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~+~ Personal Stats ~+~

Penname~ Heartless Little Thing, from the positively beautiful game of Kingdom Hearts. If you haven't even heard of it, welllll…

Email~ Any time. I love to talk, and will gladly answer any questions you may have. However, this is a pet peeve of mine - tell me where the heck you're reading my work. I am not psychic, and I post stories on other sites.

Zodiac~ a Gemini... but I don't believe in that stuff. (XP) Though, I was born in the year of the Snake, yaay Aaya!

Current Residence, Age, etc~ It’s a mystery, even to me!

Hair~? ...vaguely brownish-greenish, was once blue-streaked. Hair, as we all know, is a very important.

Character obsession~! Muraki from Yami no Matsuei, because he is eeevil and so, so hot. Best anime villain I've ever seen.

Coke or Pepsi~? Coke! Polar Bears! More Carbonation! They have me in a deathgrip. -_-

Likes~? Anime. Fanfiction. Yaoi. Writing, reading it. Sugar. (nods to self) Role-playing drunk. Japanese and Greek history (and sometimes Roman) Ramen noodles, chocolate pocky. Crab Rangoon.

Dislikes~? Not much. Spicy food. Headaches. Scheris/Cherice's voice from S-CRY-ed. Girls who hate some anime girls, because they are a) defenseless (we all can't be kickass, girl-power Mary Sues), or b) happy (-_-) and apparently, therefore annoying. Not to say that some anime girls don't deserve our hatred, (Fllay...) but most really don't. Whiny main singers. People who don't put in author's notes, or thank the reviewers by name at all in their chapters.

~+~Anime, Fanfiction and Pairings~+~

~Beyblade~ I'm an absolute shipper for the Tyka-goodness (Tyson x Kai). Ray x Max is a good side-pairing, as is Ray x Mariah, Max x Hilary, and Kenny x Hilary. Also enjoy main pairings like Tala x Kenny, Ray x Mystel, Raul x Julia (Ooh, het. incest!), Ray x Lee and the incredibly rare Hiro x Brooklyn. Ray is such a pairing-slut. (I'm half-convinced in G-rev he has something for Tyson. Not that it'll ever come to fruition, heh...I won't let it.)

~Card Captor Sakura~ Before I even made a fanfiction.net account, I was reading this series. Some of the first shonen-ai I've ever read (We've got to be exposed to it somehow, ne?) Gotta love good'ole Syaoran x Sakura, Eriol x Tomoyo, and the side of Touya x Yukito. For strange alt. readings, I like Yue x Sakura (they're cute, dammit!), Touya x Meilin, Nakuru x Touya, Nakuru x Yukito, Yue x Nakuru ...(I confess - Nakuru is one of my favorite characters)...and Eriol x Syaoran. XD! I've also read a Kero x Sakura which was interesting and angsty. Not beastiality you sickos, it basically revolved around that he once had a (HOT) humanoid form that he sacrificed to prolong Clow Reed's death... a form which Sakura was dreaming of. It was cool.

~Chobits~ Hideki x Chi...oh, the tooth-rotting sweetness! X_x! Get enough of that in the series itself, thanks! The pair I really like to read is Zima x Dita.

~D•N•Angel~ Satoshi x Daisuke, Dark x Daisuke, Krad x Daisuke, Krad x Dark... I haven't read a Satoshi x Dark yet, but I'm sure it's veddy hot. Basically, Dark, Krad, Daisuke and Satoshi just need to screw eachother, any order is fine with me. I'm just neutral about the Harada twins... (I can'tfindanygood Daisuke x Riku...so sad.)'cept, who wouldn't be all over Daisuke? He's DAISUKE! Kyaa! -hugs him-

~Fruits Basket~ Every character in the dang series, (heck, even Tohru's grandpa) I love to pieces. Kyou x Tohru is a natural favorite, and what I'm rooting for in the end! For reading purposes, I also like Hatori x Tohru, Hatsuharu x Tohru, Hatsuharu x Hana, Shigure x Tohru, Shigure x Akito, Akito x Kureno, Kureno x Uo... Oh! And I've actually written (not posted) Ritsu x Tohru, and seriously considered Kazuma x Tohru (and even nicknamed it Shishouru, -laughs-) and Uo x Tohru. (Ooh, a yuri pair.) Official Pairing slut Award for this category? Tohru. -snicker-

~Full Metal Alchemist~ Envy x Ed, Ed x Al, (-winks-) and the occasional Ed x Roy. I really like (but haven't read much of) Ed x Russell and Al x Fletcher. And Al x Wrath and Scar x Al (giggle)... Scar x pretty much anybody, EXCEPT Ed (Nuu! No likey!)... and within marginal reason...not, like, Gluttony or Hoenheim...wait... I WOULD read Scar with Hoenheim...can't find it though... Hehe, I do like Scar an awful lot...

~GetBackers~ Kazuki x Ren, Shido x Kazuki, Shido x Madoka, Ban x Ginji...and any Akabane het. pairing, simply because it's twisted. ;D –thoughtful pause- I don't like Juubei. Juubei can hump the cane I gave him in 'My Fair Kazuki' for all I care. (I'm so spiteful, -sigh-)

~Gravitation~ Yuki x Shuichi, for obvious reasons. Hiro x K brings nice mental images, even if beloved K-san is married off with a kid. –mopes- I like Shuichi x Ryuichi too, nya!

~Gundam Seed~ Kira x Athrun, Yzak x Dearka. Though, Yzak x Kira is fun to think about. Cagalli x Kira is cute too (I'm a sucker for het. incest)... Lacus x Kira is tolerable, and Fllay...(twitches) I have a masochistic urge to pair her with S-CRY-ed's Scheris, just to torture myself.

~Gundam Wing~ Duo x Heero, Duo x ... Relena. -Flees for her life- ...Um. Yah... Zechs x Noin (yah, his real name's Millardo...but, blech...), Trieze x Une, Quatre x Dorothy, Duo x Hilde... And, I reeeeeally like Zechs x Duo, simply because they both have such lovely hair. ;)

~Inuyasha~ Sesshoumaru x Kagome, Sesshoumaru x Rin, and Kagome x Inuyasha are very boring now, and I'll only read on request. I'd prefer to read Kagome x Bankotsu, Kagome x Naraku, Kagome x Hiten, or -psycho giggle- Kagome x Juuroumaru...Sango x Miroku, Sesshoumaru x Sango, Shippo x Rin, Kagura x Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha x Shippo, Inuyasha x Jakotsu, -LOVE that one, 'cause it's so non-con and so, so screwy! - Kagura x Kouga, Kouga x Inuyasha, Kouga x Kagome, and Sango x Kouga. I adore Inuyasha x Sesshoumaru – it's my weakness...ehhehe... And I've got the plottings of a Shippo x Kohaku in my head as well...Shite. Any and all characters of Inuyasha are good together. Period.

~Kingdom Hearts~ (Not anime, but I read the fanfiction!) Sora x Riku is just too cute, Leon x Cloud is a cute for a side-pairing... Riku x Kairi and Cloud x Sora are interesting... I also have a weakness for Leon x Sora, hehehe...

~Naruto~ Naruto x Sasuke, Kakashi x Iruka as a side-pairing, Itachi x Sasuke, (Yaay, Uchihacest!) Kakashi x Naruto (Shh, don't tell!), Itachi x Kisame…

~S-CRY-ed~ Kazuma x Ryuhou, all the way. Oh, and Scheris needs to just fall of a cliff.

~Tactics~ Haruka x Kantaro, obviously. :3

~ Tokyo Mew Mew~ Ichigo x Kish, Pudding x Tart, and Pai x Lettuce is cuute. Then there's Ryou x Keiichiro, which makes me laugh evilly.

~Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle~ Syaoran x Sakura are a good side-pairing to the greater good- Fai x Kurogane! Whee! Faaaaaai! Kuuuuuroganeeeeeeee!-hugs them- And I don't like Tomoyo with Kurogane at all, and Ashura needs a restraining order. Grr!

~Wish~ It's not that I dislike Shuuichiro in any way, rather...he's BORING to read about. That, and Koryu is just so sexy. XD! I like Koryu x Kohaku. They have the same hair. I haven't read any good Kokuyo x Hisui. -sigh- All the good writers ignore this CLAMP series ... uwaa...

~X/1999~ Ah, the ever-infamous X...Or, "let's watch Kamui angst and look pretty". I've only gotten into this angst-fest recently... Like, oh, two days ago! ( 09/30/05) XP! I'm up to volume 17, though (minus 1, 2 and 5)! I have yet to read Tokyo Babylon, which is probably why I'm not crazy for Seishiro (who I get mixed up with Seiichiro, tell me that's not disturbing!). I do like Seishiro x Subaru, I guess...But mostly I like Fuma x Kamui. Bwahahahaha.

~Yami no Matsuei~ Hisoka x Tsuzuki, Tatsumi x Watari... and Muraki x Tsuzuki/ Tsuzuki x Muraki... KYAA, I reeeeally love that pair. The PWP is just...fuah. -melts- Poor Tsu-chan and 'Soka, but I just love the good doctor. -squeals at thought-

~Yu-Gi-Oh~ Bakura x Ryou! I adore the smexy identical bishies! It's beautiful, both in art and fanfic. Also, I LIKE TEA/ANZU! And therefore, she becomes one of many pairing-sluts. Her with anyone in the series...anyone...I really like Ryou x Tea x Bakura, though. ;D

~Yu Yu Hakusho~ Kurama x Botan, Hiei x Botan and Yusuke x Botan (I like Botan!)... I wasn't a yaoi fangirl when I went though my YYH-phase, so I read...lots...and lots... of SUES! (GRR!) However, I do like Kurama x Hiei. Cute fanart, at least...


This is sort of pathetic, but I'm not too proud to beg - Review my stories, please? Reviews are my crack. I neeeeeeed them.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Narcissus reviews
Narcissus, the man who fell in love with his reflection. What do he and Jungwoo have in common? Well, for one, they fell in love...Jungwoo x Tae, hinted Kun x Gawoon [3 of 4]
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