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Author has written 20 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Anime X-overs, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Inuyasha, D N Angel, Naruto, Artemis Fowl, and Labyrinth.

You can call me Neko, or Kitty. Sadly, I do answer to Kitty. Even in real life. And no, my name is not Katherine or Kathy, or Katarina Stratford(even though I idol worship her) or anything like that. It's a name purely based off my habits. My hair is dirty blonde, but you don’t need to see that~ It just barely reaches the bottom of my shoulder blades. My eyes? Blue. Plain, old, shade-shifting blue. As for my age, while you don’t need to know, I’m under the age of US consent, okay? That’s where I live. Somewhere in the big wide US. I am slightly insane when given the slightest amount of sugar/caffeine…. Got a problem with it? Stay away. I have jeans, and T shirts. They are in separate drawers. I pull one form one drawer, another from the other. Voila~ Outfit for the day! I prefer slip on shoes, because I don’t like tying things.

Hobbies and Interests: Writing, reading, sleeping, writing, daydreaming, video games, Final Fantasy, Anime, writing, chatting, drawing, loving my friends and family...did I mention writing?

Gadget Status: In my house I have a PS3, 3 PS2s, a PS1, a Game Cube, Four TVs (One big, three large/medium), A boom box in every bedroom, Impressive sound system on the living room TV (you can hear the living room movie where ever you are) A Gameboy SP (black) And, a Nintendo Wii~

Favorite Weapons: Katana, Swallow, Whip, and Staff.

Occupation: College Student, Otaku obsessed writer,


NewPort Writer- the awwwesomeness~

Samantha- Her and her psychotic awesomeness, she's always there to talk to...even if her advice is a bit strange...

Hotaru: Oh, I miss my friendie…

Storm’s Everstar: Awesome friend! Love him to pieces. Alright, more than a friend...


Movie: What a Girl Wants/10 Things I Hate About You Anime Movie: Spirited Away Anime Series: Yu YuHakusho, Yu-gi-oh, Full Metal Alchemist,Naruto, Inuyasha, One piece, Shaman King, Hikaru no go, Tokyo Mew Mew, .hack//, DN Angel Manga: Any of the above. Cartoon: Xiaolin Showdown... Comic book superhero: Rogue! She is awesome...I like Storm too... Book: The Blue Sword, Demon in my View, Shattered Mirror Video Game: Final Fantasy 3 or 6 ,Tales of Symphonia School subject: Reading...English...Mythology Musical Artists: Some Linkin Park, Savage Garden, NSync, and a few other boy bands Letter: Z or X... Season: Winter Weather: Rainy, thunderstorm, rain to the point where it floods...I love rain... Flower: Rose, Lily, Freesia, Orchid Smell: Jasmine...Mint Color: Purple, Silver Time of day: The thirteenth hour or midnight Food: Gyros Drink: Root Beer Fruit: Apricot, cherries, strawberries Number: 7, 13, 4, 8 Natural Disaster: Hurricane Comic Strip: Fox Trot


Video Game: Final Fantasy 7 School subject: MATH! Musical Artist: All rap...and extremely hard rock... Sound: fingernails across a chalkboard Season: Summer...if I wanted to live somewhere that was like the Sahara I would have moved to Africa a long time ago... Color: Yellow, Icky greens, Orange, Brown, any insanely bright color Time of day: daylight. or when I have to get up... Food: quiche...and that frattata thingy we had once...


Random People

Ava Duna Clava -Chansalar I don't care what he says, I am not! Love & Peace!- Vash the Stampede Says the guy with the gun...Righto!"Care to say that again, ningen?" ~Shadow Serel You'll never see her... Hope you never see her When life gives you lemons, make orange juice, then sit and ponder how the hell you got orange juice from lemons...-Sam Friend of mine...But it makes you wonder... -Talking to Kurama- "So you picked my pockets with some greenery? You really are a first class freak." -Yana Look who's talking! Besides, it's only innovative..."You've memorized 17,000 questions and answers! That's a lot of game-play man! No wonder you never answer your phone." -Yana Kura has a phone? O-o


"So tell me, what's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?" -Hiei When I find out, I'll let you know "I'm surrounded by idiots, but they mean well."-Hiei Ain't that how it always is?

Youko Kura

"You -talking to Juri- unless you want to be plant food, don't move." -Youko Kurama Good plan! "Yoko has returned, they cry!" - Concieted much? "You'd better find a quick way to kill it or else...BANG." Oooh, Turnabout is fair play.-after being surrounded by Karasu's bombs- "You should know better than to corner a fox. We tend to show our teeth." Oh, and what lovely teeth they are...


-talking to Sensui- "Well you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you... and me." That's a lot of yous... "I'm the same... 'Yusuke Urameshi, fearless protector of the good stuff, with a heathly kick of nastiness and a general hate for authority.' " - That sums him up nicely... "In fact... My ticker's still not ticking. I guess I should I be worried, huh?" Most people would be..."It looks like I've been playing with an electric socket!" -after his transformation to full demon form. No, remember, that looks entirely different (waves picture)'Fine! Can't help the old hag if she's already limp. Just gotta keep on truckin', yes-sir-ee! I'm gonna go outside, make a nice, shiny first place medal, sit in the sun, and have a stupendous stupid day, dangit!' Well, someone's motivated...-while punching the living daylights out of Doctor- "I'm writing an advice book for bad guys and its called, 'Don't Piss Me Off.'" Whoopsie! Guess he hasn't read it yet "Once upon a time I compared this guy's team to a boy band and he made a nasty face at me. Now the nasty's in full swing and I'm just thinking that that boy band thing fits better than ever! He's even got a fancy light show! Granted that the lights are acutally demon souls wanting to devour my mentor, but hey, everyone's got their own swing right? Of course! Now, find the off switch!

Now for the Bishie ratings! We knew it was coming...

Tie for first! Yes there is a tie.

Dark – Kurama

Yes, they are tied. Dark has purple hair, he’s a thief, and he’s a philanderer. It’s veeery hard to beat that. But Kurama, is sweet, intelligent, and has his perverted side, the silver fox. In the event that I cannot chose between them (and I can’t) There must be a tie…I swoon when either one of these comes on the screen. You want a reference for Dark? Have a look at how Risa acts when she sees him. That’s me. For Kura? Well, have a look at any old fangirl. That’s me too. Anime: DN Angel, and Yu Yu Hakusho

Sessomaru (sighs) Okay, I knoooooow he’s a dog demon and I knoooooow I don’t like dogs anywhere near as much as I like cats, but omigosh. It’s impossible to get much hotter than this. Okay, nevermind. Dark and Kura have him beat, but other than that? Silvery white haaair…gold eyes… cold manner… You know, I see a pattern…Anime: Inuyasha

Hiei I like this one so much, Microsoft Word accepts his name as normal. My first fanfiction was actually a Hiei romance, but don’t tell Kura that. Katanas on Ice, Hearts on Fire was my first. Again…Shh. His demeanor is appealing in the fact that he doesn’t care. Besides, I’ve always like a challenge! Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho

Sasuke Yet another line in the pattern. Gah, Can’t I get a break? No? Oh that’s right…It’s not MY fault I find cold attractive… _ Sasuke is sooo devoted, it’s kinda funny. But in anycase~ Still one of my favorites. Anime: Naruto

Ryou Bakura Ryou rates first, then you get Bakura. Ryou is sooo sweet. (gasps) Omigosh, I think I found a gap in the pattern I won! I won! I wo- Oh dang it, he is withdrawn, so he is kidna emotionless…. ; _ ; I don’t win. Curse my habits. OH man, Bakura is mean. If you want to know the main reason I’m scared of him, have a look at Centennial Crisis, Chapter…Oooh…Hold on. Yeah, Chapter 9. O_O I know I wrote it, but I’m still scared… Anime: Yugioh

Marik- …… I really…. Can’t think of much to saaaay about this one. It’s kind of just…I don’t know…. I like his eyes. I like him, but I can’t stand his whacked out Yami. I've gotten questions on why I cna't stand his Yami. I refer you to several odd pictures that look like one of Youko's palnts is trying to break out of his skin. Scaaaaaaaaary... Anime:Yugioh

looks over list Lessee… Bakura, Marik, Hiei, Sessy, Kura. All bad guys at some point or still are. Joy. And technically, Dark is on the wrong side of the law…


I DON'T OWN YYH OR YUGIOH, OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT I Don't own HARRY POTTER either. I own nothing! And I claim to own nothing!

However, there are characters that own me. : indicates to handcuffs: Anyway...the bishies are my, as people are calling them, muses. Along with my OCs...

Pairing lists

Yu Yu Hakusho

BotanKoenma- Meant for each other... KuramaMostOC's- Personally, I don't think anyone in the anime is acceptable... HieiOC- Ditto YusukeKeiko- SHOULD NOT BE BROKEN UP! KuwaYukina- So sweet... Hiei is glaring at me now, so no more shall be said... TouyaYukina- Hiei approves of this... I much as he approves of anything... ShizuruKoenma- o.O O.o I have no idea where this one came from... ShizuruSaitou- Really...I think they would be a good pair...


KagomeInuyasha- Shouldn't be messed with SangoMiroku- Again, shouldn't be messed with KogaAyame- well, he DID promise... SessOC- See my Kura comment?


AnzuYugi-very nice, very cute RyouOC- too sweet for anyone else BakuraOC- To mean for anyone but an OC to put up with. JoeyMai- So sweet, and undeniabley appropriate. Should not be broken up. HondaRibbon- Should have happened...Won't, but should SerenityOC- Sorry, but neither Honda or Duke/Ootogi can get her...

Picture I promised in Amercian YYH 18:

Picture of Khet, and yes I drew this, and if you laugh, I'll lock you in a room with annoying toys all singing "Its a small world" In tiny voices. In several languages.

Collage of the furntiture in the house in An American YYH Japan Invasion.

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Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 14,842 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 7 - Published: 8/1/2005 - Hiei
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