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Author has written 11 stories for Star Wars.

I'm just a goofy writer that's suffered far too long from writers' block... and using other peoples' stories to find the way around it!

Our relationships with the people around us help develop who we are- some greater than others. My quest to understand this began with one rather complex character and his identity that developed around the relationships with those around him: Anakin Skywalker.

I'll probably end up writing about him until there's nothing left to analyze in him- or me.

That and the man is good fodder for smut. ;)

I have started a new forum- called The Balanced Force. I started it because I wanted something similar to the forums at theforce.net only without their rating restrictions. Come join us- we're growing quickly and we're always looking for new contributions!

An explanation of the stories:

A Promise of More- a quick romantic interlude with Anakin and Padme, in between AOTC and ROTS which ends at the beginning of ROTS. A few have asked me to continue it as it seemed rather unfinished, but I do not want to write a story that has already been written- I have no desire to rewrite ROTS, no matter how many things I dislike about it.

A Search For Wings: Fallen Angel- it was my attempt to create an experience for Obi-Wan to parallel Anakin's experiences and thus understand a little better his fall to the Darkside. I originally intended to give Padme's story and give her a more dignified ending than the one she had in ROTS, but it ended up being more of Obi-Wan's story, despite the title.

It's sequel, Depths of the Soul, is a continuation of those parallels, and the study of Obi-Wan's characters, and whether he is capable of turning to the Darkside himself or not. I am satisfied with the way it ended, although if it seems rushed in the last two chapters, that's because it is. I struggled for a long time with the actual ending of the story- not how it would end, but that it would- before writing the last two chapters, and then by the time I decided to end it, I had lost the enthusiasm for it. It is still one of my personal favorites, though, and I would not change the ending for the world. Perhaps one day I will tell their daughter's story, but that would involve leaving the prequel series, something I'm not prepared to do just yet.

Can I Drink You Instead? was my first smut. I enjoy writing smuts and Anakin and Padme seemed more natural to be procreating like bunnies than Obi-Wan and Padme, which had been my preferred pairing at the time. This fic also involved Obi-Wan and Sabe, as I didn't want to give up on Obi-Wan just yet. It also evolved into a threesome with Anakin, Padme, and Sabe, which I actually enjoyed writing and many have enjoyed reading. Definitely earned its mature rating.

I'll Make Your Legs Shake was the second smut, which I'm still writing. The title is inspired from lyrics from the Crazytown song "Butterfly", which Anakin and Padme were dancing to in a club in the first chapter. A much more daring smut, it also got slashy undertones in later chapters and there will be yet another threesome, with Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme.

One day I'll have to write one with just my two favorite bunnies, Anakin and Padme.

Broken Pedestal is my most current and actually my pet project, in which I'm getting over my own personal fear of the first person point of view and not using third person omniscient and limited, as well as writing a Vader redemption fic. As usual, angst is my favorite word and I'm attempting to understand the Vader side of Anakin, and see if Padme is still capable of loving and embracing the entire man- Anakin and Vader- and helping him become whole once more. The title is inspired from Padme losing her perfect status and falling from the pedestal he has placed her own the entire time, pre-Vader, and seeing if he can still love the real Padme, not the Padme who can do no wrong.

I enjoy feedback most of all; I don't care if the response is negative, as long as it is constructive.

And as some of you already know, I take requests for the smuts and frequently honor them. ;)

I already have enough on my plate. Too much. Currently also undergoing a new fic, Therapy, which was spawned by my new love: LiveJournal. I'm trying humor on for size, to balance out the angst.

Visit my LJ. It's a quick way to bribe me into updating... errr... persuading me.

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