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wow. i feel like a genious... i've had this account for a long time now, and i just figured out how to make a profile. (at 2 in the morning, of course)

so, my favorite show of all time, ever, is Stargate SG1. The X-Files would be a close second though... if i had to make a list, it would go something like this:

Stargate SG1 (Sam/Jack and Daniel/Janet shipper)
X-Files (Mulder/Scully shipper)
Stargate SGA (Sheppard/Weir and Teyla/Ronan shipper)
Battlestar Galactica (Roslin/Adama -sp?- shipper)
Firefly--> Serenity was frakking awesome -- and yes, i do use the word 'frakking' in everyday conversation)
Law and Order: SVU
South Park
The Simpsons
Family Guy

And yeah... i love to read... and not just fanfic either, as some of my friends tend to believe... i like Stephen King, right now i'm reading Different Seasons... i'm also reading 1984 by George Orwell, which is a fantasmic book, by the way.

hmm... i want to be an Egyptologist... right now i can read some heiroglyphs... but i'm still learning, and believe me, there's a frakking lot to learn!

my favorite band is Louis XIV. i also like hold steady, hot hot heat, soft cell, the decemberists, bloc party, the hives, the donnas, the killers, kings of leon, kaiser chiefs, smashing pumkins (thank you logan!), the libertines, doublethink... the list goes on...

i had a cat. his name was louis (this was before i had heard of the band) well, actually, his name was louis II because louis I ran away, so we got a cat that looked almost exactly like him (which was a freaky coincedince sp?>, i promise) and named him Louis II. Anyway, i moved and had to give him to my friend. it was a sad day. i miss louis, because all i have now is this stupid dog named abby. it's quite sad really... she is soooo stupid, i swear.

my favorite color is red. it always has been, and i assume it always will be. from the time one of my friends asked me what my favorite color was when i was like, 5, and i randomly said it was red, i just started liking that color. i don't know why... it's acually kind of weird... oh well. that's me for ya.

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