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Ahoy there! Welcome to my profile! Well, i'm not going to write everything about me up here, but it should give you the idea that i LOVE LotR and PotC! I helped write many famous stories with my best friend Meggie (Meg-Divyan) and i am THE Beth from those PotC tales! I'm sure you are all very excited, you should be. Oh, and if any of you are freaky stalkers, GET OFF OF MY PAGE BEFORE I SMITE YOU WITH A BATTLE AX. That's not a threat, that's a guarentee. :innocent smile:

Name: Elizabeth


color: GREEN, blue, and pink...sometimes animal: Mongoose Dog! no jk...otters...definately
car: jeep liberty, baby hummer, or honda pilot, those things are amazing...i hope i get one...someday
soda: I don't drink soda, i know what your thinking...but i'm not that crazy
fruit: Watermellon and Apples!
sport: SOCCER! and volleyball
store: Target and stores with green stuff in them lol
scent: ...I DON'T know! you think i expirement? But i do like the smell of rain!
movies: Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Goonies, First Knight, The Rocketeer, Hidalgo, and if i had a couple more hours...who knows!
type of music: All kinds of Rock, Alternative, Musicals, some pop, some country and some composition
Bands/ singers: Kelly Clarkson, Alter Bridge, Creed, Hellogoodbye, Daphne Love Derby, Midlake, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, Cascada, The Hush Sound, Yellow Card, and tons more
celebrity: Orlando Bloom, Karl Urban, Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, SEAN CONNERY, Jennifer Connelly, Dom, for those of you who know who the heck he is lol, and of course Billy Boyd!
flower: Lilies! (plant: SHAMROCKS!)
Books:The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Starlet Pimpernel, Mara, Tons more...LOL..Dictionaries are helpfull too, but i do NOT read them for fun. sheesh, only weird people do that. and i am not weird...not really...

Other Stuff Had a BF? Yes, but that is all over and done and I LOVE BEING SINGLE! HA, in your face!Any pets? My Min Daschound, Cosette! My hamster Mr. Jekyls died a while ago...:(. Any siblings? Yes three...older brothers...who rock because they buy me presents and take me to movies! and because they're awesome.
what school do you go to? I used to go to St. Thomas' Episcopal..which rocked! Now i homeschool. poo.
do you have a computer? No...i'm typing on a rock... what scares you? Rats, sharp pokey objects, and insects that fly. do you play an instrument? Yes, Piano

Do you look older, younger, like your age? Older
Do you act older younger, or like your age? Younger lol.
Any nick names? YES! McKinney, Jaessa, Silmarwen, Bethel, Beth-a-roo, Beth-a-ri-fic, Bethalafygous, Beth-muffins, Beth-bubbles, Honey-pie(my Dad), EN, Rainbow Fish, Patty, Sugar Babe, Dictonary Beth, Curtain-Rod, Rodney, Peppermint, The FABULOUS, yeah, there are more, scary huh...

Favorite Quotes:

"Sweet Holy Jeminy Christmas!"-Me

"I wanna' be a mongoose!"-GIR


"Hey! it's hay!"-Michelle

"Just let it roll off your back like water rolls off the back of a duck!"-Michelle

"I didn't know they had Mur-her Mur-her islands!"-Me(Jack)

"And something, something, something...therefore!" "ergo..." "Ergo...Whatever!"-Me and Meg(Norrington and Will)

"It won't save him, love." "It'll save me from you!"-Jack and Me

"What is this madness!"-Me

All of the pants game quotes! lol (See the stories by: Meg-Divyan)

"Foosnit Cereal!"-Me

"Tinsoof no a notuf!"-Me


"Anywhosit" "Anywhosit" "Exactly" "Bar-hoom" "Indeed" "Finally"-Me and Meg lol

"Yeah it is!"-John


"What th- ITCHY!"-Meg

"But WHY are the PANTS gone?"-Meg

"It tasted kinda' WHOA!"

"That is scary beyond all mental capacity."-Michael

"The Seven Rules of the Infamous Captain Jack Sparrow! I love it!"-Me and Meg(See Ch. 3 of:Alternate Ending...or Middle. by: Meg-Divyan.)

"AH-HA! The Inane Laugh!"-Hannah

"The Eternal Snuff Box!"-Meg

"He took a pocket book from his pocket..." "No DUH!"-Me and Meg

"I find there are few things in life that we truly deserve, but I firmly believe puppies are one of them!" -Me (bethykins)

This water's been sittin ghere like...all day. But it's my water...should i still keep drinking it?" -Michael

"I don't understna dpeople who want to kill themselvs. I mean, if you don't think you're worth it, just go do something that is to pass the time until you ice cream!" -Me

About the stories! All of my stories so far are POTC related...don't worry, i will have some other stuff up here someday. lol Lord of the Rings will follow.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Beth and Meg Style! A crazy Potc parody Meggie and I wrote for Curse of the Black Pearl. Not as good as the sequals, but necessary to understand them. Isn't life cruel to you? lol

Alternate Ending or Middle: A Half-Sequel Yea, this one kind of takes off from chapter seven of the first story, except Bethykins goes to the island with Jack instead of Elizabeth. This story is really entertaining and you'll find youself really wanting to get drunk afterwards. You've been warned.

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Alternate Endingn or Middle? A Half Sequel reviews
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