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Hi I'm Moose2828. My real name is Sarah. I love anime. Here's a little you should know about me(O.K. here's a lot you should know about me.)Plus I am Emo/Punk and yea...XDD I LOVE MCR AND I AM MIKEYTHEMAGICALWAY!!!

Gender: Female(incase you haven't noticed.)

Hair Color: Dark,dark,dark brown

Eye Color: Also dark,dark, brown

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Animal: Red Fox

Favorite Anime: Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleahc, Final Fantasy, Yu.Yu. Hakusho,Fruits Basket, Rouroni Kenshin, Zach Bell, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Invader Zim, Yu.Gi.Oh, Pokemon, Mega Man Access, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, The 2nd and 3rd Inuyasha Movie (Didn't really like the 1st),Princess Mononoke, Naussica

Favorite Regular T.V. Show: Who's Line is it Anyway, Spongebob Sqaurepants, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Teen Titans, While You Were Out, Extreme Home Makeover, Full House, Boy Meets World, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Roseanne, AND MIAMI INK!!!

Favorite Movies: The Borrowers, Valiant, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Holes, The Miracle Worker, Big Fish, Sky High, The Mummy, TheHP Movies, The Chronicles Of Narnia, and some other stuffs.

Favorite Channels: Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickalodian, TLC, ABC Family, G4, Animal Planet

Favorite Books: The View From Saturday, Little Women, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, The Babysitters Club, Harry Potter, A Sieries of Unfortunate Events,The Chronicals of Narnia, Tuck Everlasting, Ice, Blizzards Wake, Crispin And The Cross Of Lead

Favorite Authors: Phyliss Reynolds Naylor, J.K. Rowling, Lemony Snickett, E.L.Knowingsburg, Nattile Babbit

Favorite Anime Guys: Sesshomaru, Koga, Naraku, Roy Mustang, Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Scar, Havoc, Kenshin, Champloo, Yuske, Hiei, Kurama, Tugoro, Kuhaku, Haku, Itachi, Kyo,Yuki, Haru, Momiji, Ashitaka, DukeDevilin, Marik, Gary Oak(Ah...the good old days of pokemon.), Sasuke, Itachi, Gaara, KANKURO, Cloud Strife, Kadaj, HIKARU AND KAORU, Tamaki, Kyoya, Mitsukuni(Hunny-senpai), Gir(so he's a robot)

Favorite Anime Its: Just for you Envy...(Or Kadaj...I'm so evil...not really.) ENVY!

Favorite Anime Girls: Sango, Winry Rockbell, Haruhi, Riza Hawkeye, Kagura, Rin, Kanna, Chehiro, Kiki, Keko, Ino, Mononoke (San...)

Favorite Regular T.V. Charecters: Patrick, Spongebob, Drake, Josh, Raven, Beast Boy, Shawn Hunter, Eric Matthews, Jesse Catsopulus, Joey Gladstone, Stephennie Tanner, Jack Hunter, Will Smith(Fresh Prince), DJ, Darlene, Ami James!!!

Favorite Movie Charecters: Draco Malfoy, Warren Peace, Lucius Malfoy,Peagreen, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Viktor Krum, Cedric Diggory, Fleaur Decleaur, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Mad-Eye Moody, Edmund Pevense, Mr.Tumnus!

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Tom Felton, Steven Straight, Jason Isaccs, Rupert Grint,Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Will Fredal, Matthew Lawrence

Favorite Bands: Oldies- Led Zepplin. Today- MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!. Japanese- Do As Infinity.

Favorite Singer: Oldies- John Denver. Today- Hawk Nelson. Japanese- Hikaru Utada.

Favorite Song: Oldies- Stairway To Heaven. Today- 2 a.m.(Breathe). Japanese- Fukai Mori and Uneraseable Sin

I hope you have a better idea of what I'm like now. One more thing. I am crazy and HILLARIOUSE and Emoish.

OH! And here are all my favorite quotes from T.V. and from my friends.(hard to beleive I have friends isn't it?LOL)

"(Whinney Voice) What if I have to go to the bathroom?"-Me and my best friend Kathryn(SessandInuBros)

"Yea! Dried potatos!"-Inuyasha

"We're standing on vegatation. Oh my god it's gonna eat us!"-My friend Ashleigh

"Akon! I told you it was Akon. I told you but nooooo! You had to look it up...(keeps going on and on.)"- My brother and I.

"It's just you and me moon old pal.(sigh) I wish that you realy were made of cheese." -Edward Elric

"Trashcan..."- Alphonse Elric

"Let me offer some femenin adivce. Babies aren't born after just five monthes!"- Riza Hawkeye

"It's these cursed hands. They have a mind of there own."-Miroku

"It's eranshenal, it's impossible, it's against my religion."-Miroku

"Meow!"-Kilala(she is so cute!)

"Wretched fools!"-Naraku

"Impudent wench!"-also Naraku

"I Sesshomaru, have no one to protect!"- I'll give you three guesses

"Best of luck, I hope you don't die."-Genkai

"Quit acting so exciting. It's emberasing"-Yuske

"If you die on me...I'll kill you."-Keiko

"Go ahead and tell them that Ukina is my sister...if you like your head in a million peices."-Hiei

"The C.I.A. vs. the F.B.I."-Kathryn and I

"Oh let me geuss. One of those colorful boxes where I'm supposed to turn,and turn, and turn. Oh look the little jack in tha box pops out. You laugh,the kids laugh, the dog laughs, and I die a little inside."-Stewy(Stewie?)

"That's as irresponsable as putting a rabbid dingo in charge of achicken farm"-Edward Elric

"He's drinking tea! Homunculus don't drink tea!"-Kathryn(SessandInubros)

"Before you say something bad about someone walk a mile in their shoes. That way they won't be able to hear you plus you'll have their shoes!"-my friend Wendy.

"I swear to drunk I'm not god!"-Dunno. AMV

"But I neeeeeed crazy taco's! I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes..."-Gir!

"I love the little tacos. I love them goooooooood"-Gir Again!

"Indifference is the key...that will never work for me..." Miroku

"Vulgar is such a hell word..." My Friends Kathryn and Anne and me.

"Nerds go to heaven. Preps go to hell. Goth's don't die they multiply." People at my school and this one T-shirt.

"If the world worked like that we would all walk around talking to billboards and walls!"-Me

"Luke: (Fingers L7 at me)

Me: Take it back!

Luke: Never!

Me: Take it back or I'll kick you.

Luke: Fine! I take it back.

Me: Wimp."-Me and Luke

"The british are coming! The british are coming!

Person: You're british.


"Because some memories aren't to leave traces."-Al.

"Because as soon as you left I got pissed off at everything and I didn't know why and that pissed my of more!"-Kyo

"Hi. I'm Bob and I like crutons."-Tim

"Yo Momma"-Collin

"All it says is that spiders are airahchiens?


"Santa thinks your a HoHoHO!" -Moni

"You never know what you never know you know"-My Dad

"That's a weird song. It's like, if you wanna be MY lover you gotta do her and her and her first."-Dad

"If Iwore a tie it wouldn't make me a better person. If I didn't have piercings it wouldn't stop me from kicking you ass. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOD!"-HatsuHaru!

"I sound like an englishman impersonating an american impersonating an english man"-Billie Joe

"Turtlows! Give us back the picture!"-My Dad

"Me: Paul play nicely with the other children.


"Run and cling to life."-Uchiha Itachi

"And for tonights forcast a beautiful sunset with bits of Sora flying everywhere. HEY! I GOT A LEG!"-Me

"Person: I LUV YOU!

Me:Umm...I love you too kind stranger..."-Me

"Billboard: What's in YOUR closet?

Me: Um...a body."-Me

"Jesus was my co-pilot. But we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him..."-BumperSticker

"Shave that dolphin! Shave that dolphin!"-Evan and Mike

"I like dancing. There are chickens singing in my room. I can see butt."Matt

"(angry voice)I LOVE YOU!"-My two year old cousin Aaron(HE'S TOO CUTE!)

"Meli:Can I come in?


Meli: Why?

Aaron: B-tuz

Meli: Because why?

Aaron: B-TUZ!"-Aaron and Meli

"Who's gonna get the hat off da Tato-man?"-Aaron

"Me: Don't you just hate it when you butt falls off.

Dad: Oh yea! And it happens so often."-Me and my Dad.

"There wasn't any pain. I crushed him with more force then neccesary so it was over quickly. The corpses bitter crimson tears flow and mingle with the endless sand feeding the chaos within me and making me stronger."-Gaara

"Do you guys have any...(whispers) blankets..."-My brother


"I bet your trying to psych me out by saying really random stuff!"-Sora

"I know love like I know god. You can't see it, you can't touch it, but you can feel it's wrath."-Cory from Boy Meets World

"Hey...hey dad ya know Benjiman? know how he has 5 fingers...well...he doesn't have five anymore..."Sam Glenn

"Kagome: Oh! It's so pretty! What is it?

Shino: That's Asagi..."-Kagome and Shino

"I'm a banana..."Krissy

"The new little toddler doll says over 30 random phrases."-Commercial (Lolz. I just found it funny they put "random phrases")

"Dre (aka neko-chan): Kitsune

Me (aka Kistsune): What?

Dre: I need to go back to my locker

Me: Why?

Dre: I forgot my clothes..."-Neko-chan

"That's like someone going skinny-dipping when it's 18 degrees outside."-Kathryn

"You want destiny?! You want destiny?! I'll give you some destiny right in the barrel of my shotgun! Look...look in the whole. You see it? You see the destiny Neji? BOOM There ya go! Look children I just left destiny all over Neji's face."-Dre

"Me: If I said Pineapple how would that make you feel?

Krissy:(hesitates and smiles stupidly)"-Me and my friend Krissy

"Theres something in my's hard...and cherry flavored..."-Paige

Never Ever Anime Couples
Kagome and Sesshomaru( Dude! They are enemies and kagome loves his brother.)

Naraku and Kikyo(She belongs to Inuyasha.)

Koga and Kagome( I just think that he would be better with Ayame.)

Riza and Ed( Riza belongs with Roy.)

Al and Winry( Ed would not be happy.)

Kagome and Naraku( Wow,wow,WOW! Nasty!)

Itachi and Sakura(Ew)

FavoriteAnime Couples
Inuyasha and Kagome(they belong together)

Inuyasha and Kikyo(they also belong together)

Sango and Miroku(just incase you never noticed before)

Koga and Ayame( Kagome doesn't deserve two guys and Koga did promis Ayame)

Sesshomaru and Rin(I know it seems a little wierd but...)

Sesshomaru and Kagura( I don't think that Sesshomaru likes her but I'm sure that she likes him.)

Riza and Roy(Definition of tough love: Taking out your gun when you don't want to take part in an argument)

Ed and Winry(Duh!)

Yuske and Keiko(Duh again)

Kuwabara and Yukina(He loves her so much)

Kyo and Tohru(So cute)

Naruto and Sakura(Sasuke can go die for all I care)

Me and Sesshomaru(YAY!)

Me and Gaara(Who says that I'm not anime!)

Me and Koga(So I cheat)

Me and Hiei(he-is-MINE!)

Me and Sesshomaru(I put it twice. You know he's the best)


Sora and Kairi(Aww...)

Namine and Roxas(shrug)

Roxas and Axel(Hehe)

Naruto and Sasuke (You know it.)

Gaara and Hinata (Yay!)

Kyoya and Tamaki (WHOOP!!!)

Kaoru and Hikaru (TWINCEST!!!!!!)

Things that I can't Imagine ever happening
Sesshomaru singing "Everybody Dance Now".


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