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Author has written 4 stories for Fairy Tales, and Harry Potter.

Well, we'll start with the usual, dreadfully classic stuff:

Name: who cares? I mean, parents give us really silly names, and then they spend the end of their lives calling us by: you, or wobblegum or such madness.

Age: I'm fifteeeeeeeeeeeeeen! i'm happpyyyyyyyyyyy!

Eye Colour: Well...:shuddershudder: my eyes are...putting it in a poetical way: mud-nut. Or even, if i'm being kind to myself, hazel.

Hair Colour: who cares.

Weight: i don't know. But my parents think it very appropriate to call me cadaverously thin, skinny, gaunt etc...you get the thing.

Height: haven't got a clue. mesure includes numbers, numbers include maths, i hate maths therefore, i hate mesures.

Physical Portrait: well, here we go: i'm tall, i'm skinny, i am awfully clumsy, and i have brown eyes

Moral portrait: well, this is more complicated. I'll give you the world's view of myself:

My parents think i am: lazy, insolent, anti-social (which is a perfect lie. I am only anti-family,) over-bookish, over-gloomy and too much in my bedroom.

My teachers think i am: a goth, talented (aha, perfectly sir!) versatile, (honest!) and original.

My friends think i am: weird, sweet (which i am most definitely not), cool, and an artist.

Favorite Activities: Reading, writing, (obviously) and drawing, (+playing chess, cluedo, trivial pursuit, scarbble and cards.)

Favorite Books: dificult to say: i am fan of harry potter, fan of Lord of the Rings, fan of Lemony Snicket, fan of Artemis Fowl...I love Charlotte Bronte, her sisters and Jane Austen, I love fantasy books; i also love...:blushblush: historical romance. My favorite book ever is Titheand Valiant by Holly Black, and of course, the phenomenally brilliant His Dark Materials trilogy.

Favorite Movie: the Lord of the Rings, Lemony Snicket's a series of unfortunate events, and many others (to many to mention them all.) oh yeah: the Borthers Grimm was...brilliant, wicked, superb, magnificent, splendid, grand! and harry potter and the prisonner of azkaban (i know i am sooo late!) it was soo cool, so dark and gothic and...and...well, brilliant!

Fearsome Facts: I don't have a TV (yes, i know, it is a fainting-fit fact. but, with parents like mine...). I have three little brothers and one little sister. Oh yes, and i also...well, i eat my fingers. I mean, literally: i eat the little skins around the nails. Well, now, i bet your running away from the computer at top speed to throa up in the toilet. My friends always do this...

Most Loved Things: school, my friends, books, broken mirrors, dictionnaries, sharp pencils, my computer, brand-new refil-pads, sour green apples, strange, interesting ideas, facts like "each time you dream, you create another world," and also: "each time you have choices, all the choices you will ot chose will create new worlds," which, you must admit, is a most exhilarating thought ever: just try to imagine all those worlds that will themselves create other worlds...millions over millons of worlds, different and similar, all created by a simple person, and then, the zillions over zillions of universes...

Things Most Hated: my brothers, boys (who are totally stupid. I don't know one single boy who knows what a book is, and even less ever read one. i just wish i could know someone really clever, a nice, ugly bookworm...), washing up, sewing, cooking, having my father brag on and on about life when he was a kid, having my mother tell me to get away from my computer to tidy my bedroom. Having my brothers asking me again and again to come and look at this and that. And finally, i nearly loathe star wars. (probably because i can recognise a lot of dark-sideness in myself.)

Well, you now know all there is to say about me. I love faery tales, i love to think that perhaps one day i'll be contacted by murderous faeries, or dragged into another dimension by a sorcerer with long white hair and dark eyes. My main ambition is to lead a rebellion against maths in general, and to one day finish one of my maaaany books, and publish it.

If you are a matching soul, do e-mail me: sorrowandshadow@yahoo.co.uk. In fact, E-MAIL ME THIS INSTANT!

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