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I AM A GIRL. Hi, I am kionforever89. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is the pure Walt Disney. No Pixar. I love some Pixar movies too. But Warner Bros. is my second fave. I go all fan girl on it. I love it!!

Favorites Pure Walt Disney:

1. The lion king franchise

2. Aladdin franchise

3. Moana

4. Beauty and the Beast

and other movies but those are my favorites.


1. How To Train Your Dragon franchise

2. Kung Fu Panda franchise(Except Legends of Awesomness)

3. Shrek franchise

4. Madagascar franchise


1. Monsters Inc.

2. Finding Nemo

3. Ratatouille

4. Toy Story

These are my Warner Bros. cartoons:

1. Looney Tunes

2. Animaniacs

3. Tiny Toons

4. Pinky and the Brain

My favorite cartoons:

1. The Lion guard

2. My Little Pony

3. Ever After High

4. Liberty's Kids

I also love movies that came from books:

1. J.R.R Tolkien middle earth franchise

2. Harry Potter franchise

3. Hunger Games trilogy

4. Divergent trilogy

I love all the Roald Dalph books.

this is my first time writing fanfic. YAY

As I said, I am a female. My name on this web is Sally. If you've read my fanfic Wacky Week you'll know. What's my real name? HA! You may call me Sally if you like. I won't mind.

Some things about myself:

1. I love nature: Anything about the environment I love. Animals, plants, wildlife. I LOVE wolves! I hate poachers, and people who do not care about our world. So, if you do not care, I despise you.

2. Learning: I love learning new things!

3. History: I love reading and learning about history! Seriously! I love reading about the Dark Ages, and the Renaissance, and the Exploration Age, and French and Indian War, and American Revolution, and(even I am shocked) our government after the Revolution. I love the Civil War, and slavery(not in a good way. I think it's horrendous. Especially what they had to go through.) I love World War 1 and World War 2. Everything!!!!!

4. Sightseeing: Anything that sounds interesting, I'm in. Well, not all of it. But going to Boston I love. Going into a forest I love. Just looking at leaves on a tree on a sunny day I love. I would study something for hours, and be fascinated. A fire poker even! I wish to become a traveler so I can see the world.

5. Reading: I read every day, and on here too. I just love reading and feeling the words swerve around my head as i become lost in the book.

6. Imagination: Everything I see and read, I instantly imagine myself in that setting. I would actually walk around and talk as if i was talking to the characters myself. I do that everyday, in bed, outside, in the shower, brushing my teeth, changing. Every-day. You know Anne of Green Gables, I think her and I would have become best friends.

7. Writing: I first saw my interest when I was playing pretend one day. I was thinking, how about instead of playing and seeing without seeing, I write down my imagination. And that's how I got here! So whenever I'm imagining, I sometimes think in a novel telling, so I get an idea. It works!

I plan to publish my first book one day, but I couldn't do it without my passions. Without them(and my parents) I would never have known this website existed.

Lion King Survey: Anyone can do it, for it's fun!

1. Favorite character(s)?
Zazu of all time. In the first was Simba, the second was Kiara, the third was Uncle Max, and the member in the Lion Guard is Fuli. Makuu is my favorite in the series.

2. Least favorite character(s)?
Kiburi in the Lion Guard. He is a jerk.

3. Characters who never met but you wish had?
Kiara and Ma.

4. Most likable character(s)?

Uncle Max because of his grumpy nature, Ed because he's so goofy, Ushari(Lion Guard) because I honestly don't know why. Ever since Rise of Scar, I felt a great liking to him. And Makini because she's so optimistic and excitable, but also because she understands what has to be done to help herself and others. Cheezi and Chungu because they are both sweet, gullible, and cute.

5. Character(s) you wish got more development?

Sarabi and Sarafina, Zira and Outlander cubs, Ma and Uncle Max, trio of hyenas.

6. Character(s) you used to hate but now love

Banzai from Lion King 1, Zira from Lion King 2, and Mzingo from Lion Guard.

7. Characters(s) you used to love but now hate

Let me think... None!

8.Which TLK character(s) do you relate to?

I relate most to Pumbaa because we both have a sweet caring nature and are smart; we are sometimes unappreciated by others, but we are goofy as well.

9. Favorite outside-the-movies character(s)

Jasiri, Makuu, Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo, Tiffu, Zuri. Janja is my favorite villian in the Lion Guard.

10. Favorite deleted character(s)

I don't know of much, but it would have to be Mheetu.

11. Favorite deleted scene(s)

Madness of King Scar, the Lion in the Moon.

12. Favorite area in the movie?

It will always be the pridelands.

13. Favorite score?

All that the Light Touches, Kings of the Past, and To Die For.

14. Favorite songs?

Too many. This also includes the Lion Guard songs.

15. Favorite quote(s)?

To many.

16. Favorite specie(s)?

(Not in Order) Lions, hyenas, Crocodiles, hippos, cheetahs, snakes.

17. Favorite group (Pridelanders, outlanders, etc)

It's a tie.

18. Favorite TLK video game (besides the Pride Lands levels of KH)

Never played any. Only saw KH Prideland levels.

19. Funniest moment(s)?

Hula scene is funny; Can You Feel The Love Tonight 1 1/2 is hilarious, but Timon proposing to Shenzi places top.

20. Saddest moment?

Entire "Not One Of Us" is upsetting.

21. Scariest moment?

All Zira scenes and the Stampede. And the deleted Zira's death was terrifying.

22. Happiest moment?

Simba accepting Kiara and Kovu for their love.

23. Which of the trilogy is your fav?

Very very hard. Lion King 2 takes blue ribbon, Lion King has a silver medal, and Lion Guard makes bronze.

24. Do you consider the sequels and/or TLK6NA canon?

6 New adventures I believe is canon, but not the sequels. Nor is the Lion Guard.

25. What do you think of the Kimba controversy

I don't know that much about Kimba the White Lion, so I can't help much.

26. Pet peeves you have (one for each movie)

Lion King 1: Not enough development for Sarabi and Sarafina.

Lion King 2: Adult Vitani needs to be established more.

Lion King 3: Timon doesn't care about seeming to help the others take back the Pridelands.

Lion Guard: Kiara seems to want to be queen even though in the movie, she was reluctant. Also Simba isn't as overprotective on her and Kion.

27. Crack pairings you've heard of?

Too many pairings to tell you.

28. Do you want another sequel (if so, involving what)?

There's so many. But I what I want most is Kion being in the sequel and he and Kiara finding out about Kopa. Plus, it also has to feature Vitani with a Vitani/Kopa pairing. Also Kopa has to return. Basically a Kopa story.

29. Could Scar really be Kovu's father?

Nah because Nuka says Kovu isn't Scar's son in the movie, and Kovu says so in a deleted scene.

30. Could Vitani or Nuka be Scar's?

Nuka has Scar's features, so yes, but Vitani has blue eyes and a triangular nose, plus her cheeks are rounded as an adolescent. That means she's not Scar's or Zira's child.

31. Is Kovu emo?

He was just misguided as a cub, so no.

32. Do you think Zazu is obnoxious?

No, but I can understand why.

33. Do you believe the Timon/Pumbaa thing?

Unless it's brotherly friendship, then no.

34. Was Simba too overprotective in the sequel?

Way too overprotective, but with a bloodthirsty lioness with a violent pride, he can't take too many chances.

35. Is Kiara truly a ditz?

No way! She's just trying to be true to herself and find love.

36. What do you think happened to the hyenas after LK 1?

They probably either died in the fire or scattered. But at least the trio survived. Yay! And the only hyenas we see are Janja and Jasiri's clans in TLG.

37. What did you think of the Timon and Pumbaa series?

Haven't seen a lot of episodes but it's nice to continue the legacy of the most popular Disney pair.

38. Do you believe in the Shenzi/Banzai theory?

I really think they're just best friends; not lovers or anything romantic.

39. Do you think it could ever tie into other Disney movies (if so, which ones)?

Hercules. *He would always make a nice throw rug*

40. What's up with Nala's eye color?

I think it's really pretty and a nice change to regular lion eyes.

41. Thing the makers changed that you wish they hadn't?

The Lion in the Moon segment. It's a deleted song and scene which Sarabi sings a lullaby to Simba after the graveyard. It would've increased Sarabi's establishment to the fans and have parents sing the same lullaby to their children.

42. Have you seen TLKoB(if so, did you like it)

Unfortunately not.

43. Do you like anthro/human/AU's?

Not really. I like to stick with the truth of things.

44. Voice actors you loved..

Loved all of them.

45. Did you know Jim Cummings (voice of Ed) covered for Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar) at the end of "Be Prepared"?

Yes, and he was awesome! He also covered Scar in the second movie.

46. Do you consider Scar/Zira to be an official pairing?

Yes, because Zira really loved him.

47. What do you think happened to Sarabi in the second movie?

She probably died since lions don't live to see their grandchildren.

48. Do you think Scar is Nala's father?

I see nothing to strike resemblance between the two.

49. Do you think Ed is mentally challenged?

Nope. Just very silly.

50. Own any TLK merchandise?

I own some shirts, a key chain, 1 and 3 dvd, cub Simba and Nala stuffed, Kion, Fuli, and Ono stuffed. My dream is to own the best Lion King collection in the world.

51. Were the hyenas' actions justified?

Scar betrayed them so yeah, kind of.

52. Were Scar's actions justified?

Nope. Scar shouldn't have let his jealousy shadow his heart.

53. Were Zira's actions justified?

Zira's love of Scar was very strong, and Scar took hold of that weakness to manipulate her, so yes.

54. Why do you think the Outlanders were still loyal to Scar?

I think it's the fact that Zira was Scar's mate and they were all scared of her. Plus, maybe they thought nothing was wrong with Scar's rule, so he rewarded them.

55. Crossovers you like?

I don't know of any.

56. Do you find Timon and Pumbaa enjoyable or annoying?

Very very enjoyable.

57. The best king or king-to-be.


58. The best queen or queen-to-be.


59. Timon or Pumbaa?


60. Kiara or Kopa(or Kion)?

Kiara and Kion.

61. Scar or Mufasa?


62. Simba or Kovu?


63. Scar or Zira?


64. Simba or Zira?


65. Simba or Scar?


66. Kiara or Nala?


67. Mufasa or Simba?


68. Zazu or Gopher?


69. Shenzi or Banzai or Ed?

Love them all.

70. Ma or Uncle Max?

Ma. She can get down to business.

71. Sarabi or Sarafina?

Sarabi. But the way fans built on Sarafina's character is excellent.

72. Rafiki or Zazu?

This is hard. Zazu is my favorite, but Rafiki played an important part in Simba's path, so it goes to Rafiki.

73. Simba/Nala or Mufasa/Sarabi?


74. Shenzi/Banzai or Shenzi/Ed?

None of the above. They're all best friends. Let's leave it at that.

75. Scar/Zira or Scar/Nala?


76. Sarafina/Scar or Shenzi/Scar?

Sarafina/Scar. I like how fans portayed their relationship.

77. Kovu/Kiara or Vitani/Kopa?

Another hard one. Kovu/Kiara, but Vitani/Kopa is adorable.

78. Timon/Pumbaa or Timon/Shenzi? (added by Brainyxbat)

To be honest; Timon/Shenzi.

79. What are you hoping to see in the upcoming reboot of the Lion King?(added by veronica.toon.7)

I'm just hoping to see the main message of the story with the same songs and magnificent score.

80. Describe the movie in three words

Everything Frozen's not.

81. Do you think Sarabi and Sarafina should've been mentioned in the sequels and Lion Guard?(added by kionforever89)

Yes, because they both have wisdom that Simba, Kiara, and Kovu could have used.

82. Do you believe in the Kopa conspiracy?(added by kionforever89)

Kopa is a character I believe could be official. Since he has grown so popular in the fan world, I figure it should be time before he becomes an official Lion King character.

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