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Welcome to the Grammar Nazi's fic profile!

I am now in my third year of college, so I haven't written any fanfics in...well, I believe it's been about four years now! I just haven't had the time :(
Hopefully, I will be able to continue writing soon. I do miss the mental escape that writing allows me! It might be a good way for me to take a break from boring papers.

As most of you probably know, I'm Lindsay. In high school, I was one of those nerds that has/had Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Les Miserables memorized. Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Benny and Joon, and Sleepy Hollow are some of my favourite movies, while Les Miserables, Phantom (different from Phantom of the Opera), and Into the Woods are some of my favourite musicals (Sondheim is a GOD).

In junior high, my friend Airealataiel was basically my muse and BETA. She is an incredibly talented writer, so you should check out her fics as well...

I am obnoxious and enjoy being immature at times. Although stupid people do annoy me.

When I put myself in fics, I'm Serenity (Pirates of the Caribbean), Aidiadelain (Lord of the Rings), Danielle (Phantom of the Opera), or Bridget (Harry Potter).

I've been writing fanfiction since I was in 7th grade, and though I have written countless pieces, these are the only ones I've posted so far:

The Lover After Me - This is a Harry/Ginny songfic, and the first HP fic that I've ever posted. It takes place six years after the war began. Harry and Ginny, who had gotten back together right after the war, broke up seven months before this fic takes place. The first two chapters are from Ginny's perspective and the third is from Harry's (when it comes to the songs, anyway). All three songs (The Lover After Me, You Can Still be Free, and Truly, Madly, Deeply) are Savage Garden's. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Rated PG-13 for suicidal thoughts and self-mutilation in chapter two - if stuff like that bothers you, don't read it.

Once and For All - Siri is a regular girl, going into her senior year of high school. She and her boyfriend go up to the forbidden Swann Mansion, which has been empty since one of it's occupants, Miss Elizabeth Swann, went missing. She disappeared in a rage when her fiance and love of her life, Will Turner, broke it off for another governor's daughter. Three people have gone up there since. None were ever seen again - alive, anyway. Just one of those crazy homocidal maniacs, right? Wrong. The time between the first disappearance and the third was 72 years (the last disappearance was 4 years ago), and the man that was locked up was only 80. That means he was four when he committed the first one. Three theories: Two, or three, different people where to blame, Elizabeth's 'ghost' (which some swore they saw floating around town) pushed the two men to suicide and used the girl as her message board, or Elizabeth fell through time, went crazy, and killed whoever walked into that house. Siri gets in an awkward position and is forced to jump off a rocky cliff. She goes back in time to where Elizabeth came from, and finds out why Elizabeth is out to get her - she looks just like the girl that Will fell in love with while he was engaged to Elizabeth. Rated strong PG-13 for mild horror, graphic descriptions in chapter one, and mild language. (Oh, I almost forgot: The way that Justin dies was taken from a scene in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the one where you first meet Sean Connery's character in that bar in Africa), so please don't sue me).

A Single White Rose - This is a serious oneshot that was written in dedication of my dear friend, Airealataiel. Harry/Hermione, and it's really sad. Don't make fun of my summary-writing handicap - I know I stink at it.

Gentlemen Can be Naughty, Too - I was sitting at my keyboard with a blank Word document, and my fingers automatically typed out the word "Harder." I just took it from there; this is a completely random Will/Elizabeth fic, and is meant to be completely innuendoish (that's like my new word, haha). I know there isn't too much in the first chappy, but the next ones most certainly will have more.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Search for Eternal Youth - Inspired by the ending of the third Pirates movie. The Captain we all love so much (I mean Jack) and Robert (Elizabeth and Will's son, as seen at the end of the third movie) disappear, Captain Elizabeth Turner is going to do some serious ass-whooping, Barbossa and Jack both want to find the Fountain of Youth, and Captain Will Turner, the sexiest pirate alive, has a little mission of his own. I only have the prologue up, but just read it, m'kay? And comment so I know whether or not to continue!

Invisible - This was written when I was in a very bad mood. It's very angsty, rantingful, and suicidal (but that doesn't mean I am, m'kay?). Anyway, it's Elizabeth's thoughts on her feelings (or lack thereof) and ends with a bang. Not much to say.

For Lack of a Better Name - This takes place over Christmas Break of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's 6th Year. It is a George/Bridget shipping and was more of a boredom remedy than anything else. Also, someone mentioned in his/her review that I said it takes place in their fifth year and sound like I don't know what I'm talking about. From what I can see on my screen, though, it says 6th year, so...oh well. Haha

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