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I'm not usually one to talk too much about myself, but I suppose I should say at least something, so here I go:

I am a man, I was born and live in Finland, although I consider myself more of a citizen of the world (hence the username). You can find me at the fictionpress as well under the same username. I enjoy reading and writing both, as well as stimulating conversation about related topics. I also love designing elaborate worlds and settings around my stories, which I hope shows in my stories, particularly those I have posted on fictionpress. I have begun to post my stuff around here because I want to share. It's always a nice feeling to notice I have received a new view for one of my stories, not to mention reviews, favorites, follows and such. So feel free to look around, and tell me what you think. This library of mine may be small, but it's growing and most importantly, always open.

If you have ideas you'd like to present to me, speak out, and I promise fair consideration, although I make my own choices what to write. I'm also willing to offer advise and opinions to someone who wants them. Whether someone feels they need my advice is their choice. I claim no expertise, and indeed I'm a fairly new writer myself. What I offer is given in good faith with the goal of being helpful toward my fellow writers, and as to the quality of my advice, evaluate based on my own works, and decide for yourself.

I'm interested in a variety of sci-fi and fantasy, although Mass effect, Dragon age and the homeworld series are particular favorites of mine. Homeworld in particular among those is something I have been a fan of since my father introduced me to the series. It is the thing that captured my heart towards sci-fi for all time. If you are in the least bit interested in space strategy games, I would encourage you to try it out. It's a beautiful story and it has this... tone I have rarely seen captured anywhere else.

I can also be found in AO3 and under the same username. The content there is more or less the same as in here. This site remains my primary platform of publication, however.

A little bit about stories I have posted here thus far:

The Scarring - My very first actual fanfic made with the idea of sharing it. Rough going, but that was the point. Features the warden I usually play during my playthroughs of Dragon Age: Origins, incidentally also one of my first seriously designed and fleshed out characters ever. This whole thing started out when it was still unclear whether or not the Warden would make an appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition in the manner thar Hawke would. Knowing there would be a character creator I decided to give my Warden a facial scar, because I would think that spending such a long time in such a dangerous job as hers would all but guarantee it and because I thought a facial scar would look cool on her, give her a real fighter's look. Then I thought I wanted to tell the story of how she got it. Such thoughts created this story.

First among the many - Again Involving the same Warden, this time from an earlier period of her life, namely her first actual battle. Done primarily as a way to show how much she has grown between this story and the story "The Scarring". Also one of my early attempts at an extensive dialogue.

Marks of her People - Same Warden yet again, from an even earlier stage in her life. My take on what the ceremony of applying the Vallaslin is like. Also showing a bit less militant side of my Warden.

March to Winterfell! - Heh, this was a wierd one. More or less a silly idea I just got one day. Got a lot more attention than I thought it would to be perfectly honest. Maybe it's the size of the fandoms, I don't know. Fortunately attention seems to be in a positive light in this case. Good for a few giggles in any case.

Deserts of Kharak: the other side - My largest single story so far. I had a lot of fun writing this. In many ways an effort to humanize the main antagonists of the original game and showing a fresh point of view to events the players of the game and the series know. Also a good story to Place considering there weren't any deserts of Kharak stories around at the moment I started posting. The Gaalsien were obviously our enemies, extreme in their methods and fanatic in their beliefs. Still, in my estimation, in their strange and rather unwelcome way, they meant well and as some of us know, they weren't entirely wrong...

Iasar Hawke tale: Ostagar - My first story involving my main Hawke, Iasar. Basically what I imangine he went through in Dragon age: Origins before the beginning of the events of the events of Dragon Age two.

Prelude to the War of the Winds - The big one. More or less an introduction to a larger Project I have in the works. Also one of my favorite story ideas currently.

UPDATE: Book 1 is now done and the sequel is in the works. Getting it into a state where I can start publishing it will take some time time. Please be patient, enjoy and review my existing works and spread the word of the first book in the meantime. Thank you!

I will also be working on other smaller story ideas I have had while working on this one, so be on the lookout for those as well. Some will be in the fandoms I have already published in, some for others.

Since the posted story doesn't really cover this, I thought I might give the main choices for the world state I'm going to be using on the dragon age side of things. Game of Thrones events follow TV-show events as closely as possible, although if something completely unexpected happens or characters named in the Prelude to the War of the Winds end up dying, modifications will be made.

The Dragon age main choices are as follows (definite spoiler alert!):

Dragon Age Origins:

Warden is Qwerai Mahariel, a female Dalish elf Archer Rogue, romanced Alistair.

Saved Redcliffe village, Saved Connor with the aid of the circle.

Sided with Mages during the "Broken Circle" mission.

Made peace with Elves and Werewolves.

Anvil of the Void destroyed, Harrowmont rules Orzammar.

Loghain executed, Anora rules Ferelden alone.

Convinced Alistair to do the dark ritual with Morrigan.

Survived killing the Archdemon, remained with the Grey Wardens afterwards.

Alistair remained with the Grey Wardens.

Saved Amaranthine, Vigil's Keep survived.

Allowed Morrigan to go through the Eluvian.

Dragon Age II

Hawke is Iasar Hawke, a male Sword & Shield Warrior, romanced Merrill (rivalry).

Primarily Diplomatic

Duelled the Arishok, convinced Isabela to return the Tome (rivalry).

Didn't side with Mother Petrice, Saemus killed as result.

Over the years, worked with both Mages and Templars, tried to remain neutral as much as possible.

In the final chapter initially refused to pick sides, sided with Mages for the final battle. Anders killed.

Dragon Age Inquisition:

Inquisitor is Rydeon Cadash, a male Dual Wielding Rogue, romanced Cassandra.

Recruited mages to the Inquisition as full allies.

Briala rules Orlais through Gaspard.

Hawke remained behind in the Fade

Grey Wardens recruited as allies for the Inquisition.

Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows.

Leliana is Divine.

Inquisition became peacekeepers under the Divine.

Chose to try to redeem Solas.

War of the Winds, Book 1 - The first part By far my biggest story so far, both in size and the attention it has received. I think it turned out rather well, and I'm quite proud of my accomplishments in making it. Of course there might be ways to make it better, but which story doesn't? If there are those willing to review this work, I would welcome them, even now as the first part is finished. In particular I'm looking opinions on what worked what could use improvement and what people would like to see going forward. Speculation about the lore and mysteries is also welcome, since I want to see how well people can follow the hints I dropped.

War of the Winds, Book 2 - The second part of my crossover. UPDATE: I'll most likely start uploading new chapters every second week because of real life taking time and energy. Hopefully no one is disappointed.

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War of the Winds, Book 2
In the wake of a great conflict Orlais lies defeated, but many challenges remain. The Twin Kingdoms must now face the military might of the Qunari, making new allies along the way. In Essos, Tiraen returns home with a deadly instrument of power and prepares for conflict with the Dothraki horsemen. And beyond the wall a darker menace stirs.
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