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Hi guys and welcome to my bio page! It's not much, but I hope you find this simple section to be quite acceptable... Anyway, let me tell you more about myself.

Favorite Anime: Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu-Gi-Oh, Samurai Champloo, Scryed, Fullmetal Alchemist, and G Gundam

Favorite Anime Guys (well who doesn't want to huggle these bishies? huh? tell me!):

RK: Aoshi Shinomori, Hajime Saitou
FY: Tamahome/Taka, Hotohori
YGO: Seto Kaiba/ Priest Seto or 'Seth', Yami Yugi/ Pharaoh Atemu
SC: Jin
Scryed: Ryuhou, Kazuma, Tachibana
FMA: Roy Mustang
GG: George De Sand

Favorite Anime Girls (let's not forget those wonderful ladies who make anime so amazing...):

RK: Kaoru Kamiya, Megumi Takani
FY: Yui Hongo
YGO: Mai Kujaku
SC: Fuu
Scryed: Mimori Kiryu, Ayase Terada
FMA: Riza Hawkeye, Winry Rockbell
GG:Rain Mikamura, Allenby Beardsley

Now that that's out of the way, here's some more tidbits.

Style of Writing: Iusually write fanfics pertaining to romance or the like, however, I also enjoy creating works that contain action,
adventure, and a little bit of suspense too (watch out, guys, you just may be surprised at what I've got in store for

Methods of Inspiration: Other than the usual plot-bunnies-bite-at-me-to-go-and-write-something scenarios as well as basing my work on
a certain anime or game, I also get ideas by listening to different types of music or through any actual
experiences in life. That's it...

By joining this welcoming community of online writers and readers, I want an opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and suggestions to everyone. Of course, I would be delighted if there would be anyone who decides to read and review any of my stories (not that I want you guys to do it; I'm not interested in pressuring anyone to read what they don't want to), and I also welcome any sort of response, whether it may be positive, negative, or basically any suggestions that may help improve the quality of my fanfics. I know I'm not a real author (at least not the working, publishing type that actually makes a profit), but I would like to take this chance to give creative writing a go and hope to have fun and entertain others along with it...

Well there you go! If you have any questions about this page or my stories, feel free to contact me by email:
Cya guys around and I look forward to hearing your reviews and feedback!

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