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Author has written 16 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Mega Man, Metal Slug, and Castlevania.

Name: Matt


Hello everyone! I'm M.Hunter Traubel Trainee (or those who realy know me, you can call me Matt). The name comes from M.Hunter (Which is short for Maverick Hunter since the computer says its too long) and Traubel Trainee (which Tales of Symphonia fans should recognize). Anyway, I've now got 15 stories in the bag, two of which are completed.

Update: 11/14/08

Hey all, I'm back after nearly five months of inactivity. The newest chapter for Megaman Harpuia has been posted, so check it out! I might be on and off nowadays due to a very busy schedule (and other free time projects), but for the most part, I'll try to keep some of my fics up to date. Until then!


Status: On Assignment (By which I mean I'm really busy doing other things)

Hobbies: Watching T.V., Video Games, Martial Arts, School (Only thing that keeps my day alive sometimes)


Favorite Games: Megaman X Command Mission ,
Tales of Symphonia (more but these two are the best I like so far, can't wait for the newest Legend of Zelda though)
Resident Evil 4
(I could go on, but these three are the ones I recall the best)
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Favorite Series: Megaman (or anything made by Capcom)

Favorite Characters: X, Zero, Axl, Spider, Cinnamon, Nana, Alia, Ferham, Epsilon, Scarface, Alia, Bass, Treble, Protoman, Harpuia.

Regal, Lloyd, Sheena, Zelos, Presea, Forcystus, Kratos,

Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Rebbecca Chambers, Billy Coen

Jonathan Morris, Charlotte Aulin, Trevor Belmont, Richter Belmont

Relationships I like:

Tales of Symphonia:

LloydxColette (Obvious)

SheenaxZelos (Heh heh. Seems so by the opposites)

RegalxPresea (Why else would I be writing this?)

Note: If Presea is still about a teenager, it's like a family relationship (brother and sister, or father and rebellious teenage daughter (j/k j/k)

RegalxRaine (Another favorite of mine)

Megaman (Original)

RollxBass (Cute couple in my opinion)

X Series (Some Command Mission couplings)

XxAlia (Seems to be popular and hinted in the games)

XxNana (It's possible. That's why I'm trying)

ZeroxIris (Poor Zero...Cute couple but cut short)

ZeroxMarino (Well by their attitudes it seems like they could pair up)

AxlxCinnamon (They seem like a good couple here, being they're both young and both kids)

Zero/ZX Series

HarpuiaxPrairie (Yeah, this is one of my non-cannon pairings)

HarpuaixAlouette (...Hey! It can work!)

Dynasty Warriors

Sima Yi x (Anyone as long as it DOES NOT signify he is gay. I've gotten tired seeing all the 'gay' fics involving my favorite character of the Three Kingdoms, so why not have him a straight guy?)

The stories:

Tales of Symphonia

Tale of the Judged(Tales of Symphonia):

Current Status: IN PROGRESS

Chapters Completed: 11

Author's comments: This is a story about how Regal and Presea have to go on their own mini adventure to save Lezareno!

And due to popular demand...The story length shall be increased. However, I unfortunately cannot tell where this story will end, it'll all depend on how everything goes.

So enjoy the chapters as they are posted! Look forward to a lot of action and (hopefully) some good old fluff.

Updating will now be a little slower due to school and responsibilities, however I will try to update ASAP.

The War (Tales of Symphonia)

Current Status: TAKEN DOWN (and being reformatted and thought out)

Chapters Completed: 2

Author's Notes: Well it's just a TOS version of the Megaman Zero storyline, starring Lloyd as Zero and Colette as Ciel. The other characters will be coming in too eventually, but I'm sure you won't be able to guess who 'The leader' and his 'guardians' are.

I'm really sorry for holding this story off for so long. I've finally gotten around to looking at it again and putting it into consideration, and I'm hoping to update it soon.

Operation Foggy Isle (Tales of Symphonia)

Current Status: TAKEN DOWN (and being reformatted and thought out)

Chapters Completed: 3

Author's Notes: After only two months in retirement from the future defense and police force called the S.P.U (Symphonian Police Unit) Regal, a former elite agent is called back on the force for one last mission. He is to investigate an island that had 'suddenly appeared' on the map and search for the Deadly Flower Team and the Blue Intel Team, led by Presea and Genis respectively. However, things go wrong from the very start when he crashes onto the island, damaging his rhieard beyond repair, and what he hoped to be a simple rescue mission turns into a horrible nightmare.

This story was inspired by the Resident Evil series. Also, this story occurs about two years after the end of Tales of Symphonia, although it may seem slightly AU.

Note: Regal will NOT be using his feet as often as in the game. This time, for his own survivial as well as his friends, he will have to use the weapons he gathers on the island and those he had with him from the start, including firearms.

Iselia the Village of the Fallen (Tales of Symphonia)

Current Status: COMPLETE

Chapters Completed: 1

Author's Notes: Very small drabble I wrote up after playing one of my favorite games. I saw the ending sequence and was sorta moved by it (felt sympathetic and all), so I ended up typing this. It just shows how kindness and benevolence had caused the downfall of Iselia.

Cooking Lemons (Tales of Symphonia)

Current Status: COMPLETE

Chapters Completed: 1

Author's Notes: The crew are staying at Regal's place to spend some downtime, and since they're there, everyone decides to have fun at Altamira which is only a cruise ship away. However, Regal and Raine stay behind for a cooking lesson, but when things don't go according to plan between them, what events will spark while everyone else is gone?


A New Role (Tales of Symphonia)

Current Status: COMPLETE

Chapters Completed: 1

Author's Notes: Presea is thinking about taking her relationship with Regal another step furthe, but after spending an unforgetable moment together, will Regal accept? This has been on my mind for a while, and since then, I finally decided to type this since I was on writer's block and needed to sharpen my skills. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little oneshot between Regal, Presea, and Genis. Know that there are things implied by the way.

Presea's Wish (Tales of Symphonia)

Current Status: COMPLETE

Chapters Completed: 1

Author's Notes: This is a one-shot which I made on Christmas Day. It's basically a story of Regal trying to get Presea a good gift before he has to leave for his business which is on Christmas Day. However, in the end, he makes a decision that gives the true value of Christmas.

This is really an idea that came up when I thought about what it really means to celebrate Christmas, so you should be able to see what I thought if you read this. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this story. There is NO ROMANCE implied in the story, if anything, it would be FRIENDSHIP.

Tales of Symphovania: Requiem of the Empty Soul

Current Status: IN PROGRESS

Chapters Completed: 2

Author's Notes: Behold, a combination of Tales of Symphonia and Castlevania! I placed Regal in the starring role while Presea plays as the Dracula, spreading her dark powers across the world. I can't believe I forgot to put up a profile for this, so here it is! Just read and enjoy, it's one of my few new projects right now, which I'm definitely planning to add more to (Heck, it's a simple adventure story)


Jounetsu Setsuna (Megaman X)

Current Status: Complete (First story completed)

Chapters Completed: 2

Author's Note: For those of you who don't know, 'Jounetsu Setsuna' is the song sung in the Rockman X: Command Mission opening (in otherwords, the japanese opening of Megaman X: Command Mission). The literal translation of the title is 'Passionate Moment', so I thought I'd try something with my favorite couplings for X, which are NanaX and AliaX.

This story is rated T (NOT M for what some people may think).

Giga City Heat Wave (Megaman X)

Current Status: IN PROGRESS

Chapters Completed:

Author's Note: This has just been updated, and now has the chapter of Marino and Cinnamon. After Cinnamon cracks, Marino decides to 'help' her out for the next encounter with Axl.

I'm planning to add more once I can think of them. I have a third chapter planned, but for now, don't expect an immediate update.

Lemon couples:

Chapter 1: Nana and X
Chapter 2: Axl and Cinnamon
Chapter 3: Marino and Cinnamon
Chapter 4: (In order) Nana, X, and Alia threesome, Marino and Cinnamon, Nana (alone masturbating),

Finally, reviews would be greatly appreciated.

The story is rated M for obvious reasons.

The Maverick Hunter and the Bounty Hunter (Megaman X and Metroid Crossover)

Current Status: ON HOLD

Chapters Completed: 1

Author's Note: This is the new crossover fic I put up as well as my first one. X, Zero, and Axl get teleported to the Metroid universe through an accident and after a shaky start, join up with renowned bounty hunter Samus Aran. They now must fight together to fight an enemy that will threaten the Metroid universe and the Megaman universe.

This is my latest entry into my vault of fanfics, so reviews will be appreciated. It will mostly be action-adventure with sci-fi of course, but I haven't thought about including romance in it at the moment. As the story progresses, I might make a decision on this idea.

Mega Man Harpuia

Current Status: IN PROGRESS

Chapters Completed: 12

Author's Note: This is my first fic that delves into the MMZ and MMZX universe. It really started when I suddenly thought of Harpuia and Prairie as a couple (strangely enough), and from there, I started to flesh out a story.

I've taken a few liberties with the canon, including:

1. Harpuia is very well alive after MMZ3
2. Prairie is indeed Alouette

This fic is essentially going to be an unofficial AU prequel to Megaman ZX. It's set many years before Megaman ZX and shows part of the struggle that Harupia, the new leader of Neo Arcadia, must contend to with his new duties. Alongside this, Prairie has now taken command of the Guardians, the newly christened Resistance after peace has finally been made. However, due to her inexperience, she is constantly under Harpuia's radar, and to make matters worse, maverick attacks are slowly on the rise. Alongside it, Harpuia and Prairie have encountered Omega, seemingly revived. What's going on?

I certainly hope you guys like what I have so far. I apologize if the idea sounds strange (and/or deviates from the canon, and has its occasional mistakes), but I hope I can execute it well enough. Reviews would be GREATLY appreciated, so please take some time and leave one if you can.

I feel like I can still go really strong with this fic. This is my favorite piece of work right now and it's something I WANT to have finished, so here's to an optimistic future!

A Harpy's Alouette

Current Status: IN PROGRESS

Chapters Completed: 3

Author's note: This is a rewritten version of Complicated (which just recently was called Keeping A Secret before I decided to change the title...again.) I've taken some time to develop the idea, and for the most part, it seems like it will be going on a dark and twisty road. The controversial material should speak for itself, but other than that, I'm just sorta letting it write itself. I like what I have so far, and I am actually curious what I'll be planning to do next.

Chapter 1: HarpuiaxAlouette.
Chapter 2: HarpuiaxAlouette (No lemon this time though)
Chapter 3: HarpuiaxAlouette (LEMON!)

Enjoy! (And do read the warnings...)

Metal Slug Fics

Metal Slug: The Blitz Coup (Metal Slug)

Current Status: ON HOLD (Default)

Chapters Completed: 2

Author's Notes: Basically it's an idea for the next Metal Slug game. This time, I will be including Trevor and Nadia to the Metal Slug four, and also I'll try to include some romance, although I've already got some for Trevor and Nadia, since they start as a couple. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this little number.


So far, I'm just trying to update what I can, when I can



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