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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy IX, Titanic, and Simpsons.

Name: Dazz Cambo, Work It Out.

Favourite Video Games: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts I-II, Resident Evil, DragonBall Z, Star Ocean, Arc The Lad, Shadow Hearts and Monkey Island.

Favourite Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy IX.

Favourite Final Fantasy Hero: Cloud Strife (FFVII).

Favourite Final Fantasy Villain: Kefka (FFVI).

Saddest Final Fantasy Death: Aeris Gainsborough (FFVII)

Coolest Final Fantasy Character: Auron (FFX) and Vincent Valentine (FFVII)

Most Annoying Final Fantasy Character: Cait Sith (FFVII) and Quina Quen (FFIX)

Favourite DragonBall Z Game: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Favourite DragonBall Z Hero: Son Goku/Kakarot

Favourite DragonBall Z Villain: Frieza

The Saddest DragonBall Z Death: Vegeta (Frieza Saga)

Coolest DragonBall Z Character: Android 17

Most Annoying DragonBall Z Character: Bulma!

Favourite Saga: Frieza Saga, There's Just So Much Going On

Favourite Of Frieza's Henchman: Zarbon

Favourite Ginyu Member: Jeice

Favourite Kingdom Hearts Hero: Sora

Favourite Kingdom Hearts Villian: Riku

The Saddest Kingdom Hearts Death: Is There Any?

The Coolest Kingdom Hearts Character: King Mickey =D

Most Annoying Kingdom Hearts Character: Oogie Boogie

Favourite Star Wars Hero: Han Solo (SW: AKH, ESB, ROTJ)

Favourite Star Wars Villian: Darth Vader (SW: AKH, ESB, ROTJ, ROTS)

The Saddest Star Wars Death: All The Jedis (SW: ROTS)

The Coolest Star Wars Character: Darth Maul (SW: TPM)

Most Annoying Star Wars Character: Jar Jar (SW: TPM)

Favourite Resident Evil: Resident Evil 4

Favourite Resident Evil Character: Chris Redfield (RE: 1, C.V.)

Favourite Resident Evil Villian: Albert Wesker (RE: 0,1,C.V., 4)

The Saddest Resident Evil Death: Enrico Marini (RE: 1)

The Coolest Resident Evil Character: Billy Coen (RE: 0)

Most Annoying Resident Evil Character: Brad "Chicken Heart" Vickers (RE: 1, 3)

Favourite Monkey Island: The Secret of Monkey Island

Favourite Monkey Island Character: Guybrush Threepwood (MI: SOMI, LR, COMI, EFMI)

Favourite Monkey Island Villain: Captain Lechuck (MI: SOMI, LR, COMI, EFMI)

The Saddest Monkey Island Death: Guybrush's Parents (MI: LR)

The Coolest Monkey Island Character: Meathook (MI: SOMI, EFMI)

Most Annoying Monkey Island Character: Herman Toothrot (MI: SOMI, LR, EFMI)

Favourite Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

Favourite Arc The Lad Character: Darc (TOTS)

Favourite Arc The Lad Villain: Droguza (TOTS)

The Saddest Arc The Lad Death: Samson (TOTS)

The Coolest Arc The Lad Character: Volk (TOTS)

Most Annoying Arc The Lad Character: Bebedora (TOTS)+

Current Fanfictions

The Princess: Genesis: Set Thirteen Years After The Catastrophic Events Of Final Fantasy IXGaia Is Finally At Peace And The Three Nations, (Alexandria, Lindblum & Burmecia) Have Learnt To Live Together Without Conflict. The Battle Scars Left Behind By Queen Brahne Have Almost Completely Been Healed. This Fanfiction Focuses Mainly On Princess Reina Til Alexandros VIII, Zidane And Garnet's Beautiful Daughter On Her Adventure Across Gaia.

Amarant Coral Has Been The Victim Of A Mysterious Attack, Rendering Him In An Unknown Coma, Which Even Doctor Tot Cannot Remedy. Enter Firion Ignus Lei, An Olgan Warrior Who Shows Immediate Interest In The Young Princess, Claiming That She Will Only Be Safe Under The Protection Of His People. He Reveals A Century Old Prophecy Which Puts Reina At Risk And Speaks Of Events, Long Deleted From The Pages Of History. Ipsen Taharka Oeilvert And His Six Disciples, Led By Redeal The Inquisitor Are On The Rise Once Again, Determined To Control Gaia As They Should Have Done Decades Ago.

To Add To This, Firion Must Confront His Old Nemesis, Cronus Bao Jun And He Suspects Everyone Intentions Around Him. This Includes Seth, A Mysterious Silver Haired Warrior With Hidden Hatred Towards King Zidane & Orion, A Dark Knight From Parts Unknown. Read This Fanfiction To Find Out How Things Go...

Big Brother-The Gaian Version: Basically This FanFiction Shows What Happens When You Place Zidane, Queen Garnet, Vivi, Captain Steiner, Kuja, Lani, Amarant, Eiko, Freya and Quina into the Big Brother house. This Fanfiction Isn't Complete And Work Has Been Abandoned For Now, I Will Return To It One Day.

Voyage On The 'Unsinkable' Ship: Mark and I Are Third Class Passengers On The Doomed Cruiser, Titanic. We Are Met By Dred and Chilli, With Whom We Share A Room, Before The Terrible Incident On April 15, 1912. This Is A Short Story Written And Planned By Me, A Usual Fantasy Writer- COMPLETED. R&R Please.

The Pagent: A Written Version Of The First Scene In The Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire, With Added Scenes , Not Included In The Episode. This Is Written As A Short Story And Not As The Entire Episode In Written Form- COMPLETED. R&R Please.

Possible Future Fanfictions: I'm planning a Fiction centered around Firion Ignus Lei, a main character from The Princess: Genesis. I'm also planning a DragonBall Z fiction which follows the evil escapades of The Ginyu Force, before they met their unexpected deaths. I have also listed others which I'm planning to write after The Princess: Genesis. -NOTE- The titles, story and existence of the following may change as time progresses.

The Olgan Crusader: Firion Ignus Lei is a 17 year old cadet in the Ivelian Army of the Olgans. This story tells of how Firion became an Olgan Legend and shows the origins of his bitter rival with Cronus Bao Jun.

Feel The Force: Starting off with just Ginyu, he begins to recruit members into his Force. His first main battle is when he runs into Jeice, a powerful young being that may just beat Ginyu.

Vivi's Legacy:A short story that explains how Vivi managed to have children which looked exactly as he did.

Fictions You Should Definetly Check Out:

Brahne's Story(By Ultima's Angel)- Once she was a beautiful, kind person until she was led down the path of evil ultimately destroying her looks. This is Brahne's story.

The Time Of Reckoning (By Arthas)- A mysterious warrior has arrived in Alexandria, intent on preventing his nemesis from unleashing a new calamity on Gaia.

War On Burmecia (By Robshi)-The Black mages have begun the attack on Burmecia, forcing Frato and his comrades to fight for survival. Frato survives the mages to find himself faced with a force far stronger than him.

The Sentinel (By Robshi)- Kildea searches Duagerreo for a way to restore her home, Cleyra. With the help of Blaine, they discover an eidolon which could restore their home. However, Kildea must obtain the jewel from Beatrix and Garnet first..

Special Thanks for your reviews-

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VV Secrets

Anyway, Check Out My Fics, Thanks...

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The Pagent reviews
This Fanfiction Is Set During The First Episode: The Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire. It Is Based Around The Christmas Pagent In Which Bart & Lisa Take Part And Which, Due To Homer, Their Parents Are Running Late For. This Is A Short Story Only!
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Voyage on the 'Unsinkable' Ship reviews
Mark and I happen to be third class passengers on the doomed cruiser, Titanic. We are met by Dred and Chilli, with whom we share a room, before the terrible incident on April 15, 1912. This is a short story written by me, a usual fantasy writer. R&R Plz..
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