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This account is hiding my real face. Kind of. I have a much more active account, but I'm using this one as a place to list out all the Pokemon I have on my Pokemon Black game, many treasured Pokemon transferred from many games I've played in my life. They mean a lot to me, (at least, the named ones do) and I want to have them listed out clearly somewhere.

I actually have a sort of extended story/universe/anime in my head where many of these Pokemon participate in a war, complete with great animation and fight sequences (in the vein of Sengoku Basara) Many of the characters have fully thought-out backstories (can be tragic and gory on occasion) and personalities. I may just transform it into a fanfiction someday.

I even have a box where I keep Pokemon that I imagine the Naruto characters would have :p It correlates to a certain fanfic I have on my real account...

If this doesn't interest you, kindly gtfo.

BEST TEAM ("The Absolutes")

Renki the Charizard. Female, mild. Blast burn, Fly, Dragon claw, Flamethrower. Level 100. Born on FireRed. (A trusted, high ranking soldier, age 25-ish, in my imagined anime.)

Hasraal the Scyther. Male, calm. Slash, X-scissor, Swords dance, Steel wing. Level 100. Born on FireRed.

Spaedeth the Tyranitar. Male, quiet. Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Crunch, Surf. Level 100. Born on FireRed. (A popular soldier, one of "the big guns", age 27-ish, in my imagined anime.)

Hyzenthlay the Raichu. Female, naive. Thunderbolt, Thunder, Iron tail, Strength. Level 100. Born on FireRed.

Ne'menth the Flareon. Male, bold. Flamethrower, Body slam, Bite, Sunny day. Level 100. Born on FireRed. (Is a seasoned, noble leader, age 30, in my imagined anime.)

Schyarli the Umbreon. Male, serious. Dark pulse, Iron tail, Moonlight, Faint attack. Level 100. Born on Emerald. (Is a stoic, dependable spy, age 27, in my imagined anime.)

EXCELS (Those who occupy the same Box as The Absolutes)

Beyond the Dragonite. Female, gentle. Thunderbolt, Outrage, Dragon claw, Fly. Level 99. Born on LeafGreen.

Otu the Espeon. Male, brave. Psychic, Psybeam, Toxic, Morning sun. Level 97. Born on Emerald. (Is a young, protective soldier, 19-ish, in my imagined anime.)

Tomoe the Typhlosion. Female, relaxed. Flamethrower, Inferno, Eruption, Extrasensory. Level 88. Born on Black.

Lell the Latias. Female, lonely. Dragon pulse, Thunderbolt, Energy ball, Psychic. Level 75. Born on HeartGold.

Tide the Vaporeon. Male, brave. Bite, Hydro pump, Surf, Ice beam. Level 100. Born on LeafGreen. (Is a noble, calm leader, age 32, in my imagined anime.)

O-ratha the Ho-oh, male (in my mind!), Lax. Extrasensory, Sacred fire, Fire blast, Fly. Level 46. Born on HeartGold.

Shan the Ivysaur. Male, brave. Strength, Energy ball, Skull bash, Leech seed. Level 74. Born on FireRed.

Bane the Flygon. Female, quirky. Crunch, Hyper beam, Dragon claw, Flamethrower. Level 47. Born on Pearl.

Bani the Houndoom. Female, impish. Crunch, Flamethrower, Faint attack, Bite. Level 63. Born on Emerald.

Fai the Flaaffy. Female, docile. Signal beam, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Rock smash. Born on FireRed.

Dante the Blastoise. Male, adamant. Hydro pump, Earthquake, Water pulse, Ice beam. Level 72. Born on FireRed.

Lelouch the Charmeleon. Male, sassy (son of Renki). Slash, Fire blast, Flamethrower, Dragon claw. Born on FireRed.

Malar the Moltres. Male (in my mind!), jolly. Sky attack, Flamethrower, Steel wing, Fly. Level 81. Born on FireRed.

Io the Latias. Male, careful. Psychic, Fly, Dragon pulse, Ice beam. Level 82. Born on...unknown! (traded Pokemon.)

Sabriel the Gardevoir. Male, serious. Shadow ball, Shock wave, Psychic, Future sight. Level 59. Born on Emerald.

Mori the Jolteon. Male, mild. Bite, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Toxic. Level 77. Born on Pearl.

Prayer the Nidoqueen. Female, impish. Crunch, Body slam, Aerial ace, Superpower. Level 62. Born on LeafGreen.

Tigerlily the Venusaur. Female, sassy. Sleep powder, Earthquake, Solarbeam, Strength. Level 71. Born on LeafGreen (old, 65-ish hermit and friend to Tide in my imagined anime.)

Diantha the Arcanine. Female, bashful. Dragon pulse, Fire fang, Thunder fang, Flamethrower. Level 50. Born on HeartGold.

GREATS (in the storage box that is second only to "The Absolute" box)

Efrafa the Aggron. Male, serious. Iron tail, Headbutt, Dynamicpunch, Dragon claw. Level 61. Born on Emerald. (A quiet, aggressive member of the evil Zoroark's army in my imagined anime.)

Blix the Manectric. Male, modest. Spark, Thunderbolt, Shock wave, Bite. Level 39. Born on Ruby.

Zinc the Nidoking. Male, careful. Toxic, Earth power, Thunderbolt, Strength. Level 67. Born on LeafGreen.

Hina the Glaceon. Female, rash. Blizzard, Hail, Mirror coat, Rock smash. Level 66. Born on Pearl. (An easily angered, tough soldier, age 23-ish, in my imagined anime.)

Raichu. Female, hardy. Volt tackle, Double team, Thunderbolt, Surf. Level 65. Reward/prize from Pokemon: Battle Revolution.

Mozart the Glaceon. Male, brave. Icy wind, Quick attack, Bite, Shadow ball. Level 30. Born on Black. (A pretentious, arrogant "womanizer", age 23-ish, in my imagined anime.)

Zapdos. Male (in my mind!), modest. Discharge, Agility, Thunderbolt, Fly. Level 54. Born on...unknown! (Traded Pokemon.)

Rome the Blastoise. Male, hasty. Ice beam, Earthquake. Hydro Pump, Water pulse. Level 70. Born on HeartGold. (A rather generic soldier in my imagined anime. A little dim.)

Akist the Palkia. Male (in my mind!), relaxed. Water pulse, Dragon claw, Flamethrower, Spacial rend. Level 55. Born on Pearl.

Mewtwo. Male (in my mind!), hasty. Barrier, Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Psychic. Level 79. Born on FireRed.

Dust the Sandslash. Female, gentle. Slash, Brick break, Aerial ace, Sandstorm. Level 72. Born on FireRed. (A rather generic soldier in my imagined anime, admirer of Tide.)

Mira the Raichu. Female, modest. Discharge, Light screen, Thunder, Slam. Level 47. Born on FireRed.

Lununara the Ninetales. Female, quirky. Quick attack, Flamethrower. Confuse ray, Overheat. Level 51. Born on Ruby.

Toulouse the Vulpix. Male. Fire blast, Confuse Ray, Dark pulse, Flamethrower. Level 74. Born on LeafGreen. (A "civilian" being protected by the army in my imagined anime, age 12-ish.)

Melody the Altaria. Female, impish. Dragon pulse, Steel wing, Fire blast, Fly. Level 66. Born on Ruby.

Tsuro the Togekiss. Male, rash. Psychic, Metronome, Sweet kiss, Aura sphere. Level 45. Born on Black.

GREATS 2 (The third-best box of Pokemon...or second best who couldn't fit in the previous one.)

Magmortar. Female, modest. Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Psychic, Hyper Beam. Level 50. Reward/prize from Pokemon: Battle Revolution.

Orient the Lapras. Male, rash. Rain dance, Ice beam, Hydro Pump, Surf. Level 57. Born on FireRed.

Rax the Nidoking. Male, bashful. Hyper beam, Brick break, Earthquake, Strength.

TBC when I have time! There's waaaay more c:


- Naruto Uzumaki, all blonde, all determination, and one scatterbrained head.

Firefang The Charizard, female, sassy. Level 55. Focus punch, Flamethrower, Dragon claw, Dragon rage.

Scarface the Manectric, male, jolly. Level 54. Fire fang, Thunderbolt, Charge, Crunch.

Snarf the Mudkip, male, mild. Level 55. Scald, Whirlpool, Ice beam, Protect.

JackSparrow the Braviary, male, quirky. Level 59. Brave bird, Crush claw, Steel wing, Fly.

~ TBC when I have time! All teams are near completion, I just have somewhere to be: in bed and asleep...

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