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Uhm... hello, minna-san! I hope those who are reading "Cry: For the First Time" aren't that mad at me. You see, I really can't force myself to write or edit my works. My mind's just a blank. But, if ever, I would have the inspiration, I would instantly continue writing. I hope you guys can forgive me. Ja ne!

Cry: For The First Time

Status: Incomplete
Chapters: 09 Enter: Li Syaoran's Rival
Next Chapter:
Chapter Edited: none yet

“Can I ask you something?” Sakura seriously asked, breaking the silence. Syaoran himself didn’t notice that he changed his attitude to someone he doesn’t know. Syaoran nodded and lend his ears to whatever Sakura will ask. For the first time, he was interested. “When I was four year old, I saw someone crying under this cherry blossom. He is like you. You have the same messy chocolate hair and amber eyes which show that you hid your feelings deep inside. Is he you?” she asked.

Syaoran was shocked that he’ll meet that girl again but was able to give a nod. “It is like déjà vu…” he commented. “The date, the sunset and the sympathizing part under this cherry blossom tree…” he explained.

Ice Princess

Status: On Hold


1. Anatomy

Sasukeis the vocalist of the band 'Anatomy'. What if he meets his match in Sakura, a gutsy girl who becomes the band's manager? Compatibility and understanding counts, they both have the same family and love life, but different attitudes.
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2. Touch Fics

collection'to ng mga naruto Oneshots... inspired by the song 'Abotkamay' by Orange and Lemons and the SunSilk Soft Touch commercial... Ch1SasuSaku, Ch2ShikaIno
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3.What If

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4. The Other Way Around

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5. The Reason

SasuSaku Oneshot Why is Sakura head over heels on Sasuke? How far would she go? is it True Love or just plain obssession? Read to find out!
torn pieces

1. Shohoku Band: Henyo Chords

AngShohoku Band ay isang bandang nagsisimula pa lang sa rock scene. Sila ay binubuo nina, Sakuragi vocalist, Rukawa guitarist, Mitsui bassist,Ryota drummer at Akagi manager. Kaibigannila si Haruko. ABANGAN NIYO NA LANG PO ! PLEASE DO MAKE A REVIEW!
Slam Dunk - Fiction Rated: K - Filipino - Romance/Humor

2. Unwanted Fate

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3. For You I Will

A story of a couple whose relationship is always on and off. Finally, the girl let her love go. Is letting go really meant that you loved best? Is setting free the right thing to do? please hit me a review!

4. Secret Feelings

A young girl finally had the guts to tell her secret feelings. The secret feelings she hid for such a long time. Does the guy she loves, love her in return? Find out. A Love Hina oneshot.

Claimer (hehe): made by yours truly...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

As I lie awake in my bed
Visions of you popped up in my head
All were just faked
It’s clear I made a mistake

Questions flooded my mind
The answers I won’t find
You’re such a mystery to me
You sure let it be

I can’t believe you know this would be the ending
Far from my dreamt of happy ending
How could you leave me hanging?
How could you make me feel extreme longing?

You left me and went abroad
How could you leave me alone on this road?
Waiting for you
Until now there’s nothing new

I tried to contact you
But all I get was a cue
A cue to let me know
That all is just a show

Just like the creature with pure wings
Standing up from all the difficult things
Soaring from the Bottom
Lies a Shattered Blossom…

... hope I can continue on writing "Cry..."!

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