only two which I have thoughts of continuing.

I'm older now than I was when I wrote these things, and more experienced in life and love. I've been hurt and I've been used and I've loved. I'm in a serious relationship now - we're talking about marriage and kids and I'm moving several states away to be with him. So I do see the world in a different way. I am no longer a sixteen year old girl sitting at my computer hiding from my parents or scribbling in class. My scribbles are different. They are jaded and sad and often much too aware of themselves. The innocence is gone, but I will try to bring the same voice to my stories (the ones I'm continuing with) that they had before. I remember what it was like to be you guys and I remember what it was like to be me then. I miss it.

I hope that some of the fans who followed me all that time ago still follow me, but I can't imagine that they do. I know that as things change and people grow up, their tastes change and the writing they appreciate does too. Some of my old stories are a little childish. Looking back, I see the most adult ones - or the ones with the most potential to be adult - and I will work with them. I still honestly think that for a sixteen year old, that first story (From Elphaba to Fae) was impressive, but it, too, is not without it's flaws.

I am rambling here. I'm sure you guys are uninterested and merely want to read my stuff. I apologize for not finishing everything but I hope that you can garner some enjoyment from my writing. I intend to be a published author one day, though not of the type of stories you read here. You may well read my writing some day and have no idea it was me - or perhaps you will? Perhaps you shall recognize my writing voice and think, "I read that girl when she was sixteen!". How can I know? Anyway, if you are writing as well as reading these, I encourage you to continue. I encourage you to branch out from fanfiction (that doesn't mean you have to quit this site, though!) and to improve and to take classes and receive criticism. I have grown so much as a writer and I hope that you all can do the same.

NOTE: I changed the title of If I'd Known I Loved You because I really didn't like it, so the title is now Your Life Could End Up Changing.

Here's a summary of my current stories...

From Elphaba to Fae: The Lost Years is about the five years between when Elphaba disappears into the Emerald City and when she runs into Fiyero. The book makes many implications to what has happened to her, and I've written this story so it's completely possible. I wanted it to be like a missing piece of the book. It's sixteen chapters long and 108 pages on Microsoft Word. One thing that people may want to think about before reading this: If you're attached to the theory that Fiyero was Elphaba's one and only, don't read this. She practically STATES that she wasn't a virgin when she and Fiyero did it the first time. So, I decided to explain that (and a lot of other things, too) using this story. Pairing: ElphabaOC

What If? An alternate ending to WICKED is about what would've happened starting from "at a clip, he made his way across town" (I cite the page number in my first chapter), if Fiyero had lived. The Wizard of Oz would not have happened, because she wouldn't necesarrily been at Kiamo Ko, so it couldn't happen, at least not with this green girl, perhaps her granddaughter... Pairing: Fiyeraba

Your Life Could End Up Changing (previously If I'd Known I Loved You) is about (based on the book) what would've happened if Fiyero and Elphie had realized they were in love at Shiz. One night, they get drunk and there's a lot of complications and such... Pairings: Fiyeraba, Gloq

Romance at Shiz this is like "If I'd Known I Loved You" except without the getting drunk part. Pairing: Fiyeraba

Haunted Elphaba awakes from a dream two years after Fiyero has "died" to find that he was never gone after all and that the man who has haunted her for two yeras is actually still alive. Pairing: Fiyeraba

Through the Clock What happened to Elphie and Yero when they went through the clock? They found themselves on our side, tat's what! Actually based on the musical, for once. Pairing: Fiyeraba

The New Boy at Shiz begins on Fiyero's second day at Shiz from the book. It's another Fiyeraba romance, as uaual, but this one has no sex until they're married. The romance in this moves slower, for those of you who appreciate that. They actually wait until marriage, for once. Unfortunately, that is definitly NOT the end of their troubles. Pairing: Fiyeraba

The City Of Emeralds - Elphaba is based on the book and it's all about Elphaba's view on her and Fiyero's relationship. It's still third person, but in the book, there's a third person dominant Fiyero view, this is more of a third person dominant Elphaba view. What, exactly, was she thinking, anyway? It may have a different ending than the book did, seeing as I hate to see Fiyero die. And after a few chapters, I changed the rating to M, because it was WAY too sexual. Pairing: Fiyeraba

It All Started At Shiz is based on the book, as usual, excpet this time, because of Avaric, Fiyero and Elphaba don't start out with little hidden crushes, they start out kind of disliking one another. That is quickly changed, but when their romance seems to be at the height of things, Elphaba visits the Wizard and isn't so sure what to do about things anymore. Pairing: Fiyeraba

Truth or Dare is, as usual with me, based on the book. Playing a game of truth or dare, Elphaba and Fiyero discover their feelings for each other. Fiyero's family is not easy to negotiate with, however, and wants him married by the time he turns twenty. It's Elphaba or Sarima. Will Elphaba agree? If she does, what will she think of the strange traditions and customs in the Vinkus? Can they make it despite the tension their families intentionally cause? Pairing: Fiyeraba

Forced Love is pretty different, as it doesn't start at Shiz. Upon seeing that their daughter is hideously green, Frex and Melena arrange to have her married off to the Prince Fiyero of the Arjiki tribe in the Vinkus. At a young age, she is promised to him, yet the family manages never to let the Arijikis see Elphaba until the day before the arranged marriage is to arrive, and there is no backing out then. Elphaba only goes along with the marriage and does not run away because it was arranged that she should attend Shiz with her new husband. But is there a chance for real love between them? Pairing: Fiyeraba

More Complicated Than A Love Triangle Yeah, yeah, I wrote another one without finishing the others. I've grown a lot since starting everything and I needed to write something at my current maturity level, although I do have the intention of finishing other stories. I'm always focused on Fiyero's arranged marriage. What if Elphaba was arranged to marry someone else, too? And what if that someone was Boq? How would she and Fiyero handle it when they fell in love? And what happens when Elphaba's politics are too much for any of them to handle? Fiyeraba

Yes, Master Don't kill me, I did it again. Starting yet another story. Anyway, what if Elphaba was abandoned at birth at a mauntery? And when she comes of age and decides she's not to join the faith (surprise, surprise), she is sent away to be a servant/schoomarm in the Vinkus to the two younger members of the royal family. However, the oldest son, Fiyero, wants to learn from Elphaba, too...

Also, feel free to formspring me! It's a site where you can ask me anonymous questions. Here is the link

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